Industries That Utilize Plastic Injection Molding

Industries That Utilize Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is one of the most important manufacturing processes for thermoplastics. Plastic injection molding is a process in which plastic pellets (curable/non-curable polymers) are melted which, when flexible enough, are injected under pressure into a mold cavity which is filled, solidifying into the final product.

Injection molding is often the best option for producing complex products in large volumes.

When high demands are placed on the dimensional accuracy or surface finish of the product, plastic injection molding is the chosen alternative. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice, not as energy-intensive and the product is often finished when it comes out of the machine.

Injection molding is used for the manufacture of many different and commonly used products. If you look around in your office or at home, you’ll find several different injection molded products, ranging from caps to the remote control shell, covers on brackets, syringes, and most products that are made of plastic.

In the post below, we look at the industries that rely on and utilize plastic injection molding.

Medical Industry

We cannot imagine our everyday life without the use of plastic. This is also the case when we talk about the medical industry. Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in medical technology and has revolutionized the possibilities and patient safety in the field of medicine in an immediate treatment method. A number of life-saving measures wouldn’t be possible at all if plastic was not used as the main material.

It’s a highly-adaptable material that has made the job of doctors and healthcare professionals a whole lot easier. In the past, syringes, needles, and infusion set needed to be sterilized before they could be used again, which was time-consuming and costly. With the plastic injection molding method, plastic-based medical aids are sterilely available whenever needed, and then quickly thrown away after being used. This not only facilitates the job but also contributes to greater safety.

Medical technology manufacturers work with the most modern plastic injection molding methods, which enables precision-adapted production of medical plastic products. In addition, plastics for medical technology can be produced at very low costs, they are very easy to handle, unbreakable, and skin-friendly.

Electronics Industry

Nowadays, electronic gadgets are an integral part of our lives as we cannot imagine a day going by without us using our mobile phones, laptops, or air conditioning units. These items are made of electrical components that work inside the unit so that it can function properly. 

However, without the frame made of plastic finish, these products would not be whole. The plastic structure holds all of the components together and gives protection to the valuable electrical components from various corrosive influences. Without the plastic created by plastic injection molding, electronic products would have a considerably shorter lifetime and performance issues. 

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is an excellent example of how plastic injection molding can be beneficial and provide optimal safety and safeguard human health. Since every restaurant, food car and food store must meet high Food and Drug Administration standards, injection molding has made it possible for such companies to meet these standards and produce products with food-grade materials and BPA-free and non-toxic plastics.

This makes the plastic manufacturing process very accessible for the food and beverage industry due to its natural properties and you can also see companies using injection molding for manufacturing processing equipment, beverage filter components, conveyor systems, and also for creating containers and beverage overcaps. 

Building and Construction Industry

Although steel and concrete are usually the first building materials that cross our minds, there are also times when plastic is chosen as the safer option. For instance, a window frame made of aluminum is tough and long-lasting but over time it can deteriorate and weaken the wall support on sizzling hot days. And this is where the plastic comes into play. It’s thinner but can be as strong as metal and it’s much easier to install and significantly less expensive. 

Injection molding is increasingly employed by construction companies for crafting tools and parts necessary for everyday operations. It is an excellent solution for crafting products as it is fast and increases companies’ overall productivity and allows them to focus on other business procedures and generate greater profits. An added bonus is the fact that this type of molding allows companies to customize products for specific applications, and produce more durable and long-lasting items.

Final Thoughts

Plastic injection molding is one of the fastest manufacturing methods and many industries have found it to be incredibly useful. The accuracy, efficiency, affordability, and speed have separated the injection molding process from other methods and quickly transformed it into a manufacturing process companies from different industries can trust.

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