Best Cheap Car Insurance in VA (Virginia) 2023

Best Cheap Car Insurance in VA (Virginia)
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Is there a quick and easy way to compare car insurance quotes in Virginia? This is a question you may be asking yourself if you currently live in Virginia or are planning to relocate there soon. Perhaps you’ve heard that 10.5 percent of Virginia motorists don’t carry auto insurance, prompting you to look for a more cost-effective policy. In either case, it’s critical that you obtain at least the minimum level of coverage required by law. The best cheap car insurance in Virginia and car insurance in Virginia for young drivers are detailed in this article. 

Car Insurance in VA 

In Virginia, both the minimum required car insurance and the maximum available car insurance are significantly less expensive than they are in the rest of the country. Average rates in Virginia are $1,439 for full insurance and $494 for minimum coverage, whereas the national averages are $2,014 and $622, respectively. When compared to neighboring states like West Virginia and North Carolina, where full car insurance averages $1,580 and $1,446 per year, respectively, Virginia’s rates are significantly more affordable. 

Reasons for Virginia’s lower rates could be the state’s generally lower population density, maintenance costs, and frequency of natural disasters. Quadrant Information Services’ annual premium quotes served as the basis for these prices. Remember that these are just estimates and that actual rates may differ depending on factors like the state you live in, the type of driver you are, and the business you choose to use. 

The cost of your car insurance policy is known as the premium. A number of variables that can vary from company to company determine insurance premiums.

  • Driving History
  • Location of residence
  • Protection Degrees
  • Typical age and years behind the wheel
  • Kind of car, its year, and how much it’s worth
  • Additional or standard automobile safety equipment
  • In the event that you are situated near public transport

What Are The Different Types Of Car Insurance Options In Virginia?

A standard auto insurance policy can include a wide variety of optional coverage types. You must fully comprehend the range of coverage that each section of your policy offers.

#1. Liability

With the exception of New Hampshire and Virginia, all states require “liability” insurance to protect against legal responsibility for another party’s losses. This coverage, which includes both bodily injury and property damage liability, is the bare minimum required by law.

There are three separate maximums under the aforementioned coverage that can be selected when purchasing an insurance policy. The insurer’s maximum obligation to pay claims is expressed in terms of these caps, called “limits of liability.”  

On the declarations page, you’ll find the various coverage levels expressed as numbers like (20/40/10).

#2. Comprehensive

When purchasing a vehicle, it is common practice to obtain collision insurance, but purchasing comprehensive insurance is also an option.

The deductible for this specific section of the policy can be adjusted up or down, depending on your financial situation. Comprehensive insurance typically protects against risks like these: 

  • Rockets or bombs
  • Free-falling objects
  • vandalism, larceny, or theft
  • Assorted shenanigans
  • Fire
  • Conflicts and riots in the community
  • Tornadoes or hail Earthquakes
  • To have an animal encounter
  • Irrigation or flooding

If you plan on leasing or financing your vehicle, your lender or lienholder will almost certainly require you to carry comprehensive insurance.

Best Cheap Car Insurance in VA 

Here are the best cheap car insurance providers in Virginia that also offer low rates.

#1. Esurance 

Best for tech-focused new drivers. Most Ideal For Car Insurance for Young Drivers Who Are Keen On Technology  Esurance is a well-known car insurance company in Virginia that is both technologically advanced and cheap.

Best for researching prices. Quote Wizard allows you to quickly and easily compare 30 different insurance providers side by side, so you can find a policy with the exact protections you require.

#3. State Farm 

Best for hiring any worker. Like Progressive, State Farm is a household name and a major player in the auto insurance market. It is also considered to be among the best cheap car insurance companies in Virginia.

How to Find The Best Car Insurance in Virginia

The best auto insurance for you may differ from the best auto insurance for someone else; however, there are some tricks that can help you narrow down your options. It is possible to find the most affordable providers in Virginia by comparing quotes, and the following tips can help you make sure that the provider you choose also provides the coverage and customer service you require. 

#1. Think About Virginia’s Minimum Insurance Requirements.

You may want to check the minimum state requirements for insurance coverage before making any final decisions. State law in Virginia mandates that all motorists carry liability insurance covering bodily injury and property damage, with minimum limits of liability set at $10,000 and $5,000, respectively. It’s worth noting that a bill has been proposed in Virginia that would make auto insurance mandatory for all motorists, eliminating this choice. 

#2. Every Insurance Company Has to Provide You With Uninsured Motorist

coverage and underinsured motorist coverage are available, but you can decline them in writing if you prefer not to have them. The Virginia DMV website has specifics on all the rules and regulations. As of January 1, 2022, both new and renewed policies in Virginia have higher minimum insurance requirements than they did previously (this is the first increase in Virginia’s minimum requirements since 1975).

