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Promoting a product entails developing innovative marketing methods to improve sales by targeting a certain audience. Product launch and promotion are two steps that organizations do to increase revenue and establish brand loyalty. Companies that provide branded items and promotional products are known as product promotion companies. Vistaprint, Positive Promotions, and Etsy are a few examples. These goods support a company’s branding initiatives while also showing appreciation to employees, customers, guests, and prospects.

What are the Benefits of Using Product Promotion Companies?

The biggest advantage of partnering with a promotional product company is the ease of having them handle all of the packing and shipping. However, there are also other advantages to working with one, which include:

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Customer retention has improved.
  • Generating leads
  • A marketing approach that is cost-effective
  • A good customer relationship
  • Long-term brand awareness

List of the Best Product Promotion Companies In 2023

Promotional products enable firms to showcase their services while also rewarding stakeholders. We urge companies to place orders with suppliers who offer a diverse range of high-quality products. From AnyPromo to Flashbay and HALO, here is a list of the greatest product promotion product companies.

#1. Deluxe

Deluxe offers a diverse range of products, including drinkware, clothes, technological accessories, and writing instruments, all with the goal of leaving an impression and deepening client relationships.


  • Large orders can be placed by businesses.
  • Wholesale customers can get free samples.
  • Customization options are numerous.
  • Some products require expedited production.
  • Shipping to other countries
  • Eco-friendly products that are reasonably priced and manufactured from renewable or recyclable materials
  • Minimum order amounts for certain products vary.

Deluxe also features in-house designers who offer company logo design services to companies looking to establish a brand.

#2. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is an excellent choice for online product promotion companies with a large assortment of items. They have been monumental in supplying promotional materials to businesses in many areas at an accessible price for over 20 years. Holiday cards, bags, drinkware, clothes, canvas prints, and tablecloths are all available from the brand. Furthermore, firms can personalize tempting treats and candies.


  • Has a logo builder that allows new firms to quickly develop their brand marks.
  • Design services provided by a skilled team
  • Free trials
  • Photo editing capabilities and design templates
  • Shipping boxes, mailer bags, and hang tags for the holidays

Businesses can take advantage of the free basic membership, which includes unbranded items and packaging. The premium membership, which costs $74.99 per year, provides access to unbranded products and packaging as well as up to 40% off all products. Businesses will benefit from a flat rate shipping charge of $3.99 and free deliveries on orders above $60 with the premium packaging.

#3. Swag is an excellent option for businesses seeking promotional product sellers. The company provides promotional items that recipients will want to keep.’s selection of bulk promotional gifts, personalized branding products, and tasty delicacies will delight recipients. Apparel, luggage, work-from-home needs, tech accessories, and health goods are among the promotional products available from the brand.


  • Options for customization
  • Product mock-ups are available for approval within 48 hours of ordering.
  • Artwork for free
  • International shipping
  • Discounts for large purchases
  • Automation of swag distribution is an excellent promotional product distributor for both small and large purchases.

#4. Positive Promotions

Positive Promotions is an excellent alternative for businesses seeking merchandise because it offers a wide variety of promotional products. Businesses can shop by event, recipient, and product using the company’s simplified interface. Companies can also buy office supplies, bags, drinkware, technology, and health and wellness products from well-known brands.


  • Has an easy-to-use interface that is great for businesses commemorating important occasions.
  • Free samples are available upon request.
  • Some countries offer international shipping.
  • Reasonable pricing with regular bulk order discounts
  • Product personalization

Positive Promotions is the ideal organization for sending out gifts for special events like Customer Service Week, Pride Month, or Employee Appreciation Day.

#5. Zazzle

Zazzle is one of the greatest online product promotion companies for small company orders. To provide distinctive item selections, the promotional product store collaborates with global creators. Ornaments, t-shirts, apparel, mugs, coasters, holiday décor items, and playing cards are some of the products that companies can purchase.


  • Quick delivery schedules
  • A wide range of products that can be customized
  • Ordering, design, and order tracking are all supported by this mobile app.
  • Discounts for large purchases
  • Shipping to other countries
  • Other languages include French, Spanish, German, Korean, and Dutch.

Companies can also collaborate with independent producers to develop their own items that use imagery from the highlighted entities.

