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In addition to popular house and auto insurance plans, Foremost is well-known for its mobile home insurance (provided in collaboration with AARP). To learn more about the company’s home and vehicle insurance choices as well as what to expect as a Foremost customer, read our review of Foremost Mobile Home Insurance below.

Foremost Mobile Home Insurance Reviews

Who benefits from Foremost Insurance? 

The company provides a variety of home and auto insurance plans, some of which are offered through affiliate businesses like Bristol West. For people who want unique coverage, like high-risk drivers or seasonal homes, the firm might be a smart option.

Foremost insurance might not be suitable for:

Those seeking the cheapest options for insurance would want to be aware that Foremost’s typical prices are significantly higher than the national averages.

Customers who struggle to qualify for auto insurance with typical carriers could find that Foremost auto insurance is the best option. Foremost, a member of Farmers Insurance Group offers insurance through associated partners and underwrites its own products.

Pros and cons of Foremost car insurance

Your needs and tastes may determine which vehicle insurance provider is ideal for you. You can determine if Foremost auto insurance is the best option for you by reviewing the benefits and drawbacks that we’ve listed below.


  • Various forms of add-on coverage are available.
  • There might be options for drivers who take risks.
  • Discounts for many policies are offered, even with partner businesses.


  • Policies sponsored by affiliated businesses could offer different discounts and levels of coverage.
  • The mobile app does not enable the filing of claims.
  • No online quote is offered.

What Does Foremost Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

#1. Dwelling coverage

This covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home’s structure following a covered loss.

#2. Other structures coverage

This covers the cost of building new or repairing any out-of-home structures on your land, such as fences, storage sheds, and detached garages.

#3. Personal property coverage

This covers the cost of replacing or repairing your personal property, such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and other items you own, following a covered loss.

#4. Loss of use coverage

If you have a covered loss and must move while your house is being rebuilt, this coverage will pay for your temporary living expenses, including hotel stays, restaurant bills, pet boarding fees, and other costs.

#5. Personal liability coverage

This covers the costs of legal counsel and medical care in the event that someone is hurt or has property damaged while visiting your house and you are held legally liable.

#6. Medical payments coverage

This covers minor medical expenses in the event that someone gets hurt at your house, regardless of fault.

Additional coverage offered by Foremost

Your Foremost homeowners insurance policy either comes with the following coverages or offers the option to add them for an additional fee: 

#1. Guaranteed replacement cost for your home: 

This covers the whole cost of rebuilding or replacing your house following an insured loss, up to the policy limits.

#2. Extended replacement cost for your home: 

In the event that rebuild costs after a covered loss exceed your policy limit, this extends your dwelling coverage limit by up to 50%.

#3. Replacement cost for personal property: 

This pays to replace your personal goods with brand-new stuff despite wear and tear or depreciation.

#4. Scheduled personal property: 

This offers higher coverage limits for particular types of goods, including fine art, jewelry, and athletic equipment.

#5. Blanket personal property coverage: 

This raises the coverage limitations for all products in a particular category, like computers, jewelry, and weapons.

#6. Water backup: 

This shields your house and possessions against water damage brought on by clogged sewage or an overflowing sump pump.

#7. Equipment breakdown: 

This provides protection for your water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner, and other equipment against risks not often covered by a traditional home insurance policy.

#8. Service line: 

This covers the cost of repairing utility lines that pass through your property, such as power and water pipes, in the event that a covered loss damages them. 

#9. Ordinance or law: 

This covers the additional expense of bringing your house up to code following a covered loss.

#10. Home business property: 

This provides coverage in the event that a covered loss damages your work laptop or other business property.

#11. Increased liability limits: 

This gives you further liability protection in case you are held legally liable for high medical or legal costs.

#12. Home-share: 

This safeguards your house from liability incidents and damage brought on by covered risks, even if it’s rented out on a home-sharing website like Airbnb or Vrbo.

#13. Flood insurance: 

Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a government initiative managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Foremost provides flood insurance coverage.

#14. Mobile home insurance: 

This provides the standard coverage mentioned in the above section for your manufactured or mobile home insurance.

#15. Vacant home insurance: 

This protects your house against weather damage, fire, theft, and other covered risks while it’s unoccupied for any length of time.

#16. Second home insurance: 

This will shield your vacation house and personal property from covered risks like windstorms, hail, fire, and theft. 

#17. Renters insurance: 

This covers loss of use, personal liability, and protection against fire, theft, windstorms, and water damage for the personal goods in your rental house or apartment.

#18. Condo insurance: 

Condo insurance can be added to your condo association’s master policy to protect personal liability, your personal items, and the internal structure of your condo unit.

#19. Landlord insurance: 

This protects your rental property against covered risks such as windstorms and fire. It also covers liability in the event that a renter or guest is injured on your property and brings a lawsuit, as well as loss-of-rent coverage in the event that a covered loss renders your rental property uninhabitable.  

