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Direct Mailing Services and Email Service Providers
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Email is still the most popular form of communication in today’s technological age, whether it be for work or personal use. On the market, there are several email service providers, each with specialized features. Sending bulk emails is essential if you want to interact with your list on a general level and reach sizable audiences with your newsletters and promotional emails. However, locating an email service provider that can handle the volume of emails you need to send can be difficult. In turn, this article will assist you in selecting the top email. This list of free bulk email mailing services has been compiled by us so that you can compare their features and select the best one for your company. 

Direct Mailing Services

Even though email and SMS may have surpassed physical mail as the most popular methods of message delivery, you can still use direct mailing services to distribute printed materials to hundreds or even thousands of current and potential customers. It differs from other forms of snail-mail advertising in that it enables business owners to target a particular customer base. Direct mail services typically provide design and printing services in addition to sending out your materials. If you do not already have a designer on staff or a printer on staff who can print the quantities you require of printed materials, doing this could save you time and money. 

What to Take Into Account When Selecting Direct Mailing Services

#1. The Business Years of Experience

Even though it may seem obvious, before selecting a direct mail provider, confirm that they have expertise in printing, working with the USPS, and managing large-volume orders. A company with experience will ultimately save you time, effort, and money because they are better able to spot mistakes, provide insightful counsel, and work quickly to produce a successful campaign.

#2. Tracking Campaigns Tools

The capacity of a direct mail provider to follow up on your order and the development of your campaign is another crucial aspect to take into account. In addition to ensuring that your mail is delivered at the appropriate times and to the correct addresses, adequate tracking capabilities also give you the ability to manage the success of your campaign and determine how you can do it better in the future. 

#3. What Percentage of the Process Will It Manage?

Any small business would prefer to work with a single provider who can handle the entire process over managing numerous vendors. Choose a direct mail service that offers services for strategy, design, printing, mailing, and tracking.

Best Direct Mailing services

#1. Vistaprint

The business cards that Vistaprint produces are well known, but this printing company also provides an all-inclusive direct mail service. Vistaprint makes it simple for small businesses to carry out targeted direct mail marketing campaigns, whether you choose to use one of its more than 4,000 templates, work with its in-house design team, or simply use your design. Vistaprint is one of the top companies that provide direct mailing services.


The mailers you choose, as well as the USPS’s current postage rates, will affect the cost. On the direct mail page of Vistaprint, there is a helpful price estimator that helps small business owners get a sense of how much their campaign might cost. Another advantage of using Vistaprint’s services is that there are no contracts to sign and no payment is required until right before the campaign is sent out. These data sets, along with the quantity you wish to order, are taken into consideration by Vistaprint when determining your potential price.

  • Postcard size
  • Options for printing on the back
  • Mailing lists
  • Postage type
  • Handling and addressing charges


  • Speedy turnaround
  • The swift internal design team
  • Numerous free templates
  • Mailing lists


PFL is one of the best full-service direct mailing companies because it can quickly and easily handle every step of the direct mailing process. This is one of the best direct mailing companies that provide full mailing services to individuals and businesses alike. Although it provides many of the same services as other businesses, what distinguishes it is the range of products it can mail via direct mail. Postcards, brochures, newsletters, greeting cards, staggered mailings, and multi-piece mailers are just a few of the items PFL can assist you with designing, printing, and sending. 


  • Various formats
  • Eco-friendly printing
  • Mail preparation services
  • A timely turnaround
  • Shipping directly from the facilities

#3. PostcardMania

Using PostcardMania is a no-brainer, whether you are a small business owner looking to experiment with direct mailing marketing services or a seasoned expert in targeted mailers. The company’s comprehensive direct mail solution performs better than the competition because of its tracking system, which enables you to monitor the success of your marketing campaigns.


The cost of a direct mail marketing campaign is dependent on a variety of factors, even though PostcardMania provides a basic price guide for postcard printing on its website. As a result, the final cost will vary depending on the campaign. Postage costs are separately billed and paid. When the mailers are prepared for delivery, the price is calculated using the most recent USPS rates.


  • Speedy turnaround
  • Various design possibilities
  • There are also Direct Mail 2.0 and Everywhere Small Business mailers available. 

#4. PsPrint

They provide a variety of direct mailing services. If using environmentally friendly printing services is important to your company, PsPrint offers a variety of choices. In addition to soy-based inks that still produce the vibrant colors you want to see, PsPrint also provides recycled paper stock for your mailings, if desired.

Ten different kinds of mailers can be sent to potential clients. Comparatively, other services frequently only provide one or two mailer options, which is a lot less. PsPrint’s products include:

  • Brochures
  • Door hangers
  • Flyers
  • Magnets
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Rack cards
  • Sales sheets
  • Stickers
  • Gift labels 

The Advantages of Direct Mailing Services

#1. You Save Time Using Direct Mailing Services

Working with a business that specializes in direct mail campaigns has the best advantage of saving you the time and effort required to internally create promotional materials, compile lists, print addresses, and mail letters.

