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With more than 129 million active insurance contracts, Allstate Home Insurance has expanded from its founding in 1931 to become one of the biggest and most well-known insurers in the US. 

In our comprehensive analysis, Business Yield examines if Allstate Home Insurance may be the best home insurance provider for you if you’re searching for a dependable company with a wide range of add-ons and accessibility to local agents.

Allstate Home Insurance Review

Allstate is among the best home insurance providers in the US because of its numerous coverage options, excellent customer service ratings, extensive discount opportunities, and reasonably priced premiums.

Furthermore, Allstate house insurance is notable for its adaptable policy options and is offered in all states, with the exception of California. To put it another way, Allstate is probably the place to go if you’re searching for affordable basic house insurance or a complete policy package with extra coverages and extras like short-term rental coverage and deductible rewards.


  • Excellent and adaptable policy choices
  • There are many features and discounts that enable you to save.
  • Low-level client complaints


  • No longer offers house insurance plans in the state of California.
  • It has a below-average J.D. Power rating for digital experience.

Allstate Home Insurance Coverage

These six fundamental coverages are included in Allstate home insurance policies to safeguard your house, possessions, and liability:

#1. Dwelling: 

This covers the cost of rebuilding or mending your home’s framework, including the walls, ceiling, floors, built-in appliances, and any external construction.

#2. Other structures: 

Covers the cost of constructing or maintaining any out-of-home structures on your land, such as a garden shed or detached garage.

#3. Personal property:

This insurance pays for the expenses of maintaining or replacing your personal items, including clothing, gadgets, furniture, and other items you own.

#4. Loss of use: 

It assists in paying for overnight lodging, dining out, pet boarding, and other short-term living expenditures while your home is being rebuilt or fixed following a covered disaster.

#5. Personal liability:

In the unlikely event that you are held legally liable for an unintentional injury or property damage, personal liability insurance pays for legal and medical costs.

#6. Medical payments: 

This covers visitors’ medical costs if they are hurt in your house, no matter who is at fault.

Allstate Home Insurance Additional Coverage

Additionally, you can choose to add a wide range of other coverages to your Allstate home insurance policy but bear in mind that you will have to pay extra for the extra security.

#1. Scheduled personal property:

This raises the coverage limits for pricey items like jewels, watches, electronics, and antiques that are sometimes subject to per-item limits under conventional insurance. 

#2. Water backup: 

This pays for repairs in the event that water overflows or backs up in your drain or sewage line, causing damage to your home.

#3. Business property:

This increases the coverage limits for items in your home that are used for business, such as inventory, a laptop, or office equipment.

#4. Identity theft restoration:

In the event that your identity is compromised, this pays for your legal bills, missed income, and other expenses incurred while you get well.

#5. Short-term rental: 

Allstate’s HostAdvantage will pay for the expense of replacing or repairing your property if you rent it out through a short-term rental service like Airbnb and a guest damages or steals it. 

#6. Electronic data recovery:

This pays for the expenses associated with restoring deleted or lost images, movies, and other types of personal data from a computer or hard drive.

#7. Green improvement reimbursement: 

This pays for the extra expenses associated with fixing or replacing your home with materials that use less energy in the event that it is destroyed.

#8. Yard and garden:

This raises coverage limits on ordinary policies for trees, plants, bushes, and other landscape elements surrounding your house that have relatively low sub-limits.

#9. Musical Instruments:

Increases coverage limits for musical instruments, like violins, pianos, and guitars, which are typically only covered up to a set value (like $2,500) under a conventional policy.

#10. Umbrella insurance: 

Umbrella insurance will take over to pay the remaining expenses if a liability claim exceeds the limit of your liability coverage. You should think about getting a personal umbrella policy if the entire value of your assets exceeds $500,000, which is the maximum liability coverage limit on most home insurance policies.

#11. Flood insurance: 

Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the primary supplier of flood insurance in the United States, Allstate provides separate flood insurance.

Furthermore, you can choose the Allstate Enhanced Package, which includes three special features that can help you save money on premiums and your out-of-pocket deductible, in addition to these coverages that you can add to your insurance as needed:

  • Claim RateGuard: If you make one claim in a five-year period, your insurance premiums won’t increase.
  • Claim-Free Rewards: Allstate will offer a discount on your first policy term if you transfer from another insurer to Allstate and you haven’t made any claims recently. Allstate will also refund you 5% of your yearly premium for each year that you do not file a claim.
  • Deductible Rewards: Upon enrolling in the Enhanced Package, Allstate will deduct $100 from your deductible. This benefit is cumulative, so as long as you do not file a claim, up to a total of $500.

