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Nothing beats being on the job. You might spend months or even years experimenting with UX concepts, but in order to actually evolve as a UX designer, you must have hands-on experience. This is why you should seriously consider working as a UX design intern. In this piece, we’ll give you an honest look at a UX design internship, how to work with any organization, including Amazon or Google, what to expect in terms of salary, and a variety of remote and onsite job prospects. We’ll explore the value of such internships to help you determine if it’s worth your effort to pursue. Let’s get started.

What is a UX Designer Internship?

A UX design internship is a set, temporary work arrangement. The majority of internships last three to six months. However, some internships last a year. An internship is a concentrated, hands-on learning experience. Internships in UX design are typically available to students or recent graduates who want to pursue a career in UX design but have no prior real-world experience. An internship allows a designer to learn about various aspects of user experience.

The Benefits of a UX Design Internship

There are numerous advantages to pursuing a UX design internship. For one thing, it provides a fantastic opportunity to learn from experienced designers while working on real-world projects with a genuine impact. Furthermore, beginning as a UX design intern can be a terrific approach to creating a professional network and making industry connections.

Another advantage of UX internship programs is that they help you identify your user experience design strengths and shortcomings. Interns can better understand their strengths and areas for progress by working on a variety of projects and obtaining feedback from experienced UX or visual designers.

Types of UX Internships to Consider

Knowing what industry you want to work in will help you focus your internship hunt. Aside from that, there are two main sorts of businesses to consider:

  • Design firms: These firms operate with a wide range of businesses, and as a member of their team, you will be involved in projects for a variety of clients.
  • Design Teams: These are businesses with their own internal design team. If you join such a team, your main responsibility will be to create the company’s products or services.

Each job type has its own set of benefits. Working with design agencies will allow you to get a broader range of experience. When you’re ready to pursue full-time UX design opportunities, this diversified experience might be especially helpful. Joining an internal design team, on the other hand, allows you to go deeper into projects and obtain more complete knowledge while working on a variety of projects for a single brand.

Where to Find UX Internships

Finding a UX internship can be difficult, but there are resources to assist.Some websites are excellent places to begin your search. Individuals can use these websites to look for UX design internships based on their location, experience level, and other criteria. Another method is to search company websites for UX internships under the “careers” or “jobs” section. Finally, attending professional events, connecting with designers on social media, and reaching out to companies can all be excellent ways to learn about internship opportunities.

Here are seven excellent sites to look for UX internships:

#1. Indeed

Indeed is a large job search engine with a section dedicated to UX design internships. To uncover possibilities that fit your interests, you can search by area, company, or keywords. You might be lucky to also see some UX Design Internship job listing on Google or Amazon, which can also be remote or not.

#2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable networking tool, and many organizations advertise UX design internships on their corporate profiles. You can also use keywords and filters to find opportunities.

#3. InternMatch

InternMatch is a job board dedicated to internships, with a section dedicated to UX design internships. They also provide information and advice on how to get an internship and make the most of your experience.

#4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job search engine that gives employer ratings as well as salary and interview process information. They have a section dedicated to a UX design internship, which you can narrow down by area and company, including Amazon or Google.

20 Best User Experience Design Intern Jobs 2023

There are tons of job opportunities for a UX design intern during its internship and some of these jobs are also available on a remote basis. They include:

#1. UI/UX Intern

  • Redvest App
  • Remote
  • $14.63 – $20.02 an hour – Full-time, Part-time, Internship

#2. Product Design Intern

  • Atmosfy, Inc
  • Remote
  • $45 – $55 an hour – Internship

#3. UX Design Intern

  • Utopia Spa and Global Wellness
  • Remote
  • From $15 an hour – Part-time, Temporary, Contract, Internship

#4. Paid UI/UX Design Internship

  • Aesthetic Record
  • Hybrid remote
  • $20 – $25 an hour – Internship

#5. WIX/UX Designer Intern – Global Spa and Wellness Co.

  • Utopia Spa and Global Wellness (Luxury – On-demand Spa)
  • Remote
  • Part-time, Internship

#6. Intern- UI/UX

  • OverDrive, Inc.
  • Internship

#7. UX Design Intern – Applications Development

  • Oracle
  • Full-time, Internship

#8. UX Design Intern

  • Utopia Spa a Global Wellness
  • Remote

#9. User Experience Design Intern

  • Modernizing Medicine, Inc.
  • Full-time, Internship

#10. UX/UI designer internship

  • CertiK
  • Remote
  • $2,000 – $6,000 a month – Full-time, Internship

#11. UX Research Intern – Summer 2023

  • Brave
  • Remote
  • $30 – $35 an hour – Internship

#12. UX/UI Design Intern

  • Breeze Airways™
  • Internship

#13. UI/UX Design Intern

  • NESTMii GROUP Inc.
  • Remote
  • From $20 an hour – Internship

#14. Paid UI/UX Design Internship

  • Aesthetic Record
  • Hybrid remote
  • $20 – $25 an hour – Internship

#15. UX/UI Design Intern

  • CSL Behring
  • Internship

#16. UX/UI, Graphic Designer Intern

  • Hyperspace Ventures
  • Remote
  • Internship

#17. UI/UX Application Design Internship (Fall 2023)

  • Tesla
  • Internship, Apprenticeship

#18. UX & UI Design Intern

  • decormatters
  • Internship

#19. UI/UX Intern- job post

  • ENEL
  • United States•Hybrid remote
  • Full-time, Internship

#20. UX/UI Design Intern

  • XK3 HQ
  • Remote
  • Internship

UX Design Internship Salary

The average annual salary for a Ux Design Internship in the United States is $79,751 as of May 10, 2023. In case you need a quick Ux Design Internship salary calculator, that works out to about $38.34 per hour. This equates to $1,533 each week or $6,645 per month.

