INSTALLMENT LOAN: Best Installment Loans in 2022

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An installment loan is the best option for those who are looking for a solution to their financial problems. This article talks about installment loans and their types of loans, like personal loans, how they work online, and how you can get an installment loan with bad credit.

What Is an Installment Loan?

Installment loans are loans fixed for the borrower to pay back at a specific time. When a borrower gets an installment loan, it is given to the borrower immediately. When paying back the loan, the borrower also has to pay the interest rate attached to the loan. 

Installment loans are closed-ended credit accounts, also called installment loans. The loan is paid in the same amount throughout the loan’s long term till it is over with its interest. The loan is like a traditional loan, such as a mortgage loan, auto loan, personal loan, etc.

How Does an Installment Loan Work?

When taking an installment loan, there is an agreement set for the borrower so that when paying the loan, they will know these conditions, like the amount to pay. It might be weekly, monthly, or annually, depending on the agreement. When paying off the debt, you also pay off the interest and other necessary payments.

When getting an installment loan, you do not have to own the loan when paying. If you pay on time as per the agreement of the loan, it improves your credit score. To get an installment loan, you need to know this step, which is

  • You have to check your credit score or ask for a copy of your credit score to know where you stand. If your credit score is good, you are good to go, and you just have to maintain a good score. If it is bad, don’t go for it. When you have a good credit score, you should always check it to know about your credit score. You can check your credit score with the annual credit report, credit-wise, FICO, VantageScore, e.t.c., and it is free to access without any harm to your credit score.
  • You will fill in the application form correctly and sign for your quick and huge loan.

Types of Installment Loans

In knowing that the types of installment loans differ in their loan interest rates, repayment terms, e.t.c. Here are the types of installment loans;

#1. Auto Loans 

This type of loan has a fixed interest rate and allows the borrower to use the loan to secure a car loan. It’s used to secure a used one or a new one. Its payment term is between a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 7 years. 

#2. Mortgages Loans

This loan is used to secure or buy a house, and its payment period is from 15 to 30 years, depending on the mortgage loan. 

#3. Personal Loans

This loan does not have a specific purpose for what you will use it for. The loan is sometimes secured or not secured. 

The Best Installment Loan Lenders

Here are the best loan lenders that will help you achieve your purpose. They are;

  • The “Upgrade” is the best installment loan overall.
  • For low credit score records, the “Upstart”.
  • For a low monthly payment, the “Avant” is good at doing that.
  • On-time payment rewards the “Marcus by Goldman Sachs”.
  • For peer-to-peer lending the “LendingClub”.
  • For debt consolidation, the “Payoff”.
  • For an excellent credit score, the “LightStream”.
  • For a good credit score the “Best Egg”.
  • Best for low-interest rates the “SoFi”.
  • For best installment loans for bad credit, “BadCreditLoans” is good at doing that.

The Pros of Installment Loans

Getting an installment loan has benefits that come with it. Here are some of the benefits of the loan. 

  • It has the benefit of giving the borrower the money quickly and covering many expenses. 
  • In getting the loan, it enables the borrower to budget easily so as to know the amount of money that will solve the problem. 
  • One of the best benefits of the loan is that you can get a chance to refinance, which can lower your interest rate and improve your credit score, which should be maintained.

The Cons of Installment Loans

Here are the cons of installment loans that borrowers should take note of;

  • One of the cons of the loan is that it charges a fixed interest rate that is higher depending on the loan. 
  • Another one is its long-term payment that might make the borrower not meet the agreement and face penalties. 

Online Installment Loan

These are online lenders that manage and do the process of installment loans online. It is quicker and easier to apply online with its flexibility of paying the loan back depending on the loan.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Installment Loan?

  • It is convenient because you can do it in the privacy and comfort of your home.
  • It is competitive in its rates due to the many lenders online. Like the RISE, Advance America, e.t.c.
  • Its process of application is easier and faster to do than traditional loans. It will take much of your time highest 15 minutes.
  • When paying your debt, you have to pay as agreed or on time. 
  • You can pay back the loan over an extra period of time, like 3 to 36 months with multiple payments.
  • Once the lender approves the loan, you will get the money as soon as possible in business days.

