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If you’re planning to undertake a significant renovation project, remodel, or new construction in New York, NY, it’s advisable to engage the services of a general contractor. Professional contractors will oversee every stage of the job to guarantee it is completed on time and to your satisfaction. When embarking on a construction project in New York, it’s crucial to understand the specific responsibilities of your building contractors. Similarly, if you’re seeking home renovation contractors to enhance your current living space, it’s important to clarify their role in the project. Read on to learn about Rochester and Albany general contractors liability insurance along with their license. Let’s delve right in!

What Is a General Contractor?

General contractors are often commonly referred to as ” project managers”. They manage every aspect of a home improvement or building project from start to finish and make sure that everything runs smoothly. A general contractor in New York will collaborate with your architect to examine home building designs, coordinate obtaining all necessary permissions and inspections, and oversee the construction process from start to finish. Local home renovation contractors in New York may be able to do some of the work themselves, like carpentry, but they are also responsible for finding and supervising the work of any necessary subcontractors.

In addition, contractors working on a home should make frequent visits to the site to check in on progress and address any problems that may arise. The completion of any renovation project requires the assistance of a general contractor. That’s why it’s so important to put in the legwork required to hire the best expert contractors in New York for your home renovation or construction projects.

Check all bids thoroughly. Was the worker able to finish it when he said he would? Did you find the price quoted to construct your home to be high or low? These details, taken individually, can reveal a lot: A late proposal could indicate a lack of attention to detail or a purposeful attempt to undercut competitors in order to win the remodeling contract. It’s important to check New York, NY references, study reviews thoroughly, and visit finished projects to ensure they meet your standards. Once you find reliable New York City contractors, ensure to read the contract thoroughly to ensure that you clearly state your expectations.

NY General Contractors License 

Only contractors involved with asbestos removal and crane operators require a state license in New York. The New York State Department of Labor is where you can get these certifications. Obtaining a general contractor’s license in New York State and doing any other kind of construction work will necessitate going via local agencies.

In New York City, Buffalo, and the counties of Suffolk, Massachusetts, Nassau, Westchester, Putnam, and Richmond, anyone who works as a home repair contractor must have a valid license. Also, to obtain a New York Contractors License, you must fill out an application, pay the required cost, provide proof of identity (such as a driver’s license), and provide evidence of liability insurance if you plan to hire employees or independent contractors. A criminal record check may be necessary in some communities. In addition to these necessities, you’ll need to secure the required business licenses from the state and any applicable local authorities. Most governments in New York State have to get surety bonds before they can start building anything. It is crucial to learn the specific bonding requirements in your city before beginning a construction project.

Rochester NY General Contractors

Rochester, the third-largest city in New York, presents an exciting lifestyle within a lively community. The atmosphere of this place is warm and inviting, evoking the feeling of residing in a tight-knit community where you encounter amiable and recognizable individuals at every turn. Prospective homebuyers will discover the Rochester real estate market to be highly appealing, as it offers a range of affordable housing options that are readily available for those relocating to the area. 

Given its numerous advantages, it comes as no surprise that the city allures a multitude of prospective homeowners from different regions of the state. Hence, for those who are considering a move to Rochester, there are ample opportunities to find excellent general contractors. Our diligent editorial team has meticulously chosen the general contracting firms featured on this list, taking into account their extensive tenure, wealth of experience, and specialized expertise. The majority of the companies featured in this list are long-standing and have been operating for several decades. 

#1. Norbut Renovations

Norbut Renovations is a trusted general contractor in Rochester because of its 20 years of experience. The company has refined its skills in domestic renovation after working on hundreds of New York City residences. 

#2. Gaslight Construction

For almost 40 years, residents in Rochester and around Upstate New York have relied on Gaslight Construction, a general contracting company. The company has decades of expertise in the construction industry, and its services include new building construction, reconstruction, and house maintenance, as well as the hiring of construction plans. 

Furthermore, Gaslight Construction is a locally owned and operated business with a strong commitment to delivering high-quality work to the area. Since its founding in 1976, the company has made its customers’ needs a top priority and worked hard to earn their happiness. 

#3. Todd Jones Custom Construction

Established in 2013, East Rochester locals have relied on Todd Jones Custom Construction for all their home renovation needs since then. The company acts as a general contractor, thus it does things like renovations, new builds, repairs, and installations of things like flooring, roofing, siding, and cabinets. More than 30 years into his career in construction, Todd Jones launched the company. The veteran of the United States Marine Corps has worked in the building industry for both general contractors and exterior renovation firms. 

#4. The Garrett Company

The Garrett Company has been constructing high-quality houses in the Rochester area for almost 50 years. The seasoned firm, whose builders span four generations, has earned a solid reputation as a go-to general contractor. The company has honed its skills in several areas over the years, including the building of custom homes, the renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, and the creation of unique cabinetry. The Garrett Company maintains the same level of expertise and attention it has always shown to its homeowner clients. No matter how big or small the job, the company gives it the same amount of care and attention. 

