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From accepting deposits and other financial activities, the role of a bank in any economically viable society is invaluable. With the growth of many financial institutions, the need to make the right choice when it comes to knowing the right bank to make deposits and savings is also of utmost importance, this is to avoid cashing your money in a Ponzi.

Today in this article, we would be providing insights on the best US Banks to do business with and carry out other financial activities. Without further ado, we present to you the banks in all 50 states.

What Bank Is In All 50 States?

For the records, there isn’t any bank that is physically present in all the states in the US, from county laws to accessibility and cost of establishment, only a few have managed to set up branches in at least 75% of locations in the US.

Due to their large size and robust presence plus economic advantage, the following banks are among the banks that have a fair presence in all 50 states, they are:

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Citi-group
  • Wells Fargo
  • US Bank
  • PNC

#1. JP Morgan Chase

Headquartered in New York City, this bank has an expansive presence in 48 states as of August 2022, with the possibility of expansion. 

Thanks to its $3.3 trillion asset capitalization, the service-orientated financial giant has made it possible for its customers to access services that include contactless payments on its ATM, technological project financing, and capital-intensive project lending. The bank is also notable for its fair tax and fee collection from its customers. Making it one of the banks that is present in the whole 50 states of the US.

#2. Bank of America

Next on our list of the banks present in the 50 states of the US is the Bank of America, with an asset capitalization of about $2.4 trillion the bank is situated in Northern Carolina and has branches in almost 26 states of the US.

They provide financial services which include giving out loans for large projects, accepting and providing international payment for foreigners and non-residents along with a host of other duties. Bank of America stands amongst the bank with a presence in the 50 states.

#3. Citi-Group

With an asset of $1.7 trillion, Citi group has been able to fit into the list of banks with a presence in 50 states in the US. 

Its Head Office located in New York is known to provide Insurance services as well as investment and Financial advice for its large clients and has over time extended its tentacles to at least 22 states in the US with a retail location in various counties.

Other Banks with a presence in the 50 states include Wells Fargo, US Bank, and PNC. The next section would outline the banks with the most presence in most states.

What Bank Is In Most States?

JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and PNC remain the top banks with the most presence in the states making them among the best US banks in 2023.

Another thing to consider with the best banks in the US is their ability to attend to non-residents who have business activities In the state and since there is a need to have transactions carried out domestically, the bank listed below are among the best US banks for non-residents.

Best US Bank for Non-resident.

Not only do these banks provide an avenue to aid non-resident to do basically without using their country’s bank services, the efficiency, and other home-based service attached to traditional banks in the US makes them ready option for Non-resident doing business.

In no particular order, the best US bank for non-residents are listed below with a detailed explanation of their services:

  • Morgan Chase
  • Wise
  • Payooner
  • Revolut
  • Zelle

#1. JP Morgan Chase

Already a big name in the financial industry and also listed on the New York Stock Exchange floor, this traditional bank also provides services for non-residents provided they have the requirements needed for setting up an account.

Usually, non-residents are to provide an Individual Taxpayer Identical Number (IT IN) or its equivalent, determining their credibility before setting up their account. Once this is done, non-residents get to transfer and use these financial services even when they are out of the US.

#2. Wise 

Think of Wise as an electronic money payment service rather than a bank, but that anyways does not stop it from being among the list of best US banks out there. with wise, you can’t be a fool.

Providing an easy interface app for Non-resident to navigate and sign up to, using home-based proof of identity and having a routing number plus the quick provision of a bank account to carry out transactions, individuals and businesses have no stress when making payments.

#3. Payooner

Payooner is a global banking service that makes it possible for non-residents to receive payment for US clients, employers, and even family and friends without the hassle of having a Social Security Number.

With proof of identity, tax documents, and current bill payment, you are automatically after verification assigned two types of accounts on their site, you can have a US bank account linked to your Payoneer as well as a UK account when you also receive pounds.

Moreover, Payoneer allows you to link your home bank account to the platform making it easy to transfer funds from your international bank account to your local bank account. This Best US bank is favorable for business persons and even online merchant/freelance service providers.

#4. Revolut

The beautiful thing about Revolut is their no monthly fee/low fee charged when you open an account with them. This Best US bank for Non-residents uses your residential address, US phone number, or email address in helping you sign up.

Revolut also provides you with a debit card that can be used in any ATM centers around the US, and even for transferring funds to one’s country’s bank account.

With the increase in immigrants and the need to send cash to families abroad, revolut has bridged the gap by their financial services to a non-resident.

#5. Zelle

Another gateway for a non-resident to send and receive money from the US to their local bank account, this financial payment gateway has an affiliation with most traditional banking institutions and with their help have been able to secure non-resident with bank accounts tied to their name and utilize for financial services.

Zelle’s partnership with Wells Fargo, Chase, and many other Banks has caused a stir as to the real owner of this third-party payment channel. The next point would cover details about Well Fargo owning Zelle.

Does Wells Fargo Have Zelle?

First Zelle isn’t owned by Wells Fargo and second yes, Well Fargo does have Zelle.

