Amazing Fundraising Ideas for School Sports Teams

Amazing Fundraising Ideas for School Sports Teams
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Fundraising is the lifeblood of most high school sports teams. With budgets getting tighter every year, coaches have to get creative to finance equipment, travel, and other expenses. Traditional bake sales and car washes just don’t cut it anymore. Teams need events and campaigns with mass appeal to hit their fundraising goals.

In this article, you’ll explore dozens of adrenaline-pumping fundraising ideas to take your sports team to the next level. From sponsorships and fan experiences to social media stunts and athletic events, here are ideas to excite everyone. It’s time to raise some funds and have fun doing it!

Traditional Fundraising Methods

These tried-and-true fundraising methods never go out of style. Ideas from Adrenaline Fundraising provide a steady stream of income you can count on year after year.


Local businesses are often eager to sponsor high school sports teams for the name recognition it gives them around town. Approach car dealerships, restaurants, law firms and other community businesses that might benefit from increased visibility. Offer different sponsorship tiers so they can choose the level of advertising and branding opportunities. For example, a “Gold” sponsor might get their logo on uniforms and banners, special PA announcements, and booth space at home games.


An easy online donation page allows fans, parents, and alumni to contribute funds from anywhere at any time. Try creating a video showing how donations help the team to spur giving. Don’t forget to follow up direct mail campaigns with emails, texts and social media posts. Making donating quick and simple means more dollars for your squad.

Merchandise Sales

From car decals to custom hoodies, spirit gear sells. Create an online team store through vendors like CustomInk that handle all the orders and shipping. Sell must-have items like jerseys, hats, sweatpants and more emblazoned with the team logo at games and school events. Limited edition pieces like senior tees drive demand.


Government agencies, corporations, and nonprofits award millions in athletic grants every year. Check out websites like GrantWatch for sports-related grant opportunities. Then follow the application guidelines closely to submit proposals explaining how grant funds will help your team. Even smaller grants of $500-$2000 can pay for essentials like equipment and travel expenses.

Ticket Sales for Events

Hosting exciting events like tournaments, concerts and celebrity games let you generate revenue through ticket sales and concessions. Auctioning off unique experiences like being a coach for a day also brings in money. Just be sure to hype up the fun so fans feel invested in attending. Events that get the community laughing, cheering and competing make ticket sales soar.

Active Fundraising Campaigns

These fundraising events get your athletes and supporters moving while raising critical funds along the way.


Walkathons motivate people to collect pledges for each mile completed on the course. They promote fitness while funding your sports program. Set up aCourse Hero branded pledge website where participants can sign up to walk and share their progress to boost donations. Offer prizes for top fundraisers to drive competitiveness and dollars.

Car Washes

Is there any better team bonding activity than a good old fashioned car wash fundraiser? Just gather sponges, hoses and buckets of soapy water and you’re ready for business. $20 per wash adds up fast. Play music to make it a party. Drivers love supporting local teams and driving away with a sparkling ride.

Concession Stands

Concession stands are concession cash cows! Selling tasty game day snacks like hot dogs, nachos, candy and drinks earns huge profits for barely any effort. Ask parents to donate baked goods or make homemade goodies to really win over hungry fans. With the right menu and some savvy salesmanship, concession stands pull in piles of money.

Clinics and Camps

Share your skills and raise money by offering youth clinics and camps. These programs allow younger kids to develop athletic abilities while high school players gain coaching experience. Charge for registration and donate a portion to your team. Tip: Bring in college recruits as instructors to take your clinic to the next level. Kids jump at the chance to learn from older athletes.

Creative Fundraising Ideas

Dare to think beyond the average fundraiser with these unique concepts that leverage technology, social media and the community.


Crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Fundly let you raise money from a wide audience online. Tell your team’s story through photos and descriptions to inspire donations from across town and across the country. Share fundraiser updates and milestones on social media to keep momentum going. Crowdfunding pulls in small donations that add up to big bucks.

Restaurant Partnerships

Team up with popular local restaurants who donate a percentage of total sales during a special fundraising day or night. As customers dine, your team earns anywhere from 10-25% of the bill. Promote the event online and through announcements to drive turnout. Restaurants reel in a crowd hungry to support student athletics.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media provides endless opportunities for viral challenges and stunts that bring awareness (and donations) your way. Try student vs faculty competitions like 3-point shootouts or flag football games. Livestream the action to increase eyes (and dollars). Services like Text-to-Give let fans donate instantly. Social media converts attention into fundraising wins.

