MEXICO AUTO INSURANCE: Buying Car Insurance for Mexico

mexico auto insurance
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Mexico offers a plethora of reasons to come, including breathtaking beaches, ancient ruins, and mouthwatering cuisine. A lot of Americans opt to travel by car to Mexico. But driving into Mexico without preparation is not a good idea, even if you have an adventurous spirit and a strong desire for serendipity.

According to Mexican law, all cars must carry auto insurance. Unless you purchase additional insurance, sometimes known as Mexican car insurance or Mexico tourist auto insurance, your U.S. motor insurance usually won’t protect you. What happens if you break Mexican law? For starters, you could end up in jail, where the sights are far less magnificent and the cuisine is decidedly worse. So let’s go over all you should know about Mexico auto insurance.

Mexican Auto Insurance

Hundreds of thousands of car-related mishaps occur daily and can be expensive. You will be responsible for the costs of repairs if your automobile is stolen or is involved in an accident, regardless of where you are—at home in the US or enjoying the time of your life in Mexico. For this reason, having Mexican auto insurance is crucial.

You can get insurance for your automobile before you cross the border if you buy Mexican auto insurance. It serves as a financial safety net for unforeseen circumstances, just like other forms of insurance.

If an accident occurs or your vehicle is stolen while you’re having fun on the beaches in Cancun or Cabo, your Mexican auto insurance policy will pay for the repairs. The insurance company will cover everything, so you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Because it enables you to maintain motor insurance even when you’re travelling to Mexico, Mexico auto insurance coverage is crucial.

How Can I Obtain Auto Insurance in Mexico?

Obtaining Mexican vehicle insurance is easy; you only need a free estimate from a reputable, law-abiding insurer like Magnum Insurance.

Though you may obtain Mexico vehicle insurance from several sources, remember that not all offer the same degree of ease or coverage.

It would be wise for you to familiarise yourself with the specifics of your insurance policy beforehand, including whether you can contact them from Mexico, whether they can offer prompt assistance, and whether they can give you a replacement or rental car if your car is totalled while you’re on the road.

In addition to that, you ought to enquire about the monthly premium amount. In general, better coverage is associated with higher policy costs.

Know what your policy covers as well. For instance, although some plans solely cover damage to your car, others additionally cover damage to the property of third parties.

Specific policies also include deductibles, which means that before the insurance company begins to pay for damages, you will need to pay a certain sum out of cash.

It would be best if you located an insurer you can trust to ensure you’re obtaining the finest coverage for your needs. Fortunately, Magnum Insurance can assure every one of our clients of a quick and highly effective service; all you need to do to receive a free quotation is call us.

Mexico Auto Insurance for Drivers

It is advised that you always have adequate insurance when driving in Mexico.  Driving without sufficient insurance carries several risks, particularly in a catastrophic collision.

If you are not covered by insurance and are involved in a car accident in Mexico:

  • If it is found that your conduct caused an incident involving multiple vehicles, you will be held personally liable for any damage done to the third party’s vehicle or vehicles;
  • If there is damage to the public roadway, such as repairs to the road surface, barriers, signs, and lamps, the authorities will hold you personally liable.
  • If someone is killed or seriously injured, all drivers will be placed under arrest. If you are found to be at fault, third parties may 
  • Sue you for responsibility damages, and you can face charges from the authorities for operating a vehicle in Mexico without the required third-party insurance.

Why Is Mexican Auto Insurance Required

While travelling to Mexico isn’t always risky, it may be like anywhere else. The risk increases if you cross the border by land in your car. The likelihood of your car breaking down, getting into an accident because you’re sleepy, or getting into an accident that isn’t your fault increases with extended driving hours. These things can quickly transform an enjoyable trip into a terrifying experience.

Furthermore, insurance is crucial to avoid being charged a hefty price in an emergency. You require Mexican auto insurance for the following additional reasons:

  • Your Mexican insurance will pay for the losses if you are in an accident.
  • Your Mexican insurance policy will pay for the cost of a replacement vehicle if your automobile is stolen.
  • In the event of a hit-and-run, the costs incurred will be reimbursed by your Mexican insurance coverage.
  • Your Mexican insurance also covers the cost of repairs if you damage someone else’s property.