#2. Production of High-Quality Goods

You need a piece of mail that is appealing to the eye and instructive to entice recipients if you want to gain new clients from a direct mail campaign. Individuals can create letters, brochures, postcards, and other materials that will generate sales with the assistance of direct mail companies’ design teams. 

#3. You Can Better Target Your Audience With Their Assistance

The best address lists are the foundation of the most successful direct mail campaigns. Direct mail services frequently allow you to purchase address lists directly, but they can also assist you in locating the right clients by focusing on particular neighborhoods based on variables like age, home values, household income, and whether or not a person is a renter or an owner.

#4. The Price is Reasonable

Because they create a tactile experience that aids in brand recognition and customer loyalty, direct mail services are an affordable marketing solution. Comparing direct mail services to other ad campaigns, their ROI is surprisingly high.

Email Service Provider 

Email clients and Webmail are two different kinds of email services. The desktop application known as the email client lets you set up one or more email addresses. These applications let you write, send, get, and read emails. Microsoft Outlook is an illustration of an email client. You can access emails through webmail. It is reachable via browsers. Yahoo and Gmail are two instances of webmail.

Best Email Service Providers 

#1. Gmail

Due to its simplicity and accessibility, Gmail by Google is one of the most used web email clients. In addition to supporting 105 languages, Gmail also provides paid plans for companies of all sizes. The storage, support possibilities, and features you have access to depend on the plan you select. Gmail’s simplicity and compatibility with almost any device make it one of its best features. Additionally, Gmail is accessible on Windows, Apple, and Android mobile devices in addition to being compatible with the majority of popular web browsers. Additionally, ChromeOS and other Linux-based operating systems support Gmail installation.


‍Gmail is initially offered for free, but G Suite is available in three different price tiers: basic, business, and enterprise. 

  • Basic costs are $5 per user per month.
  • Business costs $10 per user per month.
  • Enterprise costs $25 a month per user.

Storage capacity, customer service, and access to additional applications vary by plan.

#2. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client provided by Microsoft as a component of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook also has a free web version, which was formerly known as Hotmail, in addition to the paid version. Users of Outlook can take advantage of a user-friendly interface and great features like automatic email organization, add-on support, and the ability to recover deleted emails. Like Gmail, Outlook is compatible with a variety of platforms and operating systems, allowing for cross-platform usage. The only exception is Linux OSes, as there is not an official Outlook client for this platform. Outlook is a well-liked option for both business and individual use because it is simple to use and can be integrated with a wide range of apps. 

Outlook and Gmail are two of the more popular choices when it comes to email deliverability and widespread compatibility.


The basic version of Outlook is free, but the premium version has two pricing tiers. 

  • Office 365 Home costs $99.99 annually.
  • It costs $69.99 to purchase Office 365 Personal.

#3. ProtonMail

Due to its superior security features, ProtonMail differs from Gmail and Outlook. End-to-end encryption is used by ProtonMail to guarantee users’ total privacy when sending emails. Because the company is based out of Switzerland, they abide by Swiss privacy laws.

ProtonMail, in contrast to some of the other well-liked options, provides features like Proton Calendar and Proton Drive in addition to increased security. ProtonMail is additionally simple to use, so there is no challenging learning curve to worry about. Although ProtonMail is well-liked, Gmail and Outlook are more widely used.


‍ProtonMail offers four plans, three of which are paid subscriptions. 

  • The ProtonMail Plus costs $3.61 per month.
  • ProtonMail Professional is priced at 5.91/month.
  • ProtonMail Visionary costs $21.92 per month.
  • Basic features for confidential and secure communication are included in the free plan.

However, ProtonMail’s free plan has a small mailbox size and is regarded as having subpar customer service.

#4. AOL Mail

AOL used to be the most well-known internet brand. Even though times have changed and AOL is now a part of Verizon Communications, AOL Mail is still among the more widely used email clients. You can connect AOL Mail to other email accounts, including Outlook and Gmail, and it offers unlimited mailbox space. There is also built-in protection against viruses and spam.

AOL Mail accounts are subject to deactivation and deletion after 90 and 180 days, respectively, of inactivity. If you think you might be emailing inactive AOL accounts, you should check your mailing list.

#5. Yahoo! Mail

One of the first email clients on the internet, Yahoo! Mail was introduced in 1997 and is now accessible in 27 different languages. Although Yahoo! Mail started as a web client more than 20 years ago, it has developed to the point where there are now mobile apps for it. Particularly for users of other Yahoo services, Yahoo! Mail is excellent for sending personal emails.

