MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE FLORIDA: Cost, Coverage & Best Options.

Motorcycle Insurance Florida
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Get motorbike collision coverage to protect yourself and your bike from damage caused by other cars, stop signs, parked cars, and other accidents today. If you own the bike, you don’t have to get either, but Motorcycle Insurance Florida can help you get a new bike if something happens to your old one. In Florida, the rules for motorcycle insurance are different from those for other types of cars. The way car accidents are handled in Florida is called “no-fault” insurance. This article talks about the best motorcycle insurance coverage in Florida, its cost, and its law.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Florida

In Florida, you don’t have to have motorcycle insurance. Bicycle owners have to register their bikes with the DMV, but riders don’t have to show proof of insurance at that time. In the event of an accident, you will need to show proof that you can pay for the damage, even if you don’t have motorcycle insurance.

If you own a motorcycle in Florida, you don’t have to have insurance coverage. You are not required by law to have insurance, but it is still a good idea to do so. If you get into an accident, having motorcycle insurance will protect your finances. And your insurance will cover you no matter where you ride if you decide to take your bike across the country.

Once there has been an accident, Florida will ask for proof of financial responsibility. Still, since you can’t be sure when an accident will happen, it’s smart to get proof ahead of time. Besides getting motorcycle insurance coverage in Florida, there are two other ways to show that you can pay for things:

#1. Obtain a Certificate of Financial Responsibility From the Department of Motor Vehicle Compliance

You can receive the certificate from the Florida DMV by depositing cash or securities or posting a surety bond with a state-licensed firm.

#2. You Need to Get a Self-Insurance Certificate

For this method to work, you need to show that you have enough money saved to cover any hospital bills that come up after an accident. Unless you have an infinite amount of money, you should probably get protection for your motorcycle. Damages from a motorcycle crash can easily go over six figures. When you have insurance, you can show that you can pay for damages in the event of an accident and get money to cover your costs. People who live in Florida can get motorbike insurance that includes extra liability coverage like comprehensive and collision coverage to make their bikes even safer.

#3. Help for Drivers Who Don’t Have Insurance or Don’t Have Enough Insurance

About 6.60% of cars in Florida did not have insurance as of August 2023. This is the same as having more than a million drives. This insurance will protect you and your motorcycle if the other driver doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough coverage.

#4. Insurance for Unique Machines and Tools

If you buy aftermarket parts or custom accessories for your motorcycle, this insurance will protect your investment.

#5. Insurance for Medical Expenses

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, MedPay can help with your health insurance.

#6. Total Loss Protection

If you have an accident and your motorcycle is totaled, this insurance will pay you the market value of it and may even stop it from losing value even more. Remember, though, that this only works for bikes that are no more than one model year old.

#7. Coverage of Transported Contents

Your personal belongings and the things that are taken on the bike keep them from being stolen or lost.

#8. Help on the Roadside

To get you back on the road quickly and safely if you ever have a flat tire or breakdown, roadside assistance is available. 

Remember that Florida’s “no-fault” law does not apply to riders. This means that bikers in the Sunshine State are not required to buy PIP or PDL. People who drive should get full coverage car insurance for this reason. 

Motorcycle Insurance Florida Cost

If you live in Florida, your motorcycle insurance could cost anywhere from $530 to $650 a year. In Florida, the cost of motorcycle insurance each year is usually between $530 and $650. Even though Florida is known for having some of the most expensive insurance in the country, motorcyclists there pay a little more than the national rate right now.

Different companies don’t all charge the same amount for motorcycle insurance. Your age, where you live, the types of coverage you choose, and the type of motorcycle you have can all affect your end premium. Talk to an insurance agent in your area to get a price on motorcycle insurance and find out more about the different types of coverage and how much they cost. 

Best Motorcycle Insurance Florida

If motorcyclists in Florida want to feel better prepared in case of an accident, they might decide to buy liability insurance. As a result, many of the best car insurance companies also cover motorcycles: 

#1. Progressive

Progressive gives you different types of coverage, such as total loss coverage, carried goods coverage, and coverage for accessories and custom parts. In low-cost states like Florida, you can usually find options that cost $624 or less for full coverage.