Aside from that, Mexican law mandates the need for Mexican auto insurance. You may be fined if you are found to be driving without it. For this reason alone, getting Mexican auto insurance should be sufficient, and you should do so before crossing the border.

Mexico Auto Insurance Requirements 

As previously stated, obtaining Mexican auto insurance is required.

Liability insurance is mandatory for all drivers, and the Mexican legal system enforces this requirement strictly. Not only might you face punishment for driving without insurance, but you may also be held liable for any damages in the event of an accident, even if someone else was at fault.

For this reason, obtaining Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border is crucial.

When purchasing auto insurance for your trip to Mexico, you must prepare for the following conditions:

  • How long will you be in Mexico?
  • When are you planning to arrive there?
  • Identification number for US insurance policies
  • Chauffeur’s license
  • Details about the car (year, make, and model)
  • The number for vehicle identification
  • The number on the license plate

Once you meet these standards, you can obtain coverage from your present insurance provider or a reliable third-party source. Compare rates to find the finest insurance that fits your needs and budget.

Mexico Auto Insurance Cost

It’s hard to say for sure because many factors go into determining the price of your Mexican vehicle insurance. While some insurers, like Magnum Insurance, have predetermined rates, others will work with you to find the best option.

The following are some of the significant variables that are considered when determining your monthly premiums:

  • Whereabouts of your journey
  • Your current rates for auto insurance
  • Driving background

It’s also crucial to remember that your Mexican vehicle insurance premiums differ from those for your standard auto insurance. Remember to account for the premium when planning your travel budget because you will pay it on top of your classic auto insurance.

What to Look for in a car insurance policy for Mexico

Regardless of where you purchase your auto insurance, be sure the following fundamental components are included in your policy:

#1. A Stable Financial Insurance Underwriter

Verify the financial stability of the insurance firm underwriting your coverage. Although policies from lower-rated insurance providers may be less expensive, the policyholders have more significant risks due to the lower price. Consider who is insuring you, as we mentioned in a previous chapter in this part, and don’t just go for the cheapest coverage.

#2. Authorized Broker

Since all insurance plans are marketed through brokers, ensure the broker you work with is properly regulated and provides complete transparency regarding their available policies. Before you are urged to purchase any policy, you ought to have the ability to review its terms and conditions.

#3. Infrastructure and Broker Presence

Make sure the broker you choose has a solid reputation in the industry.  “Quality infrastructure” entails:

  • The policy offers help and support services when you are in Mexico, in addition to the insurance coverage; these include things like local access numbers where you can call to make a claim, report issues, and talk to someone in English, especially if you don’t speak much (or any) Spanish.
  • The broker has excellent customer service facilities and effectively uses technology to make purchasing your policy easy.

Make sure that any policy you buy covers these three crucial components:

  • Third-party liability: The policy must also protect your obligations to third parties.
  • Legal support: full legal support is provided by sound policies, which will help you in a significant accident or a third-party claim.
  • Bail bond: If you are involved in a significant accident and are arrested while the incident is being investigated and liability is determined, your policy should contain a “bail bond” aspect that will pay your bail bond. You might be released from custody while these investigations are ongoing if the bail bond is used.

#5. Dissection and Health Benefits

When driving in Mexico, the better brokers will provide a wide selection of extra support services that are optional but worthwhile to consider.  The two most crucial ones are:

Analysed Coverage

If your vehicle breaks down while driving in Mexico, roadside recovery will give you the crucial assistance you need to get it fixed and lessen the likelihood that you’ll become stranded. Roadside assistance can include things like providing lodging and a rental car. At the same time, you wait for your car to be repaired, providing emergency fuel delivery, towing services, handling flat or damaged tires, locksmith support, jumpstart assistance, and, in the event of a write-off, repatriation to your home country.

Medical Support

A vehicle insurance policy with medical coverage will offer you and your traveling companions round-the-clock medical assistance during your road trips. This includes coverage for lodging and transportation during your recovery and medical evacuation by air or land in the event of a severe accident.