#6. PromotionShop

PromoShop is a good choice for firms seeking product promotion companies since it has the creative culture and marketing talent of an advertising agency. To provide some of the world’s top brands, the company harnesses its culturally diversified personnel. As a result, firms can launch innovative, daring, and effective marketing initiatives. PromoShop sells clothing, luggage, delightful delights, healthcare supplies, and home goods. You will also find a wide range of computer accessories, sports and outdoor equipment, travel supplies, and calendars.


  • The availability of environmentally friendly items. Organic, recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable products are available to businesses.
  • Brochure design, art direction, and custom product creation are examples of creative firm services.
  • Global sourcing and distribution
  • Inventory control

PromoShop also has customer service representatives and account executives that will assist customers with acquiring and personalizing promotional merchandise.

#7. AnyPromo

If you’re looking for promotional product sellers with a large product selection, AnyPromo is an excellent option. Technology, wellness and safety, office, drinkware, and car products are all available to businesses. The company also sells trade fair and event merchandise, wellness needs, jewelry, and clothing.


  • Over 200,000 goods can be customized
  • Free samples with a minimum purchase
  • Free artwork and free shipping on certain custom goods
  • There is no minimum order requirement.
  • Several holiday event merchandise is available.
  • Automotive, construction, insurance, education, and healthcare products are just a few examples.
  • Products from big brands such as Apple, Nike, and Oakley are shown.

AnyPromo provides a streamlined internet design that allows entities to conduct quick searches for promotional products. Businesses can select the best things based on pricing, production time, minimum quality, and materials. Other useful item selection factors include things created in the United States, items on sale, and rush services.

#8. Etsy

Etsy is an American company that specializes in antique and homemade things. Companies can obtain unique products for their recipients by featuring different promotional product retailers. Home décor, jewelry, furniture, apparel, luggage, and electronic gadgets are all available from the brand. You will also receive a selection of art and collectibles, including paintings, prints, and sculptures.


  • Provides a forum for independent creators to engage with consumers.
  • Provides one-of-a-kind things that are difficult to get elsewhere.
  • Personalization requests are accepted by some sellers.
  • Sellers’ bulk discounts and delivery rules differ.

Etsy is a terrific resource for people seeking remarkable and one-of-a-kind promotional items. The company, however, does not provide automated gifting choices.

#9. Packed with Purpose

Packed with Purpose is a business that should be considered if you want to promote the value of developing meaningful relationships through gifting. Custom gift boxes are available for employees, clients, event attendees, family, and friends. Senders can customize their gift boxes based on their budget, gift type, and health preferences.


  • Gift cards starting at $25 are available.
  • Gift concierge allows organizations to distribute gift cards to up to 500 people.
  • Companies can shop for promotional materials based on their impact. For example, organizations can purchase for products whose profits benefit job training or healthy communities.
  • Options for customization
  • Provides alternatives for automated gifting

The women-owned business provides presents that have a profound societal impact while improving lives, preserving communities, and enhancing communities.

#10. Swag Up

Swag Up is a one-stop shop for creating, automating, and distributing promotional merchandise. Packaging materials, clothes, holiday things, accessories, luggage, and workplace stationery are among the promotional products available from the company. Companies who want to streamline their search for promotional products can use the preset packs and tweak them as needed.


  • Companies can automate giving.
  • Salesforce, Rippling, Commsur, Postal, Custom API, and Zappier integration capabilities
  • Provides a diverse choice of high-quality items.
  • Professional design services are provided at no cost.
  • Inventory control for swag
  • International shipping
  • Pre-production samples and free samples
  • Discounts for large quantities

Swag Up sells products from well-known companies such as North Face and Moleskine.

#11. HALO

HALO is a promotional product company that focuses on helping businesses scale by developing connections with stakeholders. Businesses receive the greatest services as they aim to leave a lasting impression on recipients, thanks to over 42 offices worldwide and eight fulfillment hubs. Companies can get crucial help from HALO’s account executives throughout the procurement process, from promotional product selection to delivery. HALO’s promotional product categories include technology, wellness needs, office supplies, pet products, luggage, and outdoor requirements.


  • Options for flexible delivery
  • Holiday kits that capture the spirit of the season
  • Integrations with procurement solutions like SciQuest, SAP, Ariba, Oracle, Perfect Commerce, and GEP are seamless.
  • Data collecting instruments
  • Samples are available upon request.
  • Employee onboarding, sales incentives, and service awards are examples of promotional product packages.

