4 Reasons Industrial Compactors Are A Manufacturing Must-Have

It’s no doubt that any manufacturing firm produces a lot of waste. Some of this rubbish is harmful to animals and the environment. That’s why every manufacturing firm owner should manage their waste more effectively. One of the best ways to collect trash in a manufacturing firm is by having industrial compactors on site. 

This article explains why you should use industrial compactors in your manufacturing firm. But before diving into these benefits, you first need to understand what they’re. Read on. 

Overview Of Industrial Compactors 

Industrial compactors are tools or equipment designed to compress non-recyclable rubbish before disposing of it. These devices reduce the size of manufacturing wastes through pneumatic or hydraulic force. This process helps force air and moisture out of the rubbish, thus reducing its volume. 

There are different types of industrial compactors. These include stationary, self-contained, vertical, chute-fed, pre-crusher, bag, and portable junk compactor. Research to find an industrial compactor that best suits your manufacturing firm’s needs. 

Why Have Industrial Compactors In Your Manufacturing Firm 

As earlier noted, manufacturing firms produce a lot of non-recyclable rubbish. Such materials should be managed using industrial compactors. 

Some of the reasons why every manufacturing firm should have industrial compactors include the following: 

#1. Increased Space

There are a lot of activities in a manufacturing plant, including offloading raw materials, loading finished goods, and other essential activities. Such activities require a lot of space. 

Leaving your trash lying all over within manufacturing premises can reduce working space. Besides, collecting and storing your trash using other methods might require a lot of space. That’s where industrial compactors come in. 

These devices help compress manufactured trash into smaller and more manageable bales. This lets you save on space, thus increasing your working area. 

#2. Minimized Costs

Whether small or large, costs are significant concerns for every manufacturing entity. If not well managed, they can reduce a firm’s profitability. 

To maximize your profits, it’d be a good idea to reduce your total costs. One of the most effective strategies to achieve this is having industrial compactors in your manufacturing firm. 

Industrial compactors can help reduce costs in various ways. First, it eliminates the need to rent an ample space. 

Like any other manufacturing company, most probably your firm produces a lot of waste. You might be forced to rent a bigger space to accommodate or store your trash without proper waste management. This increases your rental costs, thus reducing your annual profits. 

Secondly, when your manufacturing produces a lot of waste, you’ll be forced to make several trips to the landfills to dispose of them. This can cost you a lot of money in hiring junk removal trucks, drivers, and fuel costs. Reduce your costs by purchasing industrial compactors. 

Industrial compactors help reduce the volume of your manufacturing waste. This eliminates the need for more extensive storage space, thus saving on rental costs. 

Besides, industrial compactors enable you to store a lot of rubbish before disposing of them. This reduces the number of trips you could make to the landfills. Therefore, it helps you save on fuel costs and other related expenses. 

#3. Improved Cleanliness 

Cleanliness is essential to the success of your manufacturing firm. It helps improve the first impression of customers. This enables you to generate a lot of revenue and profits. 

Apart from that, improved cleanliness enhances the health of your workers. Unhealthy employees can harm your business in various ways. For instance, such workers might reduce your firm’s overall productivity. This can cause you to lag behind the competition. 

You can implement various strategies to increase the cleanliness of your business. One of them is utilizing industrial compactors. 

Most of these machines are sealed. This means that any person passing nearby can’t inhale the rotten smell produced by wastes within them. They help boost your customers’ experience, enabling them to remain connected to you. 

If not well managed, manufacturing trash can attract harmful insects and animals like rodents. Such creatures can bite your workers and affect their health. For that reason, you might want to use industrial compactors to keep away these insects and animals. 

As noted earlier, industrial compactors are sealed to prevent foul odors from leaking. Therefore, your waste can’t attract any harmful creatures. This goes a long way toward boosting the cleanliness of your manufacturing premises and workers’ health in general. 