While annual wages can range from $158,500 to $21,000, the bulk of a Ux Design Internship salary in the United States now ranges from $52,000 (25th percentile) to $107,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) earning $139,000 per year. The average salary range for a Ux Design Internship ranges substantially (up to $55,000), implying that there may be numerous prospects for development and greater pay dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience.

What Skills Do UX Interns Need to Have?

To be effective as a user experience intern, you must possess a precise skill set and set of attributes. It’s crucial to note that while certificates and bachelor’s degrees might assist prospective designers find work, experience, and design abilities are more important.

The following are some of the most critical talents that a UX intern should have:

#1. Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an approach used by designers to address complicated problems and discover creative solutions. You should grasp the design thinking process as a UX intern, which includes empathizing with users, describing the problem, brainstorming potential solutions, prototyping, and testing. You should be able to apply this practice to your work and feel at ease working in a group setting.

#2. User Research

User research is an important part of the UX design process. As a UX intern, you should be well-versed in research methods and capable of doing successful user research. Creating user personas, conducting user interviews and surveys, and analyzing data to gain insights into user behavior are all part of this process.

#3. Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing and prototyping are key skills for UX designers, and as an intern, you should be familiar with creating wireframes and prototypes with tools like Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD. Design thoughts should be translated into low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes that successfully explain your ideas.

#4. Visual Design

While UX design is more concerned with user experience and functionality, aesthetic design is still an important element of the work. As a UX intern, you should have a creative eye and be able to create aesthetically appealing designs that adhere to branding rules.

#5. Communication Skills

As a UX design intern, you will be working with designers, developers, and other stakeholders, therefore you must be able to effectively convey your ideas.

#6. Problem-solving

UX design is all about issue-solving, and as an intern, you should feel at ease working in an environment where you will be confronted with several complicated problems.

#7. Adaptability

Because the field of UX design is always growing, you should be adaptive and willing to learn new skills while working on-site in a fast-paced setting as an intern.

You may set yourself up for success as a UX intern and be well on your way to a successful career in UX design by practicing these abilities.

Career Paths for UX Interns

A career in UX design can take many different avenues, and UX interns can eventually advance into a variety of professions.

Some of the most prevalent career pathways for UX designers are as follows:

  • UX Designer: UX Designers are in charge of creating and improving the user experience of digital products such as mobile apps, websites, and software. To bring their concepts to life, they undertake user research, construct prototypes and wireframes, and engage with developers and other stakeholders.
  • UX Researcher: UX researchers do user research to help build digital goods. They develop user personas, perform user interviews and surveys, and analyze data to learn more about user behavior.
  • UX Writer: UX writers compose the text and messaging that appears in digital products, such as product descriptions, error warnings, and other user interface copies. They collaborate closely with UX designers and developers to ensure that the messaging matches the overall design and user experience.
  • UX Strategist: UX Strategists create strategies to improve the user experience of digital products. To create a unified UX strategy, they undertake market research, create user personas, and engage with UI designers and engineers.
  • UX Manager: UX managers are in charge of supervising the work of UX designers and other UX experts. They are in charge of project management, goal formulation, and ensuring the design team works well together.

What Does a UX Design Intern Do?

To bring their concepts to life, they undertake user research, construct prototypes and wireframes, and engage with developers and other stakeholders.

How to Get Your First UX Internship?

You can go to local job fairs. Participating in local UX career fairs is an easy method to connect with hiring managers from firms or studios.

Is UX Design Still in Demand?

Yes, user experience is in high demand in a rising variety of businesses. Even in 2022, the demand for UX designers is increasing. The UX designer position ranked 24th on Glassdoor’s annual Best Jobs list, with little over 7,000 job opportunities in the United States as of July 2022. This is not anticipated to change in 2023.

What Is the Average Salary of UI UX Intern?

The average annual salary for an Ui Ux Intern in the United States is $98,878 as of May 9, 2023. In case you need a quick salary calculation, that works out to about $47.54 per hour. This equates to $1,901 each week or $8,239 per month.

What Is the Highest Paid UI UX Job?

The highest recorded compensation as a Ux Designer is $692k. The top ten percent of employees earn more than $268k per year. The top 1% earns more than $496k per year.

Can I Get a UX Job Without a Degree?

While a four-year college degree is preferred by many persons working as User Experience (UX) Designers, it is not required. Jobs in many technical industries are simpler to obtain based on experience rather than a degree, so if you can demonstrate your abilities, you will most likely be hired.

Is UI UX Design a Stressful Career?

UX/UI design is one of the happiest professions, but it may also be stressful owing to a lack of company awareness of UX, impostor syndrome, long hours and tight deadlines, tough problem-solving, and ongoing learning.

Does UX Require Coding?

No, it does not. UI/UX design is one of several non-technical positions in technology that do not require any coding or programming knowledge.

Is UX UI Design a Stable Career?

Yes. With the increased use of technology and the internet, there has never been a greater demand for user-friendly and intuitive digital products, creating a demand for professional UI/UX designers.

Final Thoughts

If you can secure a position as a UX design intern, you will be years ahead of other new UX designers. Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll also have an advantage when the firm is looking for a permanent UX designer. While there are some unpaid internships available, each internship will give you valuable “real-world” experience. You can use this experience to propel your career to new heights.


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