How To Sell Life Insurance: 13 Best Tips on How To Sell Life Insurance

To sell a life insurance successfully from home/policy
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  1. How To Sell Life Insurance
    1. #1. Get Non-Life Licensed CSRs
    2. #2. Do Business with New generation Using Referrals
    3. #3. For Different Sets of People, Employ different strategies.
    4. #4. Adopt Social Selling
    5. #5. Focus on Family
    6. #6. Get Ready for Rejection
  2. How To Sell a Life Insurance Policy
    1. How it works
    2. What is the best way to sell a life insurance policy?
  3. How to Sell Life Insurance Successfully
  4. How to Sell Life Insurance From Home
    1. #1. Pick One Insurance Product or Niche
    2. #2. See Yourself as an Advisor
    3. #3. Be Sure to Have the appropriate Equipment in Place
    4. #4. Employ Vivid or Imaginative Language
    5. #5. Explain the Reason for Your Call in Detail
    6. #6. Get Feedback, Follow Up
    7. #7. Employ Multiple Strategies
    8. #8. Expect and Handle Objections
  5. Tips on How to Sell Life Insurance
    1. #1. Focus on a Single Product
    2. #2. Get Familiar With Your Target Market
    3. #3 Make Use of Life Experience
    4. #4. Make Use of Marketing Strategies
    5. #5. Stay Consistent
    6. #6. Look For Ongoing Courses
    7. #7. Understand and Get Familiar with Your Product
    8. #.8 Think About Tools that Can Help Grow Your Agency
    9. #9. Know Your Clients, Build Trust and Relationship
    10. #10. Sell Solution and Explain the options and premium costs
    11. #11.Practice Your Presentation and Highlight Benefit
    12. #12. Prepare for Objection and Ask the Right Question
    13. #13. Thank Your Client for Their Time But Don’t Forget to Follow Up
  6. Conclusion
  7. How To Sell Life Insurance FAQs
  8. Can you make millions selling life insurance?
  9. Can you sell your life insurance policy if you are under 65?
  10. Can I sell life insurance virtually?
  11. Is selling life insurance difficult?
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Selling life insurance can be a complicated task and at the same time, monetarily and personally rewarding. Persons from a diversity of backgrounds and societies can succeed in this career. Nevertheless, it’s not a career for the majority. As such, it will not be a bad idea for you to do your research before venturing into it. This article will give you more insight into or tips on how to successfully sell a life insurance policy, either from home or an office. Stay connected.

How To Sell Life Insurance

Generally, most people see life insurance as a very personal decision. And also, it’s perhaps one of the most difficult topics to broach in the insurance industry. If you want to improve your results, gather more sales, have a better customer experience, and extend your connections, then you can better learn more about how to go about it.

#1. Get Non-Life Licensed CSRs

Whenever consumers visit or call your agency, CSRs, as well as staff, might actually be able to help you obtain basic information about them. and thereby send it on to a life-licensed agent for evaluation as well as follow-up. Generally, non-life insurance-licensed CSRs can assist you in identifying consumers who require life insurance. Therefore, encourage your staff to request that any client that visits your office take time to fill up fact-finding papers. However, this is so that you have the most up-to-date data or information.

#2. Do Business with New generation Using Referrals

Ask yourself, currently, which age group do you think you will like to do the most businesses with? One might decide to concentrate largely on millennials. That if you’re a youngblood and still fresh at selling though. However, if you’re one experienced broker, your clientele may include adult kids. Nevertheless, by promoting your services to millennials through their family and friends, you can leverage the influence or magic of the referrals. Generally, upon having a conversation with either a friend or relative, the younger generation will be much more inclined to purchase. Therefore, try creating solid and good first impressions which can facilitate your having a whole new group of customers.

#3. For Different Sets of People, Employ different strategies.

The manner in which you sell life insurance to a 20-year-old and a 60-year-old should not be the same. People do not only have different personal demands, but also they have diverse perspectives on why life insurance matters. Thus, it’s safe to presume that a 60-year-old client recognizes the necessity of life insurance coverage. Such has however come to you because he or she needs one. Most young folks, on the other hand, haven’t considered life insurance. Meaning you’re very likely to be knocking on their door to close the deal.

