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Ameriprise auto insurance is a popular choice for drivers looking for reliable coverage and competitive rates. The company offers a variety of coverage options, including bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Ameriprise also offers a number of discounts, such as good driver discounts, safe vehicle discounts, and multi-policy discounts.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Ameriprise auto insurance, including its coverage options, rates, and discounts. We will also discuss what customers are saying about the company and its customer service.

Ameriprise Auto Insurance Review

Gap coverage, provided by Ameriprise, covers the remaining amount on your lease or loan if your car is totalled. If your automobile breaks down and you don’t want to repay the loan, Ameriprise will cover up to 100% of the vehicle’s remaining value.

Ameriprise offers lifetime renewability, which means that regardless of a customer’s accidents, the business won’t terminate its policy if it meets some basic requirements.

About Ameriprise Auto Insurance

Founded in 1984, Ameriprise offers consultation and financial planning services. The business started offering house and vehicle insurance in 1987.

Windscreen repair is available from Ameriprise with no deductible. Replacing the windscreen won’t cost you anything if there are chips or cracks. Basic auto insurance covers this. In addition to towing and roadside assistance, Ameriprise also provides rental car reimbursement coverage, which can help you pay for renting a car if your automobile needs repairs.

What Is Ameriprise’s Customer Service Ranking?

With an 84 out of 100 rating, American Family, the parent company of Ameriprise, comes in fifth place on MoneyGeek’s list of the top auto insurance providers. Ameriprise is an excellent option for students because it lowers rates by offering education and student discounts.

Customer Perception Index

According to statistics from J.D. Power, Ameriprise has an 835 out of 1,000 customer satisfaction score. Since Ameriprise’s overall satisfaction score is equivalent to the industry average, it can be compared to a standard insurer’s.

Ratio of Customer Complaints

The customer complaint ratio for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is 1.00 on the median. With a score of 3.12, the American family is significantly more the subject of complaints than the national average.

Pros and Cons of Ameriprise Auto Insurance


  • When you get gap insurance, you will receive new car replacement coverage for the first year of your new vehicle ownership.
  • In the event of an accident more than 100 miles from home, accident travel expense coverage assists in covering your out-of-pocket costs.
  • If you choose comprehensive coverage, you also get stolen-key expense coverage.


  • The number of complaints is greater than the industry standard for auto insurance.
  • Does not provide insurance for ridesharing.
  • Does not provide an insurance scheme that records and incentivises safe driving based on usage.

Ameriprise Auto Insurance Coverage

With Ameriprise’s online quote tool, you can rapidly design a policy with the required coverage.

The company provides a policyholder with a variety of options for motor insurance coverage, including:

#1. Liability Protection

It is legally required in most states to carry a minimum amount of liability auto insurance. This kind of auto insurance shields you from paying out-of-pocket for any property damage or personal injury claims if you cause an accident with another driver and are at fault.

#2. Gap Insurance

Ameriprise provides gap coverage in the event of an accident that requires you to replace your vehicle. This pays the remaining balance from your loan or lease and the purchase of a new vehicle. If your automobile is recent, this is a beautiful addition to your coverage.

#3. Roadside Assistance and Towing 

With Ameriprise, you can include roadside assistance and towing straight into your auto insurance policy, saving you the trouble of keeping up a separate auto club account to receive the assistance you require if your vehicle breaks down.

In essence, this provides accident travel expenditure coverage to the policyholder, ensuring your family’s safety while you’re away. Among the frequently handled issues are battery upgrades, tire replacements, and automobile unlocking if you are unable to.

#4. Health Care Payments Coverage

Medical payment coverage, also called personal injury protection (PIP), covers medical costs for passengers in your car during an at-fault collision.

#5. Both Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

This option covers any harm to your car. Your lender will likely need this coverage if you’re financing your car. If you run into something else, collision insurance will protect you. Comprehensive insurance from Ameriprise covers customers against hail, fire, vandalism, and accidents.

