State Farm vs Progressive: Which Provider Is Best? (2023)

State Farm vs Progressive
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Avoid seeing any State Farm vs. Progressive commercials today. Both are household names in the insurance industry, and they rank first and second in the country for auto insurance policies sold. They spend billions of dollars every year on marketing to rise to the top and stay there. Many companies offer auto insurance quotes, but State Farm vs. Progressive are two of the biggest. It is in your best interest to compare plans side by side to find one that offers the protections you require at a price you can afford. In this article, we will discuss the full comparison between State Farm vs. Progressive car and home insurance, as well as the difference between Geico.

State Farm vs Progressive: Overview

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Progressive is the third-largest car insurance provider in the United States, behind State Farm and Geico. The company will write more than $35.8 billion in vehicle insurance premiums in 2021, giving it a 13.7% market share.

Progressive was founded in 1937. In 1956, the firm started paying special attention to motorists with moving infractions such as at-fault collisions. The company is still providing low prices for those motorists today. In light of this, our 2022 analysis of the best auto insurance providers found that Progressive offered the most affordable rates to high-risk drivers.

According to the NAIC, State Farm accounts for 15.9% of the total U.S. vehicle insurance market, making it the industry leader. The business wrote more than $41.6 billion in car insurance premiums in 2021. 

On the other hand, State Farm has been around for a century, and in that time it has been known for its low rates and extensive discounts. In addition, the organization has over 19,000 insurance agents in all states besides Massachusetts and Rhode Island, making it simple to get in touch with a local expert.

State Farm vs. Progressive: Which Is Better?

The results of our policyholder survey and ranking of the Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023 demonstrate that these people favor State Farm over Progressive. On both lists, State Farm is #3 out of 10, while Progressive is #10. In addition, our analysis revealed that State Farm typically offers lower annual rates than Progressive for many of the demographics we looked at, including teen and senior drivers as well as those with less-than-stellar driving records.

Our study of policyholders shows that State Farm outperforms Progressive in terms of customer service, claim processing, and loyalty.

However, Progressive does have its strengths. When compared to State Farm’s prices, its rates for drivers with bad credit are much more reasonable. Our poll results also showed that customers were more satisfied with Progressive’s claims service.

Each insurer provides similar savings opportunities, such as a discount for bundling home and vehicle policies or a discount for using a tracking tool to monitor driving behavior (Snapshot for Progressive or Drive Safe and Save from State Farm). Progressive also offers savings for customers who choose to sign their documents electronically. Both initiatives, however, received low satisfaction scores from policyholders in our study.

Also, keep in mind that available coverage options and discounts may vary depending on your region.

Progressive vs. State Farm: Coverage

Both Progressive and State Farm provide the usual array of coverage options, including liability insurance for injuries and property damage, uninsured motorist coverage, collision insurance, and comprehensive coverage.

Differences between the two service providers can be seen in their supplementary coverage options. Furthermore, in the event that your vehicle breaks down while you’re far from home, State Farm provides trip interruption benefits that can assist in covering food and other costs. Progressive’s travel interruption insurance only covers trips by motorcycle and boat.

Neither Progressive nor State Farm provide gap insurance, which pays the difference between the value of your automobile and the amount still owed on your loan in the event of a total loss. However, Progressive does offer lease/loan payback coverage, which restricts the payout to 25% of the vehicle’s value. State Farm offers gap coverage, but only for vehicles financed through State Farm Bank.

Progressive State Farm
Bodily injury liability (BI)
Property damage liability (PD)
Collision coverage
Comprehensive coverage
Medical payments (MedPay)
Personal injury protection (PIP)
Uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM)
Roadside assistance
Accident forgiveness
Loan/lease payoff
Rental car reimbursement coverage

Progressive vs. State Farm: Which Is Cheaper?

State Farm is typically less expensive than Progressive for the typical driver. When compared to Progressive’s sample rate of $1,540 and the national average of $1,547, State Farm’s average annual rate of $1,279 is significantly lower. In almost every category we compared, State Farm’s average premiums for drivers were lower.

Also, keep in mind that your auto insurance rate is calculated uniquely for you depending on a number of criteria, such as your location, driving history, age, and the amount of coverage you want.