Fan Experience Packages

Fans will pay big bucks for exclusive experiences like being an honorary coach or enjoying a team dinner. Auction off sideline passes, locker room tours, and opportunities to join the team entrance. Devoted fans and parents clamor for these once-in-a-lifetime, adrenaline-charged experiences that benefit the team.

Recruiting Support

Rally volunteers, students, parents, and businesses to energize your community and fundraising efforts.

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers run concession stands, coordinate events, take admissions, and much more. Spread the word about volunteer opportunities at games, school meetings and through online posts. Many young athletes jump at the chance to work alongside their high school idols. Provide uniforms and training to get an enthusiastic volunteer squad in place.

Seeking Business Discounts

Local businesses often contribute discounts and coupons to fundraising discount cards purchased by fans. Highlight participating restaurants, stores, services and more. Sell the cards as a show of spirit and an opportunity for community savings. Businesses benefit from the exposure while teams reap card sale revenue.

Student and Parent Outreach

Maximize fundraising success by having athletes send personal letters to request support from parents, families and local businesses. A handwritten task makes donors feel more connected to the cause. Sweeten the deal with academic incentives where coaches reward athletes for earning good grades. Parents and companies rally behind bright, motivated students.

Challenge Events

Challenge events allow supporters to test their mettle while raising money. Kick things off with adrenaline-pumping dares like shaving heads when fundraising milestones are met. Let fans vote on wild challenges for coaches to complete like dying hair the team colors or singing karaoke. Set donation thresholds then dare participants to eat crazy concoctions like pickled eggs or drink gut-twisting mixes. Supporters dig deep watching teammates and coaches putting themselves out there for the team.

Challenge events build hype, community and funds in one fell adrenaline-filled swoop.

Fitness Competitions

Get the whole town moving by hosting fitness competitions for a good cause. Organize bench press throwdowns between athletes and brave teachers. Have spinning classes compete to pedal the most miles. Challenge yogis to hold the longest plank.

Pick fitness tests that are inclusive and fun. Charge registration fees to enter then encourage participants to collect pledges from their networks. Award silly prizes like protein powder packages and fitness gear to top competitors. Share the sweaty, silly action on social media to spur donations. Fitness competitions allow everyone to flex their muscles for your team.

Gamer Gatherings

Video Game Tournaments

Make gamers the MVPs of your fundraiser by hosting video game tournaments. Work with gaming centers or eSports organizations to arrange Super Smash Bros, Fortnite, and Madden matchups. Have athletes provide live commentary on the gameplay to build the hype. Sell tickets for fans to watch in person and livestream for remote viewers.

Auction off opportunities to play against school celebrities for the chance to take down your star quarterback at Madden or beat the top esports gamer in school. Video game crowds are passionate, dedicated and happy to help a good cause.

Cosplay Contests

Capitalize on the wildly popular world of fandom and cosplay with a costume contest fundraiser. Pick engaging themes like Avengers, Pokémon, or Sci-Fi for participants to dress up as their favorite characters. Charge registration fees to enter the contest then encourage votes for the best costume (additional fees apply of course!)

Have judges narrow down contenders then let fans select the winners via donations and online votes. Offer awesome tailored prizes like signed comics, movie prop replicas and figurines to fuel the competition. Cosplayers leap at any chance to suit up while supporting student athletes.

Family-Friendly Functions


Carnivals are classics because they offer family-friendly fun everyone enjoys. Have clubs run games and food booths while athletes provide activities like facepainting and balloon animals. Sell tickets for rides, activities and treats. Ask local businesses to sponsor booths. You can easily raise thousands in a few hours of carnival thrills.

Enhance the nostalgic atmosphere with music, colorful decorations and silly contests like pie-eating galas. Capture memorable moments in a photo booth to promote social sharing. A carnival creates a festive community celebration perfect for fundraising.

To Summarize

High school sports teams can score big by thinking beyond basic fundraisers. Sponsorships, events, creative campaigns and community support fuel school spirit and fundraising revenue. Use these adrenaline fundraising ideas to take your team’s bank account to the next level!

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