#2. Nationwide

Nationwide motorcycle insurance comes with a lot of standard coverage choices as well as a lot of features that can be changed to fit your needs. You can get discounts on your motorcycle insurance, and some of them have to do with safety and riding clubs.

#3. Dairyland

It’s well known that Dairyland will insure high-risk drivers and offers a lot of different insurance add-ons, such as OEM coverage, replacement cost coverage, and more. A fully complete plan from Dairyland usually costs $1,500 a year. 

#4. USAA

USAA does not offer protection for motorcycles to its members. Progressive, on the other hand, gives USAA users a 5% code. Progressive’s insurance with full coverage costs $38 a month. People who belong to USAA should plan to pay around $36 a month. It’s not the cheapest price in Florida, but it’s 33% less than the average price in the state. But it’s only for people on active duty, veterans, and their immediate families.

#5. Allstate

You could also look into Allstate if you’d like to get all of your insurance from the same company, whether it’s for your motorcycle, home, car, etc. Allstate policies cover aftermarket devices up to $1,000 by default, but you can make that amount bigger if you want to. Comprehensive plans cost an average of $768 a year.

Motorcycle Insurance Florida Law

Even though no-fault has different rules for motorcycles than for four-wheeled cars, motorcyclists can still try to get money for their losses after an accident. If someone else’s lack of care directly caused your motorcycle accident, you may be able to get money for your injuries and other losses by filing a claim for damages under state civil law. But not everyone has the money to go to court and take such a course of action.

Many motorcyclists who are in crashes end up with serious injuries that require legal action because their bikes don’t have seatbelts, airbags, or the steel frame of a car. In addition, the applicant must also show that the other driver’s carelessness played a part in the accident that hurt them. Beyond these basics, though, the legal process for getting compensation for injuries you got in a motorcycle crash is very complicated and involves a lot of different types of civil law and procedure.

A motorbike accident lawyer could be very helpful if you want to take legal action after an accident. With the help of an experienced lawyer, your chances of getting paid for your losses are much better. This is because they have the legal knowledge, skills, and means to make it happen.

Once you’ve decided to buy a motorcycle in Florida, you may be interested in what kind of insurance you need. Florida has its own rules about motorcycle insurance, and it can be hard to understand everything that needs to be thought about. Florida is one of the few states that has insurance rules for motorcycles that are separate from those for other types of cars.

More Information

People who drive cars with four wheels or more are required by law in Florida to have PIP insurance. If you file a claim with the PIP insurance company within 14 days of the accident, you will get paid.

  • Costs of up to $2,500 can be covered.
  • Maximum of $10,000 for unexpected medical expenses.

People who own motorcycles and already have PIP coverage on another car cannot get PIP coverage for their motorcycles. Florida law says that everyone who rides a motorcycle must wear a helmet. Adults with health insurance that covers more than $10,000 may not have to follow this rule. Drivers over the age of 21 who have enough insurance coverage are not required by Florida law to wear helmets. But the law says that riders must protect their eyes when they are on the roads. 

Getting insurance is important whether you wear a helmet or not, but it’s especially important if you don’t because it greatly raises your risk of traumatic brain injuries and other injuries to your body. You might need more expensive insurance to protect yourself if you don’t wear a helmet. This is because not having a helmet or other safety gear can lead to serious injuries like the ones below.

  • Broken brain.
  • Damage to the spine.
  • Injuries on the inside.
  • Nerve Injury.
  • Amputees suffer a devastating loss.
  • Ailments in the lower extremities.
  • Organ failure and internal bleeding.
  • Damage to the arm.
  • Bruises from the ride.
  • Injuries fatal.

Other Florida Laws About Motorcycle Insurance

The following is an additional Florida law about motorcycle insurance:

#1. Laws for Passengers

Florida law says that people can’t be in the driver’s seat of a motorcycle unless the passenger seat has its footrests. If you have a guest, you need to make sure that the handlebars or grips are at or below shoulder height. Your passenger is not subject to these rules if they are going in a sidecar or an enclosed cab.