17-Year-Old Females17-Year-Old Males
State Farm$3,280$4,019
National Average$5,076$5,756

State Farm Is Cheaper for Teen Drivers

Teenage drivers are the least knowledgeable on the road, and as a result, they pay the highest rates for auto insurance. When it comes to car insurance for 17-year-olds, State Farm is the most affordable choice for both male and female drivers. When comparing sample annual rates, State Farm is around $1,700 cheaper than the national average for teen drivers, while Progressive is almost $2,700 more expensive. Teenage male drivers, regardless of gender, will face increased insurance costs.

Progressive vs. State Farm: Discounts

While both Progressive and State Farm provide substantial car insurance reductions, clients will find that the discounts they offer vary. The usage-based Snapshot program of Progressive tracks customer driving behavior, whereas State Farm’s safe driver discount is only available after three years of safe driving without tickets or accidents.

You may learn more about the deals provided by these industry leaders below.

Progressive Car Insurance DiscountsState Farm Car Insurance Discounts
Continuous coverage
Good student
Good driver
Driver’s education
Defensive driving
Anti-theft device
Passive restraint

State Farm vs Progressive: Claims

Again, the survey shows that State Farm is preferred to Progressive in this respect. In this subcategory, State Farm and Farmers tie for third place, while Progressive, along with Nationwide, Geico, and Allstate, tie for second-to-last place.

However, customers were more satisfied with Progressive in several aspects of filing claims than they were with State Farm. For instance, whereas 50% of State Farm customers were pleased with the simplicity of filing a claim, 52% of Progressive customers felt the same way. Further, 48% of the questioned Progressive consumers indicated they were entirely satisfied with the status updates they got concerning their claim, compared to 44% of State Farm customers.

State Farm vs Progressive: Usage-Based Insurance

Telematics insurance programs are available from both Progressive and State Farm, and they can help you save money if you’re a careful driver. After signing up for Progressive’s Snapshot® program, your driving patterns are monitored via a mobile app or plug-in device for a certain amount of time. From that point on, careful driving will earn you discounts. 

Snapshot has the potential drawback of raising your rates if you are deemed a dangerous driver. It’s also vital to understand that the Snapshot program is not available in California.

Drive Safe & SaveTM is the name of State Farm’s usage-based program. Simply enrolling in the program will get you a discount, and staying accident-free until your policy renewal can save you up to 30% more money. Drive Safe & Save analyzes your driving based on factors including acceleration, braking, cornering, speed, time of day, and phone use.

In addition, the states of California, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island do not participate in the Drive Safe & Save program. Some North Carolina motorists may not be eligible for discounts.

State Farm vs Progressive: Customer Experience

The J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction StudySM and the J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Study both give State Farm top marks. State Farm scored 885 out of a possible 1,000 in the shopping study and 892 out of a possible 1,000 in the claims satisfaction area, placing them first and sixth, respectively. State Farm ranks significantly higher than typical in both categories. Both J.D. Power surveys gave Progressive below-average ratings.

When it comes to BBB customer ratings, neither company obtains good reviews. People are more likely to report unfavorable experiences to the BBB than positive ones, so this is par for the course in business. The Better Business Bureau has given State Farm an A+ rating, whereas Progressive has been given an F.

Does Progressive Raise Rates After 6 Months?

In some circumstances, Progressive does hike rates every six months. You should expect an increase in your Progressive premium if you make a claim or receive traffic tickets within the first six months of your policy’s inception.

Variables like a person’s driving history, claims experience, and geographic location affect insurance premiums. Progressive examines your driving habits, accident history, and other pertinent data to determine if your rates need to change. The underwriting standards and market fluctuations of an insurance provider might affect premium costs. Rates are often reevaluated every six to twelve months when policies are renewed. The particular adjustments to rates, however, might vary substantially based on factors like an individual’s financial situation and the rules in place. 

Get in touch with Progressive’s customer support or check out their website to receive the latest and greatest details on their policies.

State Farm vs Progressive: Car Insurance

State Farm and Progressive are both well-known car insurance providers, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. State Farm is widely recognized for its extensive network of local agents, providing personalized service and face-to-face interactions. They emphasize customer relationships and are often praised for their excellent customer service. State Farm offers a variety of coverage options and discounts, catering to different customer needs.

