HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN ONE HOUR ( 7+ Proven Tips & Ideas)

Legit and Dirty Ways to Make Money in an Hour, Online and at Home
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Even if you do not think your skills are in demand, you can still earn money in your spare time. Numerous side business opportunities only need some time and a willingness to work. To increase your income, you might even be able to work multiple side jobs at once. The best options to make quick money are listed below if you are wondering how to make money in an hour. There are numerous ways to make legit money online in under an hour, at home, including selling goods on Facebook Marketplace or taking on a part-time side job. These days, you can easily earn more than $100 per hour on average by using several dirty methods of earning money. 

How to Make Money in One Hour 

Since time is money, the ideal ratio of an economic sweet spot appears to be making more money in less time. When you understand how to legit make money online and at home in an hour, nothing will stand in the way of increasing your bank balance. 

#1. Deliver Food to People

Taking orders for food delivery is one of the best and legit ways to earn money in an hour at home. This industry has boomed recently and is a great way to make money. You have the option to accept an order placed by a customer on one of their platforms using apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats. If the order is accepted, you go pick up the meal and take it to the customer. The availability of orders and the flexibility of the schedules allow you to work whenever it is most convenient for you. 

You can also earn money in an hour by delivering food and groceries to customers in exchange for payment if you have a car, bicycle, or scooter. 

#2. Play Games For Money

If you already enjoy playing games, you can start a gaming side business by using apps that pay you money. There are many gaming reward apps available that enable you to receive gift cards and cash in exchange for downloading new games. These apps will not make you wealthy, but they will allow you to earn money quickly while having fun. This is another legit way to make money online in the comfort of your home.

#3. Take Care of Pets

It can be entertaining to legitimatly earn money in an hour by walking animals. While taking care of cats can earn you quick money, walking and boarding dogs represents the true opportunity. An app that connects you with pet owners for dog-walking work. You can ask your customers to provide feedback as you gain clients to aid in your ability to attract more. When you walk several dogs at once or let them stay the night in your home, your income will increase.

#4. Become A Website Tester

Many businesses will pay you to test newly created websites and mobile applications. Additionally, you can make money in an hour using this productive online side business. These user-testing jobs typically entail performing a few assigned tasks on a website or app while experimenting to look for bugs. For a 20-minute test, you typically receive $10 to $15 in exchange for your feedback and testing. This is a perfect way to make money online in an hour, at home in a legit manner.

You can apply to a variety of businesses for website testing gigs, which are typically a good way to make money online in an hour. 

#5. Earn Money Doing Short Tasks

You can still make extra money even if you do not want a part-time job or a job that takes a lot of time. Making money online by completing quick tasks is a common option. Doing short tasks online and around the home is one of the legit ways to make money in an hour.

#6. Take Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a reliable source of income if you want to make money in an hour without putting any effort into it. It is also a good substitute for a focus group that meets in person. User feedback on a good or service is compensated by market research firms. By responding to surveys, you help them gather insightful feedback. Additionally, it is a simple way to earn money during downtime. 

Online survey-taking is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash in 30 to 60 minutes. For the chance to earn money, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, or other rewards, many businesses offer a variety of online tasks for you to complete, including surveys, watching videos, playing games, or filling out questionnaires.

#7. New Product Testing

Testing new products is one of the innovative legit ways to make money in an hour at home that you can do. Prior to releasing a product on the market, businesses validate it through the use of product testing. You receive the test item from the platform, and once you have finished the trial, you must follow their instructions. You finish the process by answering a survey about your experience. 

#8. Sell Used Electronics

Do not overlook selling your old electronics to earn money if you need money quickly. If you simply want to make some quick money and do not need a side job, this is a fantastic option. Although selling used devices locally is an option, selling used devices online is preferable because it expands your potential customer base. Used phones can help you make a little extra money, but there are a lot of other things you can sell.

#9. Lease Out Any Extra Space

Do you desire a side business that generates somewhat passive income? One inventive way to make money is to rent out space that is not being used. Consider this to be Airbnb, but for extra spaces, you do not use. This is a fantastic extra income source that many people can use if they are unemployed. This is a legit way to make money in an hour at home.

#10. Find Odd Jobs Online

The best way to earn money in an hour from home is to find online work. Freelance work is a viable source of income if you require consistent earnings.

