PPC MANAGEMENT: Detailed With The Top PPC Management Tools

PPC management

Pay-per-click (PPC) management is a critical component of digital marketing that helps a company to rank well in search engine results or on social networking platforms. It can provide businesses with the ability to promote their products and services while also giving consumers essential purchasing information. Marketers and businesses wishing to increase their digital marketing efforts can benefit from learning how to run a PPC management campaign. In this post, we describe what PPC management is, explain its purpose, discuss its benefits, and provide some advice on how to use a PPC management agency efficiently.

What is PPC Management?

PPC management is the process of having a marketer (or team of marketers) supervise the complete PPC ad strategy and budget for a company. This can be done by an in-house team of marketers and media buyers or outsourced to an external PPC management agency.

What Does a PPC Management Agency or Specialist Do?

The following are typical responsibilities of a PPC expert (or management agency):

  • Keyword research: This is the process of discovering and identifying the keywords that your target audience is searching for.
  • Target channels: Choose which paid media platforms to pursue. They include Google Ads, Bing Ads, display networks, and even social media advertising.
  • PPC monitoring: Evaluating each campaign and keyword for effectiveness, ensuring PPC efforts are providing a favorable ROI.
  • Competition analysis: Looking at what the competition is doing, which keywords they’re targeting, and the ad creative they’re using (to find holes they can fill in on their own) (to uncover gaps they can fill in on their own).
  • Campaign optimization: This entails keeping track of the campaign structure and optimizing it depending on the top-performing keywords. For example, if 10% of keywords generate the majority of business, you may wish to prioritize those phrases in order to increase ROI.
  • Split testing: This is the continuous A/B testing of fresh ads and landing sites. The full PPC funnel should be used for regular trials.

Not every company can afford to engage an in-house PPC manager. As a result, hiring a PPC management agency may make more sense, especially if you’re new to PPC (and media buying in general) or don’t have the in-house resources to handle it yourself.

Who Should Employ a PPC Management Agency?

While some businesses may balk at the additional expense of employing experts to run their PPC ads, it may often pay for itself by enhancing efficiencies.
A PPC Management company should hire the following candidates:

  • Someone who is new to online marketing.
  • Businesses without an in-house advertising team.
  • Small businesses lack the manpower to successfully manage PPC.
  • Companies cannot afford the sometimes expensive database and software solutions required for effective PPC management.
  • Specialized PPC management companies have extensive experience in the field, as well as industry contacts and links to existing advertising networks. They can help smaller internet firms compete on a level playing field with larger operations.

What are the Benefits of PPC management?

PPC management has the following advantages:

  • Enhanced participation: Employing a well-executed PPC campaign may swiftly propel a company to the top of search engine results, allowing more potential customers to access its merchandise and website content.
  • Cost-effective outcomes: By using a PPC ad, a company pays dollars when a user clicks on a landing page’s link in search engine results. If the number of people who click on this link grows, a company may gain more sales overall.
  • Process simplification: PPC management enables marketing professionals to better oversee ad placement, keyword research, and budgeting methods. Marketers can track ads with a variety of methods, including software that tracks sales made by customers who visit a company’s website after clicking on a PPC campaign.
  • PPC campaigns can help supplement search engine optimization (SEO), which entails boosting the frequency with which a website appears on a page of search engine results. Appropriate site location can assist a company in increasing its overall revenue.

How to Effectively Use PPC Management

Use PPC management efficiently by following these steps:

#1. Develop a landing page

A landing page is a static webpage on a company’s website that contains important information about its current products and services, such as pricing. Developing a landing page for a PPC advertisement can assist you in tracking clients who click on advertisements, allowing you to know how many people purchase goods as a result. To provide a consistent experience for customers, consider using the same language on your landing page and PPC adverts. If a company offers a subscription service, it may be beneficial to have a button that leads to a sign-up page.

#2. Establish Objectives

To assist team members in carrying out tasks and allocating cash effectively, develop short-term and long-term objectives for a PPC campaign. This procedure can also assist you in developing a suitable workflow plan that is more in line with an organization’s mission statement. It may be beneficial to use numerical data to learn what types of goals a team can reach, such as the total amount of sales during one accounting period. To determine the effectiveness of your PPC adverts, you can then choose a specific measuring method.

#3. Keep track of ad spending

Monitor a company’s advertising expenses on a daily basis to determine whether it has an appropriate Return. It is critical to ensure that a company’s ads produce sufficient sales to cover the cost of a PPC campaign. Consider employing specialist software to track the success of a campaign, such as whether specific keywords remain effective over time and how many sales a campaign generates overall. This software can also assist you in determining which ads rank highly on search engines or social media websites.

