Best Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts for 2023

Best Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts
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Acquiring homeowners insurance is a prudent measure to safeguard oneself and one’s family from unforeseen adversities, encompassing a wide range of events such as theft, accidents, and natural calamities, hence providing financial security. In the state of Massachusetts, a substantial number of residents possess home insurance policies. The following guide aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the coverage, cost, and factors influencing homeowners insurance in Massachusetts. By perusing this guide, individuals will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions.

Home Insurance Massachusetts 

We looked into the market and found the following 10 firms to be the best house insurance providers: Providers who offer a wide variety of coverage types are included in our list of the best homeowner insurance companies so that you can tailor your policy to your specific requirements. Also, to help you zero in on the best option, we’ve highlighted the service provider’s most distinguishing feature.

Our insurance editorial staff took advantage of our distinct vantage point to provide you with the details you need to shop for new home insurance with confidence. We have compiled a list of the best homeowner insurance companies that feature organizations with numerous policy choices, excellent customer satisfaction ratings, and solid financial ratings from independent sources.

What Is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts?

Using a median property value of $272,000, the average annual cost of homeowners insurance in the Bay State is $1,368. This estimate comes from a tally of the best Massachusetts insurance providers. However, you should be aware that several factors might affect the cost of your premium.

The amount of coverage you require is, of course, a major factor in establishing the cost of home insurance in Massachusetts. The insurance company will base your coverage needs mostly on the market value of your property. Massachusetts homeowners insurance costs an average of $1,005 annually for dwelling coverage at a value of $200,000, $1,509 annually for coverage at a value of $300,000, and $2,012 annually for coverage at a value of $400,000.

What Does Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Cover? 

While the cost of a homeowner insurance policy in Massachusetts may vary from one insurer to the next, the basic coverage provided by each policy should read similarly. Here are some of them:

#1. Coverage A: Homeowner’s

This includes the walls, ceiling, floors, windows, and doors that make up your home’s physical structure. Coverage A is the most important and should be equal to or slightly greater than the value of your property, as it protects the structure itself.

#2. Coverage B: Other Buildings

There may also be a number of unattached buildings and structures on your land. Fences, sheds, gazebos, and detached garages are all in this category.

#3. Coverage C: Contents and Belongings

The purpose of this coverage is to safeguard the policyholder’s household goods and personal property. Clothes, furniture, gadgets, tools, and more are all in scope. Sub-limits will be set for more expensive items like artwork and collectibles.

#4. Coverage D: Limitation of Use

If the insured’s home is rendered uninhabitable due to damage from a covered risk, loss of use coverage can assist in defraying some of the associated costs. Loss of use insurance typically pays for things like hotel bills, restaurant tabs, and gas money.

#5. Coverage E: Personal Liability

Personal liability insurance may provide coverage for medical expenses and legal fees when an accident occurs on the policyholder’s property. Dog-related injuries and unintentional deaths are both covered.

#6. Coverage F: Payment for Medical Care

Minor injuries sustained on the policyholder’s property are covered by medical payments to others, just as they would be under the policyholder’s personal liability.

Best Home Insurance Massachusetts 

The best Massachusetts homeowners insurance providers will offer comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate. Since every individual and business is unique, it’s important to compare policies before settling on one. The finest provider for one person may not be the best for another. Online homeowners insurance quotes in Massachusetts are often most accessible from major companies. These are the best-known homeowners insurance providers in Massachusetts:

#1. Amica

Amica offers numerous deductible levels in addition to high limits on extended home insurance, personal liability, and water backup endorsement coverage.

A very high coverage level is available to Amica customers in Massachusetts: $5 million. However, unlike some other insurers, Amica does not limit coverage for high-value residences or require separate policies for such properties. In addition, the corporation provides $2,000,000 in personal liability coverage, which is substantial. Amica additionally offers a very high water backup coverage endorsement limit of $50,000.


  • Up to $5 million in home insurance coverage is offered.
  • Up to $2,000,000 in personal liability protection is at your disposal.
  • Up to $50,000 in protection is offered in the event of a water main break.
  • Options for deductibles are varied.


Two months’ rent must be paid in advance.


Customers can take advantage of MAPFRE Insurance’s affordable insurance rates in Massachusetts, quick home repair service in the case of a covered loss, and specialized restoration coverage for older houses.

Antique homes require special materials, experienced craftsmanship, and skilled contractors to properly handle any repairs that may be covered by homeowners insurance. MAPFRE offers special coverage options for antique homes to help their owners preserve their historic charm and integrity. According to the website, clients who choose the Guaranteed Restoration Cost endorsement will be reimbursed for any expenditures incurred that are in excess of the housing restrictions. 


  • Insurance that prioritizes the rehabilitation of vintage properties
  • Affordable insurance rates
  • Home maintenance and repairs are done quickly


Online quoting options are extremely limited.

#3. Lemonade

Lemonade offers a smartphone app that makes filing a claim simple; it may approve claims in minutes in some situations; and it gives any unclaimed funds to charity.