Yahoo! Mail has 225 million active users, which is still a lot more than Outlook and Gmail. Therefore, your marketing campaigns must use Inbox Preview to ensure that an email renders properly in Yahoo! Mail.


  • The versions of Yahoo are free and paid. 
  • The monthly cost of Yahoo’s business mail is $1.19.

#6. Zoho

An Indian technology company by the name of Zoho is well-known for its collection of business software, which goes by the name Zoho Office Suite. With 15 million users worldwide, Zoho is growing in popularity although Gmail and Outlook are still common choices for many businesses. This is likely because of its straightforward design, top-notch security, and reasonably priced premium plans for both personal and business use.

Zoho offers a variety of features depending on your plan, including domain aliases, email hosting, offline access, email recall, attachments up to 1 GB, and more. Zoho is a good choice if you prefer email service providers with lots of features.


‍In addition to offering three paid plans, Zoho Mail is free for up to five users.

  • Mail lite costs $1 per month and $1.25 per year.

The only difference between these two plans is that the $1.25 plan offers 10 GB of storage space per user, whereas the $1.25 plan only offers 5 GB. 

  • The cost of Zoho Mail’s Mail premium is $4 per month.
  • The Workplace plan for Zoho Mail costs $3 per month.

#7. iCloud Mail

As iPhones and the iOS operating system have grown in prominence in the tech industry, iCloud has gained popularity. If you have a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, or AOL Mail account and an Apple device, you can access iCloud mail using those accounts. Even though iCloud integrates with a variety of other email providers, email is still shown uniquely.

The fact that iCloud mail is preinstalled on iPhones and other Apple devices makes it a popular option, but many users might prefer to download Gmail or other third-party email services. Nevertheless, it is still crucial to create your emails for iCloud Mail.


‍Through iCloud Mail, which provides 5 GB of free email storage in addition to paid plans, a larger storage plan can be purchased. 

  • $0.99/month will get you an extra 50GB of storage.
  • $2.99/month will buy you 200 GB.
  • $9.99/month is the cost for 2 TB.
  • Coworkers or family members may use the 200 GB and 2TB plans together.


Despite not having as much popularity as Gmail or Outlook, has a wealth of features that should not be disregarded. One of the most feature-rich free email service providers today, supports both personal and business email accounts.

Users of can choose from a variety of domain extensions for their email addresses. Instead, users can select the ideal domain extension for their company and brand from a selection of more than 200 options. offers a premium version in addition to its free service, which enables anyone to create a personal email address. Ads are removed, more storage is offered, and access to upscale services is all included in’s premium edition. 

Bulk Mailing Services

A bulk email service is a provider of email that can send messages to many recipients at once. Typically, bulk emails are sent out to your email list to update them on new content and to promote advertising or marketing campaigns. You might send emails for newsletters, promotions, transactions, shipping updates, reports, password resets, and other purposes. Sending emails in this quantity from your email server runs the risk of being marked as a spammer, so you must use a reputable bulk email service provider.

Bulk Email Service’s Qualities

You should consider the following qualities in a bulk email service before signing up:

#1. Security and Reliability

The most crucial qualities to look for in a bulk email service are without doubt security and dependability. You must be able to send out a lot of emails quickly without causing any spam filters to be activated. Your bulk email service provider should give you the option to select an SMTP server and send your bulk emails via batching (distributing them in smaller batches as opposed to all at once) if you prefer.

#2. Email Monitoring

The majority of bulk email service providers will give you at least some basic email tracking tools, enabling you to keep track of deliverability, open and click rates, and other common email marketing benchmarks and metrics. Some of the more powerful tools will offer in-depth analytics.

#3. List Management

You should be able to add people to and manage your email marketing list with the bulk email service you pick. These tools allow you to segment your list, eliminate duplicates from it, and remove inactive emails from it.

#4. Email Design

A bulk email service should offer some fundamental design tools, even though it might not offer as many as a typical email marketing service provider. Even without design tools, the platform should at least let you import your artwork or paste an HTML email template.

#5. Price

The cost will be a factor for some businesses. Even though all of the bulk email marketing services on our list are free, the paid plans offer more functionality and features. A bulk email marketing service that fits your requirements and price range can be found on this list.

Bulk Email Marketing Services

#1. Campaigner 

This is a potent marketing automation tool that provides options for both SMS and email marketing. It provides a range of options that let you design individualized, targeted campaigns, including segmentation, geolocation, and localization. Campaigner allows you to create email and SMS automation workflows to help you create more persuasive campaigns. 

By sending tailored messages that are appropriate for your audience’s buying stage, this email marketing service also allows you to cultivate your contacts and turn them into devoted customers.


