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Whare are Fortune 500 Companies
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The Fortune 500 is a ranking of the 500 most profitable firms in the United States, based on their total annual revenue. Since 1955, Fortune magazine has been in charge of putting out the annual list, which is now one of the most well-known corporate rankings. The Fortune 500 list is in both the online version of the journal and the information that is usually given out. On the list, there are businesses from many different fields, such as software, commerce, health, and finance. Most people agree that the companies on this list are some of the most important in the world. The list contains both privately owned and publicly listed businesses. This article will explain the top Fortune 500 companies by state and country.


The Fortune 500 is an annual ranking of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the US. Fortune magazine has been putting out this list every year since 1955, and most people agree that it is one of the best of its kind. The Fortune 500 list is printed and posted on the internet.

In addition, the listed businesses span numerous industries, including IT, commerce, health, and banking. On this list of the most powerful companies in the world, there are both privately owned and publicly traded companies.

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What Qualifies a Fortune 500 Company?

To make it onto the Fortune 500 list, a company must be for-profit, either publicly owned or privately held. It must be headquartered in the United States with audited financial records on file with the appropriate U.S. government agency. Also, it must be one of the 500 largest firms in the United States by revenue.

Where Can You Find the Fortune 500 List?

The annual Fortune 500 list is published in late May and is available both online and in the June or July edition of Fortune magazine. Individual print copies are available for purchase by those who are not subscribers.

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Fortune 500 Companies by Country

Several nations are home to hundreds of companies that consistently place high on the annual list of the Fortune Global 500 by country. Particularly dominant on the list for Fortune 500 companies by country in 2022 were China and the United States, as they have been for several years. The United States of America has 124 companies on the list of Fortune 500 companies by country, while China has a total of 136 enterprises. On the other hand, other nations only have one company that made it onto this year’s list of the top firms in the world based on sales.

This year, ten countries are eligible for consideration under that heading. Hence, within those ten instances, the corporation in question was part of the energy industry nine times. And in other instances, such businesses operated on a genuinely massive scale. Whilst Saudi Aramco was the only firm from Saudi Arabia to reach the list, the corporation also won the title of “most profitable” from Fortune, with approximately 105 billion dollars in earnings. They also ranked No. 6 on the list overall, with 400 billion dollars in sales.

A significant number of the businesses that cut this year have deep roots in the history of the Global 500. Equinor, which is based in Norway, is participating in the event for the 28th time this year, while Petronas, which is based in Malaysia, is participating for the 26th time. Here is the list of Fortune 500 companies by country:

#1. ArcelorMittal Luxembourg

  • 153rd in the Fortune Global 500
  • Total revenue: $77 billion
  • Materials are its sector.

#2. PTT (Thailand)

  • 177th on the Fortune Global 500 list.
  • The revenue is $71 billion.
  • Energy is its sector.

#3.  Saudi Aramco

  • Fortune Global 500: Position 6
  • $400,000,000,000 in Profits
  • The Energy Industry is the sector

#4. Finland’s Fortum 

  • Places 56th on Fortune’s Global 500
  • Earnings: $133 billion
  • Industry: Energy

#5.  Norway: Equinor 

  • Fortune 500 Rank: 114
  • $91 Billion in Sales
  • Industry: Energy

#6. Malaysia’s Petronas

  • No 216 on the Fortune Global 500 list 
  • 60 billion dollars in sales
  • Industry: Energy

#7.  Pertamina an Indonesian Oil and Gas Company

  • The Fortune 500 Rank: 223
  • Sales of $58 billion
  •  Energy industry

#8. OMV Group Austria  

  • Fortune 500 companies rank: 330
  • Inflow of Cash: $42 Billion
  • Industry: Energy

#9. Koç Holding Turkey

  • It ranks 357 among the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Generated $39 billion in revenue
  • Industry sector: Energy

#10. PKN ORLEN Group Poland

  • Ranks 424 in fortune 500 companies
  • Gross Profit = $34 Billion
  • Field: Energy

Fortune 500 Companies by State

The “Fortune 500” is a ranking of the most successful companies by the state in the world. In addition, these Fortune 500 companies have extremely high levels of state revenue, they also have a significant number of employees. The Fortune 500 largest companies by state in the world collectively earned $20 trillion in revenue and hired 56 million people throughout the globe in 2017. These corporations have headquarters in 33 different countries. Hence, with a combined total of $12.8 trillion in revenues, the Fortune 500 corporations account for two-thirds of the United States’ gross domestic product.

So where is the corporate headquarters of such thriving Fortune 500 corporations as Google, Facebook, and Apple? RS Components researched the Fortune 500 list and identified the top 20 states in the United States that are both home to the greatest number of corporate headquarters and generate the greatest amount of income.

It should come as no surprise that New York City, also known as the Big Apple, is in the first position. There are 58 corporate headquarters located in New York, contributing to the city’s annual revenue of $1.5 billion. New York is home to several large corporations, including Barclays, American Express, and NBC, which bring in a combined annual income of around one billion dollars ($92,547 million). That is almost 1,600 (1,637) times the standard national income in the United States. In addition to being a center for commerce and trade, New York is also a worldwide epicenter that is home to several important international financial institutions.