Businesses can use the swag kitting option to acquire innovative packaging, personalized cards, box inserts, and secure data collecting. To assure the success of its marketing efforts, the organization works with each entity’s specific option, budget, and bespoke designs.

#12. Customon

Customon is a great wholesale product promotion company for companies that want to give clothing swag to clients, employees, or prospects. The company provides over 50 product options to accommodate every recipient. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, aprons, mugs, and baby onesies are among the promotional items available at Customon. You can browse the design categories and choose the best choice for your needs. For example, you might choose designs based on hilarious, music, mature comedy, or TV shows. You might also get ideas from the best sellers category.


  • Product design capabilities through the usage of an in-house design tool
  • Lots of unique outfit design ideas
  • After design approval, global shipping takes 24 to 48 hours.
  • There is no minimum order quantity.
  • Shoppers can also select things based on their preferred price range.

While Customon does not have a large product selection, it is a fantastic provider of high-quality promotional clothes.

#12. Flashbay

Flashbay is a great place to get company swag because they specialize in the on-demand manufacturing of personalized promotional technology products. The company, which is one of the major suppliers of branded USB flash drives in the United States, also provides a wide range of other promotional products. Businesses, for example, can buy drinkware, bags, headgear, gadgets, and audio equipment. The company also sells office supplies including pens and gift sets.


  • Reasonably priced factory direct pricing
  • Short lead times
  • The minimum order quantity is ten.
  • Free samples are delivered the next day.
  • Data preloading on USB flash sticks containing product catalogs, films, PowerPoint presentations, PDF brochures, and electronic vouchers.
  • When the recipient connects their USB flash drive to their computer, the drive will automatically launch.
  • Flash lock features to prevent end-user data deletion
  • Color matching with Pantone

The firm provides four logo branding processes to businesses: laser engraving, screen printing, embossing, and laser engraving.

How Do You Pick Promotional Product Companies?

With so many promotional product companies to choose from, it can be tough to find the right one.

Here are some methods that firms can use to find promotional product vendors:

  • Begin by identifying campaign goals- Rather than sending out products without an aim, we recommend that businesses begin by outlining their objectives. Products that boost brand recognition, for example, may differ from those that aid in employee retention.
  • Set a budget and adhere to it- Setting a budget and sticking to it is critical for analyzing the ROI of promotional products.
  • Consider the recipient’s demographics- Be sure to consider your audience’s gender, age, hobbies, culture, and region.
  • Choose companies with a diverse product offering- If you are looking for large group promotional products, we recommend that you look for organizations that offer a diverse product offering that reflects your brand and recipients’ interests.
  • Be aware of item creation, customization, and delivery timeframes– Find out how long it will take for a product to be delivered from the time you order it.

The incorrect selection of promotional product vendors can lead to unproductive marketing results, shipment delays, or the waste of a company’s resources.

What is a Promotional Product Distributor?

Your order is received by a promotional product supplier, who then handles everything else, from packaging to delivery.

What are the Top Product Promotion Companies In 2023?

The best product promotion companies in 2023 provide solutions for work-from-home, in-person, and hybrid workplaces.

How can I place an order for promotional products from a vendor?
You can order promotional materials from a vendor who fulfills multi-address orders, which is virtually certainly a need in corporate giving.

Can I Ship Promotional Items in Bulk?

Yes, promotional materials can be sent in bulk. In reality, many giving companies only accept bulk orders.

How Much Should I Spend on a Promotional Product?

On average, promotional products cost between $25 and a few hundred dollars. However, there is no set amount of money you should spend on a promotional product. It is worthwhile to spend on employee, coworker, or client appreciation. Ideally, the gift should be something other than business cards, key chains, hats, t-shirts, drinkware, and writing instruments.

Who are the Most Cost-effective Promotional Product Suppliers?

The most affordable promotional product suppliers are determined not by pricing, but rather by the value they provide.

How Can I Acquire a Quote From a Promotional Product Vendor?

Many promotional product suppliers provide quotations upon request. Typically, their website will provide a form where you can enter your information to acquire a quote.

Can I Put My Branding on Promotional Items?

Yes, numerous companies and distributors put their branding on promotional items. It’s fairly common to be able to laser imprint, embroider, or engrave your company emblem on a corporate present.


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