WHAT IS LINKEDIN: How It Works, Importance and Use in Business


If you’re seeking a website where you can connect with people while also developing your professional profile, this is the solution. LinkedIn is the largest business-focused networking platform aimed specifically at professionals. Hence, with the help of a well-written LinkedIn profile, you can build an online professional identity. This can give you access to opportunities and networks that you might not have known about without social media. Read on to learn about LinkedIn connections and marketing.

What Is LinkedIn and What Is Used For?

The world’s leading network on the internet is called LinkedIn. This social media can help you locate the ideal job or internship, establish and strengthen professional connections, and get the knowledge you need to further your career. You can use a desktop computer, a mobile device with the LinkedIn app, a mobile web browser to get to this social media app.

Meanwhile, through the use of your experience, abilities, and education, a thorough LinkedIn profile can assist you in connecting with prospects. This social media app also allows you to write articles, join groups, submit images and videos, and plan offline events.

Who Was the Author of LINKEDIN?

Reid Hoffman, a former executive vice president in charge of business and corporate development at PayPal, co-founded LinkedIn.

Approximately 191 million people from the United States are among the site’s approximately 850 million members, who have registered on it in more than 200 nations and territories since its May 2003 launch. According to Reid Hoffman, nearly 30% of its subscribers are recruiters.

Also, for $26.2 billion, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in June 2016. Although Linkedln’s possession was one of Microsoft’s more costly acquisitions to date, some experts claim that the deal was a steal due to the vast amounts of semi – structure data that LinkedIn’s participants willingly give away, including job titles, geographic locations, industry information, skill sets, etc.

Who Should Be Joining LINKEDIN?

Anyone wishing to improve their career can use this social media app as a resource. This can also include individuals with a range of professional backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, students, and job seekers. Members of this app also have access to a network of individuals, organizations, and groups both inside and outside of their sector.

How Can I Begin Using LinkedIn?

Professionals from all over the world can connect on this social media app. Hence, the following steps will help you sign up with LinkedIn:

#1. Establish Your Profile

The first step to take while using this app is to sign up and create a profile. A full LinkedIn profile will give connections, potential employers, and recruiters a summary of your work history. That is to say, you can highlight your career history, significant achievements, abilities, and interests through your profile.

#2. Create a Network

Your network is essential to using this social media app to its full potential. You’ll gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your field and your network of professionals. You can start by expanding your network by including your family, friends, former or present classmates, and workplace.

Furthermore, by going directly to the Follow new perspectives page, which lists sources to follow, you can also follow individuals, businesses, or themes. You may create and participate in professional events using the LinkedIn Events tool, including webinars, seminars, sales and marketing events, networking events, and more.

#3. Get a Job

Start your job search on LinkedIn if you’re seeking a new opportunity in your professional life. This social media app can be used to look up organizations and connect with hiring managers. Additionally, you may store job searches, apply directly for positions, and alert recruiters and your connections that you’re looking for work.

#4. Take Part in Discussions

Engaging in conversation with others might provide you the chance to express your viewpoint on important problems and topics. On this app, you can also “like” and “comment” on topics and articles. To network and develop relationships with people who share your interests, experiences, or objectives, you can start or join some groups in the app. LinkedIn reactions are a collection of simple expressions you may use to quickly connect with people in your network.

#5. Post Content

Every day, millions of members use this app to connect, learn, and share. Hence, with the information you publish on LinkedIn, you may enlighten and strengthen your professional network. Using the share box, you may also communicate your ideas and opinions to other users.

What Is LinkedIn Connections 

Making connections is the best place to begin if you’ve created a LinkedIn profile and are ready to use it. LinkedIn is undoubtedly a social network, so if you sign up, you must engage with the contacts you already know by looking them up and sending them a connection request.

LinkedIn “Connections” are people you know and trust. By “connecting” with them, you may access their activity, communicate with them via messages, view and change their private contact information (only for you), look up and connect with other people in your industry, and more. Initiation is the key to connections. You must extend an invitation to someone if you want to connect with them. Each of you becomes a “connection” for the other if they agree to it. You may accept connection invitations sent to you by other users if you so choose.

What Advantages Do Connections on LinkedIn Offer?

When you extend your network and develop more valuable connections, your chances of showing up in search results increase regardless of how closely someone is related. Every time you publish a post, you are also updated on the homepages of your connections. These are enormous advantages that can greatly improve your profile and increase lead and sale production.

Limited visibility results from limited connections. When you have a large network of connections, your visibility rises dramatically. LinkedIn alerts your connections when you submit a post; thus, the more connections you have, the more likely it is that users will see your material. This can increase your profile and dramatically enhance your marketing efforts.

What Is LinkedIn Learning

The platform for skill development that employees can use to advance their careers is called LinkedIn Learning.

How LinkedIn Learning May Help Your Business and Its Personnel Develop the Skills They Require

1. Content that is tailored to participants’ skill gaps and career aspirations

  • Based on people’s responsibilities, learning activities, skills, and more, recommended courses are given.
  • Upload and advertise information, such as onboarding or training documents, from your company, learning management systems, or third parties.
  • Customized Learning Paths to enhance the learning experience for particular groups of students.

2. The LinkedIn Learning Hub now includes career development tools to assist learners develop the skills necessary to enhance their careers and aid in the hiring and retention of top talent for businesses.

