Lucrative Business Ideas 2022 (30 ideas + business plan)

Lucrative business ideas

The previous years might have been unproductive but 2022 can be better through lucrative business ideas. Or you are that person, who is unsure of your career to pursue, then this is for you.

Maybe you are a fresh graduate or recently into the business force and trying to navigate through, on how to make money with lucrative business ideas.

These are guides to navigate you through finding your means in 2022. Lucrative business ideas:

Lucrative business ideas 2021
Lucrative business ideas 2022

1) Plumbing, Electrician Business:

In the era of the internet, you can learn many things in your house, by sitting on your sofa, with food and water by your side. There are YouTube classes but most especially, you can decide to learn it, by meeting up with someone who is an expert in the business. These are one of a few kinds of business, you don’t need a shop for. You stay in your house, steadily getting contracts.

2) Construction Business:

You start a little company where you get a constructor to work for you. In this kind of business plan, you don’t need to be a constructor yourself. All you need is to set up a company, where you need about two to three constructors. You also need to know people, acquire contracts, and employ the constructors for the job. Here, you call the shots.

3) Mechanics:

As stated in the second business plan, you can likewise start this kind of business. Or if you love repairing cars and set up the business yourself. But in the second business scenario, all you need is to have capital, able to rent a workshop where you employ mechanics to do the job.

4: Sewing Business:

Sewing business is one of the best businesses in the world because you don’t need loans to actualise your plans and make it a reality. Your customer pays you in advance, while you get the material, sew the clothes, and make your gain. There are a number of ways one can start with any range of capital available to you. Get this fashion business plan to get started.

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5: Cosmetic Production:

In the era of skincare, people want their skins to remain flawless. For a start, you might spend a huge amount of money trying to learn it but a while after, it pays because you will never run out of lucrative business ideas. And if in turn, you produce perfect skincare, your customer will continue returning. Skincare is a delicate business, and, if your customers love your products, the patronage stays.

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6: Tomato Farming and other Agriculture allied businesses:

Everyone wants to eat food and while at that, they love fresh products. You can get a fertile land to plant tomatoes, vegetables, and many other Agricultural products. These can serve as both subsistence and commercial purposes. In Nigeria, you need to find out the kind of produce in-demand, seek for patronised varieties and you will never run out of ideas.

7: Gym Business:

We are in the era of self-care, where people want to stay fit for their own purpose and also, for superficial social media standards of beauty. The gym is a good lucrative business idea but for this, you need a huge capital to set up the business, and government loans can come in handy.

8: Blogging:

Writing is one of the great skills for every business and in many cases, it generates capitals for people in various ways. First off, carve the niche you want to major for yourself, have your writing tools, be willing to always learn and research.

9: Selling Mobile Phones and its Accessories:

One of the lucrative business ideas is majoring in Mobile Phones and its Accessories. For phone accessories, people are always in need of earphones, charger, phone case, and screen guard.

You can partner with Tecno, as you sell their mobile phones, without having to buy them first. But for phone accessories, you can start the business as low as 100,000 nairas and have your shops stocked with different accessories.

10: Chin Chin, Plantain chips, and groundnut production:

It’s funny how this doesn’t need much of capitals. For all, you can partner with someone, most especially an old woman, who produce them in small quantity, and they help you in producing many of them but you can as well do them yourself.

These products are high in demand and they are what most people buy in traffic congestion when they are hungry.

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11) Production of Ice Block:

You have a refrigerator but mostly used to store your food items? You can put it in use, and it generates money for you. Wrap water inside nylons, let them freeze, and resale them to people to use in icing their drinks. Electricity is a luxury in some African countries and in some cases, most people selling petty products cannot afford them. If you are in such locations, This could work out pretty much well for you.

12: Liquid Soap Production:

In Nigeria, there are companies majoring in production of liquid soaps like Mama Fresh, etc, they are quite expensive and these days, they are going out of the market, because people are always in need of cheap and affordable liquid soap that doesn’t irritate the skin like detergent.

It can be learnt with a little amount of money, while you reproduce them to meet your market demand. You can fill them into different bottles and sell them as low as N100 and N50, cheaper than company produced ones.

13) Life coaching:

If you successfully navigated through lives against all odds, there are many people that need advice on how to navigate through their own lives. Your help on life coaching might come in handy.

