SALES COORDINATOR: Job Description, Salary & How to Become One

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The sales team at a corporation needs a sales coordinator. They aid in reaching sales goals by assisting sales agents and organizing sales-related activities within the business. Sales coordinators play a crucial role in sustaining positive client relationships by functioning as an extension of the field sales staff, despite the fact that they are not responsible for selling. To consider a sales coordinator as a career, here is their job description, salary range, and steps to become one in the field.

Sales Coordinator

The effectiveness and performance of sales representatives are monitored by a sales coordinator, also known as an outbound sales coordinator. Excellent organizational, administrative, and communication abilities are necessary for sales coordinators, as well as the capacity to provide top-notch customer service. Their primary responsibilities include developing training programs, keeping track of the stock of sales presentation equipment, and defining goals and quotas for sales teams. To become a sales coordinator, you must meet a number of requirements. They consist of:

#1. Education

Prospective sales coordinators should normally have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college, according to most employers. Business and marketing are a couple of the favored academic fields for this career. A graduate degree, such as an MBA or a master’s in marketing, should be taken into consideration by aspiring sales coordinators. Candidates have a competitive advantage in the sales and marketing sector with a master’s degree.

#2. Training

Students can gain first-hand experience and an intimate understanding of how a firm operates through internships in the sales and marketing departments. They give students the opportunity to network professionally with other sales and marketing experts who might be able to assist them in finding jobs once they have finished their degrees. Students might begin compiling a meaningful work history for a resume through internships.

#3. Certifications

Professional qualifications, though not necessary, can indicate competence and help in job advancement. The following are some of the top certifications for a sales coordinator position:

  • (CSE) Certified Sales Executive

This certificate program, provided by Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI), is perfect for professionals working in a sales leadership position, such as a sales coordinator or sales manager. The certification serves as proof that applicants have proven competence in areas such as management and organization, sales coaching, and sales and marketing strategy.

  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)

Salespeople can become top performers in their workplaces by earning this National Association of Salespeople (NASP) accreditation. It is intended for sales executives, sales professionals, or anybody wishing to advance into a sales career while gaining a competitive advantage. Candidates must finish a six-week training program in order to get the designation.

  • Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP)

This certification, which is also provided by NASP, teaches applicants how to use efficient communication channels and develop habits that will help them succeed in a sales setting. They also learn cutting-edge leadership techniques that give sales team members more autonomy. Candidates must successfully complete a six-week training program to earn this designation.

#4. Skills

Success as a sales coordinator requires a variety of talents. They consist of:

  • Personality Traits

Sales coordinators require certain “people skills” in order to function effectively in a team setting. Professionalism, dependability, collaboration, expressing gratitude, and keeping positivity are some of these skills.

  • Communication Skills

Sales coordinators require excellent oral and written communication abilities as well as the capacity to actively listen. For them to operate effectively with their teams, other managers, and clients, they must be able to speak clearly. They must be able to effectively deliver presentations and create concise reports.

  • Leadership Skills

Leadership abilities include the capacity to inspire others, establish practical team goals, assign duties, maintain a positive attitude, exhibit reliability, and offer feedback. All of these abilities are necessary to properly manage a sales team and enable them to accomplish their objectives.

#4. Problem-Solving Skills

Active listening, creativity, decision-making, and teamwork are all aspects of problem-solving. A sales coordinator position is typically a leadership position, so the individual in this position must be able to take the initiative to solve concerns and make changes to prevent issues.

Job Description of Sales Coordinator

The flow of goods or services to customers must be coordinated by a sales coordinator. They define sales targets, coordinate training programs, and manage the schedules and territories of the various sales team members. By scheduling visits and making sure the team members have the most recent support materials, they may be able to help the team members become more productive. They collaborate with other organizational departments to make sure that delivery, marketing, and sales are managed successfully. The sales coordinator’s precise job description may include the following:

  • Taking the initiative to coordinate resources to produce superior sales presentations
  • Ensuring that the stock of sales presentation materials, including brochures and slides, is up to date
  • Serving as the main point of contact for clients with inquiries regarding accounts or products
  • Hiring, educating, and ensuring that each member of the sales team achieves their quotas and objectives
  • Ordering, checking that it’s accurate, and making sure it’s delivered on schedule
  • Making a company’s goods and services as appealing to potential clients as feasible

