Best Insurance For High-Risk Drivers: Top 10 High-Risk Insurance in the U.S & Canada 2023

Best auto insurance for high risk drivers in Ontario
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The insurance provider does a risk assessment when determining how much they charge you when you apply for auto insurance. However, insurers may classify you as a high-risk driver and slap a higher premium on you if you have earned a traffic penalty, lack driving experience, at-fault car accident record, or have low credit. On this note, coverage from a nonstandard insurer, generally known as a high-risk auto insurance provider, may be required. This set of providers sell automobile insurance to drivers who are the most difficult to insure and who may be unable to acquire coverage from traditional companies. Nevertheless, purchasing high-risk auto insurance can be tough if you don’t have the right information. This piece provides you with the best and cheapest insurance for high-risk drivers in the U.S and Ontario.

What is a High-Risk Driver?

A high-risk driver is one who is extremely expensive to cover in the eyes of a carrier. This is because they have a higher probability of filing claims as a consequence of their liability assessment.  As a result, they get higher premium charges for their insurance coverage than lower-risk customers. However, insurance providers have preset criteria that make it easier for them to recognize and or categorize such drivers.

  • Young drivers and other newly licensed drivers
  • Uninsured Drivers
  • Drivers that are elderly
  • with poor or bad credit scores 
  • Drivers with at-fault accidents record
  • DUI conviction drivers
  • Drivers owning an exotic or high-performance vehicle

What is a High-Risk Car Insurance Policy?

Generally, a high-risk insurance cover is for drivers considered high-risk drivers(with a history of speeding tickets, DUI, at-fault accidents, or no license convictions, and many more) However,  in a nonstandard coverage, the concepts, as well as circumstances, are varied. Likewise, when compared to conventional car insurance coverage, it will always come out with higher premium rates. Nevertheless, some car insurance companies are ready and willing to take a chance on high-risk drivers and provide them the coverage they need.

Meanwhile,  there are a few important things you will need to be aware of and take into account with a high-risk vehicle insurance policy.

Your policy’s coverage may be lowered: 

In a situation whereby you are not driving or making use of your car while the insurance is in your name, you may have your policy’s coverage lowered. For instance, if a person whose name is not on your insurance coverage like your cousin crashed your automobile while driving it, this may lead to the reduction of your insurance policy coverage. And, as a result,  you will likely receive lesser compensation in a process whereby you file for a claim.

Unlike other low-risk drivers, your driving records will be scrutinized on a regular basis:

Normally, during renewal, most insurance firms do not review the driving history of every driver. Rather,  they simply look at the histories of drivers with prior offenses or who was at fault at a point in time. This is exactly because these are the set of drivers with a higher likelihood of getting into trouble. 

You might possibly get restrictions on who is eligible to drive the insured car:

Most insurers may allow customers to add just a few names to the policy. However, only the names listed in the policy will have coverage by the insurance claim. Meanwhile, if any other driver whose name is not on the insurance policy, causes the car to crash, the insurer may refuse to pay the claim.

Cancellation of extra benefits by the insurance provider:

The high-risk insurance policy may also result in the loss of potential safe-driving benefits. Policy features that almost everybody used to get will not be available to high-risk drivers.

How Much is the Cost of  High-Risk Car Insurance?

While the exact policy rates may vary based on your state’s insurance requirements and other factors, high-risk drivers are expected to pay more than $565 per year. This is because they can be around 10%–50% more expensive the moment you’re considered a high-risk driver.  Other factors that may determine the cost of auto insurance includes your age, driving history, types of cars, name on the policy, as well as many other factors. 

Which Are The Best High-Risk Car Insurance of 2023

Generally, it’s challenging to choose the best high-risk vehicle insurance company. High-risk drivers are not treated equally by all companies. While  A few might be far too punitive and slap higher rates for penalties, others raise prices by significantly increasing them. On this note, finding a cheap and dependable insurance provider that meets your needs might be tough.

However, below are some of the best high-risk insurance providers you might choose from:

#1. State Farm

State Farm is one of the major insurance firms in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving-related accidents kill about 30 people every day. Although State Farm isn’t regarded as being the most affordable option, nevertheless, high-risk drivers can expect only minimal increases in their insurance prices after a DUI. Likewise, State Farm offers lots of discounts that might be able to lighten the effect of bad driving history as well as various options for driver’s safety, safe vehicles, without leaving out customer loyalty.


  • Enrollment in the State Farm Drive Safe & Save programs which enables you to track your driving habit using your smartphone
  • Driver training or defensive driving courses
  • Vehicle safety discounts
  • Bundling multiple policies 

#2. The General

The General operates as one company that offers car insurance to all, including high-risk drivers. However, you may need to check to see if your state is among the said 46 states that the company provides covers for.


The general doesn’t offer various safe money bundles and policies. However, they do provide some interesting discounts:

  • Student of the Year: To be eligible, students must show proof that they currently have a “B” on average.
  • Double Deductible: For the very first 45 days of a policy, this discount doubles the deductible for extensive and accident coverage. This thereby lower your premium rate.
  • Paid in Full Offer: This has to do with customers that settle the complete year’s premium in one lump sum rather than in installment payments.
  • Previous Insurance: This discount is for persons switching from some other insurer to The General.

