CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Definition, Skills, Software, System & Job Description

Client Management

The hiring of a client manager by a company may be crucial to streamlining its client-facing business operations. Client managers frequently collaborate with other customers or businesses who are considering making long-term purchases of a good or service. Management professionals who master client management techniques will have better interactions with their clients. In this article, we’ll explain what a client management system is, give you a list of necessary skills, and inform you about software for client management as well as its job description and how to get better at it.

Client Management

  • The task of managing, coordinating, and supervising relationships between a company’s current clients and potential clients is known as “client management.” furthermore With the help of a client manager, an organization’s connections with its clients can grow and prosper
  • A client manager may be able to build enduring ties with their present clients thanks to these purchases. They are also in charge of luring in fresh, prospective clients and winning their loyalty. Each customer has the option to ask for customized treatment in order to continue making purchases from a particular business. A client manager’s primary objective is to uphold and enhance relationships throughout the purchasing process
  • Maintaining a good relationship with a company’s clients is known as “client management.” It entails organizing and controlling client-company contacts and has a significant effect on a business’s reputation as well as its capacity to both retain and attract new customers. When a customer is happy, a business is more likely to continue doing business with them.

Client Management Skills

Some client management skills are listed below that a client manager may find useful when working with various clients:

#1. Calm

When overwhelmed at work, calming your nerves can assist. Deep breathing, walking, and meditation are relaxing techniques you can use to alleviate stress. When you’re relaxed, you can make clients feel at ease during the buying process. Working with a client with patience and composure may be advantageous. Keep a positive mindset and be carefree to achieve this.

#2. Detail-oriented

Being cautious may help client managers. Paying attention to every step of the sales process can prevent blunders. You can focus on what customers expect. Being passionate and paying close attention to the client’s needs might help guide them through the buying process. This will help you build and sustain consumer relationships.

#3. Communicative

A client manager may benefit from good communication skills to manage and regulate organizational processes. Speaking openly and simply with customers during the sales process earns respect and gratitude. Maintaining client contact may be beneficial. By providing all the information a customer needs, you enhance the likelihood of a purchase and return

#4. Knowledgeable

Client managers may need to know a lot about their firm’s products and services. They may be able to explain the benefits of the products they sell since they know their features. Technology helps them communicate product information to customers. Client managers with product knowledge are more likely to sell. This may reassure a buyer.

#5. Organized

Being precise and well-organized is a key skill to becoming a good client management person. Two ways to hone this talent are to keep your promise and stay the course. It’s important to make appropriate and orderly task transitions as your priorities shift. Making sure that all duties are completed accurately and on schedule can help you stay organized.

#6. Confident

Client managers who exude confidence will succeed in their interactions with a range of clients since it may indicate that you are knowledgeable about the business or product, that you value yourself, and that you have the interpersonal skills necessary to instruct others. Customers might be able to sense how passionate you are about selling a particular good or service if you come off as confident. You can interact with your clients in a helpful manner if you have a positive outlook. You might be able to build relationships and rapport this way.

#7.  Honest

Since it demonstrates your sincerity to others, being honest is crucial in the business. Being sincere with your customers is among the vital client management skills that might help them develop trust in you and your business. There is a significant likelihood that a customer won’t buy from you if they think you are being dishonest or twisting the truth. It may always be necessary, to be honest with customers so that they have faith in the goods or services they are receiving. Furthermore, it can provide them with the confidence they require to continue doing business with you and your organization.

#8. Problem-solver

Client managers will advance in their jobs if they can handle challenges. Your ability to solve problems is one of the important client management skills that actually indicate that you have experience dealing with challenges in your company processes. Clients and other managers may be able to detect that you are able to learn to overcome new obstacles while taking into account the perspectives of others when you are able to spot deficiencies in your work processes.

Software for Client Management

Client management software is a program that keeps track of each client’s specific interactions with the business. Information from the client management system is frequently used by the sales, marketing, and support teams to establish and maintain relationships with customers and finally convert them into loyal customers. Businesses may easily manage their relationships with both present and potential clients by using client management software.

Customer management software is the most effective approach to arranging and automating procedures for monitoring client information and behavior. Using client management software, such as a customer relationship management system (CRM), which is crucial for overall business performance, you can stay busy and organized.

You can use it to handle sales, set up the operations of your business, and create tailored customer encounters. As a result, businesses may offer better customer service, forge stronger bonds with their clients, and increase profitability.

The Best Client Management Software

These are the best of the client management software

#1. ProofHub

One of the best software for client management is ProofHub. For scheduling tasks, allocating resources, and automating administrative tasks, it offers helpful alternatives.

By utilizing ProofHub, project managers can effectively organize all of their work and create effective teams that meet project goals. Its capabilities, which include task management, file proofreading, alerts, file management, note-taking, and even built-in chat, allow you to stay in touch with your most important clients in one location.

All of your client management needs will be in one place and easily accessible via the tool. Users may track client information, discuss changes, interact, and also manage projects in one place with ProofHub, which eliminates the need for several apps.

#2. Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 is a client management software that may be used both locally and in the cloud. It was created with salespeople in mind and is brimming with resources that can help you convert prospective customers into loyal ones. The biggest benefit of this client management software is without a doubt the fact that it offers a free alternative. 

