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DJ Insurance
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To prepare for performances and festivals, professional DJs must spend thousands of dollars on gear. There are a number of monetary considerations, such as the cost of a high-quality controller and the price of a subscription to specific software. That’s why it’s so important to take adequate precautions to safeguard your means of production. DJ insurance is a safety net for those in the profession who cannot afford to take any chances with their finances. It’s crucial to remember, though, that no single insurance policy can cover the needs of today’s professionals in their entirety. The process of locating appropriate DJ insurance coverage is similar to that of locating an appropriate life insurance or auto policy. Personalizing your security measures is essential. In this article, we will discuss the best DJ insurance coverage, how much it costs, and how to get it.

What Is DJ Insurance?

DJ insurance refers to a wide variety of coverage designed to protect disc, music, and video jockeys in the course of their professional careers. The “Business Owner’s Policy” (BOP) is the policy of choice for most professionals in the creative industries because it addresses both commercial property insurance and general liability concerns. 

You may even customize your own DJ insurance policy to include the coverages that matter most to you. If you frequently transport expensive DJ gear in your car, for instance, you may choose to purchase additional travel insurance. 

How DJ Insurance Works

Due to the nature of their employment and the fact that they frequently travel from one event to the next, disc jockeys, video jockeys, and karaoke jockeys all need insurance. You run the risk of having to pay out of pocket to settle a claim made against your company because of someone else’s injuries, property damage, or other losses incurred as a result of your failure to meet their expectations, or because your own company property was damaged in transit.

Furthermore, DJ Insurance offers comprehensive coverage to safeguard your livelihood. You can make a claim, for instance, if you have inland marine insurance and your mixing board is taken. If a client says you wrecked their wedding because you didn’t play the songs on the contract, you can have your insurance company handle the inquiry and settlement by filing a claim.

Why Would a DJ Need Liability Insurance?

Although DJ equipment and mobile DJ insurance can seem like they’re only needed in special circumstances, there are actually quite a few compelling reasons to look into them.

DJ insurance might help you avoid financial and emotional hardships down the road. If you shop around for the correct insurance with a firm like ProSight, you can find policies tailored specifically to the needs of DJs.

DJs should consider purchasing liability insurance in the three situations below to safeguard their equipment, their business, and themselves.

#1. To Safeguard Your Equipment

Your gear is your livelihood. In addition to your laptop computer, your DJ setup also includes CDJs, turntables, mixers, and controllers. However, you should expect the unexpected when it comes to your stuff. Damage to, or even destruction of, DJ equipment is possible in the event of an accident, such as a drink spill or an unexpected downpour during an outdoor performance. To help you replace it, DJ insurance is available. On stage, speakers are frequently knocked over, rendering them ineffective and interrupting the performance. Fortunately, DJ insurance frequently covers this item as well. A car accident on the way to a performance might also be covered if the equipment is insured.

It’s not only about accidental breaks; you also have to worry about theft. It’s not uncommon for DJ equipment to be excluded from policies like auto, home, and renter’s insurance. If your DJ gear is stolen, you may not be able to get it back. However, equipment insurance can compensate you for the value of the item you lose.

#2. To Feel Secure in Your Traveling Job

Disc jockeys typically work on the go. Sure, some DJs may perform primarily at events like weddings and corporate parties, but from time to time, even a nightclub DJ will take a booking for a private event.

A good approach before showing up to a mobile performance is to inquire with the booking contact or the venue about whether or not DJ liability insurance is required. (Remember that most hotels and major event spaces do necessitate it!) The last thing you want to do is get to a gig ready to play, only to be asked by the venue director for evidence of insurance and then have to explain that you don’t have any.

DJ liability insurance provides several layers of defense:

  • Injury to someone else: It protects you in the event that someone gets hurt during the event and you are found responsible. Someone could sue you for damages if they were hurt because they tripped over a wire while trying to get to the dance floor after you set up your DJ gear.
  • Property damage: Your DJ liability insurance may also help pay for repairs to the location where you are providing your services, such as a hotel or reception hall.