#4. Make long-term campaign plans

For your PPC campaign, consider building an ongoing, long-term strategy. Developing high-quality tactics and monitoring systems can help ensure that a company’s landing pages continually rank highly in search engines. Developing fresh adverts and bidding on new keywords might assist expand an organization’s PPC strategy. For example, you may employ split testing processes on existing ads to see if adding new material can improve the overall performance of a landing page.

What Are the Costs Associated With PPC Management Services?

You’re interested in PPC management services, but you want to know how much it costs before you commit.
Before delving into the various price methods, keep in mind that the typical company spends $300 to $100 million each month on PPC advertisements. This is the budget for running ads; it does not include the price of hiring people or an outside company.
Let’s examine two cost models for PPC management:

  • Conducting your PPC campaign in-house
  • Hiring a PPC management company.

#1. In-House PPC Management

If you run your campaign in-house, the most expensive part is keeping your personnel.
Salary are the most significant in-house expense. If numerous members of your marketing team are adding PPC to their to-do list, you must include their salary as well as any other remuneration, such as benefits, in your cost.
Time is another cost consideration.

Running your PPC campaign will prevent your team members from completing other duties if they are too busy running it. Although this isn’t a direct cost, it can hinder business operations.
If you decide that you do not want to remove team members away from their tasks, you will need to place ads for extra staff. Employing extra staff means you’ll have to account for higher pay in your company’s expenses.

#2. Using a PPC Management Agency

The fees associated with hiring a PPC management company will vary depending on the type of package you receive from your team. Some businesses charge a flat fee, while others charge based on the amount you spend on PPC ads.
You can anticipate paying anything from $350 to $5000 per month in addition to your ad expenditure when you hire a PPC management agency.

The Best PPC Management Tools In 2023

  • Opteo
  • Optymzr
  • Skai
  • WordStream
  • Acquisio
  • AdEspresso
  • MarinOne
  • BlueWinston
  • Clixtell
  • Madgicx

#1. Opteo

Opteo, based in London, is trusted and adored by thousands of marketing agencies and brands, like Etsy, Dropbox, and Spotify. Their software solution is described as a complete toolkit for Google Ads companies and managers. It will continuously monitor your Google Ads accounts, and if it detects a substantial change, it will suggest ways to improve your present campaign. In fact, it can share over 40 different types of improvements. In a matter of seconds, Google Ads can receive these intelligent recommendations.

If you’re part of a larger marketing team, it also allows you to share detailed performance graphs. In a nutshell, it provides all of the tools you need to understand the performance of your Google Ads.
Important characteristics include:

  • Ads from Google
  • Split testing of ad creative
  • Detection of spelling errors
  • Metrics for behavior
  • Budgeting instruments
  • Integration with Slack

Pricing: Price starts at $99 per month for Google Ads spend up to $50,000.

#2. Optymzr

If you don’t meet Opteo’s ad spend, you can check out Optymzr. It offers Optymzr Lite for firms with an ad spend of less than $10,000. It’s been built for PPC account managers, analysts, and strategists and is the PPC software that pushes Volvo on the correct path.
Their crew has been working in PPC since the late 1990s, despite the fact that they were formally created in 2013. Optymzr is not solely focused on Google Ads, unlike some of the other options on our list. It may be used to manage Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, and Microsoft Ads in addition to Google Ads. It also accepts a variety of ad forms, such as search ads, retail ads, display ads, and video ads.
Important characteristics include:

  • Optimizations with a single click
  • Budget reduction
  • Management of bids
  • Integration with Slack
  • Scheduled reports

Pricing: Subscriptions start at $208 a month, but if you decide to be invoiced annually, you can get two months for free.

#3. Skai

Skai, formerly known as Kenshoo, is a self-service software platform that may assist brands in developing an unbiased, holistic optimization strategy for sponsored search and paid social. With the help of its actionable insights and predictive methods, brands can take use of machine learning to plan, forecast, and optimize budgets automatically.

For example, Tinuiti, one of the leading CRO agencies, used its unique tool, Budget Navigator, to assist them to limit their cost. The end outcome was a 15% increase in overall revenue.
Important services include:

  • Dynamic budgeting
  • Campaign mirroring
  • Metrics that are unique to you
  • A/B testing on a large scale
  • Direct API interfaces with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat

Pricing:Their price is based on an annual license fee and a percentage of ad spend. You must fill out a form on their website to get additional information about the price.

#4. WordStream

WordStream began as a keyword research tool and has since evolved into a comprehensive array of advertising solutions and services. Check out their award-winning Google Ads and Facebook Ads Graders for PPC management in particular.