#3. Think About What the Bank Needs

More extensive insurance coverage is typically necessitated when making payments on a car loan or leasing a vehicle. When you get your car financed or leased, your lender or leasing company will likely demand full coverage. The difference between the loan balance and the car’s fair market value can be quite large if the model year is quite old. Depreciation is a natural part of owning a vehicle, but gap insurance can help bridge the financial gap between what’s owed and what the car is actually worth in the event of a total loss.

#4. Think About What You Require Specifically

If your personal situation alters, you may need to look for a new auto insurance provider. There are many nuances to think about when it comes to your coverage, whether you’re adding a teen driver to your policy or looking for ways to lower your premiums. Let’s say you’ve had a serious accident or received a number of tickets, both of which will increase your premium. Finding an insurance company that caters to high-risk drivers is an option in such a situation. The added cost of insuring a new young driver can be mitigated by looking for an insurer that offers a good student discount or a usage-based telematics program when adding a teen to the family policy.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Virginia

According to independent ratings from J.D. Power, these are the three best car insurance companies in Virginia.

#1. USAA 

USAA received a 9 out of 10 for customer satisfaction from The Zebra and a 9 out of 10 from J.D. Powers in their 2021 U.S. Auto Insurance Study.

#2. Erie

Insure policyholders across 13 states with regional powerhouse Erie. J.D. Power found that its customer service and claims processing were both excellent, and its score of 874 out of 1,000 reflects that.

#3. State Farm

With a third-place score of 859, State Farm, one of the most well-known insurers, placed third overall.

The purchase of auto insurance is crucial, but finding affordable coverage in Virginia can be a challenge. Compare prices from different providers to find the best deal on auto insurance.

Insurance from Erie, the state’s cheapest provider, costs an average of $889 per year, or $74 per month, while the statewide average for full coverage insurance is $1,922 per year, or about $160 per month. There is a $682 annual minimum required by law in Virginia, but we were able to find policies that were significantly less expensive. For a 35-year-old driver in Virginia with a spotless driving record, Erie offers the most competitive rates at an average of $320 per year for minimum coverage.

Best Car Insurance in Virginia for Young Drivers 

Erie offers the lowest rates in Virginia for young drivers. In Virginia, Erie offers the most cost-effective car insurance for young drivers. The monthly premium for a minimum-coverage policy with Erie for a young driver aged 18 is $79, which is 48% less than the average premium in the state. Also, at $186 per month, Erie has the lowest full-coverage rate, 49% below the national average. The typical monthly premium for a Virginia resident aged 18 with minimum liability car insurance is $153. The premium for a comprehensive policy, at $366 per month, is $213 higher than that of a basic policy. In Virginia, a policy for a young driver aged 18 is three times as expensive as one for an adult aged 30.

Teen drivers may want to consider full coverage if they can afford it, despite the significant increase in premiums. Since teenage drivers are statistically more likely to be at fault in an accident, it stands to reason that they would benefit more from the comprehensive collision coverage found in a full coverage policy.

Who Has Cheapest SR22 Insurance in VA? 

In Virginia, Erie offers the most cost-effective car insurance for young drivers. The monthly premium for a minimum-coverage policy with Erie for a young driver aged 18 is $79, which is 48% less than the average premium in the state. Erie has the lowest full insurance rate, 49% below the national average, at $186 per month.

What Is the Best Car Insurance in Virginia? 

In our research, we found that Erie provided the most comprehensive coverage for the lowest cost, making it our top pick for auto insurance in Virginia. USAA, Travelers, Virginia Farm Bureau, and State Farm are some other reputable organizations. It is recommended to compare auto insurance quotes prior to settling on a provider.

Does My Credit Score Affect My Car Insurance?

Anyone who has ever applied for a credit card, leased an automobile, or taken out a mortgage knows the importance of a good credit score. Similar to how your driving record, marital status, and payment history can affect your auto insurance rates, so can these factors. 

Is USAA Only for Military? 

If you want to purchase USAA auto insurance, you must be a member of the military community, either currently serving or having served in the past.

How Long Do I Have to Keep an Sr-22 in Virginia? 

If you receive another serious traffic violation or allow your SR-22 coverage to lapse, you will need to continue carrying it for an additional three years in Virginia. If your SR-22 insurance policy expires or is not renewed, your insurance provider must notify the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

How Much Is Sr-22 Fee in Virginia?

Costs for SR-22 insurance, required for drivers in Virginia after a DUI conviction, range between $704 and $1,521. You may need this even if you just got a speeding ticket, so keep that in mind.


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