What discounts does Foremost offer?

If you are eligible for any of the following discounts, you can reduce the price of Foremost house insurance:

1. Multi-policy: This is a discount you get if you combine your house insurance with a different Foremost insurance plan.

2. Claim-free: This is a discount you get After a predetermined amount of years without filing a claim on your house insurance.

3. Age of the house: This is a discount you get If it was built recently.

4. Devices in the house: This is a discount you get If your house has thermostats that self-monitor or are protected against fire or theft.

5. Paid-in-whole: This is a discount you get When your premiums are paid in full on the day your policy begins.

6. Affinity: This is a discount you get If you have Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) or are a member of USAA.

7. Masonry: This is a discount you get If at least 90% of the bricks used to build your house are eligible.

Foremost Mobile Home Insurance Payment 

To make it easier for policyholders to pay their premiums, Foremost Insurance also offers flexible payment options. You have the option to pay by mail, online via their website, or by any other available payment method they provide. Foremost’s coverage options and payment methods are subject to change, so it’s a good idea to check with them directly or visit their website to get the most recent details.

How much does Foremost insurance cost?

Average Monthly Cost by Insurance Carrier

CompanyAvg. Monthly Premium
State Farm$131

Foremost Mobile Home Insurance Claims 

  • You can reach 800-532-4221, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 8pm, with inquiries about billing. 
  • You can reach us at 800-527-3907 at any time with inquiries about claims. 
  • You can reach 800-527-3905, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 8pm, with any further inquiries. 

For self-service, you can also utilize the Foremost mobile app or log onto your customer portal.

Compare Foremost with other insurers

Since insurance companies don’t give one-size-fits-all policies, it could be necessary to compare insurers to identify the best fit for your needs. If this Foremost insurance review indicates that it isn’t the best option for you, you might want to look into one of these providers.

#1. Foremost vs. Farmers

Farmers may be a good option for people whose house or auto insurance does not require specialized coverage. Farmers provide a large range of endorsements and discounts in addition to the common forms of auto insurance coverage. Additionally, Farmers has a longer history of providing excellent customer service, which can draw in clients looking for a positive encounter. Regretfully, not every state has access to Farmers Insurance.

#2. Foremost vs. Erie

Erie’s coverage for guaranteed dwelling replacement costs is included in the provider’s regular home insurance plans. Customers who wish to keep their insurance needs under one provider may find Erie’s life insurance and other financial products appealing. J.D. Power gives Erie excellent ratings for customer satisfaction, but the regional carrier is only accessible in a few states.

#3. Foremost vs. American Family

American Family may satisfy drivers and homeowners seeking policy customization. AmFam offers a variety of endorsement options for both home and vehicle insurance, as well as certain exclusive savings like generational discounts for policyholders whose parents are also covered by American Family, despite the fact that it is only offered in certain states. Similar to Farmers, AmFam has significant business sustainability programs and high J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings.

Is Foremost a good home insurance company? 

For people who want unique coverage, like high-risk drivers or seasonal homes, Foremost might be a smart option. For whom primary insurance might not be appropriate: Foremost’s typical prices are significantly higher than the national averages, so those searching for the cheapest insurance options should take note of this.

Who owns Foremost Home Insurance?

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies fully owns Foremost. June 12, 1952, saw the founding of Foremost, an insurance company catering to the rapidly expanding market of mobile homeowners.

Does Foremost insurance cover mold damage? 

Foremost covers any loss resulting from the presence of mold, mildew, or other fungi, their secretions, and dry or wet rot of any kind, independent of the situation or loss that initiated their development or growth. This includes damage or cleanup costs.

Is Foremost Insurance pulling out of Florida?

No, Foremost Insurance is not pulling out of Florida. This is because about 70% of Farmers Insurance clients in Florida are represented by Bristol West, Foremost Signature, Farmers GroupSelect, Foremost Choice, and Foremost-branded policies, among other insurance firms within the Farmers umbrella. These companies will continue to operate in the Florida market.

Is Foremost Cheaper than Farmers?

Comparing national average rates, Farmers is the least expensive of the two businesses; the average monthly premium for a Farmers policy is $203, while Foremost is $270.

Is Foremost a rated company? 

AARP has approved Foremost to offer its members motorbike and mobile home insurance. Additionally, the financial stability of Foremost was graded by A.M. Best as an A (Excellent).

How long has Foremost Insurance been in business?

On June 12, 1952, Foremost Insurance Company was established. Throughout the nation, more than 38,000 agents are involved with Foremost Insurance Group. In addition to Washington, D.C., they have licenses to operate in all 50 states.

Are MetLife and Foremost the same?

Farmers Insurance, which purchased MetLife’s car and home insurance division in April 2021, is currently the provider of MetLife homeowners insurance plans. In the event that your homeowners’ policy was formerly with MetLife, you will now notice branding on your insurance documents from Farmers or Foremost, a Farmers subsidiary.


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