When you’re on a road trip in Mexico, Mexperience’s vehicle insurance associate offers a wide selection of extra services that give you peace of mind.

#6. When You Most Need Local Support

The degree of local support your broker’s insurer has set up in Mexico will be crucial to you in the event of an accident or incident and the ensuing claim.

  • Easy access to local support services in Mexico should be made available by the broker and their insurance provider so that you can contact assistance as quickly as possible in the case of a claim.
  • They should assist an English-speaking customer care representative who can effectively handle your call and provide the support and assistance you require.
  • All of your needs, including accident reporting, legal support, breakdown assistance, and medical assistance (if you purchased them), should be coordinated by the local aid.

Submitting a Claim for Auto Insurance in Mexico

You should have clear instructions in your policy documents regarding what to do in the event of an accident or incident and how to handle any claims that may arise later. The following is an overview of the key elements that apply to the majority of Mexican vehicle insurance policies’ terms:

#1. The Claim Has to be Made in Mexico

Some folks, especially for something like bodywork or a hit-and-run incident in a parking lot, wait to file a claim until they return to the US or Canada. Unless there are rare exceptions, most insurance policies require you to file a claim while in Mexico. If you wait until you return home, your claim will not be processed.

#2. Making an Insurance Assistance Call

If you are in an accident, immediately contact the insurance company’s helpline. Not only may they register your claim, but they can also send an insurance assessor to the accident scene and, in the case of a more severe accident, arrange for lawyers or other services to be set up for you.  It is necessary that they set up breakdown and emergency medical services to come to the site if you acquired these extra coverages.  Refer to this guide’s section on handling auto accidents.

#3. Recordkeeping and Payment

As part of the claim process, you could be required to provide a police report and any pertinent paperwork. In certain situations, such as when your car needs emergency repairs to get back on the road, you might have to pay for them out of pocket and get reimbursed when you arrive home. Save every receipt. What to do in these situations is specified in your insurance policy. Remember that you should file your claim in Mexico rather than waiting to do so after returning home.

Does my US Insurance Cover my Car in Mexico?

Travelers to Mexico must have motor insurance, and your US coverage will not work there. You must obtain specific auto insurance that covers you while you’re in the nation if you want to be safe.

Is Auto Insurance Required in Mexico?

According to Mexican law, you must carry liability insurance. This includes other people’s property damage and injuries if you cause an automobile accident. Usually, a policy limit (up to a particular amount) is yours to select.

What Insurance Coverage Do I Need in Mexico?

Liability is the only kind of insurance legally required in Mexico, and you must obtain it from a specialist insurer. MexPro’s Progressive Mexico Auto Insurance can assist you in getting the necessary coverage.

Can I drive in Mexico with a US License?

Most countries’ valid driver’s licenses, including those from the UK, EU, Canada, and the US, are accepted in Mexico. If your license is not printed in English, you might need to get an International Driving Permit. After it is issued, you can drive in Mexico for two years.

Does my Geico Insurance Cover me in Mexico?

Get a GEICO Mexico Auto Insurance Policy

If you drive your car into Mexico, your US auto insurance policy will not provide coverage. You must get a separate Mexico tourist auto policy to be covered while going there.

What Happens if My Car Gets Stolen in Mexico?

Make a police call. The District Attorney (Ministerio Publico), the Federal Police (PFP), and the Municipal Police (Seguridad Publica) are the three offices you can report theft to. Give the police the vehicle’s details. Add the license plate numbers and the vehicle identifying number (VIN).

Do I Need Mexican Car Insurance to Drive Across the Border?

You must have a valid identity, two permits (depending on how far into Mexico you’re traveling), and proof of Mexico auto insurance to drive into Mexico from the United States. You will also want a letter of authorization from your lender if your car is financed.


In Mexico, if you are involved in a severe accident involving injuries or fatalities, you will be held by the police while the situation is investigated. Suppose it is decided that you are at fault. In that case, you will be held longer until the other party (parties) signs the paperwork releasing you from police custody or until they are pleased with any compensation you (or, more likely, your insurance company) have offered.

Legal advice and bail bond services are provided by good insurance policies so that, in the worst-case situation, you have the necessary financial and legal help.


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