If you do not already have a clientele, a website like Fiverr is a good place to look for paying gigs. The best part is that earning potential is abundant. Finding work on Fiverr might make for a good weekend job that enables you to finish quick jobs for cash. Additionally, you can use it to create a portfolio to draw in clients who will pay more money off-site.

#11. Find Freelance Writing Gigs

Another well-known side business to start is freelance writing. If you write quickly, you might be able to finish an article and get paid in less than an hour. The pay for freelance writers varies, and it takes time to develop a clientele. As you gain experience, you could earn several hundred dollars for each article you produce. 

#12. Do Virtual Assistant Work

Being a virtual assistant (VA) can be a great legit way to earn money in an hour online, from home if you are a jack of all trades. Using your organizational skills to provide high-level support for businesses or business heads is a great way to use your virtual assistant or virtual administrative assistant role. It is a profitable side business you can do online. Consider working as a virtual assistant if you excel at any of the following skill sets. A VA aids businesses in managing work from a distance. 

  • Email management
  • Data entry
  • Customer service work
  • Proofreading
  • Website management

In this position, you should anticipate making at least $20 per hour. You can earn $40 per hour or more if you possess more specialized or advanced skills. These can be one-off jobs, or you can agree to work a part-time job for a company that needs you regularly. Similar to finding clients for your freelance writing, try using websites like FlexJobs or Upwork. 

How to Make Money in One Hour Online 

#1. Sell or Resell Valuable Items

Many people are using secondhand shops to sell jewelry, handbags, and gently used or never worn clothing to make quick legit money in an hour. Whether you run your own e-commerce company or sell through social media, these markets are ripe with chances to earn extra cash.

#2. Become an Online Tutor or Translator

You can earn a good living. Depending on their level of education and the languages they are proficient in translating, translators can make between $1,000 and $10,000 per month. 

But for those trying to earn money in an hour, tutoring in a foreign language might be an even better option. Although translating requires training to produce accurate certified translations, Ordorica advises language tutoring to gig workers seeking flexibility and the ability to adapt their skills to the needs of their clients.

#3. Start an Amazon Dropshipping Business

A dropshipping company collaborates with product producers, wholesalers, shipping providers, or fulfillment experts. An online dropshipping business can be run with less capital and infrastructure than a typical retail operation. As a result, it is a practical and affordable way to realize your entrepreneurial goals.

#4. Start Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer and blogger, you can use your blog or other e-commerce content to advertise partners’ goods and services. This is known as affiliate marketing, a special type of online marketing. Then, when a client clicks on one of the links to those goods or services and makes a purchase, you get a share of the revenue your partner earned.

#5. Babysitting

Nowadays, neighborhood teenagers are no longer the only ones who babysit. Beginning a side babysitting business can be quite profitable because childcare can be outrageously expensive. Babysitting at home is another legit way to make money online. You may even increase your rates based on the number of kids you are willing to watch. It is frequently paid under the table and is an excellent way to make quick money.

#6. Rent Out Your Recreational Equipment or Pool

Do you own a pool or other piece of popular summer equipment that is not being used right now? If you want to make passive income, think about listing these items on rental marketplaces like GetMyBoat, which is one of the biggest marketplaces for renting boats and watersports equipment, or Swimply, which has been compared to Airbnb for swimming pools.

Dirty Ways to Make Money

Your choice of dirty ways to make money will determine how it turns out. You could make between $40,000 and $60,000 per year working in some grubby manual labor positions like sewer inspector or road collision cleaner. In general, if you are willing to work hard, it can be a great way to earn money. Do your homework and practice safety measures at all times, please. 

#1. Sell Your Hair Online

Although many people think of this as one of the unethical ways to make money, it has many benefits. Many industries need human hair, from wig production to hair transplants. Your hair’s length, quality, and texture will determine this. When you donate your beautiful, long hair, you can get up to $2,000 back. Your hair can be listed on the website and quickly sold as long as it is longer than 6 inches. Simply post a listing, watch for a buyer, and ship your hair away once the deal is done.

#2. Provide House Cleaning/Deep Cleaning Services

In the USA, one of the best under-the-table jobs is offering deep cleaning or housekeeping services. On average, home cleaners make between $18 and $25 per hour, whereas deep cleaners make close to $35. Charge even more if you offer extra services like rug cleaning. No particular educational background or credentials are required. However, you do require physical stamina and the capacity to lift heavy objects.