On the other hand, Progressive is known for its user-friendly online platform and innovative approach, offering tools like Name Your Price® and Snapshot®. Progressive tends to appeal to tech-savvy individuals who prefer managing their policies online or through the mobile app. They are also known for their competitive rates and unique programs for safe drivers, making them an attractive choice for those looking for affordable options.

When deciding between State Farm and Progressive, it’s essential to consider your preferences and priorities. If you value a local agent and personalized service, State Farm might be a better fit. However, if you prefer online convenience and competitive rates, Progressive could be the right choice. It’s recommended to obtain quotes from both companies, compare coverage options, and assess customer reviews to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences. Also, read STATE FARM AUTO INSURANCE REVIEW 2023

Who Is State Farms Biggest Competitor?

State Farm, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, faces strong competition from several major players in the insurance industry. Geico, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, is often cited as one of State Farm’s primary competitors. Geico is known for its extensive advertising campaigns and competitive rates, attracting customers seeking affordable car insurance.

Another significant competitor is Allstate, which offers a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, and life insurance. Allstate has a strong brand presence and offers various discounts and coverage options to compete with State Farm effectively.

Progressive, with its innovative online tools and competitive pricing strategies, also poses a significant challenge to State Farm. Progressive’s emphasis on technology-driven solutions appeals to customers looking for a seamless digital experience.

Additionally, Farmers Insurance Group, part of the Zurich Insurance Group, competes with State Farm, offering diverse insurance products and services. Farmers Insurance is known for its agent-driven approach, which provides personalized assistance to customers.

Apart from these, regional and local insurance companies, as well as online insurance startups, contribute to the competitive landscape. State Farm must continually adapt its offerings and customer service to stay ahead in the face of these diverse and dynamic competitors.

State Farm vs Progressive: Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance policies from both Progressive vs. State Farm include all six of the most common types of insurance. State Farm, on the other hand, offers more comprehensive coverage alternatives, while Progressive is known for its competitive rates.

Progressive vs. State Farm: Home Insurance Coverage Comparison

Progressive and State Farm both offer comprehensive home insurance policies that protect against the financial impact of unforeseen events. In contrast to Progressive, State Farm provides a wider variety of coverage enhancements.

Progressive Coverage:

Progressive calculates the cost of reconstructing your home based on your answers to a series of questions concerning the construction of your home. Other buildings, personal property, and loss of use protection all use a proportion of the dwelling’s coverage. Note that Progressive hires underwriters to provide coverage. This implies that the insurance company Progressive works with to insure your house is a potential variable in terms of coverage, restrictions, and the claims procedure.

Our team was quoted the following amounts by Progressive, and those numbers are highlighted in the table below.

Type of CoverageCoverage Options
Other structures10% of dwelling
Personal Property50% of dwelling
Loss of use30% of dwelling

In addition, the coverage alternatives for liability, medical expenses, and deductibles were not provided to our team over the phone. We advise you to contact Progressive to discuss your choices.

Progressive Insurance provides two options for extended protection:

  • Personal injury
  • Water backup

State Farm Coverage

Similar to Progressive, State Farm uses your home’s rebuilding cost for home insurance and a percentage of home insurance for other structures, personal property, and supplementary living expenses.

Type of CoverageCoverage Options
Other structures10% of dwelling
Personal Property70% of dwelling
Loss of use20% of dwelling

Please be aware that State Farm provided us with a sample quote from which to derive these estimates. Talk to a local State Farm agent about comparing policies.

You can customize your State Farm insurance coverage with the following add-ons:

  • Water backup and sump pump overflow
  • Personal injury
  • Cyber event, identity restoration, and fraud loss
  • Home systems protection
  • Off-premises structures
  • Earthquake
  • Full replacement cost
  • Energy efficiency upgrade
  • Adult daycare
  • Depreciated loss
  • Service line

Progressive vs. State Farm: Home Insurance Cost Comparison

The Insurance Information Institute estimates that in 2017, the average monthly premium for homeowners insurance nationwide was $101. However, each person and each home may have a different number. The following are some variables that could impact your insurance cost:

  • Credit score
  • Claims history
  • Square footage of your home
  • Condition of your roof

To evaluate how their rates stack up against the national average, we contacted both Progressive and State Farm for insurance estimates.

