WEDSAFE: Is This Wedding Insurance Legit or Scam?


WedSafe promises to protect your wedding and provide you with a wedding without worries but is the company legit or scam? You’ll find out in this article.

Your wedding is your big day, and it will likely be remembered for the rest of your life. With that in mind, many couples choose to increase their selection of weddings, wedding gowns, and rings, or at least not opt ​​for cheaper food, flowers, and decor. That’s probably why the average wedding is $ 33,900, according to 27,000 couples surveyed by wedding website, The Knot.

If you’re looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars or more on your dream wedding, it makes sense to get insurance that can reimburse you if parts of your wedding don’t go as planned, or if your event has to be canceled or postponed.

While the idea of ​​wedding insurance may be new if you’ve never hosted this type of event before, we can assure you that this coverage is popular and essential.

What is Wedsafe

Wedsafe is a wedding insurance company with products backed by Nationwide Insurance, a Fortune 100 company with an A+ financial strength rating from AM Best. It has been around since 1999. WedSafe promises its policy can protect you in the event that part of your marriage goes wrong, resulting in financial loss. However, you need all of the information about your wedding date in order to receive a free quote.

Wedsafe Wedding Insurance

Like the other providers in this space, WedSafe offers two main types of wedding insurance coverage: wedding liability insurance and wedding cancellation and postponement insurance.

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Wedding Liability Insurance

WedSafe Liability insurance gives you coverage for personal injury and property damage, and coverage is primary, which means you get paid before any other type of insurance you have. Meanwhile, marriage annulment includes provisions for bad weather, sudden illness, agent bankruptcy, and more.

WedSafe Liability Insurance is accepted at thousands of venues all across the country.  From state or national parks, mansions, wineries, museums, barns – you name it and if you want to have your wedding there.

For venues that require it, Wedsafe offers protection. If you are serving alcohol and indicate so on Wedsafe short application, coverage will automatically be included (pursuant to the policy terms).

With WedSafe you can take out liability insurance at any time up to the day before your event. Additionally, the certificate of insurance for all of your coverage can be mailed or emailed directly to your location, completely out of the equation. You will definitely enjoy the dedicated customer service and support, as well as sample policies that you can view online.

How Close to a Wedding can you get Wedding Insurance?

Agents from most insurance companies would advise you to get a policy as soon as you make a down payment. There are insurers who will provide coverage for a wedding up to two years in advance. In any case, it’s not too late if you’re already in the process of making preparations. In most instances, you can purchase liability coverage up until the day of the event.

What Does WedSafe Insurance Cover?

The cancellation policy offered by WedSafe extends further to protect against vendor no-shows; losses of expensive wedding photos or movies; gifts that are misplaced, broken, or stolen, loss or damage to wedding clothing; loss, damage, or theft of rings.

What is not Covered by Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance typically does not cover last-minute changes or postponements due to financial hardship. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the costs of the ceremony and reception have gone beyond your original estimates, and you’ve made the difficult decision to cut back. If this occurs, any deposits or other fees you’ve already paid won’t be covered by your wedding insurance.

Wedsafe Cancellation Insurance

WedSafe Wedding Event Cancellation/Postponement Insurance offers protection if you need to cancel/reschedule your event for reasons such as:

  • Severe weather
  • Sudden illness
  • Lost/non-refundable deposits
  • Vendor bankruptcy

Coverage provides protection for:

  • Damage to wedding attire such as bridal gown, wedding rings
  • Damaged wedding photos/videos
  • Stolen gifts

Wedsafe wedding events cancellation policy benefits is shown in the table below.

Policy BenefitsLevel 3Level 4Level 5
Extra Expense$6,250$8,750$12,500
Photograph and Videos$2,000$2,500$3,000
Special Attire$2,000$2,500$3,000
Special Jewelry$2,000$2,500$3,000
Loss of Deposits$2,000$2,500$3,000
Professional Counseling$750$850$1,000

Why Should You Choose Wedsafe Insurance?

  • Get a 15% discount when you buy two main types of insurance at the same time
  • Buy liability insurance up to the day before your event
  • The company has existed since 1999


  • You need to request a quote to see prices online

Wedsafe Insurance Cost

Just like most wedding insurance companies, the amount Websafe charges depends on a variety of factors including the number of people attending your event, the length of the event, and the type of coverage you are purchasing. During this time, you will pay a premium for increased coverage for wedding insurance, which may be required if you are spending significantly more than average on your wedding venue, food, and other items destined for resounding success.

