The Importance of Empathy for Business Graduates

The Importance of Empathy for Business Graduates

They say sharing is caring and that altruism is an innate ability of all human beings because we evolved to take care of each other. Unfortunately, such noble behavior is not very common in our corporate world where empathy in business is a very rare or precious commodity. Everyone will agree that the essence of compassion is the ability to step in other people’s shoes, which businessmen are constantly trying to accomplish. What remains the problem is that once a cunning entrepreneur understands his opponent, he will use that knowledge to crush him rather than to help his competitor. But even though today’s market is a real jungle where only the fittest survive, developing empathy in the workplace can become a real asset for every worker, manager, and executive.

Art Of War Students

If you went to study economics you would know that the prevailing thought of modern commerce is a free market that encourages a competitive spirit among companies. According to the Harvard business review, empathy is less valued than a fierce competitive spirit but equally important for successful entrepreneurship. When you ask each Economics college student what is his favorite book, 95% of them will name the Art of War rather than The War for Kindness, which shows a warrior mentality of our future CEOs and managers. They are bred to become ruthless capitalists who devour their competition without remorse, conquering new markets along the way. Perhaps introducing a little compassion into this chaotic market could change things for the better as gigantic corporations slowly take over everything with no regret.

Most jobs that require empathy are not very lucrative as they are mostly related to customer service and hospitality. That is why students are not very motivated to incorporate empathy into their skillset, but they can certainly do so by reading some free essays on empathy that are available online. Many of these essay examples found at stress that putting yourself in others’ shoes is the key to formulating any successful business strategy. Knowing your opponents is your key to victory so perhaps the Art of War has some point when applied to peacetime instead of economic warfare. Perhaps there is even more to it than reading your competitor’s mind, as we can achieve much more by working together instead of against each other.

Empathy vs Capitalism

Understanding the importance of empathy requires knowing how our modern workplace functions daily. Most corporations are structured like an army, with a chain of command and strict rules or protocols. Titles like CEO or Division manager are like status symbols while most workers are seen as expendables. Many research essays show that introducing higher levels of compassion between coworkers would boost productivity plus it would create a non-toxic working environment. It is just an idea but young student graduates should adopt these new progressive attitudes early on to create new capitalism with empathy-conscious workers, managers, and entrepreneurs. 

New Model Examples

All summaries or research paper reports on today’s world markets suggest that there is a trend of massive corporations merging or working together as partners rather than adversaries. Companies like NCR or AT&T are so intertwined through various agreements that it’s unclear where is the exact line between them. It only shows that even yesterday’s enemies can become partners today and that topics like compassion or sympathy deserve our attention. These powerful alliances should inspire every student to study more essays on empathy or develop those communication skills needed for connecting or building rapport with other people. If ruthless multinational corporations can find ways of working together then it shouldn’t be so hard for us to show a little understanding toward each other.

It is refreshing to see that empathy is becoming one of the most important topics in modern business, especially in our world of extreme liberal capitalism. Although we are raised to be competitive and see market race as warfare where we must extinguish our opponents, learning how to be empathetic could change that perspective. It seems like more and more corporations are adopting their new paradigm where even competitors are seen as partners that can add value to their supply chain. We witness many examples of global firms forming such bonds but also promoting more empathy in the workplace, especially between their managers on every level. Perhaps very soon, a new form of capitalism will emerge where our free market will be more about cooperation than the competition while making our lives better will be more important than hoarding huge sums of profit.

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