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Business owners have a variety of options for getting the assistance they require, like joining business support groups or searching online for guidance. We’ll talk about business mentor programs. how to find one, small business mentor, Questions to ask a business mentor

Business Mentor

 A business mentor is one who has learned vital lessons that you lack, who has made all the crucial errors required for success, and who is prepared to share them with you. Business mentors provide guidance and support to their mentees in order to help them manage and grow their businesses and to inspire them to acquire the skills required for success. The knowledge and experience of the mentor are incorporated into the mentoring, which is very beneficial. Because the people they coach frequently confront the same difficulties, a professional business mentor is willing to share information with them.

They are sympathetic, dependable, and trustworthy as a result. Business mentoring benefits both the mentor and the mentee. The mentor gains new ideas and skills from their mentee while conversing deeply with them. Depending on which option is more convenient for both parties, this kind of mentoring relationship can be conducted in person or online. Contrary to popular belief, not all business mentees are teenagers or would-be entrepreneurs. Many more seasoned business owners might seek counsel and direction from someone in a related field.

Business Mentor Programs

A rising star and an experienced specialist are paired in business mentoring, also known as career mentoring (mentee). Through one-on-one meetings, the mentee will receive advice and obtain useful insights on how to grow his or her business, career, abilities, experience, and/or industry expertise.

Occasionally, companies will use their own staff members or volunteer organizations to act as mentors for internal mentoring initiatives. Let us look at some various business mentor programs that can be helpful t your company or for yourself.

Top Business Mentor Programs

List of top business mentor programs and their qualities:

#1. MentorCruise

Ideal for individuals or teams seeking specialized coaching with top mentors. MentorCruise is a versatile business mentoring platform with top-tier mentors and customized themes for professionals and startups. Video and unrestricted messaging help mentors and mentees achieve results.


  • Select a mentor from Top Mentors’ large database.
  • Customize topics.
  • Unlimited SMS and video calls.
  • Teams can meet privately or publicly.
  • sales, leadership, product management, growth/marketing, and startup strategy issues.
  • Monthly fees vary by the mentor, from $39 to $350. MentorCruise offers customized mentoring team quotes.


  • Top mentors individuals and groups.
  • Suitable topics
  • Texting supports video calls.
  • Teams can meet privately or publicly.
  • You can cancel anytime.


Technological, business, and design expertise. Other industries may lack skilled mentors. We will still diversify into operations, neighborhood improvement, and marketing.

#2. Second GrowthMentor

An excellent guide for major growth challenges. GrowthMentor is one of the customizable business mentor programs. Despite having just 300+ mentors, it permits unlimited calls, concerns, and mentor requests.


  • Bespoke development, marketing, etc. tutoring.
  • A comprehensive resource with over 300 industry specialists
  • Position, specialty, or tools.
  • Free mentoring calls are unlimited.
  • Mentors will help if you explain your issue.
  • weekly Accountability Coach meetings, a private Slack community, and 70 mentor-only video content
  • $75/month ($225/quarter) or $50/year ($600/year) applies.


  • Specialized mentors
  • Crowdsourcing, mentor availability, and unlimited call resources are issues.


  • Limited mentor database for urgent issues
  • None.
  • Quarterly or annual pricing guarantee


For those who need immediate expert help with one of the business mentor programs, is an option to consider. connects competent mentors to phone calls. Choose a mentor from the database and schedule a meeting to discuss your topic.


  • Professional subjects
  • Choose a mentor and call them (15, 30 or 1-hour sessions)
  • Forums can help.


  • Based on call length, each coach charges $2–$15 per minute.

Cons Expertise

  • Calls only, expensive per minute (per minute pricing)

#4. MicroMentor

Ideal for overseas entrepreneurs seeking voluntary mentorship. MicroMentor, a free global website, matches business owners with volunteer mentors. Start advising with a mentor from their database.


  • Select a mentor (filter by expertise, industry, language, country experience, etc.)
  • Ask in forums.
  • No cost.


  •  Free, multilingual, and accessible.


  • Volunteer mentorship may lead to indifference.
  • Proprietors only
  • Excellent for American entrepreneurs seeking mentorship.
  • Score offers free local coaching to US company owners. Ask questions or choose a mentor using LiveChat.


  • Contact your chapter mentors by email, video chat, or in person.
  • Customized business owner mentoring
  • LiveChat mentors anytime.
  • On-demand and live webinars are available.


  • Free


  • Free LiveChat and other channels.


  • Regional mentorship organizations prevent national or worldwide ties.
  • Volunteer mentorship may lead to indifference.
  • only American business owners

#5. PushFar

Ideal for goal-setting and monitoring with a volunteer mentor. PushFar is a large and accessible volunteer mentor network for working professionals. Set platform goals with your mentor.


  • Select a mentor from the database’s 50,000+ pros.
  • The user’s geography, industry, significant interests, and keyword relevance should determine matches.
  • Internal platform progress tracking tools
  • Calendar tools (Outlook, Google and iCal)


  • Free


  • Free progress-tracking mentorship programs Flaky foreign language support
  • Volunteer mentorship may lead to indifference.

How to Find a Business Mentor

This post convinced you to hire a business mentor. How do you find a business mentor? Where will you start? Top five business mentor suggestions:

#1. Start with Your Network

Start your search by contacting friends. Because of your efforts, they know your potential. Extend the search if your network is smaller. Consider friends, family, and local businesses. Attend local networking events if possible. On LinkedIn and Twitter, engage with niche users. This may aid relationship-building before outreach.

#2. Call Mentors.

Cold emailing or messaging can extend your network, connections, and business. Here’s one of the ways to find a good business mentor. It’s also useful for getting advice from wise strangers. To create trust and show your dedication, meet potential mentors in person or via Zoom.

Remember that these people presumably have a full inbox of requests due to their success. Thus, be accommodating.

Mentor Discussion Starters:

  • List your firm and its historical questions.
  • Introduce yourself and share your aims and difficulties.
  • Thank them for their time (if you are meeting them in person, offer to pay for the coffee, refreshments, or meal).
  • As the session ends, ask whether you can contact them or submit questions.
  • First, assess your receptivity to a mentor. Long-term mentoring relationships are built on friendship, honesty, and a shared interest in a career.

#3. Attend Successful Business Gatherings.

Online and offline networking activities attract motivated people with similar interests. Websites that list events allow you to register. Pre-event networking tips.

#4. Hop on a Clarity Call

Clarity offers on-demand consultations with successful businesses and professionals, but not mentorship (you must pay to speak with these mentors).

It divides experts into business categories for customized phone sessions costing $1–10 per minute (such as business development or pitching to investors). Another website lets you ask industry experts questions.

#5. Networking Events

Networking events are a wonderful way to find a business mentor because they link people in relevant sectors. Google quickly locates local networking events. Develop as many contacts as possible—someone will help.

#6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is professional networking. Was it free? LinkedIn is a popular networking platform. The app lets users connect with professionals based on their occupations and locations. Even if it’s not advised, get to know someone before asking for LinkedIn help.

#7. Family, Friends, and Colleagues

It’s important to revisit basics. Since they know you best, ask your friends and family if they know anyone who can help you. They like ideal people. They may know a successful former coworker.

#8. PushFar

PushFar is the global leader in career coaching. PushFar’s 65,000 free users want mentors. The platform’s advanced algorithm matches you with potential mentors when you search for one. PushFar ensures that everyone wants to connect and grow. Approaching strangers might be scary.

#9. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to meet people in your field or with the skills you want. You can learn something from everyone. More contacts enhance your chances of meeting someone who can boost your professional and personal success. Volunteering affects your community and builds your company’s reputation.

#10. SCORE 

It has volunteer mentors.  SCORE matches you with a professional small business mentor for free in-person and online assistance. Many SCORE mentors run successful businesses and are prepared to share their knowledge.

Small Business Mentor 

People who have started and grown their own small enterprises while gaining important experience are mentors for small firms. Since they have specialized skill sets in fields like marketing, business expansion, or financial management, they are professionals that can assist you in honing your business management abilities.

