How to Post Jobs on Facebook Marketplace: Steps & Strategies 2023

How to Post Jobs on Facebook Marketplace
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The use of Facebook marketplace to advertise goods, sell goods, and post job openings has become commonplace. This offers businesses a fantastic chance to locate and draw potential job candidates. It only takes a few simple steps to post jobs on the Facebook marketplace. These entail choosing who needs to see the post and completing a brief form about your open position on Facebook’s desktop browser. Facebook marketplace allows you to post jobs for free, but you may want to budget money to boost the post and increase its visibility. 

A reminder The Facebook Lite app, Facebook mobile, and Facebook desktop versions of Facebook Jobs will all stop working on February 22, 2023. Within the United States, Canada, and everywhere else outside of these places, all services will be suspended. In just a few simple steps, you can learn how to post a job on the Facebook marketplace for free using our clear guide.

How to Post Jobs on Facebook Marketplace 

#1. Launch Facebook and Sign in

You must first log into your Facebook business account to post a job on the social media platform. You must first create a Facebook Business page if you don’t already have one before posting a job on Facebook. Log into your individual Facebook account to accomplish this. The menu icon can then be found by moving your cursor to the upper right corner. Navigate to the “Create” column and choose “Page” from the drop-down menu that appears. To create your Facebook business page, simply follow the on-screen instructions after entering all the necessary information.

#2. Create a Job under “Manage Jobs.”

You can find the “Manage Jobs” option in the left sidebar of your business page dashboard by navigating there. Click this tab. You can manage past and present job postings (if any are available) on the screen that follows. The blue “Create a Job” button is located at the top of the screen.

#3. Fill in the Details of the Job

After clicking “Create a Job,” you will fill out the fields in the left sidebar with information about the job. Job title, full- or part-time status, and the job description are among the fields. You can also include details about the location, the wage, the benefits, and the schedule.

Your details will be displayed in a job post preview on the right side of the screen. This will demonstrate to you how users will see the job posting once it has been published. Take your time with this step because you have the opportunity to briefly describe the position and your business to users. Get inventive to make yourself noticeable in a crowd. You might want to ask workers what they like best about their work, then mention it in the job posting. Select a compelling image that will attract candidates’ attention, and think about including a video in the job posting as well.  

When you are happy with the data presented and how the job posting appears, click “Next.”

By checking the relevant boxes, you can specify whether the job posting should appear only in Facebook’s Jobs section or also on the page for your business.

Your job posting is instantly published on Facebook after clicking “Post.”

What to Do Following a Facebook Job Posting

Encourage your staff to share the job posting on Facebook with their contacts and to “like” it as well once it has been made public. The “thumbs up” button can be very helpful in finding your next new employee.

You should frequently check the job posting after disseminating it to your network. You should respond to any applicants promptly if there are any. If you’re not getting the applicants you want for the position, think about changing the job description. You can do this by visiting your Facebook business account and selecting the “Manage Jobs” tab.

If a position has been filled or your hiring standards have changed, you can delete the job posting using the “Manage Jobs” tab. The job posting will no longer be visible to Facebook users who visit your company’s page or the Jobs section of Facebook, but page administrators will still be able to edit or renew it.

Cost for Facebook Job Posting

Although posting a job on Facebook is completely free, many users opt to boost it so that it will be seen by more people as an advertisement. If you choose to boost your job posting, you will include a budget for the ad with pay-per-click pricing.

Facebook Job Posting Policy 

What kinds of employment advertisements are permitted on Facebook are explained in the following Jobs Policies.

1. Adult Products and Services and Sexually Suggestive Jobs

The promotion of employment opportunities through job postings cannot be sexually explicit. Also, not promoting jobs that call for providing adult services or using adult products is allowed in job postings.

#2. Discrimination 

Job postings are prohibited from discriminating against applicants based on any protected characteristics, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical condition, or genetic condition, as well as any other grounds protected by federal, state, or local law. Jobs must be posted in compliance with all relevant laws that forbid discrimination.

It is prohibited for job postings to advertise employment opportunities involving illicit or recreational products, services, or drug use. Furthermore, job advertisements must not advertise employment opportunities that involve unlawful behavior, goods, or services.

