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It’s best to have Mercury Insurance Home Insurance because disasters can strike at any time and without warning. If you reside in one of the ten states where Mercury offers home insurance, Mercury Insurance is just one of many providers of coverage. To help you decide if Mercury Insurance is the right insurance for you, Business Yield has reviewed the company below.

Mercury Home Insurance Review

Mercury Home Insurance is most renowned for its extensive coverage options, package discounts, and strong online presence. In addition, Mercury is highly renowned for offering several multi-policy discounts to maximize your savings and reasonable rates for house insurance.

Homeowners who value customer service highly, however, might want to think about choosing a different provider in light of the company’s higher annual volume of complaints than usual. Additionally, you might not have much luck with Mercury if your roof is more than twenty years old, made of wood shingles, wood shakes, or asbestos, or is flat or overlayed.


  • Less than typical rates
  • Coverage for water backup, service lines, and optional equipment breakdown
  • There are no regulations for a minimum dwelling coverage limit


  • They have strict requirements for roof underwriting.
  • An abnormally high volume of customer complaints
  • Available in just ten states.

Mercury Home Insurance Coverage

All the common forms of coverage are available with Mercury’s house insurance options, along with a few extras like:

#1. Dwelling:

This kind of insurance covers the structural elements of your house, such as the walls, base, and cabinets. Mercury would cover the cost of rebuilding your house with these parts in the event that something untoward happened.

#2. Other Structures:

Detached structures on your land, such as a shed or fence, are covered by this section of the insurance. This policy will cover the cost of rebuilding those structures, much like dwelling coverage.

#3. Personal Property:

Your coverage will pay to replace your personal belongings in the event that they are damaged.

#4. Loss of use/additional living expenses:

Mercury will pay for the costs associated with temporarily relocating while your home is being fixed. The price of a hotel room or the expense of going out to eat every meal could be included in this.

#5. Liability:

Your policy will cover medical expenses or replacement costs if you injure someone physically or cause property damage to someone else.

#6. Medical payments to others:

Mercury will cover a portion of a visitor’s medical expenses if they sustain injuries while visiting your house.

Home insurance discounts

Policyholders for home insurance may be able to get discounts by:

  • Residing in a more recent home.
  • Going with a larger deductible.
  • Constructing their house with fire-resistant materials.
  • Residing in a guarded neighborhood.
  • Having several Mercury policies (bundling).
  • Installing safety equipment within the house.
  • Either taking precautions against wildfires or residing in an area designated as a Firewise USA site (exclusively for California) by the National Fire Protection Association. 

What states does Mercury Insurance Cover?

Mercury car insurance is available in these 11 states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Virginia

Mercury Home Insurance Claim

During regular business hours, you can contact 866-673-4606 with general customer service inquiries. You can reach 800-503-3724 at any time to initiate a claim or to find out the status of one that has already been made.

Additionally, you can sign into the Mercury website’s customer portal if you would rather handle your policy and claims on your own.

Mercury Home Insurance Cost

Type of CoverageAmount of Coverage
Other structures$31,300
Personal property$220,000
Loss of use$93,900
Medical payments to others$1,000
Deductible$1,000 for all other perils, $3,130 for hurricanes
Monthly cost$89.74

Mercury Insurance Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Mercury Insurance are generally inconsistent. While the company’s affordable prices and excellent customer service are praised in numerous reviews, some customers express dissatisfaction with the way insurance claims are handled. Reviews for Mercury Insurance that are good usually highlight helpful, polite customer service agents, whereas reviews that are bad frequently complain about having trouble getting in touch with anyone at the business.

State Farm vs. Mercury Home Insurance

Other ProductsState FarmMercury
Boat InsuranceYes 
Condo InsuranceYesYes
Life InsuranceYes 
Homeowners InsuranceYesYes
Travel Trailer InsuranceYes 
Renters InsuranceYesYes
RV InsuranceYes 
Motorcycle InsuranceYes 
Mobile Home InsuranceYes 
Other FeaturesState FarmMercury
AboutWith State Farm, you may get the protection you require at a cost you can afford. They provide savings, packaged alternatives, and customized coverage to suit the needs of each driver.AM gave it an A+. Since 1962, Mercury Insurance has helped consumers save money on both vehicle and home insurance.
Roadside AssistanceIn addition to technical labor at the scene of a breakdown, State Farm’s Emergency Road Service also provides towing your car to a repair facility, removal of a stranded vehicle, petrol or oil delivery, help with tire changes or jumpstarts, and locksmith services.Members of the armed forces can benefit from extra benefits from Mercury Insurance, such as acceptance of out-of-state licenses and physical damage-only coverage.
Additional DiscountsDepending on the make and model of the vehicle, State Farm may provide an extra discount for cars manufactured in 1994 or later.Members of the armed forces can benefit from extra benefits from Mercury Insurance, such as acceptance of out-of-state licenses and physical damage only coverage.
Top StatesArizona
New Jersey
New York
New Jersey
New York

Which is cheaper, Mercury or State Farm?

In all of the comparisons between State Farm Insurance and Mercury Insurance, State Farm had the most reasonable pricing. If drivers choose State Farm, they will likely pay about half as much because the firm offers monthly rates of about $52, compared to over $100 for Mercury.

Which is better, Mercury or State Farm?

State Farm beat Mercury when it came to insurance reviews, financial stability ratings, and customer happiness ratings, making it the superior choice for drivers.

How can I compare Mercury and State Farm?

Using an online comparison tool is the most effective approach to comparing insurance quotes from Mercury and State Farm. Because the Insurify platform lets you examine various policies on a single page, it simplifies the buying and comparison process.

Is Mercury good for homeowners insurance? 

Mercury is a fantastic option for consumers on a tight budget because it offers some of the most reasonable prices for both auto and house insurance in the states where it is offered. Those who are eligible for Mercury’s discounts may also be able to somewhat reduce their premiums.

Who is the owner of Mercury Insurance? 

George Joseph started Mercury Insurance with the idea that he could provide customers with excellent customer service along with reasonably priced, high-quality insurance products.

Does Mercury Insurance give discounts to Costco members? 

Note that Mercury Insurance clients who are Costco, AAA, and Sam’s Club members now qualify for an additional 8% discount.

Why is Mercury insurance so cheap? 

Mercury is so affordable because the corporation provides a large range of discounts that are accessible to nearly everyone. The average monthly rate for Mercury minimum coverage insurance is $86. Mercury premiums can be further reduced by utilizing benefits like paid-in-full and anti-theft device discounts.

How long has Mercury Insurance been around? 

Since its founding in 1961, Mercury has given consumers the most insurance for their money by combining affordable premiums with top-notch customer support.

What state is Mercury Insurance in? 

Through a network of regional, independent agents, Mercury Insurance offers insurance products in the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

Is Mercury a standard insurance company? 

Although other larger insurance firms offer additional optional coverage and savings, the insurer covers all common types of vehicle and house insurance coverage.

Is Mercury insurance available in all 50 states?

No, Mercury is currently operating in 11 states.

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