TUTORIAL BUSINESS: Smart tips to launch your tutorial business online and offline

Tutorial business is presumed to be for only teachers and skill instructors but it doesn’t have to be, it’s a good way to put your education, career experience and skills to use. Tutoring has the potential to be financially lucrative.

If you have ever wondered the type of tutorial business to delve into, look no further for this article will show you the key things you will need in your quest to have a tutorial business.

Tutorial business

Tutorial business is presumed to be for only teachers and skill instructors but it doesn’t have to be, it’s a good way to put your education, career experience and skills to use. Tutoring has the potential to be financially lucrative.

Tutorial business is suitable for someone who is knowledgeable skilled in craft, trade or a former teacher. Tutorials can be used by a private or public firm in other to achieve a specific goal.

There are numerous benefits of having a tutorial business

  1. It helps you become an organize person,
  2. You become self-motivated
  3. It builds your people communication skill
  4. It increase your emotional intelligent level

Do you need a license to start a tutoring business?

Do you need a license to start a tutoring business is a commonly asked question. Starting a tutorial business doesn’t require a certificate but if you intend to get hired by a public school or private firm, you will need to get the necessary certification for whatever niche you desire to settle for.

Certification would likely depend on the state you intend to operate from and their standard requirement, you can apply for a business operation permit online if you choose to make it a legal entity. Acquiring a certification or a license gives you and edge over your competitors. There are important qualities a tutor should possess:

  1. Being well grounded on the subject matter or niche you will be covering.
  2. Understanding how each student learns and tailoring different approach to suite each student in other to get the best from each lesson.
  3. Having the capacity and willingness to clearly pass information in the simplest format for easy understanding.  

The roles of a tutor are simple and it varies with client, they develop study skills which will in turn in their academic performance for the better, prepare them for exams and teach career skills.

Tutorial Business Ideas for 2023

Bear in mind that tutorial business will always be in demand and it’s quite affordable to set up, plus it’s flexible in nature for you can tailor it to your area of expertise and it doesn’t take long to build a good portfolio as your work will speak for you in your local community.

There are minimal issue related with tutorial business, which is scheduling challenges, tutoring is only for a limited time with mean you constantly need to rediscover new client which would mean that your business may be seasonal.

  • Online Tutor

The internet has made the world a global village and it houses a broad range of tutoring options for many want to learn from the comfort of their homes.

2020 had many people learning new skills, languages, dancing, courses etc off the internet. You can have a 9 to 5 job and still take on an online tutor job for the extra income, all you need do is have a timetable that suites both you and your clients.

  • Business Tutor

This is very popular online, most successful online business owners charge a fee to share their success secret tips and tricks.

  • Second Language

Many who know how to speak much language teach others for a fee and there is a high demand for second language most especially for business travelers and tourist.

  • Sport Coaching

Sport tutor job is not only open to ex-athlete; it’s open to anyone who has learnt sport coaching techniques and your skills can be employ by private sporting establishment or for recreational purpose.

  • Cooking Tutor

Cooking is not limited to the home it is a full time job and a good cooking speaks for itself, and if you fall in this area there is a huge market in the cooking industry for food is a necessary commodity.

  • Dressmaking

Dressmaking is a global venture like food cooking. As a good tailor or dressmaker the demand for your skill is on a upward rise an daily many are looking to learning the skill which pays well depending on how the market rates your finish work and who your clients are.

  • Photography, Video Editing And Production

These jobs may seem fun and simple until you venture into it but it’s high in demand and there are not many in these fields. The industry is promising and very lucrative depending once again on your rating from clients and your finished projects.

  • Singing/Music Instrument Tutor

It may not be high in demand and but if you can sing well or you can play any instrument like the piano, saxophone, drum etc sharing your skilled knowledge can fetch you good income from private or public tutor.

  • Carpentry/Hair Styling/ Cosmetology

If you have a good background knowledge and experience in any of the above mentioned skills you can tutor others for fee through skill acquisition program.

Let me list out a few for you:


Electrical skills


Writing tutor

Electronic repairs

Personal fitness trainer

Pet care

Web developer

Online marketing



Interior decoration

Software training

Disk jockey 

  Tutorial business model

There are steps to take in other to have a standard tutorial business model which will cover your business plan.

  1. Decide on your niche for tutoring and what subject or skill you will tutor on, this will help you identity who your clients are and how best to provide your services.
  2. Identity what format you will want to use to dispense this service, would it be online or offline, private, public or both, virtual, audio or written? Your decision will determine your instrument and startup cost.
  3. Tutoring Business Structure is very important because business entity should have a legal counsel and a tax adviser. You can choose register a tutor company as a legal entity then operate a sole proprietorship, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or partnership cooperation.  
  • Startup Cost

This is a crucial part of any business set up and it critical that you estimate the cost of equipment, business license, supplies, adverts etc, it is also important to factor your fees for consulting and tutoring when planning, that’s why you need to employ the service of a financial expert to guide you on proper costing.

