The Peculiarity of Cryptocurrencies

The Peculiarity of Cryptocurrencies
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Cryptocurrencies are like no other units of value. Several years from its inception, it has created its own market and industry, capturing the global platform online with crypto exchanges such as Bitcoin Digital. Learn more about the peculiar features of cryptocurrencies that make them extraordinary.

Is It a Monetary Unit or an Investment Unit?

The Bitcoin, which was initially introduced as a monetary unit, turned out to be an investment unit the moment prices picked up. Thanks to the boost brought about by the free market, which has welcomed the trading of digital currencies. It is not surprising why many different cryptocurrencies have surfaced time and again. The market is growing, given the favorable feedback from subscribers. And it is becoming unstoppable.

While the first digital currency was introduced as a medium of exchange, it was soon dwarfed by its relevance when it comes to investment opportunities. Later on, cryptocurrencies became more of an investment unit rather than a monetary unit. It became a popular investment that several platforms have introduced online crypto trading, which provides technical assistance to users.

Nonetheless, cryptocurrency can always go back to its roots as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin is now available as a form of payment in purchasing products from Tesla. It appears that one of its biggest investors has opened the door for the trade of this virtual currency in exchange for its goods. Elon Musk has always been a visionary that he has managed to take precedence in the crypto market for the use of virtual coins as payment for purchases.

Is it an Asset or Equity in Financial Books?

At least for purposes of taxation, cryptocurrencies are considered assets. It is being taxed like any other class of assets. This is why you will have to declare them in your books to be fully compliant with tax laws. Basically, you will have to declare how much you have gained from trading the cryptocurrency. For every transaction, you are expected to report the capital gain, if any.

As an asset, it is considered as an intangible asset for being a digital one. It has no physical representation except for its value based on the online ledger. This value shall be determined by market behavior. Cryptocurrencies remain to be unaccounted for, at least when it comes to accounting standards. According to ACCA Global, it cannot be treated as cash, cash equivalent, or even a financial asset since it falls short in the technical definition of these assets.
Consequently, digital currencies are also called tokenized equity. It represents an ownership share in the digital blockchain valued depending on market dynamics. When you purchase your virtual coins, you become entitled to the corresponding ownership units in the form of digital currencies. This is how things work in the crypto market.

Is It Among The Securities Subject to Regulations?

Perhaps the most controversial crypto news rocking the industry is the case of Ripple. It is being alleged to have violated federal laws on securities for failing to register as one. However, it contends that registration is not mandatory since it is not contemplated to fall within the class of financial securities. It holds that the legal provisions on securities do not apply in its case.

Are cryptocurrencies considered as financial securities subject to government regulations? In the first place, it has been argued that cryptocurrencies do not have a tangible representation of value. Although it is regarded as a tokenized equity, it is noteworthy that no ownership interest is represented by its subscribers to the developer. The ownership of equity only goes as far as the value designated by the market on the digital coin.

Bitcoin might have already been ruled out as far as the definition of financial securities is concerned. Apparently, there are dissenters when it comes to the case of Ripple. This digital currency is being tagged as financial security that would require registration under Federal laws. Perhaps the ruling on the legal suit against Ripple would be instructive on the parameters labeling a cryptocurrency as financial security.


By now, you will have an idea of how extraordinary cryptocurrencies have become with these ideas delving into their peculiarity.

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