Innovative Fundraising Strategies for Cheerleader Teams

Innovative Fundraising Strategies for Cheerleader Teams
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Hey there! As someone who’s been part of a cheer squad, I totally understand the struggle of raising funds, for competitions, uniforms, equipment and all those expenses that come with representing your school and energizing the crowds. Bake sales and car washes just don’t seem to cut it. It’s time to bring some innovation to your fundraising game!

That’s why this guide is here to give you a boost with proven tactics that can help you meet your squads financial goals. Get ready to move beyond the methods and take your cheer fundraising to the level using technology, creativity and good old-fashioned hustle.

Time-Tested Approaches; Classic Strategies That Never Go Out of Style

Before you dive into techniques, quickly go through some tried and true methods that still deliver great results such as Hour-A-Thon’s cheerleader fundraising Ideas. They may seem a bit fashioned. With proper planning and promotion you can still generate solid profits from these ageless classics!

Whipping up treats or serving snacks at games or other school events continues to be a source of income for cheer squads. To make the most out of it;

Set up a booth in a high traffic area – don’t hide in a corner! Make sure to provide a variety of options at price points including healthy choices. Also don’t forget to promote your fundraiser, on media and put up posters around your school.

A helpful tip; Try reaching out to eateries and see if they would be willing to donate food or offer discounts on supplies. This can help keep your costs low and increase your profits!

The Car Wash

The car wash fundraiser has become a tradition for every cheer squad. To make the most of it, strategically schedule the event around games, community events or sunny weather. 

You can also offer bundles and packages for vehicles along with service options. Don’t forget to upsell with goods, refreshments and raffle tickets. Additionally, consider offering discounts for referrals to attract customers.

Raffle Tickets

Raffles are another way to earn income. Source exciting prizes from businesses such as gift cards, merchandise or services.

Sell raffle tickets at games, school events and within the community – you can even expand your reach by selling them ! Generate excitement leading up to the drawing by promoting it on your website and social media platforms.

Make sure to remind the winners to share their prizes, on media and mention your group. It’s an opportunity for some promotion!

Calling All Sponsors: Community Support Pays Off

Securing sponsorships from local companies, big and small, provides a steady stream of funding through the season. Imagine you’re a business owner looking to find investors, the theory is the same.

  • Start with businesses you already have a relationship with and approach new ones with custom proposals.
  • Offer promotions like social media shoutouts, logo display, and event appearances based on sponsorship level.
  • Report back regularly on how their investment provides value – sponsors love metrics and stories.
  • Personal outreach and persistence pay off – follow up and build the connections.

New Ways to Play: Technology Enables Fundraising Innovation

The digital world opens up so many possibilities to take your cheer fundraising game to the next level. Explore some of the top tech-centric strategies yielding major returns for cheer squads across the country.

Crowdfunding Creates Mini Movements

Crowdfunding campaigns galvanize your whole community to chip in toward a collective goal through dedicated platforms like GoFundMe and Fundly. While you’re not developing a local political campaign, you are crafting a local fundraiser strategy and there are similarities to be made.

  • Set up your squad’s personalized campaign and fundraising hub with photos, videos, and details on costs.
  • Participants can share the campaign via social media and emails with their unique supporter page.
  • Engaging progress thermometers show momentum building toward the goal.
  • Supporters can leave encouraging comments and compete for top contributor titles.

Crowdfunding pulls funding from both far-flung connections and your core inner circle. With the right outreach, promotions, and incentives, you’ll hit your targets in no time.

Online Stores: Merch Does the Work For You

Set up an online storefront through your team website or platforms like Square and Bonfire to sell spirit wear, swag, and cheer gear year-round.

  • Choose fun designs and products your squad and fans actually want. Don’t forget the classics like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and stickers.
  • Promote new merch drops and sales across all social media and email channels. Limited edition collections build hype.
  • Make it easy to order in a few clicks with sizing charts and shipping cost calculators.
  • Consider fulfilling orders in batches to save on production costs. Limited or made-to-order items also reduce risk.

The profits roll in automatically as orders come through 24/7. Plus, seeing fans sport your designs is priceless promotion!

Promote, Promote, Promote: Spread the Word Far and Wide

Your most innovative and perfectly planned fundraiser won’t raise a dime if no one knows about it. Use every channel and opportunity to get the message out to your networks.

Email: Direct Access to Inboxes

Email is still one of the best strategies in marketing to share key event details and calls to action with supporters.

  • Personalize email subject lines and greetings whenever possible. Generic blast emails are less effective.
  • Use eye-catching templates with your squad’s graphics, colors, and fonts to stand out.
  • Send reminder emails leading up to the event to build awareness and urgency to participate.

Social Media: Meet Fans Where They Scroll

Promote your fundraiser non-stop across all your squad’s social media channels. Social media has billions of active users, and you cannot afford to ignore these platforms.

  • Use linking features to drive traffic between platforms like clickable Instagram bios and Facebook / Twitter links.
  • Create shareable social posts and graphics supporters can easily repost. Add relevant hashtags.
  • Go LIVE on Instagram and TikTok to create buzz and give behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.
  • Run targeted promoted post or event ad campaigns on Facebook to expand your reach beyond followers.

Organization and Follow Through: The Keys to Fundraising Success

The best ideas and most creative campaigns can quickly fizzle without thoughtful coordination and persistent follow-through. Set your squad up for fundraising glory with these management musts:

Central Calendar: Schedule Success

Maintain one master calendar showing ALL your events, campaigns, and key dates.

  • Block off adequate prep time for printing, product orders, permitting, etc. Things always take longer than expected!
  • Avoid overlaps between your initiatives and major school events like dances, games, breaks.
  • Share calendar access with your cheer parents committee and chat platform so everyone’s on the same page.

Clear Goals: Define Your Destination

Set specific revenue targets for both your overall season and each individual initiative.

  • Make goals achievable but ambitious enough to require focus and effort.
  • Routinely evaluate progress during your season and adjust your fundraising pipeline if needed.
  • Celebrate hitting benchmarks! Reward your team and recognize key supporters.

Now Get Out There and Shake Things Up!

The cheerleading fundraising playbook is totally upside down compared to the past. While staying true to traditions that work, you have so many new tools and opportunities to create meaningful change for your squads.

It’s on you to throw out assumptions, get bold with how people ask for support, back each other up, and put in the effort to connect your communities to what people need and value.

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