Zebra Car Insurance Review: Everything You Need to Know

Zebra Car Insurance
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When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle and ensuring financial security on the road, choosing the right car insurance provider is paramount. In our quest to assist people in this important decision-making process, many platforms and insurance providers now have the option to get and compare quotes. Unfortunately, some of these platforms may give unmatched quotes or give your contact information to third parties. At the end of the day, you’ll have to deal with spam calls or messages. There are few platforms that give an honest quote without selling your information and Zebra is one of them. With a 4.5 start rating and positive reviews across the Varipus platform, Zebra is the perfect stop for all your insurance quotes, whether they are for a car, home or just about anything you need. Let’s see how it works and how safe it is.

Overview of The Zebra

Zebra (thezebra.com) is an online platform dedicated to comparing insurance quotes. It collaborates with over 100 insurance firms, offering prices throughout all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Zebra offers a comprehensive platform for comparing quotations across various insurance products. It offers quotes for vehicle insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and pet insurance. The original idea behind the company’s 2012 launch was to streamline the process of finding the right insurance policy. The Zebra has generated almost 18 million insurance quotations since its inception. The Zebra is an insurance comparison tool that can save you time by providing you with tailored quotes from many leading insurers for auto or home coverage. You won’t be inundated with spam from them because they don’t sell your information to insurance firms. They simply gather your quotations and assist you in making an informed decision and buying a new policy.

How does Zebra Work

Zebra and other online platforms offering car insurance price quotes extend their services to the general public without any charge. This implies that they function as autonomous insurance intermediaries. The Zebra has the authorization to enter firms’ databases and receive compensation in the form of a commission or one-time fee for facilitating each transaction conducted via their services. In contrast to previous iterations of insurance comparison platforms, The Zebra distinguishes itself by operating as a non-lead generation website that abstains from soliciting users’ phone numbers and refrains from engaging in the sale of customers’ personal data. To receive a summary of your quotation search results, it is necessary to provide a valid email address.

In addition to the online platform, clients have the option to engage with The Zebra’s certified insurance agent advisers, who are available to provide assistance in many aspects, such as comparing insurance options, facilitating policy completion, and addressing general inquiries related to insurance. It is possible to acquire automobile and homeowner insurance policies directly from the provider, bypassing the need to visit intermediary websites, contingent upon the outcomes of your search.

Reviews and Ratings of Zebra Car Insurance

The Zebra distinguishes itself with its efficient and user-friendly online application process, amiable customer service agents, and substantial cost reductions. However, there are also bad reviews associated with it. Several clients reported being paired with a limited number of insurance companies, while others expressed dissatisfaction with the accuracy of their insurance quotations. The mean rating of The Zebra is within the range of 4 to 5 stars. Nevertheless, it is necessary to do a comprehensive examination of several sources, such as Clearsurance or the Better Business Bureau, in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

According to the ratings provided by several platforms, the company receives a rating of 4.8 out of five on Shopper Approved, 3.9 on Clearsurance, and 4.41 on Better Business Bureau. According to an analysis of over 3000 reviews across various platforms, Zebra Car Insurance has received an average review score of 4.47. The Zebra has obtained accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and currently maintains an A rating.

Customer grievances in the past have encompassed instances of receiving telephone calls subsequent to obtaining a price estimate. In contrast to certain alternative comparison platforms, The Zebra distinguishes itself as a non-lead-generating website that refrains from engaging in the sale of consumers’ personal data. In 2019, the decision was made to completely eliminate the requirement for users to provide their phone numbers on the website in order to dissociate from any potential involvement in spam-related activities. The company’s website also includes a “privacy pledge,” which assures clients that their rights to opt out of marketing will be respected.

Can I Use Zebra on my Mobile Device?

Yes, you can access the Zebra website with your mobile phone. Unfortunately, TheZebra does not have a functional app  presently. However, their mobile website provides a user-friendly interface that enables users to do searches and comparisons in a manner similar to their desktop site.

The Zebra is widely recognized as the foremost impartial platform for comparing insurance options within the nation. By using its dynamic and real-time quote comparison tool, users are able to discern insurance firms that offer the appropriate coverage, service level, and pricing that align with their individual requirements.

What its Employees Say About The Zebra

The employees at Zebra exhibit a favorable perception of the organization. According to the employee review and rating platform Glassdoor, The Zebra has received an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on a total of 18 employee evaluations as of May 16, 2018. According to the survey respondents, a significant majority of 82 percent expressed their inclination to suggest The Zebra to their acquaintances.