How to file an Allstate home insurance claim

You have three options for filing a homeowners insurance claim: over the phone, online, or via the Allstate app. To file your claim, take the following actions:

#1. Make a report to the police. First, call the police if the damage is related to a criminal offense like theft or vandalism.

#2. Make contact with Allstate right away. You have three options for submitting your claim: over the phone with your Allstate agent, online, or via the mobile app. Be ready to describe the damage in full, along with its cause and the time it happened. 

#3. Take pictures and videos of the damage to record it. This can also be done within the app.

#4. Make quick fixes. Repair any damage, such as a water leak, that can endanger your house further, and save all of the receipts you receive for the services.

#5. Follow the progress of your claim. After submitting a claim, a tracking number will be sent to you. After that, Allstate will look into the claim and assist you in getting quotes for repairing the damage.

Allstate Home Insurance Cost

Allstate was the most expensive provider, according to our assessments. Your personal expenses will change based on several variables, such as:

#1. Location

The location of your house and other geographical elements, such as local weather patterns, have a significant impact on the cost of your insurance.

#2. Size

Generally speaking, the cost of insurance increases with the size of your home.

#3. Age and condition

The age and state of your home can affect the rates. Building components that are no longer in use or an outdated roof that needs to be replaced may cause your rates to increase.

#4. Insurance Claim History

You can be eligible for a lower price on your house insurance if you have a history of few or no insurance claims.

#5. Value of Your Belongings

You could have to pay more for extra insurance for your possessions if you own a lot of valuables.

What does Allstate homeowners insurance not cover? 

The following are not covered by Allstate standard home insurance but may be added as supplemental coverage at an additional cost:

  • Damage from an earthquake or flood, which, depending on where you reside, your lender could need
  • Water backup resulting from a sump pump failure or clogged drain
  • If you are a remote worker, a home office
  • Any room or apartment in your house that you rent to a tenant, as well as any outbuildings or standalone structures

Furthermore, damage to your house or belongings brought on by normal wear and tear is not covered by Allstate homeowners insurance. A house warranty can cover replacement and repair for typical use instead.

Allstate Home Insurance Cost Comparison

Allstate has competitive homeowners insurance rates compared to some other top competitors evaluated by Forbes Advisor.

CompanyAverage home insurance cost per year for dwelling coverage of $350,000
American Family$1,251
State Farm$1,475
Country Financial$2,283
Source: Quadrant Information Services

What discounts are available to Allstate homeowners? 

Many discounts are available from Allstate to help you save money on your home insurance. The company suggests speaking with an insurance specialist who can assist in identifying all the savings that are available to you in order to make sure you get the best cost and coverage for your house.

#1. Combined policy discounts. Policyholders can save up to 25% by combining their homeowners’ insurance with an auto insurance policy.

#2. Plan of Easy Pay. Choosing to have your premium payments made automatically can save you up to 5%.

#3. Claim-free discount. For new customers who move to Allstate and have no recent claims, Allstate offers a discount of up to 20%.

#4. Discount on protective devices. A discounted charge might apply to homes with alarm systems or other forms of theft or fire protection.

#5. Early sign-up discounts. If a policyholder enrolls in new insurance at least seven days prior to the expiration of their current coverage, Allstate will give them a discount of up to 10%.

#6. Welcome and a loyalist discount. By transferring from another carrier, new Allstate customers can save up to 10% annually. The discounts will be applied for each year that you continue to be an Allstate client.

#7. Homebuyer discounts. Those who are buying a freshly built home or those who have just purchased one may qualify for a discount.

#8. Discount for responsible payment. You might qualify for this reduction if you’ve had a track record of making on-time or complete payments.

How Do I Buy Allstate Homeowners Insurance?

To purchase homeowners insurance from Allstate, take the following steps:

#1. Determine how much insurance you’ll require.

Determine how much it will cost to replace your belongings and reconstruct your house. You can estimate building expenses in your area with online tools and a home inventory.

#2. Select the method you want to use to get your quote.

