Understanding the Basics of Scrum Master Training  

Understanding the Basics of Scrum Master Training
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What Is Scrum?

To develop and manage product management in a systematic and dynamic way, Agile Development framework-SCRUM is used. The teams work as a single unit, along with production and quality assurance. The framework is complex, and to help others understand the same, a scrum master is hired. The scrum master ensures people understand the agile Scrum framework and assists others by eliminating barriers in project management.

The complexity of the program is made simple with the help of a scrum master. Scrum core principles need to be adhered to for an organization to run smoothly. A Scrum master ensures the same. You can get certified scrum master training online in India. Scrum Masters are the leaders. They need to lead and make other people work cooperatively in the framework. Scrum masters are also known as squad leaders. The success of the scrum agile framework is ensured by the scrum masters. Apart from reflecting the cores and principles of the scrum, they are responsible for the following roles-

  • Business goals are attained by the teams and the squad.
  • Professional ethics and teamwork to be promoted.
  • They have to plan out everything along with the team backlog, sprint demonstrations, and sprint retrospectives. 
  • All the scrum procedures are followed in the team.
  • The scrum principles are maintained and not prohibited.
  • Test-driven development, automated testing, and continuous integration should be followed.
  • Punctuality and discipline are met.
  • Collaborations are followed. Risk awareness and plans are discussed comprehensively.
  • Feasibility studies are made.
  • All the requirements post the feasibility studies are written and validated. 

What Is the Scope?

Many people confuse product managers with scrum masters. They are two different individuals who have separate roles. The latter does not lead the team at every developmental stage. All the B2C (Business to Customer) tasks are handled by the product managers and not the scrum masters. They are also not accountable for any technical-related decisions. They cannot lead the team or make changes inside. 

Scrum Masters are known to influence the organization. They have various skills, including technical, scrum, and soft skills. Although their main task is to make people learn the agile framework and adhere to it. 

They are expected to know strategies and self-organizing team methods. Scrum masters are like the ‘GURU’ of the organization. They are expected to demonstrate and show dignity, fairness, confidence, and team appreciation.  After you get the certified scrum master training, you are expected to have experience in Agile, IT coaching, and presentation. Coordinating with the staff should be made by such means that it does not disturb their daily work schedule. Scrum masters have to organize a disciplinary approach. 

Scrum Master- Traits 

The Scrum Masters are the introductory manual of the Scrum Agile framework within an organization. They have to possess some characteristics that make them stand- apart. Let us explore some of the skills and traits of the scrum master- 

  • Servant Leader- As the scrum master, you are entitled to and responsible for building the goals of the project. It will reflect in the service given to others. This quality makes them social leaders or servant leaders. 
  • Morale Booster- Efficiency is important in an organization. The more efficient the employees are, the better the work is! As the scrum master, you will be required to improve employees’ morale and keep inspiring them. 
  • Facilitator- Scrum masters have to facilitate the project and make others as passionate as possible. They make others believe that it’s teamwork and not just an individual task. Impartiality is important- a scrum master should never be impartial among their employees. 
  • Coach- Coaching is another servant-leader quality. As the scrum master, you will coach the squad and make them self-organized. This will help in the company’s as well as individual growth. 
  • Agent- Scrum masters are the agents of Scrum Agile Framework. They work through the tasks and make sure everyone is following and adhering to the agile framework. 
  • Mentor- You will interact with teams and squads. Your gameplay, expertise, experience, and teachings will make you a role model.
  • Removing Obstacles- Developing the team, and making them work through thick and thin is one of your major responsibilities. As the scrum master, you will be in charge of removing obstacles and hurdles. 
  • Framework Manager- Framework is a basic structure under which the teams perform. As the scrum master, you have to ensure the same.
  • Observer- You have to keep an eye on every employee. Even the slightest change should be noted (performance or teamwork-wise).

Challenges as the Scrum Master

A lot of determination is required to manage so many teams. As the scrum master, you will be required to manage a large scale of people working in self-organizing teams. Some may think of it as a task. Scrum masters have to handle disputes (if any) that arise between the team members and the project managers. Apart from professional skills, scrum masters need to learn about motivation, interaction, economic behaviors, and other social science aspects. These may require special attention that is not taught in the certification course. 

Scrum master is a prestigious role. It has its own set of pros and cons. All you need to know is whether it’s worth taking the risk or not. You can take notes from other scrum masters or opt for an internship. This may help you get to know the role better.

Certify Yourself Now

There is an exam called CSM®, or certified scrum master, that one needs to complete before getting qualified as a scrum master. You will get to know about the scrum principles, procedures, implementations, and a degree in expertise and experience. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the scrum principles and framework. 

This course will help you in your career by activating your role in the market. You will improve your skills with the help of the CSM curriculum. Being scrum master certified, will help you stand in the global scrum business, and also help you succeed within an organization. Get certified scrum master training today!

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