HOW TO BECOME A CELEBRITY: What You Should Know About Stylists, Managers & Bodyguards.

how to become a celebrity
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The world of celebrities is one filled with glitz and glamor. With fame, wealth, and a loyal fanbase to go with it, many people look on from the outside and dream about being part of this glittery world. And many often wonder about how to become a celebrity. 

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Becoming a celebrity can be very challenging and demanding. It is not always as easy as it looks, and becoming one might require having a team of experts, including a stylist, bodyguard, and manager.

How to Become a Celebrity

So, the big question is, “How do you start being a celebrity? 

Becoming a celebrity requires time, effort, dedication, and certainly, a lot of toughness and skills. Here are some steps to follow to become one:

#1. Choose Your Expertise

As a celebrity, there should be something you are known for, such as acting, singing, writing, or a sports category. Choose something you have a strong sense of commitment and passion for and are willing to work hard at.

#2. Practice Your Skills

You must put in much effort and hone your skills to become famous. Work on your talent for at least an hour daily to develop your abilities and boost your confidence in what you do.

#3. Find a Mentor

To assist you in avoiding problems and also gain from their knowledge, get mentoring from someone with experience in your profession. 

#4. Promote Yourself

How you promote yourself matters a lot in the celebrity world. To avoid negativity, it would be best to seek professionals to help promote yourself for more opportunities in the industry. 

#5. Build Positive Relationships

Building good relationships with people who can help you reach your goals is essential.  These are people who have been in the industry before you and can show you the ropes and refer you for gigs.

#6. Be Innovative

Times change, and trends change too. Don’t be stuck in old trends; your influence as a celebrity will wane if you do that. Try out new things and go with what’s in vogue without losing your uniqueness.

#7. Build Your Fanbase

As a celebrity, having a loyal fan base is very important. They are the ones who will always support and promote you. Communicate frequently with them. Reply to their messages and comments regularly. That way, your fan base will become solid. Furthermore, thank them in person and during interviews, and also, release something occasionally that is free for them, like free music.

Becoming a celebrity can be tough and challenging, but you can achieve something with the right team and strategy. 

Who Should Be on Your Team as a Celebrity?

As a celebrity, there are certain people you need on your team. They are; 

A stylist, a manager, and a bodyguard.

#1. Celebrity Stylist

A stylist helps you choose what to wear and how to put it together for public appearances, photo shoots, and other events. They might also advise you on hair and makeup and help you look more organized.

Look for someone with experience in the fashion business and a great sense of style that complements your own to locate a good stylist.

#2. Celebrity Bodyguard

A bodyguard is responsible for securing your safety and defending you against potential dangers. They may accompany you to events, follow you on trips, and watch your surroundings for risk indicators.

Look for someone with expertise in security or law enforcement who has been trained in defensive tactics and is licensed to carry a firearm to find a competent bodyguard.

#3. Celebrity Manager

A manager is responsible for guiding your career and making strategic decisions at work. They may help you negotiate contracts, set up appearances and speaking engagements, and give you advice on how to promote your brand and get more attention.

Hiring a manager with experience helping celebrities handle their careers would be best.

How Can I Become a Celebrity?

Being famous is not simple; it involves effort, commitment, and perseverance. There are numerous routes to fame, including those listed below.

#1. Discover a Path to Fame

  • Think about your problems and devise ways to help yourself and others.
  • Differentiate yourself from others and pursue your own path.
  • Deviate from stereotypes and develop your own style.
  • Work on a world record and choose one people care about instead of working on any record.

#2. Develop a Talent

  • Take classes or locate a mentor to learn from the finest in your field.
  • Practice your talent
  • Share images and videos of your work frequently on social media channels.
  • Be cordial, engage with your fans, and respond to their messages and comments.

#3. Know Your Brand

  • Develop an identity that is genuine to you.
  • Determine who you are and establish a brand identity.
  • Be true to yourself, and do not allow anyone to influence you negatively

Remember, fame is not always simple, and there are a few things to consider:

  • If a person attains celebrity status, his or her personal life is no longer his or her own.
  • In this aspect, the paparazzi are the worst offenders. Prepare to be photographed everywhere you go.
  • Be cautious of cons. The submission process to talent agencies should be free. Do not pay attention to anyone who requests payment for it.
  • Putting oneself out there requires courage and self-confidence, especially in a culture that can turn on you anytime.

How Do People Become Famous?

#1. Special Talent

Individuals can get fame by honing a special talent, such as becoming a singer, artist, athlete, scientist, or inventor.

#2. Standing Out

A person with a special skill or unique trait may attract attention simply by being who they are. Doing things in an unusual way and being authentically themselves can attract fame.

#3. Breaking a World Record

By breaking a world record, someone may get fame. You can browse the world records to see if there are any you could work on breaking.

#4. Posting on Social Media 

People can get their five minutes of fame in a social media-driven world by uploading a funny video that goes viral. 

What Careers Will Make You a Celebrity?