With the use of a unique grading algorithm, their Google Ads Performance Grader is a free tool that may help you evaluate how your campaigns are working. It will provide you with an overall score as well as specific scores in ten critical areas such as wasted spend, click-through rate (CTR), and landing page optimization.

The Facebook Ads Performance Grader is also free. It is designed primarily for agencies and small businesses to assist them in identifying underutilized opportunities.

#5. AdEspresso

AdEspresso by Hootsuite is one of the best eCommerce tools for enterprises and startups. It makes Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising much easier.

One of its standout characteristics is its automatic page post promotion. This tool allows you to promote organic posts based on the parameters you specify. Finally, using its robust reporting capabilities, you may gain extensive insights into the performance of your postings.
Its automated optimization is another significant feature. This function will automatically enhance your ads by examining all of them, pausing the ones that cost the most, and reallocating the ad budget to the ads that perform the best.
Important characteristics include:

  • Grid composer was split-tested on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
  • Automatic PDF reporting

Pricing: Price begins at $49 per month and needs a $1,000 monthly ad spend.

#6. BlueWinston

Check out BlueWinston if you need assistance with Google Ads in particular. It’s an automated solution for developing Smart Shopping campaigns and text product ads for Google, as well as product ads for YouTube, Google Search, Google Display, and Gmail.

They are one of the top-rated PPC management software solutions on Capterra, and they are utilized for product promotion by PPC agencies and individual users all over the world. While they currently only handle Google campaigns, its website states that they intend to expand its capabilities to include Yandex and Bing as well.

In terms of what you may expect, their website states that users can expect an increase in ROI of up to 500% and a 20% rise in click-through rate. It can also assist to cut conversion costs by nearly a third.
Important services include:

  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Ad generation for product groups automatically
  • Automated keyword generation
  • 24/7 support for automated text ads

Pricing: Their price is a little different, as it is based on the overall quantity of products rather than the ad spend. For example, you may spend €59 every month on 1,000 things. Nevertheless, if you choose to be billed quarterly instead, you can save 34%.

#7. Clixtell

Check out Clixtell if you’re looking for assistance with click fraud especially. According to their website, click fraud can account for up to 25% of all clicks.
In brief, it can allow you to protect your PPC budget by preventing attacks on your Bing Ads and Google Ads campaigns. It will also provide you with a comprehensive tailored report that you can share with Google and Bing to demonstrate invalid clicks and receive a complete refund.
Important characteristics include:

  • Detection of click fraud around the clock
  • Tracking and recording of click-to-call ads
  • Customized analytics and reporting

#8. SEMrush

Frequent readers of Influencer Marketing Hub are aware that we frequently discuss Semrush. Overall, it’s a solid all-in-one digital marketing tool for organizations of all kinds. In addition to being one of the best SEO tools, it is also excellent for PPC. With regards to paid advertising and PPC particularly, they provide seven options in total.

Using its paid marketing tool, you can assess what your competitors are up to by receiving insight into which keywords they’re bidding on. It is also helpful for conducting keyword research. Its Keyword Magic Tool provides you with access to the world’s largest keyword database, which you can use to identify inquiry keywords as well as related phrases and concepts.

Its Keyword Manager and Keyword Gap are two other tools worth mentioning. Using the Keyword Manager, you can perform in-depth analysis on up to 1,000 keywords at once. The Keyword Gap tool, on the other hand, is great for identifying frequently paid keywords used by your competitors.
Important characteristics include:

  • Analyses of competitors
  • Rank monitoring
  • Research on PPC keywords

Pricing: Price begins at $119.95 a month, but if paid annually, you can save up to 17%.

#10. ClickGUARD

ClickGUARD is another click fraud protection product that is trusted and liked by brands such as NordVPN. By researching billions of clicks, they’ve helped their clients save $50 million from click fraud.

It is quite simple to get started. Simply set up a ClickGUARD account and connect it to your Google Ads account. Next, using real-time monitoring of incoming data, their program will be able to track the source and check post-click activity against usual fraud patterns. In order to protect your Google Ads campaign, it will immediately block the source if it deems that it is a malicious click.
Important characteristics include:

  • Different types of forensic reports
  • Documents for refund claims

Pricing: Price starts at $56 a month, but you can save up to 20% if you join up for its annual plan.


PPC management is a deliberate undertaking, not a collection of growth hacks or a bag of tricks, as you can see. Google Ad campaigns that are profitable use data to inform, optimize, and expand over time.
This tutorial should help you on your way to profitable PPC management. Utilize the data available as well as what you collect over time to continuously boost your Return.


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