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Making money from your phone or having a side stream of extra sources of income has gone digital in the sense that you can use your smartphone to make money. Making money with your phone is simple, but there are some strategic ways to earn money with your phone. To be explicit, using these techniques won’t likely make you rich (at least not quickly). Even though they need more effort, we did put together the solutions that have the most promising need to launch and expand your own business, if you’re prepared to move from experimenting with a business to creating a real side hustle or even a full-time venture.

Free Tips For Making Money From Your Phone

It is possible to earn money using your smartphone to support your main source of income. These are ways you can make money from your phone:

#1. Answer surveys.

Online surveys are an intriguing option to earn money on your phone. Companies are willing to pay for your opinions because they value them. On survey websites, you can get paid by sharing your ideas. Such websites and apps include, for instance:

Swag bucks: To receive notice of new surveys being offered, you must first register an account on the site using your email. Then you complete them and get paid.

With InboxDollars, you may earn money in a variety of ways, including by watching videos, clicking on advertisements, reading emails, shopping online, browsing the web, and completing surveys.

#2. Freelancing.

People are increasingly turning to freelancing to supplement their full- or part-time income.

That’s partially accurate because you may work as a freelancer from your phone just by creating a few accounts and keeping an eye on them via apps or email to attract potential clients. You just need a smartphone, a wide-range internet connection, and a laptop(optional)

You may find virtually any type of employment online, including writing jobs, data entry jobs, graphic design jobs, data analytics, web design jobs, software development jobs, and more. Websites like Fiverr,, Opinion Outpost, and others pay for these kinds of services. In West Africa, predominantly, a large number of people work as freelancers and earn money using their smartphones.

#3. Sell your photos online:

You might be wondering, what it means to sell photos online. This is actually cool and can fetch you a truckload of money if you understand how it works. Your obsession with snapping cute pictures should certainly pay off if you can channel it the right way. Platforms like FOAP and GETTY IMAGES are apps you can leverage to sell your photos online.

Creators can sell stock photos via FOAP from their smartphones. You may upload images directly from your phone using the app, which is absolutely free. The same image may be sold and resold as often as you like. They charge $10 for photos and keep half of the proceeds.

#4. Resell your data:

Although it may sound strange, it is absolutely worth a go. The act of selling data may seem archaic, but nothing is archaic when it comes to making money. This is really effective and profitable. For illustration:

Sharon sells her data and makes her first $1,000. The key query here is, “How did she do that?” She simply registered as a reseller on a trusted website that offers the best prices, added some money to her wallet, and began selling to customers. She purchases a quantifiable amount of data from the platform and resells it to more than 3000 customers.

Unlike other online business models, this act of selling data does not require much capital. All you need is your smartphone, a platform, and a minimum amount of money to fund your wallet. You can upgrade to higher packages to be earning extra money from your recharges and subscriptions as well as other people’s own (passive income)

The amazing thing about data reselling is that it is a highly in-demand service as many smartphone owners use data every day to check trendy news, chat, catch cruises, and watch videos online.

#5. Join the user testing program

Corporations are interested in hearing what consumers think about their goods and services. Also, some of them will pay you for your opinions.

A company called UserTesting assists brands in obtaining this crucial input so they can keep improving their products.

Participants can receive $4 USD for a 5-minute user test and $10 USD for a 20-minute user test, according to the website. Earnings for live interviews range from $30 to $120.

You must respond to a few screening questions before you can sign up so that UserTesting can connect you with appropriate goods and services to test.

#6. Open a Shopify account

You can operate an online store right from your hand, did you know that? Yes, Shopify provides a mobile app that gives you access to all the tools you need to run your store from your phone. The Shopify app may be used to add products, manage orders, complete orders, compare deals channels, communicate with guests, and indeed control profit situations.

The Shopify mobile app allows you to manage your day-to-day store operations while you’re on the road, indeed though you might first need to set up your store on a desktop

How To Make Money From Your Phone?

All of us could use a little extra money. Also, considering how much time most of us spend scrolling, you might as well take advantage of those fingertips and use them to generate income from your phone.

There are many applications, tools, and resources available to assist, but it can be challenging to determine which ones are worthwhile investments and which ones are a complete waste of time. Do not panic if you are in this position and finding it difficult to break even.

We’ll look at some of the finest methods to use your phone to earn money and the measures you should take to do this properly.

#1. An Airbnb Host:

Contingent on your neighborhood and local Airbnb host prices, one night’s stay might earn you $100. I’ve known people who use the money they earn through Airbnb to routinely pay their mortgages.

Depending on where you live, the money you make can add up quickly. The average nightly rent for major locations like Miami is roughly $100, according to the home-sharing statistics website. Even in 2021’s shoulder season, the daily prices were $187. Just one week will pass before you earn four figures.

Your revenue will be more passive than that from other sharing economy jobs once the place has been set up and the visitors have been welcomed.