  • Provide learners with role-based material, skills, and more that are tailored to your organization to help them navigate their career pathways.
  • As part of the learning process, present job openings at your organization to learners based on their career objectives, along with pertinent skills and learning materials.
  • Based on their professional goals, which they can specify on their LinkedIn Learning profile, connect learners to material and resources.
  • To direct learning and receive material recommendations at the appropriate level, learners can conduct evaluations to identify skill gaps and areas of skill proficiency.

 What Is LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to network, find leads, raise brand awareness, encourage collaboration and business relationships, share information, and bring more people to a website. This social media app is now a key part of many successful marketing campaigns because of how well it helps build professional networks. When you use LinkedIn to market your business, you can use helpful tools for analytics, building relationships, and building your brand, among other things.

Why Is LinkedIn Marketing Important?

You might be tempted to focus all of your efforts on the top three social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—when it comes to social media marketing. Even though those are excellent channels for marketing, LinkedIn should not be left out. As the largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn is 227% more successful than Facebook and Twitter, making it a crucial marketing channel for your company.

Methods to Include LinkedIn Marketing

These are just a few of the explanations for why this social media app is the best marketing channel for all companies. You can use LinkedIn in your marketing approach in the following practical ways.

#1. Employ Hashtags

Hashtags are frequently utilized to emphasize your LinkedIn posts, but they also have another use that might improve your marketing approach. These short sentences that are followed by the hashtag symbol are gold mines for reaching new markets, sectors, and niches. However, using too many or, even worse, the incorrect ones, can limit your reach.

#2. Understand When to Use a LinkedIn Page Versus a LinkedIn Profile

You can follow LinkedIn pages without filing a connection request or waiting for approval. As a result, there is a chance for high engagement when a LinkedIn user shares your site with their connections because those individuals will have the opportunity to follow your page and read your company’s material immediately. Although LinkedIn profiles can also be followed, their distinctive feature is the ability to have private, one-on-one conversations with connections who ask to join your network.

#3. Make Posts of Various Lengths

On LinkedIn, short, direct posts have a big impact. Longer stories hold readers’ attention and increase their time spent using the app. Both of these post formats ought to be included in your LinkedIn content strategy.

#4. Share Outside Articles on the Website

LinkedIn’s algorithm permits external links to blogs and websites, unlike other networks like Instagram. You’ll have luck sharing other people’s material on the website as long as it is valuable and pertinent to your audience.

#5. Maintain a Regular Posting Schedule

LinkedIn is a platform that doesn’t require a “round-the-clock publication schedule” because it has a reputation for having one of the longest content lifespans. It does require one, but a reliable one.

Do Employers Actually Care about LINKEDIN?

Over 70% of employers review candidates’ social media profiles to learn more about them, according to recent research. This is not good news for people who believe they are better off with no digital imprint and who have never created or deleted their accounts. A recent survey found that 47% of companies claimed they would not contact a candidate for an interview if they didn’t have a social media presence. The best tool a candidate has to present her professional profile may be LinkedIn. Recruiters and potential employers seeking a qualified applicant are drawn to a well-tailored profile.

Top of the list of things you might want to focus on to get recruiters to visit your LinkedIn profile is being specific about the role you are seeking. Poor language and spelling are among the most embarrassing things that frequently turn off recruiters. Check your profile for such errors, and be on the lookout for repeated wording. Additionally, you might want to think about showing it to your loved ones or close friends because getting extra feedback is always beneficial.

Keeping your status current might be quite beneficial. Making a profile and then going months or years without logging in demonstrates a lack of interest in one’s own profession. Hence, with the help of this social media platform, you may build your brand and avoid being just another prospect.

Is LinkedIn a Dating Site? 

Making business contacts, establishing thought leadership, and developing your career and business are all possible on LinkedIn. However, it is NOT a dating service.

Is LinkedIn Actually Necessary? 

The straight answer is Yes. It’s still worthwhile to spend around 30 minutes setting up your whole LinkedIn profile, even if you decide not to spend much time on the app or any time at all.

Can You Look at LinkedIn Without Them Knowing?

When you visit an account in private mode, you will be labeled in the “Who Has Viewed Your Profile?” section of that person’s profile as a LinkedIn member who is viewing profiles in private mode.

What Are the Disadvantages of LINKEDIN?

  • Identity theft risk.
  • Unfinished profile challenge
  • Numerous spam texts.
  • Taking up a lot of time.
  • An pricey premium package is possible.

How Much Does LinkedIn App Cost?

It costs nothing to use or download the LinkedIn app. Want to utilize LinkedIn to its fullest? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for access to special tools for job searching, business growth, sales lead generation, and talent hiring. Prices range from $29.99 to $119.95 per month.

Who Has Viewed My LinkedIn Profile? 

How to view who has visited your profile:

  • On your LinkedIn homepage, click Me, then select View Profile.
  • To see who has viewed your profile, scroll down to the Analytics section and click [Number] profile views.

Who Should You Not Connect With on LinkedIn? 

Consider LinkedIn to be a very large networking event. You wouldn’t provide your information to everyone you met if it happened in person. The same is true for networking online.

What Should You Not Do on LINKEDLN? 

  • Sending spam to your connections is not a good idea.
  • Avoid Sending Pointless Messages.
  • Never message someone saying, “I see you viewed my profile,” etc.
  • Avoid locking down your profile.
  • Keep Connections Off Your Email List.
  • Don’t request endorsements from strangers or new connections.

Why You Should Deactivate LINKEDLN?

Since LinkedIn is the top applicant sourcing tool for over 96% of recruiters, you’ll probably miss out on new work opportunities if you remove your profile or don’t keep it updated.


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