Progressive Cost

Our home, other structures, personal property, and loss of use coverages were all determined based on Progressive’s anticipated rebuilding cost of $285,000. We went with moderate limits for catastrophe coverage, medical expense reimbursement, and liability.

Progressive Cost Breakdown

Type of CoverageAmount of Coverage
Other structures$28,500
Personal property$199,500
Loss of use$85,500

The progressive discounts that you might qualify for are as follows:

  • Bundle homeowners and auto insurance
  • Home alarm systems and safety devices
  • Quote in advance
  • New home purchase
  • Pay in full
  • Receive documents by email
  • New home construction

State Farm Cost

Similar to Progressive, State Farm’s estimate procedure asks questions about liability, medical expenses, and deductible amounts before moving on to questions about the property’s rebuilding cost.

State Farm Cost Breakdown

Type of CoverageAmount of Coverage
Other structures$25,000
Personal property$125,000
Loss of use$50,000
Medical payments to others$1,000 per person
Monthly cost$122
Quote and pricing information according to The Zebra

State Farm has three premium reduction options for qualifying customers:

  • Multiple line
  • Home alert protection
  • Roofing

Geico vs State Farm vs Progressive: Full Comparison

Geico, State Farm, and Progressive are three major players in the car insurance industry, each with distinct features. Geico is renowned for its direct-to-consumer approach, offering competitive rates and user-friendly online tools. They emphasize simplicity and affordability, attracting customers seeking budget-friendly options.

State Farm, with its extensive agent network, provides personalized service and face-to-face interactions. They focus on building strong customer relationships and offer a wide range of insurance products beyond auto insurance. State Farm’s emphasis on personalized assistance appeals to those who value human interaction and comprehensive coverage options.

Progressive stands out for its innovative online platform and tools like Name Your Price® and Snapshot®, catering to tech-savvy customers. They provide a seamless digital experience, allowing users to manage policies conveniently through their website or mobile app. Progressive also offers programs like Snapshot® for safe drivers, potentially lowering premiums based on driving behavior.

When choosing among Geico, State Farm, and Progressive, consider factors such as pricing, coverage options, customer service preferences, and technological features. Obtain quotes from each, compare coverage details, assess discounts, and read customer reviews to determine which company aligns best with your specific needs and priorities.

Is Geico Better Than Progressive?

The question of whether Geico is better than Progressive depends on individual preferences, needs, and priorities. Both Geico and Progressive are reputable insurance companies with their own strengths.

Geico is known for its competitive rates, straightforward online experience, and efficient customer service. They have a user-friendly website and mobile app, making it easy for customers to manage policies and file claims. Geico’s advertising often emphasizes affordability, attracting customers seeking budget-friendly options.

Progressive, on the other hand, is recognized for its innovative approach and technological solutions. They offer tools like Name Your Price® and Snapshot® to help customers customize their coverage and potentially reduce premiums based on driving behavior. Progressive appeals to those who prefer a seamless digital experience and may benefit from programs like Snapshot® for safe driving discounts.

Ultimately, the choice between Geico and Progressive should be based on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as pricing, coverage options, customer service, and the level of digital interaction you desire. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from both companies, compare the details of their policies, and read customer reviews to make an informed decision tailored to your requirements.

State Farm vs Progressive: Bottom Line

When contrasting Progressive and State Farm, you’ll find that they both offer competitive pricing and helpful customer service. While both companies are good choices, we choose State Farm more often. For this reason, State Farm has been selected as the Editor’s Choice.

ProgressiveState Farm
Overall Rating8.79.3
Customer Experience8.69.4

Frequently Asked Questions

Who normally has the cheapest car insurance?

State Farm is the cheapest car insurance carrier overall, with an average rate of $37 a month for minimum coverage.

What type of insurance is best for car?

Comprehensive car insurance is the best option because it protects not only the other driver and their vehicle (as with Third-Party insurance) but also the policyholder in the event of an accident.

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