The team led by Richard J. Garrett Jr. works on the project with their hands to make sure it goes according to plan. The company is well-known in the industry as a general contractor for both commercial and private buildings. Both easy and difficult tasks are equally welcome. In order to serve its customers with the best possible kitchens, The Garrett Company grew by forming partnerships with Brighton Kitchens and Kountry Kraft Kitchens. The company’s custom kitchen designs are adaptable and carefully curated to give clients a kitchen that meets all of their needs while still looking beautiful.

#5. Whitney East Inc

These Rochester General Contractors have been in the construction business for over 30 years, offering both conventional construction services and construction management. The company has been around since 1986, and in that time it has completed a big number of residential projects all around New York City. It offers services for new construction, renovations, and maintenance for homes, businesses, and factories. 

The team at Whitney East Inc. is led by Joe Condidorio and consists of construction industry experience. The company recognizes the importance of effective communication, organization, and scheduling, as well as the use of novel business procedures, to its success. Joe and his crew have worked in the construction industry for decades, so they know how to deal with any problem. The company performs a top-to-bottom analysis of each project. Simultaneously, it creates an atmosphere of open communication between the company and the customer. 

To provide the greatest quality for their clients, Whitney East Inc. exclusively employs reliable subcontractors. Numerous organizations are aware of the firm’s efforts, most notably the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which awarded it a Design for Excellence Award in 2009. The Rochester Chamber of Commerce and the Genesee County Builders Exchange recognize Whitney East Inc.

General Contractors Liability Insurance

Contractors and construction businesses can benefit from having general liability insurance, which provides protection against claims that may arise from physical harm or property damage caused by their business operations. Entrepreneurs bear the expenses of certain liability claims from their own pockets if they don’t have general or business liability insurance. It is a well-established fact that contractors encounter distinctive risks. General liability insurance for contractors is a crucial asset, whether you are meeting customers in a store or working on a customer’s home.

Risks General Contractors Liability Insurance Cover

The risks covered by general contractors liability insurance include the following:

#1. Physical Harm

 A consumer may sue you for their injuries if they were to fall at a building site where you were working. General liability insurance can help pay for the individual’s medical bills and legal fees if they sue you. Employers must provide workers’ compensation insurance to cover injuries sustained by employees, as general liability insurance does not provide such coverage.

#2. Loss of Property

If you accidentally destroy any of your client’s furnishings while renovating their home, you could be held liable. Your general liability insurance may cover the cost to replace or repair the furniture and legal fees resulting from the client’s lawsuit over the damaged property. That is to say, if you cause damage to someone else’s property, your general liability policy will pay for it. To safeguard your company’s property, you should invest in commercial property insurance.

#3. Injury to Reputation and Privacy

General liability coverage might help pay legal and settlement fees if another general contracting firm sues you for defamation because an employee of yours made false claims about that company. Personal harm claims arising from copyright infringement and libel may also be covered by your policy.

#4. Risk Associated With Finished Operations

A client may sue you for damages even if they occur several months after you completed plumbing repairs at their home and a pipe you installed burst. If you are a contractor, getting general liability insurance can help pay for your legal defense and any damages that may be awarded against you.

#5. Service Liability

This is a crucial component of any comprehensive contractor liability insurance policy. This policy will cover your company if an accident or damage to property is sustained as a result of your finished product. Take the case of a new kitchen sink being installed by a plumber. The homeowner finds out their pricey kitchen floor has been ruined by a leak in the sink two weeks later. If the homeowner sues the plumber because of poor installation, this insurance will help cover the legal fees.

What Do Contractors Worry About?

As a general contractor, it is imperative to understand that project planning is an integral component of any project. The success of a project heavily relies on the planning phase, which involves a comprehensive analysis of the project’s requirements, objectives, and constraints. Therefore, it is crucial to dedicate ample time and resources to the planning phase to ensure that the project is executed efficiently and effectively. During this critical phase of the project, the team will initiate contact with the necessary utility providers to ensure that all necessary services are in place and functioning properly. Additionally, the procurement of essential supplies will be carefully coordinated to ensure that all materials are of the highest quality and meet the project’s specific requirements.

What Is the Difference Between Construction and General Contractor? 

When it comes to construction projects, it’s important to understand the distinction between a General Contractor (GC) and a Construction Manager (CM). While a GC is typically a business entity, a CM is an individual who oversees the project’s planning, design, and construction phases. This difference is crucial to keep in mind when selecting the right professional for your project.

What Is the Hourly Rate for a General Contractor in New York?

According to recent data as of May 30, 2023, the typical yearly salary for a General Contractor in the state of New York is $85,641. If you are in need of a straightforward salary calculator, the estimated hourly rate would be around $41.17. At a weekly rate of $1,646 or a monthly rate of $7,136, this amount is equivalent.


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