You can take charge and protect yourself and your business with DJ liability insurance in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.

In the extremely unlikely event that you, as a DJ, are sued, your DJ liability insurance will provide legal representation for covered claims. If an event guest is harmed or property is damaged as a result of your services and your client decides to file suit against you, your DJ liability insurance will protect you. It’s always preferable to err on the side of caution.

If you’re a DJ who needs to insure their equipment or who performs at a venue that requires DJ liability insurance, ProSight Direct is the place to go. ProSight, a top insurer in the business, pays for damages to buildings and vehicles, as well as accidents and medical bills.

In addition, ProSight lets you print as many certificates as you need, as well as instantly update your insurance information through an online portal. If you need to add a new venue to your policy because you will be performing there, you can do it whenever it is most convenient for you. Pricing begins at just $16.50 per month.

What Insurance Do I Need as a DJ?

Depending on their specific circumstances, DJs may need additional coverage beyond general liability insurance. Common DJ insurance coverage includes:

#1. General Liability Insurance

DJs should get general liability insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits filed by non-employees, such as venue owners, customers, and audience members.

General liability insurance will shield you from legal action in the event that you are sued for harming another person or their property. Risk exposure DJ insurance typically extends protection from defamation and copyright infringement claims.

What if your sound system unexpectedly blew a circuit in the middle of your performance, causing an audience member to harm themselves by tripping over something in the dark?

General liability insurance would pay for the injured party’s medical and legal expenses if they filed a lawsuit against you.  If a musician ever complains that you played their song without permission, general liability DJ insurance will cover you. General liability insurance is an essential and robust policy because of the added security it provides.

In addition, coverage for copyright violations may be particularly tempting to DJs who publish remixes and samples routinely online.

#2. Commercial Property Insurance

Any DJ who owns their own studio or other place of business should have commercial property insurance to safeguard their investment.

Commercial property insurance would pay for the replacement cost of your DJ gear if it were stolen from or destroyed while stored at your recording studio. 

Many thousands of dollars are spent on the proper tools by VJs, DJs, and KJs who are responsible for their own equipment. These experts may not always be able to afford to buy new equipment right away.

If your business equipment is stolen, having commercial property insurance will help you get back to work as soon as possible. 

Only in the case of renting rather than buying equipment would it be possible to forego commercial property insurance. Also, the same is true with leasing office space as opposed to buying it. It’s possible that a commercial property insurance policy on its own might be too costly if you run your DJ business out of your home.

#3. Inland Marine Insurance

Your DJ gear is protected from loss or damage while in transit thanks to inland marine insurance.

DJs really need this in addition to commercial property insurance. This is due to the fact that commercial property policies only cover your belongings while they are physically located in a single building. 

DJs who invest in high-priced gear to perform need inland marine insurance in order to protect their investment while they travel from gig to gig across the country. If you frequently use borrowed DJ gear, you may also need this type of insurance. 

In other cases, such as if you’re working for a venue that handles its own sound and lighting, you won’t need DJ inland marine insurance. Most truck rental businesses have their own insurance policies, so frequent renters may be able to forego purchasing their own.

#4. Commercial Auto Insurance

When transporting machinery, having commercial auto insurance is a necessity. A minimum of liability insurance is required if your company possesses cars, vans, or other passenger automobiles.

If you cause an accident, this will make sure you can afford to pay for the damages. 

Just like with your own car insurance, most businesses will let you purchase extra layers of protection for a fee. You may, for instance, purchase medical payment insurance in addition to collision insurance to cover vehicle damage. 

Also, if you register your car or vehicle under your DJ business’s name, you must have commercial auto insurance.

If you use your personal vehicle for business, you may also be required to have commercial auto insurance. Accidents that occur while driving from one gig to another might not be covered by your personal auto insurance policy if you use it for professional purposes. 

Again, if you regularly use rental cars or trucks in between jobs, business auto insurance is usually unnecessary.