  • Business Name

You can use your name if any other name of choice is not available for use.

  • Business Plan

This doesn’t have to be cumbersome, this document is your mission and vision statement that can be edited as the tutoring enterprise grows. It show be simple and easy to understand.

  • Business Registration/License

If you settle for a legal entity you will need to tender the relevant paperwork with the local state authority where your tutoring company is going to be situated. Whatever tutoring business you want to operate you might need to obtain a license to function seamlessly.

  • Marketing

For your potential audience to see you aside from face to face marketing you will need to establish a website and social accounts, pay for strategic online ads, print flyers and ensure your online platforms are regularly updated.

  • Business compliance

Keep track of what is new in tutoring, follow the laws and renew  fillings that may arise after you have been establish, a lawyer and a tax adviser will best help you understand this  process.    

How to start a tutoring business from home

Home tutoring works in two ways, you learn from your home or you work from home, students who are face with competitive challenges would benefit from home tutoring and a tutor would make extra income from tutoring which is not a full time job.

In the same vain, many individuals want to work from the comfort of their homes, so they set up an online tutoring business and operate from the four walls of their house.

In 5 steps I will walk you through how to setup a tutoring business from home.

  • Create a Plan

The first step to creating a plan is researching your competitors, it will allow you gain an advantage and come up with better strategy that will enable you leverage on the market. Tutor your strength and place a price on you services.

  • Choose a Niche  

Tutor in the area you are grounded and that will help you determine a lot of factors with your targeted demographics (age, gender, skill, academic etc).

  • Price

You may need to start with a couple of free job but bear in mind that you need to place a premium of you services. Knowing the market value of your services niche will help you settle for a price for your service as a tutor but in the end make sure you give value for the price charged.

  • Advertise Your Service

Don’t under estimate the power of face to face marketing but considering that times are changing are there are lesser face to face conversation you will need to invest in online ads for website and social channels depending on what you choose to settle for, lastly print flyers and place in strategy areas like clinics, hotels, recreational centers, eateries etc. 

  • Upgrade your Service

As the day goes by technology has come to make things easier and faster, cash in on it. Pay attention to details this will help in problem solving and watch out for new innovations in the area you tutor.

The quality of your work will sell itself but build on your area of service and work more on your people skills, it will gain you an edge and constant improvement will keep you on top of the game.

Online Tutorial business

Online tutor business is fast growing and with the help of technology the experience has become more easy and desirable for more people, it is not easy to start but with the right guide your business will be up and running.

Let’s get started…

  • Research and Analyze

Who are your targeted audience, what is your selling point and how will you stand out in the market? Before you answer this entire question above you need to know your niche and it will help you create a plan on how to satisfy your clients need and invariable build trust between you and your client.

  • Create a Niche

Online tutor business is centered on teaching and passing knowledge, so be it academia or skill acquisition, pick a subject gather lessons. It will be of advantage if you have a certification on the subject you choose to take on.

  • Audience

Study the characteristics of your targeted audience e.g their age, behavior, location, etc. Get to know their area of needs this will help you best define how to solve it.

  • Tutor Pattern

Choose a pattern that best fir into the kind of tutoring business you want to delve into it. Study other online platforms it will help you determine what requirement will make you stand out.

  • Tutor Model

There are two common models for online tutor business, academy and night school model.

  • Online Platform

You can either register as an online tutor to a tutoring platform or you set up your own from the ground. Setting up yours will entail you get a website, buy a domain name, get a hosting account that will store your website data and files, get a good software provider.

  • Advert

Create social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc) for adverts and it’s an easy way to spread the world for your tutoring business. Create a budget for advert, collect reviews, and feedback’s, reviews improve your rating online, adverts puts your business more out there responding to message quickly would give you and edge.

Engage your customers with email marketing, write block post, use push notification software to pass information quicker.

Facebook tutorial business

This is a fast growing business, tutoring clients on how to use their Facebook page to earn a living or how to maximize Facebook ads in other to grow their business.

Facebook tutorial business can be in different format video, blog, or zoom classes. There are different areas to cover in creating your online Facebook tutorial business.

  1. Why use a Facebook fan page, this will contain an overview of why you need a Facebook fan page and the benefit of creating one.
  2. Step by step on how to create a fan page and how to setup a good profile.
  3. How to navigate the Facebook page dashboard and it will help you understand the page functionality.
  4. Benefits of liking and commenting on other pages with your page.
  5. Page setting
  6. How to import your RSS feeds into your Facebook wall.
  7. How to get a customize Facebook URL.
  8. Privacy setting
  9. Tip and tricks

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