You can begin the process by visiting the Allstate website, giving the company a call, or using their online directory to locate an agent in your area.

#3. Give specifics about your property.

Give specifics about your property, such as its age, building material, address, and any recent renovations. Inquiries may include concerns about the age of large appliances such as water heaters, the presence of a fireplace, and the completion date of any recent electrical and plumbing repairs.

#4. Keep your most recent or current policy close at hand.

To evaluate and ensure that you are receiving the appropriate level of coverage, have your most recent or current insurance available.

#5. Obtain a new policy.

If you use the website, it will provide you with an estimate and/or instruct you to call an agent to finalize the quote when you enter the necessary information.

#6. Get in touch with your mortgage provider to terminate your current coverage.

Notifying your lender that you have changed insurance is important if you have taken out a mortgage for your house. To prevent any potential coverage gaps, make sure your new policy takes effect before canceling your old one.

Is Allstate good at paying claims? 

In comparison to other insurance companies, Allstate pays claims well, according to the most recent claims satisfaction survey conducted by J.D. Power. In comparison to the industry average of 873 out of 1,000, Allstate’s claims process received a score of 889 out of 1,000.

Can I negotiate my homeowners insurance rates with Allstate? 

You cannot negotiate home insurance rates with Allstate. Since you are unable to negotiate a lower rate, you may be able to reduce the cost of your auto insurance by comparing quotes from several providers and taking advantage of discounts.

Does Allstate insure mobile and manufactured homes? 

You can get mobile home insurance from Allstate. Its base policy does not cover loss of use or additional living expenditures, yet it nevertheless provides greater coverage than certain competitors, like Geico. Furthermore, the organization offers multiple discounts and a lengthy list of recommendations.

What other insurance does Allstate offer? 

Here is a comprehensive list of the insurance products offered by Allstate:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Mobile Home Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance
  • Life Insurance (including Term Life, Whole Life, and Universal Life)
  • Annuities
  • Business Insurance (including General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, and Workers’ Compensation)
  • Boat Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Off-Road Vehicle Insurance
  • Snowmobile Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Event Insurance (special event liability coverage)
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Personal Watercraft Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Does Allstate have a good reputation? 

In general, Allstate has a good reputation in the insurance sector. One of the biggest insurers in the US, the company has been around for more than 90 years.

Does Allstate include flood insurance?

Flood insurance assists in covering the actual physical damage that floods or rising water can do to your house and possessions. An Allstate representative can help you obtain online coverage from the National General, an Allstate subsidiary, or a policy through the government-run National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Does Allstate homeowners insurance cover water damage?

A typical Allstate homeowners insurance policy could cover a burst pipe or a broken washing machine hose, but it wouldn’t cover water damage brought on by poor maintenance. Additionally, water damage from a clogged drain or broken sump pump, as well as damage from flooding caused by overflowing rivers or storm surges, are not covered. However, optional insurance can cover both.

Does Allstate homeowners insurance cover theft?

A typical Allstate homeowners insurance policy covers loss due to theft, but extra coverage might be needed if you own priceless jewelry, artwork, or other artifacts.

Does Allstate homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?

Roof leaks resulting from unexpected damage, such as a tree branch falling on it during a storm, are covered under standard coverage. Leaks brought on by neglect, however, might not be covered.

Your specific policy and any applicable state restrictions may cover damage to your belongings caused by the leak.

Does Allstate’s homeowners insurance cover tree damage?

If a wind-driven tree falls and it is still healthy, the damage might be repaired. If the tree is unhealthy when it falls, your policy might not cover it since it would be deemed a lack of upkeep.

Furthermore, if a tree falls in your yard and doesn’t cause any harm, it’s generally not insured, regardless of its health. The best person to ask about specifics is your agent. Coverage varies depending on the situation.

Does Allstate homeowners insurance cover personal injury?

Injuries to guests’ are covered by a regular policy, but if you own a pool, trampoline, or other high-risk equipment, you might want to think about getting additional coverage.

Does Allstate homeowners insurance cover fire?

Fire damage is covered by a typical home insurance policy from Allstate. An essential component of your home insurance policy is fire insurance.

What is the Allstate HostAdvantage?

For homeowners who use an internet booking site to rent out all or part of their house to strangers for a brief period of time, Allstate HostAdvantage is insurance. It assists in covering losses or theft.

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