How to Get DJ Insurance

Your DJ insurance coverage costs per year or per month should be reasonable given the piece of mind they provide. However, you must make sure that the coverage you choose is suitable for your requirements. Improve your odds of getting adequate DJ insurance by doing the following:

#1. Prepare in Advance

Identify the kind of performance for which you will require insurance, as well as any expected changes in your coverage needs. Booking work at a new venue may require you to present proof of existing legal protections, such as a contract or other documentation. 

#2. Don’t Shortchange Yourself

Don’t try to save money on your DJ insurance by skimping where it’s needed. You still need DJ insurance even if you only perform at a small number of events each year. If you’d prefer not to commit to a monthly fee, temporary event insurance is one option worth exploring.

#3. Recognize Your Value

It is important to determine the value of your DJ gear before registering for insurance. In order to pay a lower premium, it can be tempting to understate the value of your equipment. But if you ever have to file a claim, you’ll be out of luck when it comes to replacing your gear. 

#4. Carefully Look Over the Rules of DJ Insurance

Don’t forget that there are different kinds of DJ insurance. Don’t just buy the cheapest thing you can find. Make sure that when you compare plans, they are all the same and offer the same amount of coverage. 

#5. Read the Fine Print

Before you sign anything, whether it’s for DJ insurance or something else, make sure you understand what you’re signing. Even though the insurance agent may tell you what kind of coverage you’ll get, you should still check the DJ insurance papers just in case. If you’re not sure about something, take your time and look it over carefully.

#6. Participate in a DJ Group

There are a number of DJ groups out there that will give you a break on any DJ insurance you might require. You may realize that the small additional expense of joining a DJ organization is well worth it in the long run when you consider the perks and protection it provides.

How Much Does DJ Insurance Coverage Cost?

DJ insurance costs might vary depending on the value of the equipment, the venue, and how many events you schedule a year. DJs have varying insurance needs depending on the type of events they play. Short-term policies, often known as special event insurance or temporary liability insurance, are available from some insurance companies for such contingencies.

Insurance PolicyCoverage AmountEstimated Annual PremiumDeductible
General Liability$1 million per occurrence$2 million aggregate$190 to $740N/A
Commercial Property$10,000$400 to 550$500
Professional Liability$1 million per occurrence$2 million aggregate$350 to $600$1,000
Workers Comp$100,000 per accident$500,000 per policy$100,000 per employee$500 to $1,200v

Many providers provide a business owner’s policy (BOP) as an option that simplifies the insurance procedure and gives some potential savings. It’s a policy that combines commercial property insurance with liability coverage.

In addition, these costs are averages for sole proprietors and could go up for disc jockeys who do the following:

  • Desire venue and transportation property insurance
  • We require greater freedoms in this regard.
  • Performers who use fireworks, lasers, or other visual effects in their presentations.
  • Securing gigs at nightlife establishments
  • Have shows that run past 2 a.m.
  • Get more people to watch you play.

Best DJ Insurance

Insuring against a wide range of potential risks is essential for businesses of all sizes. In the same way that any other small business faces its own risks, so do professional DJs.

Maintaining a successful DJ career requires taking precautions to safeguard both your gear and your reputation, which is why DJ insurance is so important. Locate an insurer that understands your specific requirements for things like equipment and liability insurance.

With that in mind, we’d like to recommend the following best DJ insurance providers:

#1. Simply Business

Simply Business stands out among a variety of insurance provider options as our top pick. You can initiate a quote right from the homepage of their website.

After selecting your industry from the drop-down menu, the website will guide you through the remaining steps of creating a quote. The website for Simply Business makes it very obvious that the company’s primary interest is in assisting small enterprises.

Over a dozen prominent, reliable insurance companies are at Simply Business’s disposal. Because of this, they are able to provide affordable, all-encompassing plans.

Take a few minutes to peruse their site and see how they may help your DJ company right now. You’ll see why we think this insurance provider is the best choice for a DJ, from the granularity of their coverage options to the flexibility of their quotes.

#2. R.V. Nuccio & Associates

Insurance broker and program administrator R.V. Nuccio & Associates works with only the best insurance companies in the country.

They provide DJs with commercial general liability insurance in addition to property and crime liability protection.