As a first line of defense against fraud, Lemonade employs an AI-powered claims system. The company promises that in the case of simpler claims, policyholders might receive their money within seconds of the claim being granted. Even if Lemonade is unrated by AM Best, that doesn’t imply they’re struggling financially. 

Homeowners can easily manage their insurance coverage and submit claims with the help of Lemonade’s mobile app, which places a premium on the client experience. Customers can get more out of their policies by sharing images of damaged or lost objects, as well as invoices, to speed up the claims process. 


  • Claims can be approved instantly.
  • Policy and claim administration are made simple with a mobile app
  • Customers’ unused premium contributions are sent to a charity of their choosing.


Presently unranked by AM Best Limited-Time Price Reductions

#4. Allstate

When you bundle your home and car insurance with Allstate, you’ll save more money. You can also save money by bundling other forms of insurance with your auto policy.

Customers of Allstate’s homeowner’s insurance may be eligible for a variety of discounts, including those for paying on time, not filing claims, becoming a new customer, staying with Allstate for a certain period of time, paying in installments, using a safety device, paying automatically, and signing up early. Some of these discounts may be rather big, too, with clients potentially saving up to 25 percent off a home and vehicle bundle, up to 20 percent with the claim-free discount, and up to 10 percent with the welcome and loyalty discounts.


  • It is quite pricey, and the competition is fierce Packages including both a home and car come with a 25% discount.
  • Numerous opportunities to save
  • Ability to combine several kinds of insurance coverage


  • Construction dates prior to 1799 will result in a denial of coverage.
  • Not all postal codes can receive an online quote.

#5. USAA

With an A++ AM Best rating, an exclusive contractor network to help members discover a qualified contractor in their region, and basic replacement cost coverage on all homeowner’s insurance policies, USAA is an excellent choice for homeowners insurance.

While most insurance providers see replacement cost coverage as an optional extra, USAA includes it as a regular policy term for all eligible military members and their families. Consequently, the insurance provider will not take into account the value of the insured property’s depreciation when evaluating a claim.


  • Coverage equals the cost of replacement
  • A+++ AM Only Supplier Chain: highest praise


Only active military personnel and their families are eligible to join USAA.

#6. Farmers Insurance 

Farmers Insurance offers a falling deductible to all policyholders, high extended replacement coverage options, and claim forgiveness under specific conditions. Customers can purchase supplementary replacement coverage on their residences from Farmers Insurance that is comparable to or greater than 150 percent of the property’s replacement value. In the event of a whole rebuild due to a covered incident, this might help homeowners avoid having to pay for it out of pocket.


  • Replacement cost coverage might be better at 150%.
  • The customary lowering deductible is built in.
  • All claims expire after 5 years.


  • Higher-than-average insurance costs
  • Hurricanes and other strong winds have their own deductibles. 

What Is the Most Common Home Insurance Policy? 

Coverage for your house, personal belongings, liability, additional living expenses, and medical payments are all included in the HO-3 Special Kind policy, the most typical kind of homeowners insurance. The standard coverage is HO-3, according to personal finance and insurance expert Laura Adams.

What Is the Cheapest Home Insurance in Massachusetts? 

State Farm has the best homeowners insurance prices overall and the cheapest rates in Massachusetts, according to our 2023 assessment.

Is Home Insurance Required in Massachusetts?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is not among the states that require homeowners insurance. However, mortgage lenders often require their lessees to carry insurance to safeguard their loans.

No law forces you to obtain property insurance in Massachusetts, whether you’ve paid off your home or not. However, most homeowners must pay mortgages. Mortgage companies insist on having homeowners insurance so they can get their money back if anything were to happen to your home. If you fail to maintain insurance or cease making payments on your policy, your lender may purchase insurance on your behalf. Avoid getting “force-placed” insurance if at all possible; it’s more expensive and provides less coverage than a regular policy. This type of insurance is sometimes referred to as “lender-placed hazard insurance” in Massachusetts.

Coverage requirements from lenders aren’t always a negative thing. Even if you’ve paid off your mortgage in Massachusetts, homeowners insurance is still the best method to protect yourself and your property financially. If the worst happens, you want protection.

Who Has the Most Expensive Home Insurance?

For coverage amounts of $200,000 and $350,000, Travelers is the most expensive homeowner’s insurance provider. When comparing house insurance companies, Shelter has the highest premiums for dwelling coverage amounts of $500,000 and $750,000. Companies utilize different pricing models; therefore, rates might differ greatly among providers.

How Much Does the Average Person Spend on Home Insurance?

Quadrant Information Services reports that the typical cost of a policy providing $250,000 worth of dwelling coverage is $1,428 per year, or about $119 per month. The national average for homeowner’s insurance in 2022 was $1,383, so this is a 3% increase for the same level of protection.

Is Home Insurance Tax Deductible?

Even though your mortgage payments may already contain your homeowners insurance premiums, you cannot deduct those payments from your taxable income.


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