  • Includes Reputation Defender 
  • Build workflows using drag and drop
  • Having the ability to include SMS in marketing campaigns
  • Tracking conversions
  • Multiple workflow enrollment 
  • Messages with a high degree of personalization thanks to custom fields, geolocation, purchase history, localization, dynamic content, and other factors
  • Plan your recurring campaigns. 
  • Access to autoresponders


There are two categories of pricing for Campaigner:

  • Starter: from $59/month 
  • eCommerce: from $79.95/month
  • Essential: from $179/month
  • Advanced: from $649/month
  • Campaigner also offers custom plans
  • Email and SMS Bundle
  • eCommerce: from $79.95/month
  • Starter: $104/month
  • Essential: $224/month
  • Advanced: $694/month
  • For people who require more than 1,000 SMS sent, there are also custom plans available.

#2. Mailchimp 

Among the bulk email marketing services on our list with the greatest popularity is this one. A bulk email verifier, custom domains, and built-in marketing tools are available to boost sales. Additionally, you can use Mailchimp to make and distribute social media ads, emails, landing pages, and even real postcards. Subject line helper, real-time marketing automation, A/B testing, behavioral targeting, and predicted demographics are just a few of the Mailchimp features that can assist you in reaching the right audience at the appropriate time.


  • Create a custom domain for your website.
  • Forms for signing up, landing pages, social media posts and advertisements, and a lookalike audience finder
  • Customer dashboards
  • Tools for segmentation
  • Incorporates with the instruments you probably already use
  • Segments that have already been built, tags, behavioral targeting, and predicted demographics
  • Exceptional assistance


  • Up to 2,500 subscribers may use the free plan.
  • Essentials: $11/month
  • Standard: $17/month
  • Premium: $299/month
  • Plans vary depending on the number of subscribers

#3. Amazon SES 

Although setting this up is a little challenging, once done, using the bulk email marketing service is simple. Numerous features, including mass mailing and tracking, are included. With the aid of the thorough reports offered by Amazon SES, you can assess the performance of your account, obtain anti-spam feedback, and monitor a vast array of email marketing metrics.


  • You can send emails using the SMTP interface, the Amazon SES API, and various other methods.
  • Monitoring shared IP addresses ensures a high level of deliverability.
  • Users have the option to rent dedicated IP addresses or create dedicated IP pools.
  • Customers can use their IP addresses with the service.


  • Applications running on EC2 servers can send their first 62,000 emails for free.
  • Email clients and other software programs cost $0.10 per 1,000 emails and $0.12 per gigabyte of attachments when sending emails.
  • Email delivery: Free for the first 1,000 emails, $0.10 for each additional 1,000, plus $0.09 for each 1,000 chunked incoming emails

#4. Ominisend

For those running online stores as well as other businesses, Omnisend’s bulk email marketing services are ideal. It has pre-programmed automatons, integrates with your shop to provide you with better customer targeting, and offers important details about how people shop. Additionally, it provides a variety of marketing channels (including email, SSM, and MMS) so you can connect with your clients wherever they are. Omnisend provides a library of templates, automation, analytics for the products, and drag-and-drop funnels for simple use.


  • Templates archive
  • Create emails that are tailored to your brand by adding items and dynamic discount codes, then saving them as presets.
  • Editor with drag and drop
  • Varying discount rates
  • There are pre-built workflows available in the Automation Library.
  • Workflow editing using drag-and-drop
  • Customer analytics, segmentation, and insights powered by AI


  • Free plan for up to 500 emails/month
  • Standard: $16/month
  • Pro: $59/month

What Is the Cheapest Letter Mailing Service? 

The Post Office, also known as the US Postal Service, offers the most affordable letter-sending options in the nation. Standard-sized, single-piece envelopes up to 3.5 oz in weight as well as large envelopes and small packages up to 13 oz can be sent using First-Class Mail®, a reasonably priced mail service. Prices start at $0.63 at a Post Office.

What Are the Services of the Mail Service?

A mailing service offers its clients services like newsletter distribution, mail merge operations, package delivery, mail and package acceptance, and bulk distribution of marketing brochures and direct mail pieces.

How Can I Send Bulk Mail Cheap? 

Using the right bulk email marketing service to assist you makes sending bulk emails simple. The majority of the tools on our list allow you to simply prepare your email, select the segments you want to send it to, and then schedule or send it. That is how simple it is.

What Are Free Mail Services? 

Some of the best free email services are offered by Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, Zoho, Mail.Com, and Proton Mail. Zoho, Gmail, Hushmail, and ProtonMail are some webmail clients with paid services. 


These companies are merely a few of those that offer email services. Gmail is the top-ranked ESP in the list above. Your needs for features and services will determine which ESP is best for you. When using an ESP, you must think about a variety of features and options and determine whether they are important to you. Sending bulk emails to your subscribers is made possible by a service that provides email. Bulk email services are frequently used for newsletters, sales campaigns, and business announcements. These bulk email services can handle high email volumes and provide tools for performance monitoring.

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