The typical turnaround time for a quote from the company is 15 minutes. After entering your data, they will begin searching for the most suitable insurance policy to meet your DJ requirements.

Additionally, DJ Insurance in Minutes, a division of a sizable national insurance company that specializes in policies for professional disc jockeys and other entertainers, provides DJ insurance for Nuccio & Associates.

They also offer coverage for a wide range of connected businesses, such as wedding and event planners, photographers, videographers, and insurance intended to cover other unique events. Find out how their one-of-a-kind approach can help your company.

#3. Insurance Canopy

Insurance Canopy provides general liability coverage for 1-3 days for DJs, typically for less than $60. You could be asking, “Why do I need insurance for three days?” Here’s an illustration, at least.

In this scenario, you play the role of a young, aspiring mobile event DJ who is offered a high-paying last-minute wedding DJ gig.

The difficulty is that the venue will only allow DJs and artists who also have general liability insurance to play there, and you don’t have either of those things right now.

You can get the temporary coverage you need from Insurance Canopy and then upgrade to a permanent policy whenever you’re ready.

Also, you can apply for insurance via Insurance Canopy online, and they have a wide variety of policies to choose from. You can evaluate if Insurance Canopy is a good fit for your company by checking out their website.

#4. ProSight

Insurance company ProSight, formerly known as Coaction Specialty, specializes in providing plans to professional, touring DJs.

TowerBrook Capital Partners owns ProSight, a private insurer, which is positive news for the company’s longevity and dependability—both crucial traits in a business partner.

ProSight insures the majority of the top 100 DJs in the world, demonstrating that they are cognizant of DJ professionals’ needs. Their online claim check, update, and processing capabilities suggest that they have a firm grasp on the needs of their policyholders.

In addition to providing insurance, ProSight/Coaction excels at providing strategic business planning and market research to assist firms in expanding and succeeding.

Ratings for insurance companies range from A+ to F. The latest grade given to ProSight/Coaction is an A. Try them out to see whether you click with them and if they can help your company find its rhythm.

#5. Thimble

Thimble Insurance is committed to maintaining policy coverage that is adaptable to the ever-evolving needs of DJs and other performers.

It will work with you to make sure you have everything you need if you find out at the last minute that you need to add or change your policy in order to protect yourself from a surprise gig.

Thimble advertises drone flight liability insurance as one of their specialized coverages. This is especially useful for DJs who play at outdoor events and wish to record their sets for posterity. Protecting yourself and your drone pilots during a flight is easier if you have insurance.

You can get a quote from them, just like from any other company, on their website. As soon as your requirements are matched, you will be able to provide evidence of coverage.

In addition, Thimble takes great pleasure in the speed with which it can secure an insurance policy for its clients.

DJs need to steer clear of copyright issues for many reasons.

First, you could face serious repercussions if you’re caught using copyrighted music without permission.

Recognizing the efforts and originality of artists, musicians, and other rights holders by upholding their legal rights is crucial. DJs also help the music industry because they use legal music and buy the necessary licenses.

This promotes a long-lasting, flourishing music industry by compensating its members fairly for their efforts. A DJ’s professional reputation and access to new performance and collaboration opportunities depend on his or her consistent adherence to copyright policies.

DJs who respect copyright rules help foster an environment that values original thought and expression among their peers.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, to safeguard oneself and one’s job, every DJ should invest in a DJ insurance policy. You may rest easy knowing that your DJ gear is covered by an insurance policy so long as you have one.

You can always file a claim and buy the new equipment you need, so you won’t have to worry as much if someone spills their drink on your laptop when you’re in the middle of a gig. 

A DJ’s equipment and profession are always at risk; therefore, having insurance is a must. As a DJ, you’re always putting yourself in harm’s way by interacting with a diverse crowd of people. Losing expensive gear due to mishaps, theft, or other causes is also a possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do DJs need an LLC?

Yes, creating an LLC is a great way to give your DJ business some legitimacy and shield you from personal liability.

Do artists need public liability insurance?

Yes, public liability insurance is a must for most self-employed artists and other creative professionals since accidents may and will happen no matter how careful you are.

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