#6. Savings Coverage

Ameriprise and Costco collaborate to provide Costco customers with benefits, including complimentary windscreen replacements and coverage for lost or stolen keys. Similar to other insurance providers like Allstate and Geico, Ameriprise provides several driver discounts:

  • Good Student: Look at the good student discount if you have a full-time student who grades well.
  • Multi-vehicle: Need to cover more than one car? Ameriprise provides a multi-car discount that applies to all your cars at a single, lower price.
  • Safety Features: Include any safety features your automobile may have when requesting an insurance quote. Some of the most popular, frequently discounted features are airbags, anti-lock brakes, and theft deterrents like garaging.
  • Bundling: Besides providing life, renters, and homeowners insurance, Ameriprise offers other insurance products. Seeking advice from an Ameriprise financial advisor regarding acquiring life insurance via its subsidiary, Riversource, is highly recommended. The company’s financial planning division is specifically known as Ameriprise Financial Services. If you get homeowners coverage, you will be protected against credit card fraud, identity theft, lock replacement, and even food spoiling. Your total premiums will be lowered once you’ve gathered all your insurance requirements at Ameriprise.
  • Safe Driving: Before determining rates, insurance underwriters review your driving history. Having a spotless driving record entitles you to multiple secure ambitious incentives. In addition, if a policyholder drives safely for three years, Ameriprise will forgive accidents.

What to Look Out For

#1. Ratings for Claims Satisfaction

One thing to watch while reading evaluations of Ameriprise Auto Insurance is the company’s claim-handling process. While most people consider the company’s costs the most crucial factor, you must also ensure the vehicle insurance provider handles claims fairly, promptly, and efficiently.

#2. Client Testimonials

While aiming to deliver excellent customer service is commendable, do evaluations of Ameriprise Auto Insurance show high levels of general consumer satisfaction?

You must look at more than Ameriprise’s claim-handling capabilities to make that determination. Managing complaints, buying policies, and providing basic customer support are crucial.

Despite the lack of Ameriprise Auto insurance ratings in the J.D. Power 2018 Shopping Study, the company’s approach is straightforward and efficient, offering the choice to obtain a quote over the phone or online. Although you cannot initiate your insurance online, the system stores your quotation data, so all you need to do is call in to activate the policy. Within the auto insurance sector, this process is relatively standard.

#3. Strong Finances

People don’t frequently consider an insurance company’s financial stability when searching for coverage. However, evaluating the financial standing of an insurance provider is just as crucial as comparing rates. A corporation with a solid economic outlook is the one you should pick.

This way, you won’t have to worry about the firm running out of money to pay your claims in the event of a significant disaster and a high volume of claims being made.

#4. Business Evaluations

A cursory examination of online evaluations for Ameriprise Auto insurance reveals that the company’s finances are sound. The American Family acquired Ameriprise in 2019, greatly expanding the potential coverage area. Ameriprise’s headquarters are in Minneapolis, and its De Pere, Wisconsin, locations are for home and auto insurance.

Handling Ameriprise for Injury Settlement Claims Before Lawsuit Filing

Ameriprise is a very big business. Our accident lawyers have found them challenging to work with when handling vehicle accident cases. Since Ameriprise moves slowly, many clients come to us when they cannot resolve their claims independently.

Before they settle claims, one of their unspoken objectives must be to drown accident victims in paperwork. According to recent surveys, consumer satisfaction is only at roughly 67% among Ameriprise clients. Although the polls’ methodology may be seriously faulty, it is worth noting that the results align with our legal firm’s experience working with Ameriprise.

Regretfully, filing a lawsuit is frequently the best course of action when making an accident claim with Ameriprise. Since Ameriprise lacks in-house counsel in Maryland (and perhaps other jurisdictions), they must retain legal counsel, who frequently compels them to take the case more seriously. The Baltimore-based company Rollins Smalkin is working on Ameriprise’s defence.

By now, at least, some sanity has usually returned, if only because we have a legal company on our side that is knowledgeable about Maryland law and can reason with Ameriprise. When an accomplished defence attorney enters the picture, we discover many Ameriprise claims that we are compelled to bring litigation to settle before trial.

What did Ameriprise Insurance Change to?

The property-casualty insurance provider, formerly Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance, has officially changed its name to CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance.

How Stable is Ameriprise?

Fitch Ratings has confirmed the Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (AMP) at ‘A-‘, along with the senior debt rating and short-term IDR at ‘F1’. The rating outlook is stable.

What is the New Name for Ameriprise?

American Family Insurance purchased Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance in 2019. It was rebranded as CONNECT in 2020 and powered by American Family Insurance.

How does Ameriprise rank as an investment company?

According to the 2022 Forrester Consumer Trust Index, Ameriprise is the second-most trusted brand in the financial services industry for customer trust. Investor’s Business Daily also named the company one of the Most Trusted Wealth Management Companies of 2022.


Wisconsin-based Ameriprise is well-known for its insurance services and financial products. You won’t find better rates, individualised attention, or superior benefits anywhere else, according to Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance. The organisation offers savings and benefits designed especially for financial clients and coverage alternatives that adapt to your changing demands. It is also well known that the company provides life insurance.


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