Texas comes in second place, right after New York, with 50 companies choosing to make that state their headquarters. Texas companies also bring in $1.5 billion annually in income. Large corporations like Karen and Vistra Energy are examples of the many firms that operate within the energy industry. Other examples are Dr. Coke and Karen.

California is in third place with 49 headquarters, but despite its lower ranking, the state’s annual income of $1.5 billion is higher than that of all of New York and Houston. Although California is in third place, its revenue is higher. When merged, these three states are home to roughly one-third of the top firms in the United States. It takes a lot more than just the presence of a business for a state or city to be considered a hub for commercial activity.

For instance, there must be significant growth in the region, with a significant amount of investment going into the cities, as well as facilities for networking, where industry professionals can get together and talk about current events. When a municipality or state offers the opportunity to put firms in touch with other relevant businesses, they are taking steps toward the potential and establishing themselves as a hub.

There are always challenges that follow a period of achievement. It is common for professional residential spaces to be extremely crowded, chaotic, and noisy, which can make making phone calls and being on time for meetings challenging tasks. Companies can often be limited as well if cities have not prepared for expansion; yet, we frequently find firms establishing headquarters on the edges of towns to assist in managing this growth.

Thus, below are the Fortune 500 companies by state
  • New York has 58 headquarters and a yearly income of $1.5 billion.
  • Mexico has 50 headquarters with a yearly income of $1.5 billion.
  • California has 49 headquarters with a yearly income of $1.8 billion.
  • Virginia  has 34 headquarters with a yearly income of $767.4 million.
  • Michingan has 27 headquarters with a yearly income of $500.3 million.
  • New Jersey has 30  headquarters with a yearly income of $301.2 million.
  • Washington has 25 headquarters with a yearly income of $223.1 million.
  • Pennsylvania has 20 headquarters with a yearly income of $571.6 million.
  • Minnesota has 19 headquarters with a yearly income of $426.6 million.
  • Florida has 18 headquarters with a yearly income of $157.4 million.

Top Fortune 500 Companies

The Fortune 500 list offers subscribers of Fortune Magazine more in-depth data about the top companies in the US. This information includes details about every company’s after-tax income, property, shareholders’ equity, market price, and revenue per share. The list is significant because it gives the masses a sense of which sectors and businesses possess the greatest chance of influencing the economic climate of the United States. Thus, this is why the list is essential.

Public corporations that are based and registered in the United States are eligible for consideration for inclusion on the list of the Fortune Top 500 companies. These companies are required to submit their income reports to a federal agency. They include:

  1. Wal-Mart Stores Inc
  2. Exxon Mobil Corporation
  3. Chevron Corporation
  4. Phillips 66
  5. Berkshire Hathaway
  6. Apple
  7. General Motors Corporation
  8. General Electric Company
  9. Valero Energy
  10. Ford Motor Company

These were the top 10 corporations on the Fortune 500 list in 2013. The top 10 corporations in the world in 2003 were Wal-Mart Stores, General Motors, Exxon Mobile, Ford Motor, General Electric, Citigroup, Chevron Texaco, IBM, AIG, and Verizon Communications. Wal-Mart Stores came out on top. Every year, the list is updated with new information, such as data, statistics, and descriptions of the businesses. This is a great resource for job seekers who want to work for the most prestigious companies in the United States and want to stay relevant in the modern business world.

The History of the Top Fortune 500 Companies List

Even though the magazine began in 1929, which was the same year that the Great Depression originated. The first list of the Fortune 500 wasn’t made public until 1955. Edgar P. Smith, an associate executive editor at Fortune, is credited with coming up with the idea. At first, the list consisted solely of entities belonging to the mining, industrial, and energy sectors. In 1955, the three largest corporations by yearly profit were Model 3, Exxonmobil, and U.S. Steel. General Motors had the most income of the three firms.

In 1995, Fortune announced that it would begin to include service businesses like McDonald’s, Walmart, and AT&T in its rankings. Following the implementation of the new policy, the bulk of the list is now composed of companies.

What Is a Fortune 100 vs 500 Company?

The Fortune 100 is a subset of the Fortune 500, which is a ranking of the 500 largest publicly traded and privately owned firms in the United States. It is compiled and peer-reviewed by Fortune magazine. The Fortune 100 is comprised of the top 100 businesses in the USA.

How Do You Tell if a Company Is a Fortune 500 Company?

If a firm wants to be considered for inclusion on the Fortune 500 list, it has to be a profit-making entity that is either traded or privately owned. It also has to be an entity that is located in the United States and has its income reports registered with a federal agency in the United States. The company must have income that places it among the top 500 companies in the United States.

Is It Good to Be on Fortune 500?

Working for one of the Fortune 500 companies is like working for a completely different company from the vast majority of other jobs. They are the biggest corporations in terms of sales, even if they may not always have a significant number of employees. It can be highly beneficial to your professional life.


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