#4. Adopt Social Selling

The days of making house visits to discuss life insurance strategy with prospects are long gone. Being engaged on social media allows you to embrace all of your leads (even those you aren’t aware of). Make it a point to have a few blog posts on your website that address easy queries like the ones below.

#5. Focus on Family

While life insurance can cover the cost of a person’s home, what can we say about other bills that they might not be able to afford? Thus, consider making donations to their child’s future wedding money, their education fund, or their retirement fund. Concentrate on the beneficiaries of the plan.

#6. Get Ready for Rejection

When you offer a product to a new set of potential clients, there is no assurance that you will get “yes” each and every time. However, accepting a “no” also isn’t a good idea. Nevertheless, you can draft a follow-up reaction to the prospect’s objections. This is if you anticipate the various ways in which they might reject portions of the proposal.

How To Sell a Life Insurance Policy

Having life insurance in place can assist safeguard a policyholder’s relatives. This however is after they pass away. Likewise, it is possible it also provides benefits to those who are still alive. However, if the policyholder no longer desires or requires the coverage, he/she may decide to sell the life insurance policy.

In other words, a life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to a third party. The sum the policyholder gets most times may be greater in value than the expected salvage value of the insurance. However, it is normally significantly less than the death benefit in most cases.

How it works

To sell your life insurance policy, below are the basic procedures or actions you’ll need to take:

#1. Source for a Broker

To establish or find out if the policy is sellable, the policyholder conveys information or details about their life insurance policy as well as health with one or more prospective brokers.

#2. Making the Sale

purchaser agrees to settle the policyholder with a certain amount. Thus, all charges associated with the account are waived for the policyholder, while the buyer pays the premiums in their stead

#3. Receiving the Death Benefits

After the death of the policyholder, the buyer at this point gets the death benefits rather than the beneficiaries who were previously specified.

What is the best way to sell a life insurance policy?

The below steps might help you get the best offer if you plan to sell your life insurance policy;

Assemble Relevant documents or papers

Generally, any brokers that will help you with the transaction will need information about the life insurance policy you want to sell. Likewise, they will need the medical records of the policyholders before deciding whether or not to engage with it.

Keep an eye out for trusted brokers:

Once you have the information in place, the next thing is to source trusted brokers. However, it will be a good idea to talk to a few different brokers. In the meantime, try finding out if the agency or firm is state-licensed, and how well the royalty system works. And also if there are any additional fees you need to know about.

Examine a variety of options:

Lastly, before you have an agreement on a transaction with a broker at all, it’s always a good and nice idea to chat with several of them. So, policyholders should compare several companies’ offers to see what each of them is offering. You can then choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to Sell Life Insurance Successfully

If you want to sell life insurance successfully, you must first understand how to assist others. Likewise, you must assist them in recognizing their difficulties and then assisting them in obtaining the funds necessary to resolve them. As a result, you always give your customers the greatest options. However, to sell life insurance successfully; 

#1. Become a Mastery of One Insurance Product or Niche

Yow will agree with me that most of the top salesmen in any industry are experts in one area. For instance, in the medical field, who generates the most money? medical doctors or cardiac surgeons? Primary care doctors might know numbers of stuff, nevertheless, they cant have the exact same level of expertise as a cardiologist.

#2. Adopt a tested method

Do direct and thorough research. Find out what the best life insurance agents in your specialty are doing and try to imitate them. Nevertheless, it’s only natural to follow what others have tried and demonstrated to succeed.

#3. Sell to the Majority

The more individuals you speak with, the greater chances you have of selling your life insurance. Generally,  Millions of Americans don’t have enough life insurance. So, if you focus on just one big market, you may generate a lot of business. However, this is because the more people you speak with, the more chances you have of selling.

#4. Focus on Long-Term Sales

The power in this business is in the long-term potential for sales with clients you already have. Typically, a wise agent will concentrate on completing the transaction by making decisions on what seems best for the client. And not just what is best for the agency. 

Normally, the first-ever transaction will pave way for future deals. In other words, it might be a wise option if you go for what your clients prefer deals, For instance, clients that prefer term insurance to index universal life. Don’t think about what’s best for your agency, rather sell a lower-commission life policy like term insurance than advocate for a higher-paying pay-out product like index universal life. As a result, you will have potential long-term sales.

