TIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS FOR STUDENTS: What It Is, Top and Best Management Tools

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Time management tools are the process of planning and exercising conscious control over time spent on certain activities, with the goal of increasing effectiveness, efficiency, and production. However, knowing how to manage your time will help you organize your plans properly. This article talks about time management’s best free tools, apps, and online and ADHD time management tools for students.

What Are Time Management Tools?

Time management software assists firms in organizing, scheduling, and prioritizing tasks and projects. They can help you meet deadlines, make the greatest use of corporate resources, and manage deliverables with precision.

Meanwhile, time management software continues to be one of the top alternatives for busy adult students. It requires no technical knowledge and is completely free. For on-the-go planning, you can use the web-based program or install the app on your phone. Is also the process of organizing, simplifying, prioritizing, economizing, and contributing is known as time management. Finally, time management tools will help you to construct to-do lists and prioritize projects, set alarms and reminders, organize files and tasks, and optimize team communication.

Students can prepare ahead of time, set aside the time necessary for projects and tasks, and make better use of that time. Calendars, notetaking software, time trackers, specific time management apps, and so on are examples of time management tools.

How to Make Use of Time Management Apps

There is no one-size-fits-all time management tool, so if your experience contradicts the buzz surrounding an app, try something else. Some things you might ask yourself to help you choose the best system are named in brief:

  • How many hats am I wearing?
  • What kind of planning is most effective for me? 
  • Do I find screens distracting, or do I find paper planning frustrating?
  • What are my most significant time-management challenges? How can I overcome these challenges?
  • Finally, how much time should I devote to time planning and budgeting?

The following are the best time management tools that can be of help below;

#1. Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is an excellent choice. This alternative combines a journal, note-taking, and task lists into a single planning method. Your plans might be as complex as well as basic as you choose. You can unwind and indulge in self-care by personalizing your planner while remaining focused on your goals. It’s the best of both worlds for stationery and art enthusiasts.

#2. Google Calendar

This straightforward, traditional time management tool is still one of the finest solutions for busy adult students. It also requires no technical knowledge and is completely free. For on-the-go planning, you can use the web-based program or install the app on your phone.

Time Management Tools for Students Free

The following are some free time management tools for students:

#1. Trello

Trello is a versatile project management application that can be used collaboratively or alone. You can use this tool to create individual projects for home, school, and work duties, which you can then organize using subtasks within that project. However, it’s an all-in-one system that can follow your progress from here to almost anywhere. This means Trello can be integrated with any other system you use. There is also no need to install an app or utilize a special browser. The web-based interface works on almost any device, and registration is free for the student’s time management tools.

#2. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking program that helps you to organize all of your paper scraps, ideas, and plans into a single, simplified, searchable location. Examine your to-do list, review your class notes, and check your schedule without having to scroll through five different apps and ten distinct screens.

#3. Monday.com

Monday.com is a time management platform. You will be able to manage and track time in a single application. The timer may be conveniently turned on and off. It will allow you to manually enter the time. Monday.com can be integrated with your preferred tool. It offers a smartphone app for tracking the time anywhere, at any time.

#4. Wrike

Wrike Project Management Platform is an online solution that includes time tracking functionality. Wrike’s task timer allows it to keep track of how much time has passed. It is simple to use, having play and pause buttons. It will be shown at the very top of your workplace.

#5. Time Clockify App

Clockify is a free time management application. It is a web-based program that can be used to track time on both desktop computers and mobile phones. It features desktop apps for Windows and Mac. They are available as an app for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

#6. Free Time Management Tools App Todoist for Students

Todoist can assist you in keeping everything in one place. It is compatible with all devices. It has the ability to create goals and visualize progress. The subscription service includes additional capabilities like as automatic reminders, template generation, and data backup.

#7. RescueTime

RescueTime is time management software that tracks your computer activities to give you analytics. It will assist you in becoming more productive. The app will let you pause and resume the timer. It provides banking-level security.

Best Time Management Tools for Students

The following are some of the top time management tools for students:

#1. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk allows users to prioritize chores based on due date, priority, and other considerations. Users can also tag, clone, and color-code items, attach files to tasks and divide complex projects into subtasks. Nontraditional students may find the program especially useful because it allows them to delegate chores to others, including family members.

#2. 2Do

2Do was created with speed in mind. Students can keep track of simple entries or group certain tasks together for more complicated workflows. 2Do also has creative and quick sorting, searching, and filtering tools. Users can use cloud-based services like Dropbox to sync 2Do across all devices. 2Do gives students a 20% discount.

#3. Focus Booster

The Focus Booster seeks to increase users’ productivity. Notably, the app makes use of the Pomodoro Technique, a time-management technique that focuses on periodic sessions to keep users focused on particular activities. Students can keep track of how many Pomodoro sessions they finish by viewing progress reports. Focus Booster can also be used by students with side enterprises to manage project portfolios and client lists.

#4. Forest 

Forest  Users can indicate a to-do item or assignment by planting a virtual tree. The more people work on a task, the bigger their tree becomes. 

#5. Coach.me

Coach.me combines goal setting and skill mastery with behavioral design and psychology. The software can assist students in tracking their development and celebrating their achievements. Users can obtain advice from community members and ask questions about Coach.me.