#2. The Laws Governing Fenders

In contrast to some other states, Florida does not have rules about motorcycle fenders. Business cars are the only ones that need mud flaps.

#3. Rules About Motorcycle Halo Lights

Accent lighting is okay for bikes in the state of Florida. On the other hand, riders are not allowed to put blue lights or red lights on the front of their bikes.

#4. Tips on How to Use Turn Signals While Riding a Motorcycle

The rule in Florida says that both the front and rear turn signals must be electric. There must still be turn signals on both ends of the motorcycle, even if they have been changed in any way.

#5. The Rules for Mopeds and Scooters

In the Sunshine State, there are different rules for scooters and mopeds. When compared to motorcycles, these cars usually have less strict rules about getting a license and insurance. You can still properly ride one, but not in as many places as before.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

There is no need for motorcycle insurance, but you do need to show that you are financially responsible and could pay for losses if there is an accident. One choice would be to get the bare minimum of insurance that your state requires.

  • Each individual’s bodily injury responsibility is set at $10,000.
  • Maximum per-accident bodily injury liability of $20,000.
  • Per-accident limits on property damage liability of $10,000.

You can also get a certificate from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles if you choose to self-insure. These certifications state that you have the financial resources to cover any injuries or property damage sustained in an automobile crash. 

In Florida, drivers who want to show they can pay their bills must fill out a declaration with proof of a net worth of at least $40,000. To get a self-insurance certificate from the Florida DMV, motorcyclists must show that they can pay for it by putting up a cash fee and a surety bond. You need to get a motorcycle driver’s license and register your bike with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles before you can ride it on public roads in the state.

What Insurance Is Required for Motorcycles in Florida?

Anyone in Florida who wants to ride a motorcycle must be able to show proof that they can pay for any damages they cause. Getting a surety bond, liability insurance, or proof of self-insurance can show that you can pay your debts.

Who Is the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance?

Based on our rate study, Progressive has the cheapest basic coverage motorcycle insurance, at just $85 a year. Motorcycle riders can get full coverage insurance from Geico for an average of $528 a year, or $49 a month.

Why Is Motorcycle Insurance So Expensive in Florida?

In Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Louisiana, and California, motorcycle insurance costs the most. In these states, the riding season lasts longer and it’s warmer. Insurance for motorcycles costs 31% more in these states than it does in the rest of the country.

Is It Illegal to Ride a Motorcycle Without Insurance in Florida?

However, riders in the Sunshine State can still be fined if they are in an accident without motorcycle insurance, even though it is not required. If you are at fault in a crash and don’t have liability insurance, you could lose your license and/or your ability to drive.

How Can I Lower My Motorcycle Insurance?

The following are:

  • Before you decide to buy something, learn as much as you can about it. Ratings for bikes are very different. 
  • Get the best deal you can. Make sure you’re getting all of the rebates you can. 
  • Get your deductible raised. If you raise your deductible, your yearly insurance premium will go down.

Which Motorcycles Are the Most Expensive to Insure?

It costs more on average to insure sport bikes, which are sometimes called “Supersports,” than other types of motorbikes. Insurance rates are higher for people who ride motorbikes with a lot of power because they think it’s more dangerous.

It is legal for motorcycles to ride in different lanes in some states, but it is illegal in Florida. Motorcyclists and drivers don’t agree with this practice because it could be dangerous and could be against the law.

Does AAA Cover Motorcycles in Florida?

Yes. In Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico, we can send out emergency services. You will be paid for covered road works you get outside of this service area.


Some of the most popular types of coverage in motorbike insurance are bodily injury liability (BI), property damage liability (PDL), and personal injury protection (PIP). Motorcyclists in Florida can get insurance from many companies, such as State Farm, Nationwide, and Mutual Insurance. This insurance can cover a lot of things, from drivers who don’t have insurance to medical responsibility.

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