Sales Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

A sales coordinator’s primary responsibility is to plan and manage the distribution of a business’s goods and services to customers. They must be capable of managing the following regular tasks in order to accomplish this goal:

  • Giving company sales employees quotas and areas
  • Coordinating sales personnel training and scheduling
  • Maintaining a stock of slides and brochures for use in sales presentations
  • Examining purchasing patterns of customers to increase revenue and better target future customers
  • Keeping track of each sales team member’s quotas and objectives
  • Adding order details to the business database
  • Addressing inquiries from clients about their accounts or purchased goods
  • Collaborating with personnel from other areas, such as marketing, research/design, and finance, to increase sales

Salary Sales Coordinator

In the US, the average hourly salary for a sales coordinator is $16.28. This compensation rate may change based on the candidate’s level of expertise, unique abilities, and educational background, as well as the location and sector of your business.

Group Sales Coordinator Job Description

The Group Sales Coordinator (GSC) oversees groups’ orders for main stage performances at Virginia Stage as well as building and maintaining connections with them.

  • GSC will work fifteen (15) to twenty (20) hours in Group Sales from Monday through Friday, concentrating solely on group sales.
  • If interested, GSC will be qualified for the extra evening and weekend box office hours.

Job Description for GSC

  • Manage and update the group sales database
  • Track all group sales leads, sales, and revenue received
  • Oversee each season’s groups, from the original proposal to the conclusion of sales, seating, and payment collection.
  • After the group tickets are released from the ticket office, distribute, print, and mail them all.
  • Investigate, establish, and uphold neighborhood alliances for joint marketing opportunities.
  • Arrange, arrange, and manage exclusive events for group sales
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with customers to increase sales now and in the future.
  • At VSC, look for channels to connect businesses with group sales prospects.
  • Work with the house manager to make sure there is staff available to assist with any group reception requirements or backstage tours.

Box Office Associate Job Description of a Sales Coordinator

  • Assisting customers with all of their ticket requirements
  • Providing everyone who enters the Box Office with friendly, accurate, and quick customer service.
  • Dressing and acting professionally to represent Virginia Stage Company in both look and attitude
  • Whenever necessary, help the box office manager

Required Skills:

  • Exemplary client service abilities
  • Prior sales or outbound calling experience is preferred.
  • Ability to solve problems
  • A self-driven person who needs little supervision
  • Excellent planning and follow-through abilities
  • The capacity to learn new software techniques

Additionally, GSC promises to follow Virginia Stage Company’s employee policies and actively contribute to the company’s objectives as stated in the mission statement. This agreement is terminable by either party with two weeks’ notice.

How to Become a Sales Coordinator

The normal processes needed to apply for a job as a sales coordinator are as follows:

#1. Complete your Education

Sales coordinators with at least a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college are preferred by the majority of employers. Search for open sales coordinator openings in your region, then find out what level of education is typically needed for the work. that degree of education, get it.

#2. Acquire Expertise

You will normally need to initially locate an entry-level sales and marketing career because businesses typically prefer applicants with at least one year of sales experience. Look for internships while you’re still in college so you may gain practical experience and connect with sales and marketing experts.

#3. Get Certification

A certification can help you grow in your job and offer you an advantage over other applicants, however, it is not necessary. The latest tactics and ideas for becoming a top sales performer or leader in your firm can be learned through a variety of sales certifications. Think about getting certified.

#4. Maintain a Resume.

Update your resume after you have the necessary training, experience, and skills. Along with your relevant employment background, mention your greatest level of schooling. Highlight the essential competencies that businesses desire in a sales coordinator for each job entry.

#5. Fill out Job Applications

Find open sales coordinator employment in your area by conducting a search, then choose the positions for which your qualifications are strongest. Apply with a strong cover letter and your most recent résumé.

Is It Hard to Be a Sales Coordinator?

Excellent communication skills and past customer service experience are prerequisites for the position.

What Is the Highest Salary of a Sales Coordinator?

The highest salary of a sales coordinator is $58,500.


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