Best Time Management Apps

Students can select the following option to obtain the best time management apps:

#1. MindNode

Mind mapping is yet another excellent productivity and time management strategy. It is one of the best free online time management apps for mind-mapping tools accessible for this purpose. It assists you in becoming more organized by focusing your thoughts, allowing you to obtain clarity on what has to be done.

#2. GoodSync

This software makes it simple to back up, recover, and synchronize your files. It supports folders from various locations and has filtering options for excluding subfolders from synchronization.

#3. Quire

Quire is yet another amazing and creative time management app that increases the efficiency of your team. This app’s strength is in its features for collaboration and sharing. You may streamline and alter your workflow based on the needs and preferences of your team using the numerous time management tools provided by this software.

#4. TimeTree

This TimeTree software enables families or teams to share numerous calendars and appointments. So, whether you’re throwing a party or organizing a sports team, Time Tree can keep everyone up to date on all current and upcoming activities and events.

Online Time Management Tools for Students

These time-online management tools and software assist students, particularly online students, in managing their time. The following are lists of online time management tools for students:

#1. Time Camp

This software will assist you in gaining a better understanding of what you’re doing so that you may devote more time to what you should be doing. You’ll be able to accurately watch where your time is going and better manage for efficiency, whether it’s setting aside excellent study time or drafting a report. The best part is that this app is free for single users.

#2. Workflow

Workflow integrates the best aspects of your apps so you can access numerous apps without having to tap all the time. Manage all of your iPhone’s applications in one location. You may listen to music, exchange messages, and hail a ride. Spend less time switching apps and more time on your day.

Tools Time Management Tips for Online Students

Here are the best time tips for online students below;

  • Make a plan.
  • Distracting factors should be avoided.
  • Don’t try to multitask.
  • Strike a balance.
  • Give yourself a treat.

The Importance of Time Management for Students

The following are some of the benefits of time management:

  • This is especially crucial for online students, who are frequently working full-time, caring for family members, or managing other obligations. Without the camaraderie of a class to driving you or a specific time when you must be on campus, efficient time management is critical to assisting you in being focused.
  • Effective time management not only aids learning but may also increase your productivity at work and in your personal life. If you’re serious about finishing your online degree, you’ll need to locate a decent system to use.

ADHD Time Management Tools for Students

The following is a list of ADHD time management tools for students below:

#1. The Time Timer

A visual timer that employs a pie-chart-like circle to illustrate how much time has passed can assist neurodivergent people in staying on track. The Time Timer is a 60-minute visual timer that can be silent when the timer expires. Students can use these ADHD time management tools.

#2. Multiple Audible Timers/Alarms

Setting multiple audible clocks at different intervals before you have to perform something is another approach to keeping track of your time. Setting different alarms for the next 15, 30, and 45 minutes can offer you clues about how much time has passed and can discourage you from getting too caught up in a task if you know you need to see someone in an hour. Having various clocks set at different intervals might also help you prepare for a transition, making you feel less rushed when you move on to the next activity. This is a set of four audible timers. These ADHD time management tools are suitable for students

What Are 7 Time Management Tips for Students?

The following are seven time management ideas for students:

  • Set objectives.
  • Make a note of the deadlines.
  • Begin with small tasks and divide large tasks.
  • Make a schedule.
  • Make use of checklists.
  • Use your breaks wisely.
  • Make use of technology.
  • Request Assistance.

What Is the Best Tool for Time Management?

The Focus Booster is one of the greatest time management tools designed to assist people in overcoming procrastination and completing their everyday responsibilities. The Pomodoro technique is the foundation of Focus Booster.

How Can I Manage My Time as a Student?

Here are some tips for managing your time as a student:

  • Set goals and identify time wasters. It’s easy to become sidetracked.
  • Make a To-Do List to help you plan ahead of time.
  • Begin with small tasks.
  • Do only one thing at a time.
  • Create routines.
  • Use your breaks wisely.
  • Take some time off.
  • Delegate your responsibilities.

How Can I Improve My Time Management Skills?

Here are some suggestions for improving your time management skills:

  • Establish Your Priorities. Some chores are more significant than others in your daily activity.
  • Multitasking should be avoided.
  • Distractions should be avoided.
  • Understand how to say no.
  • Make use of time management apps.
  • Prepare Your Day.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Anxiety has been reduced.

What Are the 7 Time Management Skills?

The time management skills are listed below;

  • One of the seven methods is to conduct a time audit.
  • Distracting factors should be avoided.
  • Make time for yourself.
  • Multitasking should be avoided.
  • Make it a point for others to respect your time.
  • Keep in mind your “call to action.”
  • Allow for adequate downtime and recuperation.


However, some individuals do make good use of their in completing tasks. Learning about time management will help you build your time well and make use of it wisely. Some individuals don’t know how to do time management, but this article teaches about “time management tools.” It is a guide. 

Time Management Tools for Students FAQs

What is the most important time management tool?

Make a master list and use a timer. The first time management tool you require is a time planner, which provides all of the information you need to plan and arrange your life. The greatest time planners, whether looseleaf or electronic, allow you to plan for the year, month, week, and day.

What are the 3 types of time management?

Here are some time management strategies and techniques to help you get more done and feel more productive by employing the three P’s: planning, prioritizing, and performing.

What is task management tool?

An individual, team, or organization can utilize a task management application to execute projects more efficiently by arranging and prioritizing related work. Task management software can take numerous forms, such as simple spreadsheets or online project management apps.

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