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Getting the best for your home in terms of insurance is vital, and that’s why, as a resident of Ohio, you must ensure you get the perfect homeowners cost insurance in Ohio for 2023 coverage.

There are a lot of choices available, and it can be difficult to select the best. To help you choose the top homeowners insurance in Ohio for 2023, we have put together a list of some of the best for you. 

Homeowners Insurance in Ohio 

If you are in search of some of the cheapest homeowners insurance in Ohio, then you must ensure you compare some of the options provided before making a final decision. 

Until you properly compare the various companies, you will not know how much you can save on home insurance. Homeowner insurance differs between companies, and no two companies have the same price. 

Furthermore, you must not disregard the fact that each company has more to offer beyond price. The best homeowners insurance company in Ohio for 2023 available for you will also offer coverage and cashback that fulfill your specific needs.

If you’re part of the population of Ohioans who own homes, you probably wish to protect the investment. This implies getting homeowners insurance that covers the most popular disasters homeowners are likely to encounter in Ohio, such as winter weather and flooding. 

With this in mind, we have researched and put together some of the top homeowners insurance companies in Ohio for 2023 that cover these specific needs.

Homeowners Insurance in Ohio Coverage 

Winter Weather

Hazardous weather or a terrible storm can result in serious destruction to a home. Basic homeowner policies cover damage from crises that could arise during winter periods, some of which include burst pipes, snowstorms, and wind.

Keep in mind that your policy might not cover everything; in most cases, you’ll find that you require different flood insurance for flooding caused by melting snow. 

Also, if a tree falls on your house in a storm, your insurer might offer to pay to fix your home and remove the tree, but not to renovate it. Ensure you check your contact information with your agency if you’re skeptical about your coverage.


We all know how floods can easily destroy properties and include a lot of expenses, and normally, a standard homeowner’s contract won’t cover it. Rather, homeowners will require separate flood insurance. 

Although your mortgage provider might require you to purchase flood insurance if your property is located in a high-risk neighborhood, even properties outside of conventional areas prone to flooding can experience flood damage.

While you can purchase flood coverage anytime, there is normally a 30-day waiting period before the coverage can be implemented.  

Best Homeowners Insurance in Ohio 

Outlined below are some of the best homeowners insurance quotes in Ohio you can get today to get your crib insured. 

#1. Lemonade

This company is an online insurance organization that provides insurance for homeowners, renters, car, pet, and life insurance packages. A homeowners package from Lemonade covers liability as well as home and personal property. If you were a victim of any criminal activities and your property was damaged, your insurer would handle the damages.

Coverage under Lemonade’s policies also pertains to the destruction caused by extreme weather. Also, if your property were to become inhabitable because of terrible weather, Lemonade would provide funds to handle the situation associated with finding other living arrangements while your home is under renovation. 

Furthermore, external buildings, like a shed or driveway, are also included. This company offers one of the perfect homeowners insurance options in Ohio for 2023, so if you are a resident, contact them today.

#2. All state

This company offers one of the lowest average rates. Homeowners may have more opportunities to save by utilizing the company’s numerous discounts. Some of these cashbacks are available in the form of early signing, being claims-free, and registering for automatic payments. They also have an advantage by being new homebuyers.

Multiple-policy discounts of up to 25% are possible if you sign up for both auto and house insurance with Allstate.

This company is best for Ohio homeowners looking to purchase various insurance products through one insurer to earn a significant bundling deal or cash back. If you’re looking for an excellent Ohio house insurance policy in 2023, look no further than Allstate.

#3. American Family

The homeowner’s contract from this provider covers detached structures, personal property, liabilities, and more.

The policy covers things like damage from fire, tornadoes, smoke, leaking roofs, and windstorms, as well as frozen interior plumbing. A policy won’t include water backups or credit theft; this is sometimes covered by other providers.

Among the numerous options in Ohio, this business stands out since it offers some of the lowest rates. Additionally, it provides several discounts, like those for home safety devices and getting a renovated house. They also provide car, life, renter, and pet insurance packages.

#4. Auto-Owners

Auto-Owners has a mouth-watering policy package for Ohio homeowners insurance, with inclusions such as ensured home replacement cost, equipment breakdown, home cyber protection, and identity theft coverage accessible for their clients. 

Additional coverage for things like food spoilage and equipment breakdown are included in the company’s “homeowners plus” package.

Now this insurance policy is perfect for those looking for ways to personalize their Ohio homeowners insurance to their particular needs. You might want to reach out to them today, they are one of the top homeowners in Ohio, for residents. 

#5. Farmers

Getting a homeowners contract from Farmers includes your house and personal property. It also includes liability and loss of use coverages.

A homeowners policy from Farmers is pretty affordable. Furthermore, the discounts and savings alternatives are where they stand out from the rest. 