#3. Offer Services for Cleaning Cars

You can categorize it as one of the unethical ways to make money, but you can not dispute it. For pressure washing a car, you can typically charge $15 to $20. Moreover, you can offer a slightly higher price for the manual one.

You could earn up to $50,000 a year if you decided to pursue this as a full-time endeavor and launched your own cleaning company.  

#4. Services for Cleaning the Roof and the Gutters

To keep your neighborhood in top shape, roofs, shades, and gutters need to be cleaned frequently. And for that, respective local governments frequently recruit roof and gutter cleaners. Your main responsibility as a gutter cleaner will be to clear leaves, moss, and other debris from roofs and gutters. Generally speaking, you can anticipate earning $30 to $45 per hour. Although they do not receive work every day, most cleaners earn close to $300 per day.

#5. Launch A Pool Cleaning Company

You can charge between $100 and $150 per pool cleaning or about $25 and $35 per hour. However, you can unquestionably charge more for supplemental services like chlorine treatment or pool filter cleaning. You do not need any prior education for this job either, like the majority of cleaning jobs! However, you must be prepared to put in long hours. Prepare yourself for some sweat since it is a manual labor position.

#6. Provide Funeral Services

It is one of the oldest occupations in the modern world to work as a professional mourner at a funeral. As a professional mourner, it is simple to make $80 to $100 per day. You may serve as a pallbearer as well. Additionally, you can earn up to $1,500 per show by performing as a dancing pallbearer (like the meme show). But for some people, dealing with dead bodies daily can be distressing and harm their mental health.

#7. Be a Dog Poop Scooper

Even though picking up dog poop might not sound like the most glamorous job ever, it can be surprisingly lucrative. Many dog owners will spend a significant amount of money to hire someone else to scoop the poop because they simply lack the time to do it themselves. Not everyone is suited for this position. It can, however, be a great way to earn some extra cash if you do not mind getting a little dirty.

#8. Work in a Slaughterhouse

Butchers get paid fairly well for their work, although it is undoubtedly not a job for everyone. Additionally, the majority of slaughterhouses are situated in rural areas, making them a wonderful escape from the bustle of city life. Working in a slaughterhouse might be the ideal career choice for you if you do not mind blood and gore. Just know that it is not for the weak-hearted. 

How to Make $100 in One Hour? 

  • Massage therapist.
  • Tutor.
  • Model.
  • Actor/actress.
  • Health coach.
  • Freelance photographer.
  • Freelance designer.
  • Interior designer
  • Deliveries
  • Paid surveys
  • Freelance writer
  • Google AdSense

How Can I Make $100 per Day?

More difficult freelance jobs, like modeling, acting, massage therapy, or photography, are frequently the only ways to make $100 per hour.

Other methods include 

  • Utilizing Survey Junkie to Take Online Surveys
  • Registration Bonus at Swagbucks
  • Play Games for Cash on Your Phone
  • Fast Ways to Make $50 with Cash Back Apps
  • Virtual bookkeeping jobs pay $50 per hour.
  • Proofreading as a Second Job
  • Sell Gift Cards

 How Can I Make Some Money ASAP? 

Online survey-taking is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash in 30 to 60 minutes. Many businesses provide a range of online tasks for you to complete, like surveys, video watching, or game playing, to earn some extra cash. Branded Surveys, InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, or Swagbucks are some websites to take into account.

How Can I Make $50 an Hour? 

Making $50 per hour is no easy task, but it is possible, especially if you already have a side business or online job. One of the top side businesses you can start to earn $50 per hour is bookkeeping. Other top-side businesses include virtual assistant work and proofreading.

  • Sell Your Old Tech
  • Credit Card Rewards
  • Freelance Writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Sell Your Stuff
  • Babysit
  • Ride Sharing
  • Personal Shopping
  • Deliver Food

How to Make $30 an Hour?

  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Reviewing Products
  • Join Uber or Lyft as a ride-sharing driver.
  • Online tutor
  • Personal trainer
  • Web designer


There are many opportunities to make money in an hour. There are numerous opportunities, whether you require a one-time need or to bolster your emergency fund.

Identify your objective before you begin. Choose a job that suits your schedule and interests you as well. Your chances of success and earning more money will both increase if you do this. Setting a realistic income target will give you a goal you can measure your progress toward. Additionally, I believe that it is crucial to play to your strengths. You can attempt each of these dirty methods of earning money this year with confidence.

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