Prior to reaching a conclusive determination regarding the selection of an insurance company, it is important to get comprehensive knowledge pertaining to the local insurance providers in your vicinity, as well as the range of coverages they supply. It is advisable to contact your local insurance agent in order to obtain clarification on any inquiries you may have. Some potential inquiries to contemplate include, “Which coverage plan would be most suitable for myself, my family, or my specific circumstances?” Could you please provide information regarding the minimum coverage requirements in my state, as well as your recommendation for the appropriate form of coverage? Do you provide any bundled savings for customers who choose to purchase both vehicle insurance and house insurance from your company? What is the mean rate of insurance quotations that your organization provides?

Prior to making any significant insurance decisions, it is advisable to use our complimentary service in order to compare insurance rates in close proximity to your location. The process is straightforward: provide your zip code and we will handle the remaining tasks.

How Does the Zebra Make Money?

It’s no longer news that The Zebra helps you save money, but how do they make money?” How does The Zebra keep the lights on and provide their comparison service free of charge and with no obligations? The Zebra has multiple sources of revenue, including but not limited to commissions. The Zebra gets a commission if you use one of their certified insurance agents to buy a policy. If you decide to purchase a policy after reviewing their quote, the insurance company will pay them commission.

Is Zebra Car Insurance Good?

More than 84% of ShopperApproved.com respondents stated they would use The Zebra to compare car insurance again, despite having almost 2,000 reviews and a composite score of 4.8 out of 5.

What Insurance Companies Does Zebra Use?

The following are some of the insurance companies that Zebra uses:

  • 21st Century Insurance
  • AAA
  • Acceptance Insurance
  • Advantage Auto
  • Allstate
  • American Family Insurance
  • AmWINS
  • Answer Financial

The Zebra Car Insurance Prices

The Zebra doesn’t offer or generate leads for insurance. It’s in itself not an insurance company. It’s simply a platform that helps people compare insurance costs and make the right decisions. As a result, the Zebra doesn’t have car insurance prices.

How to get a car insurance quote from The Zebra

The following is how you can get a quote for car insurance on The Zebra:

Obtaining automobile insurance quotes from The Zebra is a straightforward process that can be completed within a brief timeframe of a few minutes.

To begin, navigate to the homepage of the website and select the vehicle insurance option. Please include the necessary details in the application form, including your ZIP code, anticipated credit score, date of birth, and the brand and model of your vehicle. Subsequently, individuals have the option to select their desired level of coverage from the three tiers offered by Zebra Insurance, namely minimal, better, and best.

Upon completion of the application, the user will be presented with individual vehicle insurance quotes from The Zebra’s affiliated partners. Upon conducting an assessment of your potential options, it is possible for you to get an insurance policy using an online platform or alternatively, you may choose to engage with a certified insurance agent affiliated with The Zebra in order to finalize the transaction.

Does Zebra Affect Your Credit Score?

The Zebra does not perform a soft or hard credit pull. The Zebra use the information you enter to provide you with an estimate. When you shop for insurance with a firm (The Zebra does not provide insurance, simply comparing rates), they will run a mild credit inquiry on you.

What is the Best Car Insurance Coverage to Have?

You should have the greatest liability coverage you can afford, with 100/300/100 being the optimal level of coverage for most drivers. To safeguard your vehicle, you may need to carry additional coverages such as comprehensive, collision, and gap insurance.

How Long Has Zebra Insurance Been in Business?

Zebra was founded in 2012 to simplify the buying experience and empower people to compare products on a daily basis. They’re one of the nation’s biggest car and home insurance comparison sites a decade later, with millions upon millions of quotes created.

Will The Zebra Sell My Information?

No, it doesn’t. Zebra requires you to disclose your information in order to utilize their services; nevertheless, they take your personal information seriously and will not sell it arbitrarily. They will never give out your phone number to anyone, and they will never call you unless they begin a phone call with us

Does State Farm Run Your Credit?

When State Farm gives you a quote, they check your credit. Credit is actually one of the main things that underwriters look at when they decide how much to charge for car insurance.

Why is Online Car Insurance so Cheap?

Certain credit information has the potential to serve as a predictive indicator for future insurance claims. In certain cases, numerous insurance companies utilize credit history as a factor in assessing the price of automobile insurance. The maintenance of a favorable credit score can potentially result in reduced car insurance expenses.

Is Zebra a Chinese Company?

Zebra Technologies is headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, in the US.


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