#4. Increased Safety 

Some of the manufacturing wastes are in liquid form. Storing such rubbish using other equipment like polythene bags can harm the safety of your workers. This occurs especially when such trash leaks from the bags, thus causing workers to slip and fall. Such incidences can cause severe injuries to your workers. 

Besides, carrying big bags of waste can cause your workers to develop back injuries. This not only affects your workers’ health, but it also hurts your business. 

First, such workers might not be in a position to work. This can have a severe negative effect on your manufacturing firm’s productivity. 

Secondly, the personal injury law requires you to compensate and pay medical bills for any worker injured within your premises. This can attract a lot of costs to your business, thus affecting your finances. You can avoid this by utilizing industrial compactors to collect and store your manufacturing wastes. 

Most modern waste compacting tools are adequately sealed to avoid any leakage. This eliminates any possibility of your workers slipping and falling. 

Besides, operating and pushing industrial compactors requires very little energy. For that reason, your employees won’t develop any back pains. This helps improve workers’ safety while keeping your business costs to the minimum desired costs. 

How To Find A Suitable Industrial Compactor For Your Manufacturing Firm 

There are several industrial compactors in the market. However, not all of them can best suit your manufacturing firm’s needs. 

Sometimes selecting an industrial compactor for your firm might not be easy. However, with the correct information, you can be sure to identify one that suits your manufacturing needs. 

Here are essential factors to consider when finding industrial compactors for your firm. 

  • Size Of Your Waste 

Whether buying or renting, the size of waste produced by your manufacturing firm is one of the primary factors to consider when finding industrial compactors. These devices come in different sizes. Some are designed to accommodate a lot of waste, while others can carry small amounts of rubbish. Find industrial compactors that can adequately accommodate all your manufacturing wastes.

Sometimes understanding the correct size of your waste isn’t easy. In such a case, you might want to hire a waste audit firm to help determine the size of your rubbish. 

Also, the available space on your manufacturing premises can affect the selection of your industrial compactor. If you’ve got enough space, you might consider a large compactor. However, if you don’t have enough space on your premises, you might select a smaller industrial compactor. 

  • Type Of Waste

The type of rubbish varies from one manufacturing firm to the other. Some produce liquid, while others produce solid wastes. Consider your kind of waste before finding industrial compactors for your firm. 

Industrial compactors are designed differently, with some handling dry wastes during other wet rubbish. You might consider finding a stationary industrial compactor if you’re dealing with arid wastes.

On the other hand, if your manufacturing firm produces both liquid and solid waste, you can choose a multipurpose industrial compactor. An excellent example of this is the self-contained waste compactors. 

  • Cost Of Compactors

Although the available industrial compactors can provide almost similar services, their prices might significantly differ. Several factors can affect the cost of a specific industrial compactor. These include quality and size. Find one that’s within your budget. 

However, if you want to find high-quality equipment, you must be ready to spend more money. High-quality industrial compactors can last longer than low-quality tools. 

  • Vendor’s Reputation

Although you can meet several online industrial compactors on the internet, not all of them are genuine. Some want to take your hard-earned money without providing the best equipment. It’d be a good idea to find a vendor with a solid reputation. 

One of the best strategies to understand a vendor’s reputation is reading online reviews. These are comments left by other industrial compactor users on the seller’s website. Positive comments indicate a solid reputation, so you can consider sourcing your industrial compactor from such a vendor. 

On the other hand, you must be worried about purchasing your industrial compactor from a seller with many negative comments from other customers. This can indicate that the vendor doesn’t provide quality tools or better services. 

Apart from the reputation, you might want to work with a seller who provides a warranty. This is a written promise by the seller promising to exchange or repair your industrial compactor if it fails to suit your needs. Finding a vendor that provides a warranty is one of the best ways to minimize your firm’s costs. 


Managing waste in your manufacturing firm is one of the best ways to boost the health of your workers. It also helps improve the environment. However, you must implement the best waste management strategies. One of these is utilizing industrial compactors. 

As you’ve seen above, there are several benefits of utilizing industrial compactors to collect and store your wastes. However, it’s best if you find the right equipment.

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