#3. American Family Insurance

The territorial reach of American Family Insurance isn’t as extensive as that of several other large insurance firms. However,  subscribers can escape substantial premium increases after their first at-fault accident with the company’s accident-forgiveness program in place. Nevertheless,  American Family is a good option for high-risk drivers who live in various states where their plans are accessible. However, to be eligible for most of their insurance offers, you must;

  • Maintain a five-year accident-free record
  • For at least five years, you must have had an American Family policy.
  • There were no major infractions or violations.


In most cases, after being deemed to be at fault for just a single-car collision or probably traffic penalties after violation, most drivers see an increase in their insurance rates. However, even for drivers with several traffic violations or maybe accidents history (such as “high-risk” drivers), GEICO auto insurance offers coverage at cheaper prices.


GEICO offers a large number of discount alternatives a company can provide. As such,  numerous firms and groups have decided to partner with GEICO so as to provide subscribers of such organizations additional discounts. On the other hand, discounts availability are at the same time adherence to safety measures of your automobile, your driving habits, and your commitment to the provider.

#5. Diaryland

Several states require drivers with DUIs, serious offenses, or a record of uninsured driving to obtain an SR-22, which serves as a special confirmation of insurance certificate. However, if your driving record necessitates filing an SR-22 with the Department of Motor Vehicles, you can easily qualify for a Dairyland auto insurance policy as well as obtain the necessary SR-22 papers to get back on the road. 


Dairyland provides a plethora of discounts to its clients on :

  • Multi-Car
  • Advanced Quote
  • Transfer Discount
  • Quarterly/Yearly Payment Plan
  • Defensive Driving
  • Anti-Theft

Best Insurance For High-Risk Drivers Ontario

Once you are identified as a high-risk driver, it is strongly advised that you select a vehicle insurance provider that specializes in this type of policy. And with their skilled and well-trained specialist, they can always help obtain high-risk auto insurance coverage, while also guiding you on getting back on track so as to establish a better driving record. However, getting high-risk drivers insurance in Ontario can be both complicated and time-consuming. Nevertheless, below are some of the best high-risk drivers insurance providers in Ontario.

  • Coachman Insurance Company
  • Echelon
  • Facility Association
  • Jevco
  • Pafco
  • Perth Insurance
  • SGI Canada
  • Intact Insurance
  • Hagerty
  • Pembridge

How is high-risk insurance calculated in Ontario?

The cost calculation of high-risk drivers’ insurance in Ontario is similar to that of conventional motor insurance. Generally, the cost of insurance varies depending on the organization and its requirements(eligibility). However, drivers with convictions as well as at-fault accidents and in the high-risk category get a surcharge of 20% or even more. In other words, it could be double, triple,

Why is it So Expensive in Ontario?

High-risk insurance is more expensive in Ontario since most insurance firms charge drivers with poor driving or credit score history extra. And when compared to a motorist with a clean history on a normal day, the chances or probability of filing claims as a consequence of their liability assessment or the insurer having to pay out on a claim with a high-risk driver are much higher.

Tips to Reduce or Limit Your Status as a High-Risk Driver

  • Maintaining a clean and accident-free record
  • Pay your premiums on time without delay
  • Avoid the idea of drinking and driving
  • Avoid careless driving and speeding violations, drive safely at all times. 
  • Partake in driver training or defensive driving Courses. And at the end, present evidence to your insurer. 
  • Choose a vehicle that is insurance friendly and not one that can also place you in the high-risk category. 
  • Try to have a high-risk insurance provider to help and guide you since they have a better understanding and are knowledgeable in the aspect of dealing with high-risk insurance coverage. 

How To Avoid Becoming A High-Risk Driver

Normally it will be better and easier to avoid being in the pool of a high-risk driver than to try to get out of it. Thus, there are things you can do and ways in which you can avoid becoming a high-risk driver: 

  • Don’t drive carelessly and avoid excessive speeding.
  • Don’t be making claims and or if there’s a need to, let it be a bare minimum
  • Taking a defensive driving course is also a good idea.
  • Allowing your insurance plans to lapse is a bad idea
  • Ensure you avoid violating traffics and convictions
  • Don’t delay your premium payments, pay them on time
  • Drive an insurance friendly automobile and not a high-performance vehicle that can put you in a high-risk drivers zone
  • Stay in a neighborhood with a low crime record
  • Keep a low annual mileage
  • Employ the use of a safe driving app
  • Try installing a telematics device that allows your insurer to follow your driving habits(speed, vehicle braking, vehicle acceleration, as well as the time you are usually driving)


Although purchasing auto insurance can be tough for high-risk drivers, especially one without the right information, there are still companies out there ready and willing to offer you coverage at competitive rates even with your driving history or records do not look that great. And, it is at the same time critical for high-risk drivers to locate the best available rates and match their state’s minimum auto insurance coverage requirements. While they also need to get all they need from an insurance carrier, such as an SR-22 or other documentation proving their insurability.

Insurance for High-Risk Drivers FAQs

How long are you considered a high-risk driver in Ontario?

You are no longer considered a high-risk driver in Ontario when some or all your at-fault accidents come off your record in five years and traffic tickets and cancellations for non-payments after three years.

What happens if car insurance premium is not paid?

When your car insurance lapses, you might have to get a new insurance policy. You may also lose the accrued benefits of the lapsed policy, like a no-claim bonus. Besides, getting a new plan can attract rigorous vehicle inspection and a higher premium

How do I know if I need high-risk auto insurance?

The only real way to know is to speak with an insurance provider. The insurance company will check your history and determine which category of auto insurance best suits you.

Can an insurance company drop you?

Insurers can drop you if you don’t pay the premium, you’ve misrepresented yourself on the application, or your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked.

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