#2. Sell Your Skills On Fiverr

You may frequently sell any expertise or service with Fiverr. I’ve seen folks charge up to $10 for images of their child holding a graduation sign.

I’ve encountered $5 product evaluation videos. Here, digital services like graphic design, marketing, writing, translation, video, audio, or programming frequently succeed. Not only but also, there are many websites like Fiverr where you can engage in professional gigs and get paid instantly like

#3. Get Paid Testing Video Games

You can try out video games developed by some corporations and get paid massively. With the feedback gotten from potential testers, they get daily reports on how to fix bugs and upgrade for better user experience and performance. Game tester is an example of an app you can use to test video games. The market for smartphone apps currently has thousands of games available. There are some apps available that can help you make money while having fun, however, the majority will only give you a method to pass the time.

For instance, there are software programs you use to receive incentives for playing games on your phone. Then you may exchange it for gift cards at retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and iTunes.

#4. Using Mystery Shopping Apps

Using a mystery shopping app is another way to get some extra cash. Users of smartphone apps from businesses like Mystery Shopper and Gigwalk can receive notifications about where to shop for various brands and share their shopping experiences. Each surprise customer experience requires a modest payment, and it may be a fantastic method of increasing your income. Bestmark is a reliable company that offers mystery shopping in the United States and Canada.

How to Make Money With Your Phone as a Student

It is very possible to make money with your smartphone as a student. Making money with your phone as a student is easy in your comfort zone. There are ways to do this, maybe you have not been doing this the right way. Don’t worry, making money with your smartphone comes in handy and is very effective. This article includes listed ways and formats you can engage in making money online using your smartphone as a student.

#1. Graphic Designs (Selling Your Designs)

Selling your creations seems to demand knowledge of Photoshop and graphic design.

Gumroad, Paetron, and Etsy are online stores that sell designs on various things, but you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make designs that sell there.


Designers open an online store and post their creations (which are all free for you to do)

Consumers discover a design they like on a product (the design can go on a shirt, pants, bedding case, etc.)

The stock website ships and prints the item.

Designers are paid a royalty of 10% to 20%.

If you already have a portfolio on your website or other social media accounts,  including it in your shop can be an added advantage.

#2. Sell Your Designs As NFTs

The type of NFT to develop can be chosen from a variety of options. You can choose from items like artwork, concert tickets, memes, music, games, and other digital items. For instance, you will probably need a pen tablet and illustration/editing software like Clip Studio, or Photoshop to create digital files or game patches. You can decide which unusual characteristics your NFT design might show.

Consider how beneficial the proposed collectibles are as well. Some authors offer the buyer a genuine work of art that correlates to the NFT they’ve purchased. Additionally, it might be exclusive in-person subscriptions, one-of-a-kind signatures, or a potential digital application. Raribles and Opensea are platforms to sell NFTS artworks.

#3. Sell Your Old Stuffs On Amazon

This is an additional method for earning money with your phone that involves selling items that you no longer need. Although you can only earn gift cards with this option, you can also earn cash. You can bring in tech products like Echo devices, video games, smartphones, accouterments, and more through Amazon’s fantastic trade-in program.

You’ll get an offer right away for an Amazon gift card or a promotional voucher toward the purchase of a new gadget if your item qualifies. There are no fees, and Amazon will give you a tag for fast shipping and pay for it.

How Can I Make Extra Money With My Phone?

Adding a few tips to sustain yourself is not quite bad. But the major challenge is the way to go about this that will be beneficial. If you find yourself in this category, you have no problem at all, just maintain a steady gaze below this article and read with understanding so you can put it into practice. A few important tips for making extra bucks are:

  • Using money-making platforms like Google AdSense, Udemy, Shopify, Amazon, and Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • Making use of mobile earning apps like Mistplay, ibotta, Cointiply (earning real bitcoin), and Google pay.

What App Will Pay You Money?

The best mobile apps to earn money include the following

  • TaskRabbit
  • Swagbucks
  • Upwork.Inc
  • Google Opinion rewards
  • Shopkick
  • mCent

Can I Earn Money From an iPhone?

Just like you can earn money from Android, the case of iPhones is no different. You can make tonnes of money from your iPhone.

How To Make Money From Google

AdSense is an easy and cost-free way to monetize your online content by placing lots of advertisements next to it. Using AdSense, you can tailor the style and feel of the advertising to match your website and show your site visitors relevant and interesting ads. The ideal approach to making money from Google is through Adsense.

Which Money App Is Free?

  • Rakuten
  • Robinhood
  • Mypoints
  • Acorns


More than just photo and buddy chances are available on your smartphone. You can make extra money by using your phone to do a variety of simple tasks in an efficient way and with the right apps. The vast majority of these tasks are already part of what you do every day. So, it’s simple to start earning money and receiving prompt payments.

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