The services Zelle provides to Wells Fargo are pretty much the kind that they are known for

Making payments and receiving payments have always been the heart of Zelle’s objective. By affiliating with Wells, customers enjoy a speedy transfer of cash from their local bank account to an international bank account and vice versa.

The low-cost fee also makes Zelle a favorite for Well Fargo, the latter also allows its Zelle card customer holder an overdraft that could be drawn and charged with a refund on interest.

While the service offered by Wells Fargo are plausible, many still feel that the latter being traditional is yet to meet up with the changing demand in the banking industry by clients. This brings us to the next point if there exists any bank that is better than Wells?

What Bank is Better Than Wells Fargo?

Although Wells has its prestige when it comes to popularity and swiftness in bank transactions, the question as to what bank is better than it is based on individual preference.

Though Wells has a traditional feel in its banking activities and is also known for prompt responses to customers’ complaints, other alternatives seem to surpass her service.

Chase being its number one contender offers a fair reduced fee and a welcome bonus when it comes to their service delivery for those signing up for their service. Moreso, with the 4000 ATM centers around the states, one need not be physically present at their office before sending or receiving cash as compared to Wells.

Talk about chase overdraft options, when compared to Wells, they an almost no interest fee on their overdraft and provide this service even if your balance is less than a dollar. Add that to their swift delivery, and one would see that Chase beat the odds to Wells.

It is no surprise, foreigners also long for the service of a bank that can provide financial services that would not only reflect transparency but allow for ease in transferring funds. This would bring us to the best US bank for Foreigners.

What Bank has the most ATM in the US?

Automated Teller Machines(ATMs) provide an easy route to making withdrawals, the pain of staying over the counter isn’t something everyone fancy. This reason has caused banks to set up galleries in various city centers and bank branches.

While it is alright to carry out any withdrawal at any ATM center, sometimes this comes with a con, when the ATM dispenser doesn’t accept any card other than the stated bank designated, this leaves you stranded, looking for an ATM with your bank card logo.

Below is the list of banks that has the most ATMs in the US, hence making them the best US bank:

  • Bank of America- 17000 ATM
  • Chase- 16200 ATM
  • Wells Fargo- 13000
  • PNC- 8500

The banks listed above boost this number of ATM centers due to their large presence in almost 50 states in the US.

Best US Bank for International Travel.

Travel freaks and adventurous persons can now enjoy the ease of making international payments and saving for rainy days should the need to travel come up. Thankfully, they are Banks that make this dream come true.

Below are the best US banks for international travel and travel enthusiast

#1. Ally

With their low monthly fee cost in their charges, travelers need not worry about their funds being reduced. Not only that the Ally mobile app is very easy to use and provides a 24/7 customer care response.

#2. Capital one

Capital is a dual-purpose bank for international travel, this best US bank makes it possible to have a savings account and a checking account.

Their savings account makes it possible for you to deposit funds and earn a high-yield interest on it so long you leave it for a specific duration.

The checking account makes it easy for you to transfer funds from your savings account to it make online purchases and carry out withdrawals, their card also makes it easy for you to withdraw up to $1000 in cash without charging you a penny. This mapmaker makes the capital one of the best US banks for international travel.

#3. So-fi

Like capital one, this bank allows travelers to save and earn from their savings if they choose not to transfer funds to their checking accounts. 

They boast of active customer service as well.

Does Chase Have Zelle?

Like Fargo, Chase is an affiliate and provides its service likewise. This involves meeting up bills, providing a credit card, and making small businesses enjoy her service.

It would be surprising to know that certain banks also support the cryptocurrency world, and as such the need to highlight this best US bank for cryptocurrency is important.

Best US Banks for Crypto Currency

The following are the banks that aid cryptocurrency exchange and trading, these banks carry out transactions in crypto, crypto lends to needy investors, save cryptos for customers, offer insight into the latest cryptocurrencies, add interest, and approximate one’s spare balance and place them into their crypto investment account. Finally, these banks exchange cryptos for real cash. They are:

  • Bank Provide
  • Juno
  • Binance
  • Revolt

The list is inexhaustive as the above just featured the best US bank for cryptocurrency.

To the international student seeking study and in need of a bank where their savings and deposit would be safe and also enjoy interest on their savings, the section below would cover this aspect.

Best US Bank For International Students.

These banks put into consideration the need of students and offer features that make student banking interesting. From the no monthly fee that lasts up to six years and with a minimum deposit of almost nothing, add that to the interest they get to earn on their savings, this bank includes:

  • HSBC
  • PNC virtual wallet student account
  • TD convenience etc.

International students do not need to worry when it comes to choosing the best US bank for their study needs.

Does Bank of America Have Zelle?

Bank of America supports the Zelle payment service and used them just the same way most traditional banks do.


Again the best US banks provide services that match the regular banks, their services range from having branches across the states to cater to personal meetings, providing a good interest plan that would earn money for their customer savings, making international payment seamless, providing credit facilities for customers, the list goes on. Luckily, this article has compiled them in one place.

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