#5. Like and Trust a Mentor

Having a mentor in life insurance sales assists in learning how best to successfully sell life insurance as a first-timer. As such, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of the market more quickly. Likewise, you will have a better chance of both short-term as well as long-term accomplishments if you have a mentor on your side. In addition, study and discover how to wrap up insurance sales pitches in such a way that so many customers are persuaded. However, having someone you look up to on your side will help you learn the business of selling life insurance faster. And it will also boost your chances of success.

How to Sell Life Insurance From Home

How can you get started to sell life insurance successfully from the comfort of your home? As well, what are the tips and or stages to sell a life insurance sales business from home?

#1. Pick One Insurance Product or Niche

You’ll probably make much more money than most other agents with little knowledge about different items. However, this is if you chose one niche or area, focus and get good at it, and in the end, become an expert in it.

#2. See Yourself as an Advisor

Because buying life insurance is such a huge decision, people will prefer buying from someone they believe is a dependable specialist if all other factors are equal. Because most consumers are unfamiliar with the nuances of insuring as well as insurance as a whole. So, it’s now your obligation to guide them through the process. This is one important thing you need to be conscious of as someone whos willing to learn how to sell life insurance successfully from home.

#3. Be Sure to Have the appropriate Equipment in Place

First and foremost, to sell life insurance from home, make sure you have adequate monitors and visual real estate to work your agent sites. Likewise, try as much to get a wired connection. Also, check to see if you have a suitable and reliable This however is because when you’re communicating to a client over Built-in USB devices, sometimes it does get a little garbled.

#4. Employ Vivid or Imaginative Language

Using vivid language that will bring your presentation to life is key. Imaginative language allows the prospect to picture it in the mind’s theater so to speak, which can make it more compelling. Vivid language works well for emphasizing benefits, but also drawbacks of what could happen if they don’t follow through.

#5. Explain the Reason for Your Call in Detail

In general, when you are planning to sell life insurance while you are in your home to a prospect, don’t make any assumptions regarding your client. Just go on, and in every step, explain everything to them in detail. Have you ever purchased life insurance, Mrs. Joe? Undoubtedly, your prospects will enjoy it. As such, you’ll be able to convert much more.

#6. Get Feedback, Follow Up

If you don’t have any visible cues, circle the wagons and cover any areas where a misunderstanding could arise. These are excellent occasions to ensure that everyone is on board. “Do you have any questions?” Are you satisfied with everything so far?

#7. Employ Multiple Strategies

Implementing a multi-channel marketing approach has generated income for many businesses. Generally, subscribers you will get via multi-Channel Marketing are 60 percent more valuable in the long run than the ones you will engage using a single channel. However, this is according to Agora, a billion-dollar publishing company.

#8. Expect and Handle Objections

When selling life insurance from home, speak less while you listen more. Generally, this allows prospects to voice their opinions. However, when they raise concerns, it’s a promising indicator. Typically, people are never going to waste time objecting against something they don’t care about. So,  anticipate objections and know how to respond to them.

Tips on How to Sell Life Insurance

There are numerous routes to becoming a life insurance agent. However, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most significant ones to help you get started on the right foot.

#1. Focus on a Single Product

Generally, it’s critical to understand a few items upfront if you want to be a successful life insurance agent. From entry-level to elite or high-end policies and consumers, different types of life insurance have varied market client levels. However, knowing more about a product than your competitors is what it takes to master it.

#2. Get Familiar With Your Target Market

Insight helps determine your target market’s demands as well as identify potential solutions in a much easier way. Generally, persons between the ages of 25 and 45 are the most likely to purchase term life insurance. Why? This is because this age group is the ones that are most likely to be buying homes, tying the knot, starting families. And at the same time putting money aside for their children’s college education.

#3 Make Use of Life Experience

During training, it’s usual to have few or no inquiries. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to see your knowledge gaps until they arise in practice. So,  Gather as much information as you can from your accessible resources, however, keep in mind that every day is a learning experience.

#4. Make Use of Marketing Strategies

It can help you narrow down your prospects and be more productive in closing sales if you’re thinking about becoming a life insurance salesperson. Likewise, you can create a particular focus on specific items or consumer demographic groups as you gain expertise and knowledge, which will help you better serve your customers.