A typical WedSafe premium fee starts at $ 75 while securing a large wedding with 5,000 guests can cost up to $ 1,500 but the financial loss that could result from the cancellation or damage to a wedding of this size could easily add up to many times that amount. Wedsafe makes protecting your wedding affordable, easy and fast.

Wedsafe Wedding Insurance Reviews

Take a look at the following Wedsafe and know what people are saying about this insurance company.

  • My venue required $1,000,000 of coverage, so I got a few different quotes to see all my options. After extensive research and lots of review reading, I decided to go with WedSafe. The process was easy and the price was good! They emailed me my policy and said I could email them in case I would need special wording on the certificate. Praying we don’t have to use it, but my experience with it is great so far!
  • “Great service that is easy to use and quick! I enjoyed the discount for no alcohol and the direct email of the coverage to the venue. I did not need to report any claims, so I can’t tell you about that, but that is a good thing!
  • When my venue changed ownership WedSafe adjusted my insurance certificate no problem!
  • We were required to have insurance for our ceremony location. Wedsafe was Easy to get and most affordable I found”.
  • Although I am praying I don’t need to use the insurance for my wedding day, my venue required a $1M policy. After shopping around a little, I decided on WedSafe due to their positive reviews and reasonable pricing. The application process was quick and easy. I did have to reach out to have specific wording placed on the certificate per the venue, and their customer service department responded promptly and provided new certificates. No complaints here!

What are the Typical Exemptions from Wedsafe Insurance?

If you review a cancellation policy for Wedsafe wedding insurance, you will find that an almost unlimited number of exceptions may apply. Just as pandemics and other existing situations that can lead to cancellation are ruled out, other standard exceptions include lack of funds, banning the event by local regulation, voluntary postponement without cover, weather conditions that are not difficult or not the usual and more.

In the case of liability insurance, on the other hand, typical exceptions include events outside the wedding, damage to energy or nuclear material, intentional damage, pollution damage, damage from aircraft, boats or cars and bodily injuries caused by the war.

Ultimately, policy inclusions and exceptions can vary dramatically from policy to policy, and the devil is in the details. You should read all the guidelines that you are considering to be sure of what is included and not included, as well as any special circumstances that may invalidate your coverage.

How to file Wedsafe Insurance Claim- Best Tips

Wedsafe insurance companies allow you to claim over the phone or use a form on their website. However, since each statement is different, they must be assessed individually.

When preparing to file a claim, be sure to provide information such as an estimate of the damage or loss or the reason for the cancellation, as well as photos and receipts that will help you strengthen your claim. Wedsafe will conduct an investigation and your claim will be paid immediately thereafter, and hopefully within 7-10 business days.

To speed up the process, you can make sure you have all the information you need. This means that you must include your insurance number, date, time, and place of loss or damage, a written description of the claim, photos to prove your claim, receipts that apply to your claim, and other items that you find can help your case, collect ready when archiving.

What is the Best Wedding Insurance Company?

The following insurance companies have been proven to be the most reliable:

  1. WedSafe: Best for Wedding Liability Coverage
  2. Travelers Wedding Insurance: Best Overall
  3. USAA: Best For Members of the Military
  4. Wedsure: Best for Customized Options & Change of Heart
  5. Markel Specialty: Best for Keeping It Simple
  6. Event Helper: Best for Local Friendly Service (USA)

Is it Worth Getting Insurance on Wedding Rings?

A specialized policy for your engagement or wedding ring can also provide more extensive coverage, such as accidental damage and out-of-home coverage anywhere in the world. It also means that if you make a claim, your no-claims discount on your home contents insurance will be unaffected.

How Many Month Salary Should I Save for a Ring?

Shocker! As a rule of thumb, you should spend no less than two months’ worth of income on the engagement ring. For instance, if your annual income is $45,000, you should allot $7,500 for the engagement ring.

Is Wedding Insurance a One-time Payment?

Unlike traditional insurance policies, WeddingPlan Insurance just requires a single payment up front. The cost of your wedding insurance is exactly what you were quoted.

Wrap Up

“Even though the worst possible scenario is the last thing you want to think about when planning your wedding, it’s so important to consider,” said Steve Lauro, vice president, Aon Affinity. “Insuring this milestone experience can help protect your financial investment if the unexpected forces a change in plans.”

Somehow you really want to get wedding insurance but can’t afford it, no worries, read our article on how to get Small Business Grants or leverage business ideas available on our site and start up something for yourself.


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