CASUAL WORK CLOTHES: Top Casual Clothes for Men & Women

Casual Work Clothes

As we return to work after the holidays, there is no single answer to the daily question of what to wear to work. The goal is to make the perfect pleated pants, ultra-sharp white shirts, and modest midiskirts that have the right amount of style and sophistication. However, there are several smart tricks to try when shopping for the best office clothes for women, thanks to labels like Totême, Proenza Schouler, and Cos, which create luxurious pieces of trendy professional clothing. This blog delves into casual work clothes for men and women, as well as casual work outfits with jeans and sneakers.

Casual Work Clothes for Women

Regardless of where you are on your casual work clothes journey, we have you covered. Up ahead, find our curated list of the best casual work clothes for women, including office wear staples that transcend a variety of personal styles, staple items that will become mainstays in your wardrobe, and investment pieces you can wear on repeat for years to come.

#1. Reformation Kinsale Set

Without the iconic pantsuit, this wouldn’t be casual work clothes for women. We looked for a pantsuit with an elevated design that would stand the test of time for this category. This Reformation pantsuit is our favorite because of its classic-meets-modern style. It has wide-legged pants and a double-breasted blazer, both of which look good on most people. Furthermore, it is made from deadstock fabric, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

#2. Spanx The Perfect Pant, Slim Straight

You want your slacks to be as comfortable as possible because you’ll be wearing them for the majority of the day. This best-selling pull-on style fits the bill, given that it’s made with four-way stretch fabric and available in a wide range of sizes for the best possible fit.

#3. Everlane The Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt

Button-down work shirts can be stiff and unflattering, but this one from Everlane is anything but. The shirt is made entirely of cotton and has a spacious fit for a more relaxed take on professional attire. Best of all, it’s versatile, as you can dress it up with slacks or down with work-appropriate jeans.

#4. Tove Studio Emma Leather Trouser

These won’t work for every profession, but those who are willing to take some liberties and enjoy a good pair of statement pants will love these Tove trousers. It has a straight-leg silhouette that falls softly at the ankle and a pleated waist for added detail. According to the brand, it sits gently on the high hip “for a more formal feel.”

#5. The Dylan Dress – Slinky Knit by M.M.LaFleur

A cozy knit dress will come in handy. This one from M.M. LaFleur is a curve-hugging cut made from an ultra-soft ribbed knit fabric, which you can wear to work with a pair of trending ballet flats and more casually on the weekend with your favorite sneakers.

Men Casual Work Clothes

Smart casual is less influenced by short-lived fashion trends because it is relatively conservative. As a result, it’s easier to future-proof your wardrobe with a few key pieces that every man should own.

A set of timeless essentials that serve as the foundation of your style are the focus of smart casual work clothes for men. From dressed-up pants like well-fitted jeans or chinos to button-up shirts and shoes, we’ve compiled a list of essentials that you can mix and match to get the most out of your wardrobe staples.

#1. Denim jeans

Since the 1950s, great-fitting jeans have been the foundation of the casual outfit. If you want to appear more polished, wear a high-quality pair of straight-leg jeans in a dark wash.

  • ACNE STUDIOS: Dark Navy Denim Jeans
  • Levi’s: 501 Original Straight Jeans

#2. Chinos

Chinos are excellent for mixing things up from time to time. The same upper outfit worn with chinos instead of jeans changes your overall appearance instantly. Invest in a good cut in classic colors like khaki, navy, and beige that are easy to match. Chinos are both comfortable and stylish, and they can help you achieve a smart casual look. Particularly the casual work clothes and business casual styles for men, chinos are ideal for events with ambiguous dress codes.

  • POLO RALPH LAUREN: Slim-Fit Stretch-Cotton Twill Chinosion
  • IZOD: American Chino Flat Front Straight-Fit Pant

#3. Shirts 

A few well-fitted long-sleeve shirts are a must-have in your wardrobe. Roll up the cuffs for a more relaxed look. Start stocking up on easy-to-match shirt colors. A white classic shirt serves as a base. Make sure the collar looks good both open to the third button and fully buttoned up.

  • HUGO BOSS: White Jenno Slim-Fit Cotton Shirt
  • Van Heusen: Poplin Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt

#4. Blazers

A blazer is arguably what will set your smart casual look apart from any other casual work clothes for men. Start with a classic navy unstructured blazer that will be easy to match with any other items in your wardrobe. A blazer is a timeless piece that should last you for years, so invest in quality materials and design.

  • POLO RALPH LAUREN: Navy Slim-Fit Unstructured Woven Blazer
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Men’s Modern Navy Wool Blazer

#5. Shoes

The shoes you wear when dressing smart and casually will have a significant impact on your overall appearance. A pair of high-end sneakers can dress you down, while a pair of classic Oxford leather shoes will dress you up.

  • TOM FORD: Burnished-Leather Sneakers

#6. Accessories and accents

Accessories are ideal for adding a personal touch to your outfit and improving your overall appearance. You can either stick to accessories that support your look or go in the opposite direction to create your distinct style. Here are some accessories to elevate the smart casual look that you can keep for years.

  • J.CREW: Dark-Brown Glossed-Leather Belt

Smart Casual Work Clothes Brands to Know

When shopping for new clothes, always decide what you want first and then look for the best items to complete your look. We don’t recommend that you start by picking a brand and then aimlessly browse through their collections.

Having said that, there are a few brands that our style editors prefer over others. Those are the brands that offer superior quality for the right price and never seem to disappoint us.

You must understand which brands you can trust when shopping online to avoid wasting time or money. The 5 best casual work clothes brands for men are listed below.

  • Ralph Lauren Polo
  • Tom Ford
  • J.Crew
  • Tommy Hilfiger 
  • Hugo Boss 

Casual Work Outfits with Sneakers

A woman’s wardrobe must include white sneakers. They are not only comfortable but they can also be dressed up or down for various occasions.

We’ll also show you how to accessorize your casual work outfits with white sneakers, which will help you elevate your style and fashion game. Prepare to be inspired by the seemingly limitless options for women’s casual work outfits with white sneakers.

#1. Casual Work Outfits with Jeans and White Sneakers

  • Jeans and t-shirt outfit
  • Denim jacket and jeans outfit
  • Boyfriend jeans and t-shirt outfit

Achieve effortless style with the timeless combination of jeans and white sneakers. They provide a relaxed and effortless look that is ideal for running errands, meeting friends for coffee, or simply lounging at home. To achieve this look, start with a pair of comfortable, well-fitting jeans that fit your body type. Combine the jeans with a simple t-shirt in a neutral color like white, gray, or black. Then, slip on your white sneakers to complete the outfit.

#2. Dresses and White Sneakers for Dressy Outfits

  • Long dress and sneakers outfit
  • Skirt and sweater outfit
  • T-shirt dress and sneakers outfit
  • Sundress and sneakers outfit

A chic and unexpected combination is dressy outfits with dresses and white sneakers. Pair a long, flowy dress with white sneakers for a feminine, flirtatious look. The sneakers give the dress a sporty and casual vibe, making it ideal for a laid-back yet stylish brunch or picnic.

#3. Work Outfits with White Sneakers

  • Blazer and slacks outfit
  • Button-up shirt and slacks outfit
  • Pencil skirt and blouse outfit
  • Business casual dress and sneakers outfit

White sneakers can add a touch of casual elegance to your outfits and are a versatile addition to your work wardrobe. Consider wearing cropped tailored pants with a blouse and white sneakers for a smart casual look. The pants and blouse give the outfit a polished look, while the sneakers give it a relaxed and comfortable vibe.

#4. Smart Casual Work Outfits with White Sneakers

  • