HOW TO START A PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS: Starting a Successful Photography Business

how to start up a photography business
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This article provides a brief overview of how to start a photography business, types, step by step, starting it up with no experience, starting it up on the side, and how to go about it legally before going all-in on it.

What is Photography?

The word “photography” literally means “drawing with light,” and it comes from the Greek words “photo,” which means light, and “graph,” which means to draw. Photographs can be found in almost every aspect of modern life. As a form of communication and documentation, photographs are present in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, posters, television, the Internet, passports, ID cards, archives, security and surveillance systems, forensics, and medicine.

Photography is also extensively used in both domestic and recreational settings. The majority of images taken today are snapshots commemorating events such as holidays and festivities. These actions are also documented for display on photo-sharing websites and photo-based social networking sites. Despite the widespread use of photography in many facets of modern life, only a small percentage of images are deemed art and are shown in museums and galleries in various forms.

Furthermore, photography can be said to be the art, science, and practice of capturing and preserving images by recording light, either electronically with an image sensor or chemically with a light-sensitive material like photographic film. It has a wide range of applications in research, manufacturing (e.g., photolithography), and business, in addition to its more immediate applications in art, film, and video production, leisure activities, hobbies, and mass communication.

How to Start a Photography Business

If you have some creative photography ideas, you might want to consider turning your own creativity into a money-making venture. The only issue is that photography is currently a common profession and pastime. Nowadays, with the availability of more affordable camera equipment, almost everyone is venturing into becoming a photographer. It’s also consumer-friendly, and practically every smartphone now has a superb camera. 

With the rampant and wild spread of smartphones with quality cameras, you should forfeit or toss your ambitions of owning a photography business. It just means that one should work a little harder to set themselves apart from novice shooters.

Things to Know Before Starting a Photography Business

To assist you in establishing your photographic foothold, you need to have these things in mind.

  1. Write a photography business plan.
  2. Assess your photography business’s startup cost.
  3. Secure start-up funds.
  4. Figure out your personal finances.
  5. Get a personal experience.
  6. Buy some camera gear.
  7. Come up with a pricing plan.
  8. Invest in a website.

#1. Write a Photography Business Plan

For weddings and events, a beginner needs a business plan. However, any serious entrepreneur will tell you that you must at least write down your ideas. 

Furthermore, this idea that has been documented acts as a headway for the firm, telling you what it is and how it will be lucrative. Ownership, expenses, cash flow, and competition are broken. Photography tends to be one of the most competitive industries and to make a reasonable amount of income, you ought to be very good in terms of business. If you kick off on the right track, you will tend to get there much faster. It may look as if writing a business plan is difficult to carry out, but it doesn’t have to be because success seems inevitable once the right tools are there.

#2. Assess Your Photography Business’s Startup Cost

As part of the business planning process, you will need to make an estimate of your expenditure. You will need to ask yourself some questions that you will need to kickstart your photography business. Camera equipment and acquiring a studio are the two most important things you need to consider when starting up a photography business.

However, suppose you are planning to acquire a studio for your business. In that case, you also need to investigate the commercial rental properties that might cost you each month, along with the cost of other utilities, and factor them into your financial plans.

#3. Secure Start-up Funds

As an entrepreneur, one might need to borrow if he or she doesn’t have much in the bank to start up the business. Many entrepreneurs who are establishing a business for the first time tend to seek assistance from family and friends or continue to work at their day job until their business becomes self-sustaining.

However, whether you seek financial aid from family and friends or try to get a loan from the bank, you need a business plan that outlines how you intend to pay back your loan to the lenders.

#4. Figure Out Your Personal Finances

As an entrepreneur that just started up a photography business, always keep in mind that your business isn’t going to be profitable immediately. However, you might also need to have a side job to make ends meet until your business is rooted and profitable enough.

#5. Get Personal Experience

As someone who is willing to start up a photography business, you need to showcase your ability to your potential clients, and working with a professional photographer makes it easier to gain experience and helps you set up your portfolio. Using that experience to create a photography portfolio that showcases your ability is also crucial. Consider your target audience and create a portfolio that reflects what they want to see. Maintain it so that new potential clients can view up-to-date and relevant work.

#6. Buy Some Camera Gear

Coming to the camera gear, you need at least two cameras, two high-quality lenses, two flashes, and Photoshop and Lightroom to edit the images that you captured. You might be asking, why two pieces of equipment? and also wonder about the need for backup equipment in case the first one breaks down in an event. You can easily replace it without feeling embarrassed or disappointed. You can also enhance your equipment as you progress. 

#7. Come Up With a Pricing Plan

How much you charge tends to be a very tough question as an entrepreneur who just started a photography business. As much as it’s a tough question to answer, all you need to do is to figure out how much your time is worth and how much time you spent shooting and editing. In that way, you can come up with a starting point.

#8. Invest in a Website

After you have come up with a business name of your choice, you will need a website. Although there are free website layouts available, your website serves as your showroom. Consider whether it’s best to have your website professionally designed if you want it to be stunning. The website should, of course, showcase your work as well. 

Once all these have been considered, you will have a successful career. 

How to Start a Photography Business With No Experience

We live in a technologically evolved era. Everything has grown more technologically advanced. As a result, every smartphone manufacturer has worked hard to satisfy today’s technological demands. As a result, each smartphone features the most advanced photography effects. Everyone nowadays is a photographer. That is the issue. However, if you have no prior experience and want to establish a photography business, don’t give up.

However, photographers have always been in demand and with the advent of social media, the demand has skyrocketed, so as a result, it is a terrific and nice choice for anyone with a strong skill set, good creative ability, and technical knowledge to start up a photography business with no experience.

To help you start up your photography business with no experience, here are some basic things you need to know. 

  1. Have a genuine passion for photography.
  2. Start by getting experience by working for a professional photographer.
  3. Take classes on sales, marketing, and business management.
  4. Have a camera that will not deplete your savings.
  5. Look for people who want you to take their pictures, whether they are family or friends.
  6. Create a relationship and portfolio that will bring new customers.
  7. Start developing your skills and get better.

How to Start a Photography Business on the Side

You can start a photography business on the side to supplement your normal monthly income with the talent and creative mind you have for photography, and also, with a good camera, you will soon be on your way to making a second income from photography as a side business.

However, if you want to start photography as a side business, you must be willing to put in the effort to make it successful. Trust me, it will consume a significant amount of your time. The photography business is one of the top side business ideas that you can start on your own with minimum expenditure. Photography necessitates your time, talent, willingness to learn, and capacity to work outside of your comfort zone.

To assist you to start a photography business on the side, here are some basic things you need to know.

  1. Get serious about it.
  2. Pick a category of your choice.
  3. Get a business name, a legal entity, and a license.
  4. Equipment and insurance are required.
  5. Create a portfolio that will bring new customers.  

How to Start a Photography Business Legally

When getting to start up a photography business legally, you tend to ask yourself, “How do I get started in the photography industry?” Well, it’s not easy to turn your side job into a full-time profession. However, researching and understanding exactly what is required to start up a photography business legally might stress you out. These early business decisions can have a huge impact on your photography firm’s future (and your personal life as well). It’s critical that you understand exactly how to start a photography business legally.

The process of starting a photography business isn’t difficult. However, there are some duties that must be completed in order to become lawful, viable, and long-lasting.

Things You Should Know to Start up a Photography Business Legally

To start up a photography business legally, these are things you need to know.

  1. Choose a name and double-check the trademark.
  2. Create a limited liability company (LLC) or continue as a single proprietorship.
  3. Obtain an EIN
  4. Create a business financing plan.
  5. Plan out your taxes.
  6. Make a decision on whether or not to purchase insurance.
  7. Obtain some low-cost photography contracts.

How to Start a Photography Business: Step-by-Step

Making a living as a photographer can be incredibly difficult at times. This is true, but some categories, like magazine and newspaper photography, make it worse than it already appears by giving the impression that they are difficult.

However, there are still many options left for photographers to make a good living. These prospects are a bit different than they were previously, and the process of getting these jobs has actually changed as well.

Furthermore, here are some of the measures you need to take if you want to establish a successful photography business.

  1. Figure out or determine what kind of photography you want to do.
  2. Do some research about your competitors.
  3. Make a company and a marketing strategy.
  4. Pick the right camera and lenses.
  5. Cover the business basics
  6. Create a personal portfolio of your work.
  7. Build a website and a marketing plan.
  8. Create time always for marketing.
  9. Utilize the resources available to you.
  10. Create an internet marketing strategy.

Types Of Photography Business

Some enthusiasts in the field of photography find it difficult to know which type or types of photography business they should venture into. They go on to ask, what type or types of photography business should I learn? When you’re starting out in photography as a career, you need to take some things into consideration. When you consider all the numerous subjects to photograph and the various approaches to making an image, the world of photography is truly vibrant and diverse.

However, before deciding on a career path, it is critical that you understand the numerous types of photography business before deciding on a career. Always have it in mind that photography has something for everyone and the different forms of employment in photography are all really exciting. Despite the fact that there are numerous types of photography businesses, I will focus on eight core photography businesses in this article.

Photography Business You Can Venture Into

Here are some of the types of photography businesses you can venture into.

  1. Portrait photography.
  2. Lifestyle photography
  3. Fine art photography
  4.  Fashion photography
  5. Wedding photography
  6. Travel photography
  7. Architectural photography
  8. Event photography.


Two complementary yet separate approaches to photography have existed throughout history. There has been a growing appreciation of photography’s fundamental traits and a willingness to put them to use in a business setting. Others, on the other hand, believe that relating photography to other mediums is the most beautiful use of it. Photography has the potential to be a fantastic form of artistic expression.

As a result, both professional and amateur photographers should support photography as a source of employment and long-term growth in emerging economies.

How to Start a Photography Business FAQs

What are the types of photography businesses?

  • Portrait photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Fine art photography
  • Fashion photography

What are the steps to starting a photography business?

  • Figure out or determine what kind of photography you want to do.
  • Do some research about your competitors.
  • Make a company and a marketing strategy.
  • Pick the right camera and lenses.
  • Cover the business basics
  • Create a personal portfolio of your work.
  • Build a website and a marketing plan.
  • Create time always for marketing.
  • Utilize the resources available to you.
  • Create an internet marketing strategy.

How can I start up a photography business as a side job?

  • Get serious about it.
  • Get a business name, a legal entity, and a license.
  • Pick a category of your choice.
  • Create a portfolio that will bring new customers.  
  • Equipment and insurance are required.

What are the 6 elements of photography?

Color, line, pattern, texture, viewpoint, and the rule of thirds are the 6 elements of photography.

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