How to Apply for an Online Installment Loan

In getting an installment loan, you just need to know the steps that will guide you; 

The loan is easy and quick to do. 

  • Go online in search of an installment loan lender and electronically fill out the form with your personal information.
  • Show the lender your credit score to calculate and see if you are qualified for the loan.
  • The loan is given to you immediately or on the next business day with its agreement.  

Installment Loan for Bad Credit

Some individuals who still want to get an installment loan but have a low credit score can get a bad credit loan. That is, bad credit installment loans are personal loans that are specifically for people with low credit scores, or no credit history. Some lenders can do this loan online too. The loan can be secured or not secured. That is, if it is secured, you will provide collateral for the loan. And if it is not, there is no collateral for the loan.

How Does a Bad Credit Installment Loan Work?

Bad credit loans are just like installment loans. The difference is that 

  • They have a very high interest rate, and it is a fixed rate that is paid to the end of the loan.
  • Their payment term is a fixed time that can be from a few months to several years.
  • They give you the money quickly once you are liable with its cash from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.
  • You have to find lenders with bad credit loans and fill out the application with its necessary requirement such as:
  1. About your full name.
  2. The proof of your identity and your social security number.
  3. Records of your credit score and your age.

The Best Bad Credit Installment Loan Lenders

They are lenders that help individuals get their loans and fulfill their purposes, which are the best bad credit loan lenders that will help you achieve that. They are;

  • Loans with credit-building tools. They are the “Universal credit”.
  • Loans for debt consolidation. They are the “Upgrade”.
  • Loans for borrowers with low credit score records. They are the “Upstart”.
  • Loans for secure or co-sign bad credit installment loans. They are “Onemain Financial”.
  • Loans with fast funding. They are the “lending point”.
  • Loans with no credit score requirement. They are the “Oportun”.
  • Loans that are to build savings are the “Seedfi Borrow& Grow Personal Loan”.

How Do I Get a Bad Credit Installment Loan Online?

Some individuals want to get a bad credit loan in the privacy and comfort of their homes. Here are steps to get a bad credit installment loan online. They are;

  • First, you have to get your credit score history. The credit score should be at least a good one. You have to submit it to the lender so as to calculate and determine the kind of interest rate, payment terms, and loan amount for you.
  • Before you can apply for a loan, you have to check if you can pay up or meet the agreement terms. Check your income and expense records to see if you can meet the agreement. 
  • You can pre-qualify for a loan by showing the lender your credit score and income. You can seek loans from many lenders when you are pre-qualified and it will not affect your credit score. You can use that medium to get your best offer or loan.
  • Once you have found the best offer from any of the lenders, then you have to apply by filling in the necessary information and submitting some special documents ( for personal loans).

Personal Installment Loans

Personal installment loans help borrowers get an additional loan in a short time to cover their numerous expenses. A personal loan is a type of installment loan. Personal installment loans are the best option because it covers your expenses.

Your personal installment loans can be for an unexpected medical bill, car or home repairs, e.t.c., with payment terms, interest rates, and other charges depending on the personal loan and agreement.  


An installment loan helps you cover a few of your expenses. When getting a loan, find a lender that can give you a lower interest rate. That is, your credit score should be good. If it is not good and you make many inquiries, it can affect your credit score. 

An installment loan can cover your expenses and loan you a huge amount of money, ranging from $50 to $5,000 with flexible payment terms depending on the installment loan. There are no penalties for making an early payment on an installment loan. Once you pay off the loan, the account will be closed permanently.

Installment Loan FAQs

How much money can I borrow from an installment loan?

You can borrow from an installment loan from $50 to $5,000 depending on your state law and ability to pay back.

What credit score do you need for an installment loan?

To maintain a good credit score when applying for an installment, you have to be making payments early and your credit score should be at 580 or above to get a good loan.

How many installment loans can I have?

It is possible for you to have two installment loans at the same time, like (a mortgage and an auto loan, whether they are from the same lender or from different lenders. But to avoid penalties if you can’t pay the debt, it is better you have one unless you can meet the agreement of both.

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