#4. Impersonation and Personal Information 

Any potential applicants should not be asked for personal identification or financial information in job postings. In addition, not a single brand, business, entity, or famous person may be impersonated in a job posting. This includes claiming to be affiliated with a company falsely.

#5. Profanity and Grammar 

No profanity or improper grammar or punctuation is permitted in job postings. Symbols, numbers, and letters must be correctly used without trying to get around our review process or enforcement mechanisms. Posts for jobs must not advertise employment opportunities that are false, dishonest, or fraudulent.

#6. Multi-Level Marketing 

Job postings must provide a complete and accurate description of the product or business model they are promoting. Facebook prohibits for job postings to advertise employment opportunities for multi-level marketing schemes or other business models that provide quick returns for little initial investment.

Facebook Marketplace Jobs

Your Facebook Business Page links and displays job postings. Before applying, job candidates have the opportunity to learn more about your company and the position, helping to ensure that you hire qualified candidates.

Advice on How to Draw Candidates With a Strong Job Posting

  • Give essential information so that people can learn about your open position and apply.
  • Clearly describe the position. 
  • Create a job description that is understandable, concise, and clear to begin with.
  • Give important information.
  • To increase relevance and make the job opening easier to find for potential candidates, give the position’s location and title with accuracy.
  • Give more details.
  • Include information on the open position’s pay, perks, and hours of work. Keep the language simple
  • Use the jobs management tool to keep track of applicants while managing application status and conducting interviews.
  • Make sure to follow up with your applicants. Let people know where you stand by responding promptly.

Is Facebook Job Posting Free? 

Although posting jobs on Facebook is free, many users elect to boost it so that it appears as an advertisement to more users. Your Facebook Business Page links to and displays job postings

Can You Advertise Jobs on Facebook? 

Facebook provides options for paid advertising that allow you to choose your audiences and advertise your business to people who probably have an interest in your job openings. To create and manage ads, you must first create a Facebook page for your business. Paid Facebook advertisements can serve a variety of purposes, such as increasing brand recognition, directing traffic to websites, and encouraging interest in your goods or services.

What Happened to Job Postings on Facebook Marketplace? 

Both employers and job seekers will no longer be able to post jobs on Facebook using the Facebook Lite app or the Facebook mobile website ( The Jobs on Facebook browser won’t be accessible anymore. 

Can I Post a Job Offer on Marketplace? 

Businesses can still post jobs, but only on their page. Direct posting to a Facebook Company page will be possible for employers. Before, it was simple for job seekers to search for and discover openings on the Facebook Jobs Marketplace. Now, a potential employee would have to locate your specific company page, navigate there, click on your jobs or see a job posted on your wall, and then submit an application. According to our observations, it is extremely unlikely that many people will follow these instructions.

Can I Post Job Listings on Facebook? 

Facebook makes it simple to post a job, making it a valuable resource for recruiters. All you have to do is visit your Page, select “create a new job post,” and then complete the required fields. Include more information that potential candidates will want to know, such as the pay scale and whether the position is full- or part-time.

What Are You Not Allowed to Post on Facebook Marketplace? 

  • Illegal drugs, prescribed, or used recreationally: Posts may not advertise the sale of drugs that are illegal, prescribed, or used recreationally.
  • Posts may not advocate for the purchase of tobacco products or tobacco-related accessories.
  • Harmful supplements
  • Arms, ammunition, and explosives
  • Content that is offensive on a personal, political, or religious level
  • Adult Products and Services

Can You Post a Job on Facebook 2023?

A new iteration of the Jobs on Facebook service will debut on February 22, 2023. Facebook is discontinuing jobs. Employers and job seekers will no longer be able to post jobs on Facebook using the Facebook app, Facebook mobile website (, or Facebook desktop website.


Due to its popularity, low cost, and simplicity of use, Facebook is a fantastic choice for your job postings. You can always set aside a small budget to enhance your job posting and broaden its appeal. Keep in mind, though, that the Jobs on the Facebook marketplace platform now only operates in the US and Canada due to new regulations. Only in Canada and the United States are the Jobs on Facebook marketplace accessible; it also only works with web browsers.  

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