They have several interesting discounts available for their clients. Ensure you check them out, they provide one of the cheapest homeowners insurance in Ohio for 2023 so far. 

#6. Erie

Erie is an insurance company that provides guaranteed replacement funds for your property. This company is located in Pennsylvania, and if you decide to go with them, they will cover all costs to renovate your home entirely after a disaster, even if the amount surpasses your dwelling limit. 

They also offer car insurance and the best part is if you join your home and auto insurance with this company, you could get a discount of around 20%. Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems may help safeguard your property from certain disasters.

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Ohio 

In the state of Ohio, individuals with poor credit pay an average of $2,775 annually for homeowners insurance.

How much you pay for home insurance in Ohio may differ slightly depending on your location or where you live. For example, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Cincinnati is $1,170 annually. 

In Cleveland, the standard amount for homeowners insurance costs approximately $1,155 annually.

Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Ohio

These companies highlighted below are some of the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in Ohio in 2023.

#1. Buckeye

This homeowners insurance company is located in Piqua, Ohio and it is a local insurance company. As such, local dealers will know exactly what homeowners will need and they will know how to satisfy them. 

The company is also one of the cheapest and most affordable homeowners insurance providers in Ohio for 2023. This homeowner’s company costs $475 annually. 

Ohio homeowners who are very anxious about identity theft should absolutely choose Buckeye State Mutual.

#2. State Farm

State Farm is one of the popular cheap homeowner’s insurance companies in Ohio for 2023. Furthermore, this company has hundreds of local agents within Ohio so if you love a walk-in to the office to handle your business in person, this company is your best bet. 

State Farm is perfect for homeowners who would love to purchase their insurance policy directly from the local agent in person and over a computer. 

It is best for people who prefer the flexibility of switching between doing business in person and online. This company costs $550 to get a policy per year.

#3. Cincinnati Insurance

Cincinnati is one of the cheapest homeowners insurance in Ohio for 2023 and it costs  $1,000 for an insurance policy per year.

You may be able to include coverage for issues like identity theft, personal cyberattacks, or specific types of water damage.

This homeowners insurance might provide you with a discount for merging home and car insurance, being a new homeowner, installing a security-monitored alarm system, and lots more.

#4. Allstate

Getting a homeowners policy from Allstate oversees certain damages to your home and personal property as well as guest medical insurance and liability.

 Allstate offers a remarkable multi-policy cashback of up to 25 percent off your home policy premiums. For persons who love to engage in a home-sharing program like Airbnb, the company also provides a package created to improve your home coverage to accommodate that.

You must bear in mind that this is not available in all locations, so customers must reach out to the company to see if this discount is available for you. They also provide car, business, and life insurance policies.

This company’s homeowners insurance policy for a year costs $1,005 and it is one of the top homeowners insurance companies in Ohio for 2023.

#5. Auto-Owners

Remember when they said don’t judge a book by its cover? Yes, that saying applies here too. This insurance company caters to more than just cars, amazing isn’t it? Well they also provide insurance policies for your car, home, and business, you really should look them up today. 

The company provides various methods to save on your premium, with cashback for issues like having smoke detectors and a history of paying your premiums on time. 

Their Homeowners Plus package includes coverage for appliance leaks that lead to property damage and wasted foodstuff due to power outages. This homeowners insurance company in Ohio costs $1,025.

What does homeowners insurance cover in Ohio? 

Homeowners insurance covers the cost of repairing or renovating your damaged home, they can provide temporary shelter if your home is uninhabitable. It also covers damage to your property’s contents and your personal belongings that are destroyed or stolen.

Does homeowners insurance cover a TV?

Yes, it does. Homeowners insurance does cover TV damage if it’s due to a covered peril; this includes situations whereby lightning damages your TV or someone steals it. But if you mistakenly drop it or it falls from the wall, homeowners insurance won’t cover such damage.

Is insurance expensive in Ohio?

Insurance in Ohio is cheaper as compared to most states for car insurance. The average cost of a full coverage policy in Ohio is $312 lower than the national average of $1,054 annually.

To Conclude

Your home is one of your largest and most significant assets or investments, so when selecting homeowners insurance ensure you get the best.  You must choose a company that is affordable as well as get one that can provide coverage in case they need to pay your claim if disaster strikes. With these in mind, we have provided you with some of the top homeowners insurance in Ohio for 2023. 

Best Homeowners Insurance in Ohio for 2023 FAQs

How much is homeowners insurance in Ohio? 

Homeowners insurance in Ohio costs $1,140 annually for $250,000 in dwelling coverage or approximately $95 per month.

What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in Ohio? 

The cheapest homeowners insurance in Ohio is Buckeye and it costs $475 per year.

Is homeowners insurance required in Ohio? 

Homeowners insurance is not required in Ohio by the law.


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