Why should pursue a cybersecurity course in Ireland?

Why should pursue a cybersecurity course in Ireland

Cybersecurity, often known as virtual security or network security, is the technique of preventing theft, destruction, loss, or unauthorized access to technology, network services, and relevant information. As our interconnectedness grows, so do the chances for unscrupulous players to steal, destroy, or disrupt our data. The increase in cybercrime has increased the demand for cybersecurity expertise. Between 2020 and 2030, the job market is predicted to rise by 33%. Although the majority of cybersecurity experts have a bachelor’s in computer science but most employers prefer individuals who additionally have cyber security course certification to demonstrate their knowledge of best practices. 

Cybersecurity courses are designed to offer students with fundamental and specialized technical knowledge, competency, and research skills in the most significant principles of cybersecurity, as well as how they are used in sectors including device management, security, and analytics. Some of the major reasons for pursuing a cyber security course in Ireland include:

  • Permanent Residence: One of the major reasons for choosing Ireland for cyber security courses is the chance of getting a permanent residence ship in just two years. Students are lured by the idea of settling down shortly after completing their professional courses. They tend to choose the places where they can settle down without worrying about going back to their native places.         
  • Prominence in the region: Cyber Security is a growing industry that is included on the critical skill list. Most employers have laid a great emphasis on hiring applicants with the technical know-how of cybersecurity.
  • Scholarships: Students interested in applying for a course in Cyber Security in Ireland might consider applying for a Scholarship. Academic institutions in Ireland are particularly selective when it comes to awarding scholarships to potential candidates. They can receive a scholarship for half of their tuition fee based on their academic performance.
  • Global opportunities: Although this threat posed by cyber thieves and hackers escalates, there is a high need for experienced, trained IT security personnel both in Ireland and globally. There is more opportunity for advancement, particularly with global enterprises and financial service companies. There is also an opportunity for skilled security experts to work as consultants. IT workers and other computer expertise are essential in security positions such as security engineer, security analyst, cyber security consultant, and many others.
  • Global Companies: Ireland is packed with global opportunities owing to the presence of giant tech companies like Facebook, Integrity 360, IBM, Zinopy, Bny mellon, Reperio human capital, Workday, Fidelity investments, Amazon, amdn many others. Shortly after completing the course, students can apply for diverse roles in such popular companies. Ireland is also home to five of the world’s top cyber security organizations. According to a survey done by Forbes, there is expected that almost 3 million jobs may emerge in the cyber security industry globally by the end of 2023.

Consider obtaining certification if you are just getting started in the realm of cybersecurity. You may get job-ready competencies while obtaining a marketable credential from an established institution in a short period of time. So, sign up for this course now!

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