14) Freelance Writing:

You can set up your own freelancing company. You might be a writer, photographer, website designer, etc. They all come in various forms. At first, you can start as a sole business owner, with only you, but when you start getting contracts, you can begin by employing others in your field as you pay them.

Websites like Fivver, Upwork, etc, are great places to start making out huge cash from business ideas from home.

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15) Editing and Proofreading Services

Do you have a distinct third eye that can help in pinpointing out errors? And are you near perfect in language? You will make lucrative business ideas out of editing and proofreading, offering your assistance to companies in need.

16) Car Wash:

You necessary don’t need much capital if you have a particular setting to begin the business. You can start in a free land belonging to you or free for someone else. But if you don’t have one, you can rent it, and pay rent every year. In between the business, you can add other values like selling shawarma, spaghetti, drinks, etc.

17) Rental Services:

Around the world, everyone prepares for events and in most cases, they don’t have the equipment to execute the event and no one wants to buy something they will not need again in a while after its usage.

So, you can start a rental business like canopies, chairs, cooking utensils, music box, etc. As you keep expanding, you have to take the cue of your environment and social media to know the customer wants. You can create social media pages and prepare leaflets to get to people who are not on social media, thereby reaching more people.

18) Affiliate Market:

This is one of many online businesses you can start with little or no fund. In this business, you help companies or individuals to sell their products and earn a commission.

If you have large social media followers, it will help greatly in marketing and also for people around your locality.

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19) Selling Recharge Card:

It is one of the fastest-growing businesses and if you are social media savvy, it’s lucrative business ideas. Everyone has a phone and need airtime either for a call or to buy data. You can do bulk selling where you also resell to the retailers or register as authorised users for a VTU account so as to maximize mobile technology side of that business.

20) Food Business:

A hungry man is an angry man. We all want to eat food even when there is no money. We all love food. Many people are into the food business, without having an actual rented or owned places. When you start, you can advertise your food and have your customers and deliver to them. It can be in a form of Mobile food business where you take orders and deliver to your customers. Your customer bears the delivery cost.

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21) Start writing a resume, scholarship application letter, etc.

If you have the skill of mesmerising people with words. Like when someone read you and they marvel. You can help people, by writing their scholarship letters & write their emails and also, assist job seekers to write their resume in a standard way for job seeking. Resume plays a vital role in job seeking.

22) Photography Business:

This is one of the fastest-growing profession around the world. From hobbies, it had come to become a money-making avenue for creatives. If you are quite good at it, keep doing it and make money.

23) House Cleaning Business:

Many of the upper class and middle class, occupied with works are in need of people to clean their houses to their tastes. All you need is to know your actual consumers, leverage on them, and begin a house cleaning business. You can employ many people and be your own boss.

24) Massage Therapy Business:

This kind of business needs licensing for you to become fully certified. So, you might need one before being into the business. But it’s a lucrative business idea to leverage. Many people need someone to make them relax after days of strenuous jobs. You can carve your niche to cater for the lower class and middle class if you are about to begin the business.

25) Non-profit organisation:

Do you want to solve a particular problem that you are so passionate about? Especially human rights activist as you help people who are in dire need. Start! Start! Have the love of the particular thing you are into while helping people.

26) Tutoring Business:

Is there something you excel in? Multiple languages? Most sought after skill? You can specialise in them to tutor people. It can as well be home tutoring of primary and secondary school students or University undergraduates.

27) Build a Much Needed App:

It might be a gaming app. An interesting game or any other app. It is quite easy to sell in this era where little children possess smartphones.

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28) Event Planning Business:

Everyone wants to organise an event but they don’t know how to go about it. Event planners can come in handy. You help people plan their events and earn money.

29) Bar, brewery, Night Club:

They are closely related and work in hand. In all, they need huge capital investment to begin. Men are always in need of where to chill. Same as women. In the urban city, everyone needs to have fun. It is one of the lucrative business ideas.

30) Bakery:

You can set up a bakery shop. Most bakeries earn as high 15000USD to 300,000USD depending on the location they choose to service, product differentiation and the scale of their business. Whichever way, we have developed a bakery business plan that can help you through the process of operating the business until you start making your own money bag. You can as well, bake in your house and do home deliveries. Click on bakery business plan to download

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  1. Reliable compilation however, you didn’t state essential data on each job mentioned. Cost of capital, best location for such jobs, references, etcetera. There are many details that would have made this article worth being included in a CV. Haste stifles a writers wings.

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