HOW TO GET PR PACKAGES From Brands: Top Tips

How To Get PR Packages

You will undoubtedly be able to receive free products from firms to review if you have a beauty blog or Instagram page with a sizable audience of engaged followers who frequently like or share your articles online. Because bloggers and Instagram users’ followers actively buy any products influencers promote on their blogs, businesses love to provide free makeup. In this guide, you will learn how to get free PR packages from brands that don’t have a lot of Instagram followers.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to approach brands without Instagram followers to ask for free PR packages and follow up and write a thank-you email that will help you build a working relationship.

Meaning of PR Packaging

Public relations (PR) packages are collections of goods given to content creators without a written contract or payment. Because it’s natural, the person who gets the product posts about it to their social media followers, which brings more attention to the company.

How Does PR Packaging Work?

PR packages operate similarly to other package delivery services. They serve as a crucial method of attracting people’s attention. Companies want to be sure that the proper individuals will see their items when released and return to purchase them.

Before launching new products, businesses must host blogging events and ask artists and bloggers for their opinions. The role of PR packages in this is clear. Brands will send these PR packages to people who can reach the right people and will review the product. A product sample is included in the package, along with information about it.

But not just bloggers or reviewers can take advantage of these packages. To their clients or prospective clients, several businesses send PR boxes. They can also be utilized to advertise a new service the company provides. People can then decide whether or not they want their new service after being informed about it before receiving it.

How to Get PR Packages Without Followers

Influencers are in high demand since brands prefer to collaborate because if your posts increase sales, everyone wins. I’m also going to give you a ton of extra advice on receiving free PR packages from brands, with or without Instagram followers.

#1. Assess your Instagram or blog page

Ensure your blog or the Instagram page has a significant online presence, an active following, and high-quality material before approaching any brands about a PR package.

If your blog or the page doesn’t have any content, it could be because businesses aren’t happy with the quality of your reviews or because you don’t have many readers yet and your site is still in its early stages and changing. To be sure of this, consider the following:

Do you have at least thirty posts on your blog or page?

It’s simply one of the laws of the web that the more material your page contains, the more people will eventually subscribe to your blog. Businesses will want to link to your blog, and they’ll check it frequently to see if you write frequently.

The best advice I can give to folks who question how often they should write is to post at least once every three weeks if your review is in the form of a “roundup” (where you examine more than three makeup products, for example), and at least once every two weeks if your reviews are shorter in length.

Is your publication schedule reliable?

It’s essential to maintain consistency. You need to stick to your publishing schedule, whether once per day, once per week, or once per month. Companies prefer to see that you’re committed to growing your fan base and establishing yourself as an influencer.

#2. Ensure that your reviews are interesting.

If your makeup reviews are interesting, have lots of photos, before and after photos, and even videos or Instagram clips, that show you’re producing relevant, high-quality content and showcasing the companies’ products in the best way possible. This is another way to get free PR packages from brands with Instagram followers.

1. Add a lot of close-up pictures.

You can stand out from the competition by including polls in your postings, descriptions for the images of your products, and other multimedia content.

2. Be sure to highlight significant quotes.

Highlight crucial passages in your review and make them stick out by using blog quotes, etc. These give a TL;DR (or a quick summary) of your overall impressions of the makeup or cosmetics.

3. Make visuals for the title.

The image you see on social media before clicking the link to the beauty review is known as a title graphic or thumbnail graphic; if you blog on WordPress, this is the same as the “featured image” you add in your blog articles.

When you write reviews for your blog and use some of these headline graphics, it will look just gorgeous. The illustration you can see above was created using Canva, a free online graphic editor.

#3. Modify your photographs using light filters

If the picture quality on your smartphone isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, you can still add some subtle filter effects to your images. For example, you shouldn’t oversaturate your images. There are many online programs like Flashback, which adds a retro look to photos that let you add filter effects.

#4. Speak to the company

Contacting the business is the next step in learning how to get free PR packages from brands with or without Instagram followers. You must email them with the following information:

1. What is the focus of your page or blog is

Give them a general summary of your blog or page’s subject matter, the types of posts you produce, or topics you enjoy writing about. Do you offer makeup how-to guides? Video reviews? Text reviews? Let them know if your blog posts are exceptionally detailed and packed with images. Sell them on your blog, so they will understand that you are a credible influencer.

Also, give them general information about how many people read your blog or follow you on Instagram. They can decide whether to continue working with your blog in the future once they have a general understanding of it.

2. How frequently do you release

Tell them how long you’ve been writing and how frequently you publish, so they know you’re a dedicated and competitive blogger.