#5. Stay Consistent

Normally, it’s always critical to market on a regular basis. Whether selling life insurance full-time or part-time. For instance, full-time life insurance agents should strive to deliver 10 to 15 presentations every week. Part-time marketers on the other hand might try to sell to large markets five to seven times per week.

#6. Look For Ongoing Courses

Typically, it’s critical for a life insurance agent to keep up with the newest industry trends. Understanding the problems that your customers encounter could be the difference between making a sale and creating a career as an agent. Likewise, when engaging with your prospects, there are a number of other aspects to consider.

#7. Understand and Get Familiar with Your Product

To be effective in life insurance sales presentation, you must have adequate knowledge about the life insurance products you sell. So, examine all policy options carefully and be prepared to answer any questions the client may have. Know that the price and advantages of term and permanent life insurance contracts are two hot topics.

#.8 Think About Tools that Can Help Grow Your Agency

Below are some of the tools you might need in order to make your business grow:

  • Client Profiler: such as Prudential’s, is a comprehensive fact finder that can help you discover all of a client’s life insurance needs.
  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: This is to keep records of all business prospects and clients. And to also manage your book of business, you’ll need.
  • A website to promote yourself and your items.
  • Quick estimator tools for life insurance which lets developers create and adjust quotes depending on clients’ needs.
  • A HIPPA Authorization form for prospects: This will help guarantee your HIPAA compliance with the release of some health-related information.

#9. Know Your Clients, Build Trust and Relationship

Spend some time getting to know your customers and their goals so you can recommend the best insurance alternatives for their specific needs. However, if your life insurance sales pitch makes them feel that you’re more concerned with making a commission than with meeting their requirements, they’ll rapidly lose interest. So, examining the client’s personal life insurance objectives will help to establish trust. This nevertheless is an important aspect of the agent-client relationship.

#10. Sell Solution and Explain the options and premium costs

Generally, you should build problem-solving skills as a life insurance agent. So, whenever people come to you for help, strive to solve their difficulties. On the other hand, every form of the family budget and financial circumstances can be accommodated by a policy. So, Don’t force a customer to buy a policy that is out of their price range. You won’t think well of them for placing them in this situation.

#11.Practice Your Presentation and Highlight Benefit

It’s not a bad idea to run over your life insurance sales presentation in advance. Likewise, visual resources, like charts or a page of highlighted advantages, help people recall presentations better. Also, making a videotape of yourself is an excellent method to see yourself through the eyes of your clients.

#12. Prepare for Objection and Ask the Right Question

When confronted with an objection, it is critical to remain calm and answer naturally. However, know that an object has the power to transform a prospect’s negative perception into a favorable one. Likewise, you can showcase the product portfolio of your life insurance products that best meet the client’s demands after you know what their goal is.

#13. Thank Your Client for Their Time But Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Keep track of the time you’ve set aside for your presentation. Meanwhile, a  special connection is a modest expression of gratitude; a handwritten thank you card won’t be a bad idea. On the other hand, if you fail to follow up, it will only show the potential client that you’re more concerned with other things.


To sell life insurance successfully either from home or in an agency might seem like a complicated profession but with the right advice and steps, you can make it happen.

How To Sell Life Insurance FAQs

Can you make millions selling life insurance?

A big yes. But like any other job, it takes time to be good at what you do and attain such income levels. Top agents earn anywhere between $100,000 to one million dollars

Can you sell your life insurance policy if you are under 65?

You can be younger than age 65 to sell your life insurance policy through a life settlement, but you generally must be very ill. “Life settlements are calculated by understanding your life expectancy, and most third-party buyers prefer to purchase policies with a life expectancy of 10 years or less,” he says.

Can I sell life insurance virtually?

Yes, you can sell life insurance from home. I personally manage a book of business without seeing the clients face-to-face. All you really need is a phone, video conferencing software like Zoom (optional), e-Applications, and MedicareCENTER.

Is selling life insurance difficult?

Life insurance is a very difficult product to sell successfully. Simply getting your prospect to acknowledge and discuss the fact they are going to die is a hard first step. When and if you clear that hurdle, your next task is creating urgency so they buy right away.

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