Questions to Ask a Business Mentor

  1. What advice would you give someone who wants to make a career plan as opposed to just looking for a job?
  2. What are some strategies to encourage original thinking?
  3. What, in your opinion, characterizes your individual style?
  4. Do you have a mentor? How have they affected you?
  5. What steps do you take to continually challenge your core presumptions and beliefs?
  6. What would you change if you had the chance?
  7. What sources do you consult for advice?
  8. How can you keep your feelings from affecting your decisions what values are you committed to?
  9. How do you balance the time you spend at home and at work?
  10. Do you have any suggestions for books that I ought to read?

What Is a Business Mentor?

A mentoring relationship is formed when someone with more professional experience (the mentor) helps someone with less experience (the mentee) reach their professional goals. The mentee may seek advice on anything from starting a business to growing an existing one to tackling difficult problems.

How Do I Find a Business Mentor?

  • Reach out to people you already know as a starting point.
  • Learn how to locate a mentor by cold calling.
  • Attend networking events to chat with successful business owners.
  • Join a Clarity chat right away.
  • Check out many internet discussion groups
  • Join LinkedIn and start networking with possible mentors.
  • Learn from the experience of others by following them on Twitter.
  • Gather a collection of top minds.
  • Sign up for SCORE and be matched with a free mentor.
  • Go to a Small Business Administration office near you (SBDC)

What Are the 4 Types of Mentors?

#1. The Advisor

The adviser Typically, mentors offer their mentees guidance on how to move forward. On the basis of their knowledge and understanding, they provide advice. For mentees who want to take the same career route, an adviser is ideal.

#2. The protector

A guardian is a mentor who instills confidence in their protege. Although they can be too cautious, they frequently reassure. They are perfect for mentees going through a difficult period of change.

#3. The Coach

Better listeners tend to be found in mentors who behave more like coaches. They’ll be able to recognize potential difficulties that mentees might experience. When mentees exhibit positive attributes, a coach will notice and support them.

#4. The Connection Broker

For mentees, a connection offers growth opportunities. They will introduce them to subject-matter experts in those fields as soon as they are aware of what the mentor wants to advance.

How Much Does Business Mentorship Cost?

The cost will vary depending on the amount of experience of the business mentor, the number of hours needed, and whether you choose in-person or online mentoring. Due to the additional expenses for travel and meetings, face-to-face mentoring is more expensive than online mentoring. Online mentoring is a more cost-effective choice, but you must also consider the price of any necessary technology, such as video conferencing software.

The price will change based on how long the mentoring connection lasts as well. A mentor who agrees to work with you over a longer period of time may charge you less per hour than one who just agrees to meet with you occasionally. The price will vary according to the required number of hours. It will be less expensive to work with a mentor who meets with you once a week for an hour rather than one who meets with you twice a week.

Every week: A business mentor typically costs $200. The mentor’s time, travel, and meeting expenses are covered by this price. Typical monthly costs for a business mentor are $800. Along with this payment, the mentor and mentee will meet once a week for an hour. A business mentor often charges $2,400 each quarter. This charge covers the mentor’s time and travel expenses for four in-person meetings and eight online meetings. Lastly, the average annual cost of a business mentor is $9,600.

What Does a Good Business Mentor Do?

The following are just a few of the crucial services that a good business mentor can offer

  1. Business mentors can work as a sounding board for your ideas and typically assist you in implementing fresh business strategies.
  2. Having a business mentor could be beneficial for you in trying times: You can receive advice and support from a business mentor to get through difficult times.
  3. Offer Resources and Connections: Business mentors frequently have a network of contacts they can put you in touch with. Additionally, they might be able to offer resources like money, tools, or office space.
  4. Encourage You to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Business mentors can push you to your limits of creativity and intellectual rigor.
  5. Utilize the abundance of information and experience that your business mentors may be able to transfer to you. By showing you what has in the past worked for them, they may be able to prevent you from making the same mistakes they did.

How Can I Find a Business Mentor for Free?

  • Score
  • SBDCs
  • Local Networking Events
  • Women’s Business Centers


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