Using this CRM tool will help you identify the areas where your sales process needs to be improved. The management of your consumers is made easier by automated sales funnels. You can generate automatic lead responses similarly by using its automation concepts.  Standout features

  • Customer contacts database
  • Storage with cloud editions
  • Custom applications
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Desktop apps for Windows and Mac

#3. Salesforce 

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer management software available today. Lead management, email integration, opportunity management, contact management, and also sales forecasting are a few of the features. One of Salesforce’s most useful features is sales forecasting.

It enables you to view your company’s whole pipeline, arranged by salesperson, so you can pinpoint your key contributors. You can set realistic targets and take care of problems before they have an influence on your revenue by analyzing and estimating your sales. Sales forecasting is the last tool managers have at their disposal to help them make decisions. Standout features

  • Contact management
  • Quote management
  • Lead management
  • Dynamic dashboard and custom reports
  • Email integration

#4. Freshworks CRM

An innovative client management software, Freshworks CRM combines sales, marketing, and chat, in addition to a built-in phone in one convenient package. You can manage all of your leads, customers, deals, marketing email journeys, and more with Freshsales. However, the nicest aspects of Freshworks are the integrated phone and email systems.

In Freshworks, you can purchase local and toll-free lines and allocate them to sales representatives so they have a dedicated line to use when phoning potential customers. Additionally, since communication takes place within the CRM, it is immediately recorded. You can save time by avoiding manual data entry by having calls, emails, and other activity automatically documented. Standout features

  • Pipeline management
  • Lead scoring
  • AI-powered insights
  • In-built audio calls
  • Sales reports

#5. Apptivo

Apptivo is another easy customer management software. it creates leads automatically when website visitors submit forms. Website forms can be added.  Manually importing data or using a CSV file are choices. You can modify all onscreen components thanks to the software’s high customizability.

Apptivo has many visualization choices for sales tracking. The dashboard lets you track sales force performance and individual salespeople. Dials and other displays can help make sense of data and display information like projection and accomplishment. Standout features

  • Automatic lead generation
  • Apps customization
  • Lead conversion
  • Sales tracking
  • G-suite integration

Client Management Job Description

Job description for client management describes the responsibilities, duties, tasks, and other elements of their employment.

A client management manager or customer service representative makes sure that customers receive the best support from their business, Their job description includes keeping in touch with clients on a regular basis, soliciting feedback from them, and equally enticing them to make future purchases.

They are responsible for assisting clients, resolving problems, and implementing changes that can surely improve client relationships. A client management  manager’s additional job description  and duties include:

  • Attracting new customers and promoting collaboration Directing and training a group of salesmen or customer service professionals
  • Creating sales or service reports for customers and upper management
  • Assist team members with coaching and assistance to help them reach team goals.
  • Preserving records of client interactions for instruction
  • Offering customer service lectures and conducting seminars
  • Creating surveys and gathering client data
  • Promoting goods or services to clients.

Client Management Job Description Example

We need a client relations manager to build and equally sustain partnerships. You’ll handle any issues to keep clients happy.

In this role, you should be able to identify client needs and come up with creative solutions. We’d like to meet you if you know our industry and equally have customer service experience. Maintaining our client base and income will be your goal.


  • Develop relationships with key staff members and clients.
  • To satisfy the needs of your client’s clients, prepare in advance.
  • Educate your clients on how to create effective strategies.
  • Plan frequent client interviews to ascertain their satisfaction levels.
  • To act as the main point of contact for complaints and to escalate issues as needed
  • Aid the sales team in promoting more or related products and services.
  • Ensure that the terms of the contract are followed by the clientele as well as the company.
  • Discover innovative client retention methods by researching the competitors.
  • Set targets for your revenue and sales and work extremely hard to meet them.
  • Work with internal teams (such as sales, engineers, and senior management) to exceed client requirements.

Client Management Skills and Requirements

  • A track record of success managing relationships with clients
  • track record of reaching and surpassing objectives
  • Familiarity with customer service; industry knowledge is a plus
  • Understanding of tracking relevant KPIs (such as customer satisfaction)
  • Competent with Microsoft Office and familiar with CRM systems such as Salesforce
  • Putting the client’s requirements first
  • Excellent communication and bargaining skills
  • The potential to resolve problems
  • The ability to work as a team
  • BSc or BA in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related discipline

How Do You Manage Clients Successfully?

  • Put transparency first.
  • Invest in quality 
  • Exchange of information.
  • Establish your objectives.
  • Maintain official records.
  • Ask and take notes.
  • Exchange to-do lists.
  • Utilize sensible tools.
  • Increased consumer satisfaction

What Are Client Management Skills?

  •  Honest
  •  Confident
  •  Knowledgeable
  • Calm
  • Problem-solver
  • Communicative
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organized

What Is Client Management Process?

The process of monitoring and organizing an organization’s contacts with its clients and potential clients is known as client management. 

7 Qualities of Good Customer Service?

  • Increase your level of interaction.
  • Get the most money possible in feedback.
  • Make an effective exposure.
  • Increase inclusivity. 
  • Be the first to think of an exchange of information.
  • Ensure transparency.
  • Do more than you were asked to do.

What Makes a Successful Client Manager?

  • Customer awareness.
  • Product knowledge.
  • Data integration.
  • Cross-selling and upselling.
  • Creative problem-solving.
  • Active listening.
  • Time management.

What Are the 4 Stages of Client?

The same four touchpoints are experienced by each client who visits your law firm:

acquisition, delivery, loyalty, and retention

What Is Client Management Called?

Customer relationship management (CRM)

What Do You Need To Be a Client Manager?

To be eligible for this position, you would need to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or finance. In addition, you must have previous management or, at the very least, customer service experience.


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