Best Forex and Trading Platform in 2022

Speculating that the Euro (EUR) currency will go up in value against the U.S. dollar (USD)? Then trade or place a spread bet on EUR/USD, which is one of many forex investments available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! This market represents every global currency, with trading conducted all week long. 

Forex traders need a reputable online broker to trade in international currency markets. A trusted forex broker is an important factor for success, and understanding your investment style can help determine which platform or tools are best suited to you personally. 

Best forex brokers are the backbone of any financial trader. Without them, you’d be left in a world where no one knows what goes on between your ears and hands. 

We at ForexBrokers put great thought into our yearly survey to find out which forex firms offer not only high-quality service but also value for money – because, after all, this isn’t just about making some profit, is it?

For 2020’s rankings, we’ve again dived headfirst down throats…but now have much more data points from last year as well so expect an even better ranking system when these come out next month.


eToro is a popular CFD broker with an interface that provides access to 40 global FX pairs as well as other trading markets such as commodity & equity index funds or stock grandfathering. 

The best feature of eToro’s platform is its copy trader tools, which allow users who have expert knowledge in one niche field (such as forex) to direct investment into another, less familiar asset class like Cryptocurrency. 

CFD traders can use this strategy to trade on price movements of various financial markets and instruments without having the underlying asset. The advantage is that you gain capital quickly while minimizing trading costs.

But there’s always risk involved because your investment could lose value if prices go against what was expected, or luck plays a big role in profit generation – just like any other entrepreneurial venture!

Plus 500

Plus500 is a leading CFD broker that provides trading services in Europe and across the world. The company offers over 100 different types of contracts, including stocks or forex currency pairs – which means it’s accessible to anyone with an interest no matter what their level may be. 

The largest advantage at this point seems like accessibility; Plus 500 makes investing easier than ever before by allowing users from all skill sets to take part through its various product offerings, such as binary options.

CFD trading is a great way to trade both stocks and futures contracts. You don’t own the underlying asset, but instead, make money based on whether or not your predictions about its price movement were accurate! 

Interactive Brokers 

Interactive Brokers is a global financial trading platform that offers investors the chance to buy and sell stocks, bonds options futures on any market in advance. It’s well suited for forex traders who want access across all markets or Bitcoin users looking into investing their cryptocurrency wealth with one spot provider instead of doing it themselves at additional cost.

The platform is geared toward investors who want professional features. It’s easy to use and understands the needs of both beginners and veterans in finance

The popularity comes from its ability to provide all necessary tools with just one interface, making it perfect for any level investor. 

CMC Markets 

CMC Markets is a leading global financial services company that offers traders the opportunity to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, and other assets on both CFDs (Contracts Based around Difference) as well Index Options. 

The first-ever online trading occurred back in 1996 using their proprietary MarketMaker software which lead them into becoming one of Australia’s earliest internet entrepreneurs; New York City currently houses one office while Toronto has another location where investors include Goldman Sachs – responsible for 10%.

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