3. Any first-hand knowledge you may have of their products

You should tell them if you’re a massive fan of their stuff. You may do the same thing here, but instead of asking for free goods in exchange for positive reviews of their items, as I did in my entire essay, you’re only giving them a taste of your reviewing prowess.

4. What products you’d like to review

The exciting portion of the email or letter is now! Here, you can be pretty specific about what you want to review. This entirely depends on the business, but some businesses only want to send out the products they want to review, so you might not get the exact product you requested. Leave room in your email for them to send you anything they’d like reviewed and say that you’d be happy to evaluate it, etc., if they don’t want to give you that lipstick or that eyeshadow.

It might be wise to state your turnaround timeframes at this point. It would be a massive plus if you could write the review as soon as you get the product because it demonstrates commitment.

In the email, you must provide a clear link to your blog or Instagram page. Introduce it, preferably anywhere in the beginning, by hyperlinking the name of your blog. You may then put a link to your blog or Instagram page in the footer of your email just after your salutation and closing. The first place company representatives typically search for a link to your blog is here. Make sure to add your Linktree (or online website/one-page site) account if you have one since this can assist makeup firms in getting a better sense of your most recent blog articles and social networking activity.

#5. Send a thank-you email as a follow-up

You must provide the brand with a link to your review or Instagram post once you have examined the makeup and thanked them for sending you things to test out. By getting in touch with them once more, you’re fostering a relationship with this business, and they might even give you things in the future!

They will be able to see your review and may even respond to it or thank you for it. As a result, you will undoubtedly establish a working relationship with the business. They might remember you in the future and bring you other goods to evaluate. Of course, if they are especially pleased with your review, they might add you to their influencer list and ask you to review their new items in the future.

You’ll be well on your way to building a working relationship with the company if you are polite and grateful in your email, make the link to your review clear and easy to find, and take other such actions.

How to Get on Brands PR Package List

There is no surefire technique to land a spot on the PR package list for your favorite brands; sometimes, luck is all you have! But I do have a few suggestions to assist you in getting PR packages from brands without or with Instagram followers for free:

  • Engage with your favorite brands on social media and tag them in relevant material you produce; you never know, they could take notice.
  • Search Twitter for the hashtags #BloggersRequire and #BloggersWanted. Yes, they are frequently congested with other bloggers chit-chatting, but PR teams frequently use hashtags when tweeting about impending possibilities!
  • After receiving a product, stay in touch with the PRs and tell them when you’ll mention it. In addition, if you mention the product on social media, it’s helpful to send over your engagement statistics. If you treat your PR well, they will think highly of you for upcoming possibilities.

How Can I Get Free PR?

For your company, learn how to get free digital PR:

  • Be aware of your unique selling proposition and brand history.
  • Create a contact list.
  • Use your position of thought leadership.
  • Develop your angle and pitch.
  • Get started early.
  • Tell your own story, provide excellent content, and frequently discuss your progress.
  • Ask the question.
  • Still, draft that news release.

How Do I Contact PR brands?

Five Simple Ways to Locate Brand PR Contacts

  • Find the contact information in a press release.
  • Use LinkedIn to locate contacts for brand PR.
  • Consult a pal.
  • The company web page.
  • Keep in mind social media.

How Can I Get PR Packages in India?

Here is how to write a PR package request:

  • Increase your credibility by mentioning the URL of your website, company, or, if you have one, YouTube channel.
  • Enquire about the company’s plans to introduce a new product line.
  • Enquire about any blogger events the business is hosting or attending.

How Does the PR Package Work?

PR packages are carefully chosen firms’ gratis goods provided to a list of celebrities or Instagram influencers with a free following in the hopes that they will use the product, post about it on their social media pages, and naturally share it with their audience.

How Much is PR monthly?

Although these figures might look inflated, they are not. PR services typically cost up to $10,000 a month; $7,500 is a pretty good deal, yet, in many instances, $12,000 or more is not unheard of.

How much do PR packages cost?

Digital PR costs can range from $5,000 per month for brands with a fascinating story to $15,000 per month or more when original content needs to be made to reach reputable sites.

Why Do Celebrities Get PR Packages?

The brand wants to increase organic exposure on its social media platforms, so it sends an influencer or celebrity a PR package. The practice of “PR unboxing,” in which the content creator opens all of the PR packages they have recently received from brands, has become very popular on TikTok and Instagram stories and reels.


The free question is, “How do PR packages from brands with or without Instagram followers work?” You must first sign up for a brand PR package list, ensure that you write frequently, that your evaluations are fascinating, and, most importantly, be honest in your reviews. The adage “honesty is the best policy” is mostly true in this situation.


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