The idea of becoming famous is something that appeals to many people. While it is difficult to become famous, a few career paths might give you a chance to become a successful media figure or celebrity. Here are some careers that might gain you a celebrity clientele:

  • Publicist
  • Podcasting
  • Acting
  • Sports/Athletes
  • Vlogging
  • Singing
  • Modeling

What Is the Best Age to Become Famous?

There is no best age to become famous, but starting a career in the entertainment industry at a younger age could increase the chances of becoming famous. 

However, becoming famous is not limited to a specific age range, and there are advantages to starting a career later in life, such as less competition and being financially sound.

How Do I Impress a Celebrity?

It’s not easy to impress a celebrity, but certain things can be done to increase the chances of making a good impression. Here are some tips on how to impress a celebrity:

  • Respect the celebrity’s personal space and avoid asking commonly-asked questions. Don’t try to get a behind-the-scenes peek into their life unless they want to share a secret with you.
  • Confidence is key. Therefore, introduce yourself and directly say or ask what’s on your mind. Avoid apologizing when you want to show appreciation. Before you go up to your celebrity crush, try to calm your nerves so you don’t laugh nervously or make crazy faces.
  • Attend events where you can see your celebrity crush in person. Even if you can’t chat one-on-one with your celebrity crush, you can have fun seeing them in real life. Find out which events they’ll be attending in the near future and make arrangements to attend.
  • If you want to attract a celebrity to your cause, ask. Stand in the star’s shoes and come knowing exactly why your mission fits with the celebrity’s mission. Research their interests and design an event around an area they overlap with yours.

Becoming a celebrity stylist, bodyguard, or manager can seem like an exciting career path, but it requires hard work, dedication, and the right education and experience. Here are some steps and tips to follow for each profession:

How to Become a Celebrity Assistant

#1. Strategy

Having a long-term strategy and plan is essential to becoming a celebrity assistant. This requires deep thought about the types of celebrities you want to work for and the experience and skills needed to meet their needs. The following steps can be taken to become a celebrity assistant:

#2. Hone your skills

As a celebrity assistant, multitasking is essential. You need superior organizational skills to handle the scheduling and juggling of many different things that come with the daily life of a celebrity. Some other required skills include communication, event planning, and maintaining interpersonal relationships. 

#3. Get Relevant Experience

Getting relevant work experience in sales, public relations, low-level film industry jobs, event planning, customer service, hospitality, or communications can help you gain more knowledge and skills, increasing your chances of becoming a celebrity assistant.

#4. Build Relationship

You must become acquainted with the industry in which you wish to work. Celebrities frequently hire personal assistants through referrals or recommendations, so joining an organization that handles celebrity personal assistant needs can boost your chances of securing a job.

#5. Consider Education

While a college degree is not required to work as a celebrity assistant, it might be beneficial. If you attend college, you should also take electives related to the type of celebrity you want to be an assistant to, such as music, film, acting, or screenwriting courses.

How to Become a Celebrity Stylist

Here are tips on how to become a celebrity stylist:

  • Enroll at a college, university, or other educational institution to obtain a degree in fashion design 
  • Work as an assistant to a top stylist or intern for a well-known celebrity stylist to gain experience in the style business.
  • You can create an appealing resume by pursuing a suitable degree or enrolling in brief styling classes. Via the Internet or YouTube, you can even train on your own.
  • Immerse yourself in the industry by reading magazines, keeping up with trends, creating your own style, and learning about color, shape, form, and texture.
  • Attend events and fashion shows, and provide styling services for friends and family. Examine the nails, hair, clothing, jewelry, and other elements that enhance an appearance. 
  • Create a personal aesthetic and point of view, then communicate them to your clients. Being different will help distinguish you and your job.

How to Become a Celebrity Bodyguard

Take the following steps  to become a celebrity bodyguard:

  • Get the required training and licenses, such as a high school diploma, a CPR and first aid certificate, and a security guard license.
  • Working as a security guard or in law enforcement will help you gain the expertise to become a celebrity bodyguard.
  • Create a strong resume by obtaining further education and certifications in martial arts, defensive driving, and firearms training.
  • Acquire effective communication and problem-solving abilities and the capacity to be composed and calm under pressure.
  • Celebrity bodyguards are frequently needed to accompany their clients on tours or to events; you should be prepared to travel and put in long hours.

How to Become a Celebrity Manager

Want to become a celebrity manager? Here are some tips for you:

  • Work in a field related to the entertainment industry, like music, film, or television, to gain experience there.
  • Create a network of contacts in the business, including producers, executives, publicists, and agents.
  • Acquire effective negotiation and communication skills and the capacity for multitasking and simultaneous client management.
  • By getting a degree or certification in entertainment management or a related field, you can create a strong résumé for a celebrity manager
  • Be prepared to work long hours and often travel, as celebrity managers frequently must go on tours or events with their clients.

Finally, you need education, experience, networking, and dedication to become a celebrity stylist, bodyguard, or manager. While these careers may appear glamorous, they also demand great commitment and tenacity to succeed.


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