The 3 most important elements of call tracking

the 3 most important elements of call tracking

Call tracking is one of the most effective tools for boosting your marketing efforts and driving new levels of engagement for your business.

There are many different elements involved in call tracking software UK. These crucial aspects are what can help you achieve great things in your marketing.

In this article, you’ll learn about three of the most important elements of call tracking, to see how they could boost your business.

  1. Intricate data for customer calls

One of the most vital elements of your call tracking software is the intricate data you can receive on your customer calls.

Not only will you be able to accurately track every call in your business, but you’ll receive beneficial data on various aspects of each call, including things such as:

  • Caller phone number
  • The ring duration
  • Caller area code
  • The abandonment rate
  • Whether a call was answered or not

This data is essential for helping you understand how customers are interacting with your business, and so you can improve how effectively you manage your calls.

  1. A variety of detailed metrics

Another essential element of call tracking is the variety of detailed metrics you receive on customer engagement.

These insights can help you gain a full picture of your marketing performance, and how well leads and sales are being generated from every activity, campaign, and channel in your business.

The metrics involved can include:

  • Which marketing sources are generating calls – The software can use dynamic phone numbers to help you trace the specific journeys of every customer who calls. You can see all the touchpoints visited before, during, and after each call. For example, you could see how a customer followed a link on your Facebook page before calling.
  • The activities producing your inbound enquiries – Whenever you receive an inbound enquiry, in whatever way the customer chooses to interact, you can track all the activities that helped funnel the customer towards this point.
  • Calls from your Google Business Profile – With the use of static phone numbers, you can monitor how many customers call your company from your Google Business Profile.
  • Extensive data surrounding your website visits – You can attach Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) tags to your URLs, so the software can provide highly granular data on your website visits. This includes which activities, campaigns, and channels the customer visited beforehand.

With these metrics, you’ll have the clearest and most useful analytics to help you assess your marketing, and thus, enhance it.

  1. Mapping the customer journey

Creating customer journey maps using the detailed insights and reports is another element of using call tracking software that can benefit you.

These maps will help outline the exact journeys that each customer takes when interacting with your business, including all the activities they visit in your marketing.

With this information, you’ll be able to track how many leads and sales are being generated in each area of your marketing, and thus, how valuable each of your activities, campaigns, and channels are.

Now you know where your marketing strengths and weaknesses are, you can use this data to develop strategies for enhancing each activity.

For example, if you find the majority of your customers are converting at activities in your social media channels, you can direct more of your focus on creating new campaigns that revolve around this area of your marketing.

Not only will this increase your lead and sales generation, but it can also help you distribute your marketing budget more effectively, and secure a greater return on investment.

By taking these three elements into account, you can create the most effective use of call tracking software for your business.

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