Top 5 Tips on Successfully Launching a Cleaning Business


There are many types of businesses you can start in 2022. However, a cleaning business is one of the few that requires little to no prior experience and has modest start-up costs. For this reason, starting your own cleaning company is an affordable and lucrative option if you are looking to be your own boss. 

So, to help you out, we have compiled a list of tried-and-true tips to successfully launch your own cleaning business.

#1. Create a Sound Business Plan

There are many reasons why you need a viable business plan before starting your cleaning company. First, this document helps you think and reconsider objectively every aspect of your business. It informs your decision-making as you move forward. In addition, a business plan is essential when you need to secure a business loan.

If writing a cleaning business plan is challenging for you (we get it, as it needs to include numerous details), opt for a template that can serve you as a guide. A thorough plan should include market, customer, and industry analysis, marketing and operations strategy, and an overview of the management team over. Importantly, look for one with a customizable financial model, as financial projections are essential for planning and executing your business. 

#2. Identify Your Target Market

Another step you need to take when starting your cleaning business is to identify your target market. That means figuring out what types of properties you want to work on. For example, you can decide to offer your services only to homeowners (residential cleaning) or business owners (commercial cleaning), or maybe both. 

Identifying your target market is crucial because it helps set your cleaning services, hourly rate, upfront investment in materials and staff, and marketing strategy. Subsequently, consider what types of clients you want to work with and what they are looking for in a cleaning service. This way, you can be sure to tailor your business to meet their unique needs.

#3. Choose Your Service Area

Identifying your target market involves deciding on your preferred clientele. Still, there is another vital aspect you need to consider when doing so; determining which geographical locations you will serve. That is necessary because you want to tap into an area in your vicinity and one that is not oversaturated with existing cleaning businesses. 

So, think about which zip codes you can service. Is there a lot of competition there? Are you confident that your cleaning businesses will thrive in this area? Remember, once you determine your service area, it will become easier to reach potential customers with target-specific marketing campaigns.

#4. Establish Your Services and Prices

Once you define your target market and geographical area, you will be able to determine how much you will charge for your cleaning services. Although the average cost for cleaning services is $25 to $90 per hour, it will vary based on the type of client, service area, and cleaning services offered. 

For example, suppose you decide to clean commercial properties. In that case, a small business may have less money to spend on a cleaning service than larger, more established companies. Similarly, if you clean private properties, a typical homeowner may expect to spend less on cleaning than someone who lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion. 

For this reason, do your research on what other cleaning companies are charging in your selected area. Then, consider your value while accommodating the cost of your expenses.

#5. Invest in Good Marketing

When launching a new business, having a robust online presence for your brand is extremely important. Once you have decided on the services you want to offer, who you’d like to work with, and what area you want to target, it is time to start attracting your first clients.

There are many ways you can go about marketing your cleaning business. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Website. An optimized website can help you generate business, sales, and leads and increase your brand value. It also helps increase credibility in front of customers and enables you to showcase your services.
  • Referrals. Reach out to relatives and friends and ask if they know of anyone in need of cleaning services. 
  • Social media. Start a Facebook page and Instagram profile under your business name to attract customers organically. Post useful content and use paid ads to draw in followers, so you can direct them to your website to learn more about your services.
  • Google. Launch a Google My Business page to attract customers from Google searches. 


Starting a cleaning business can be lucrative if you do your work professionally and keep your clients happy. In this article, you have the steps you need to get started and run the business you’ve always wanted.

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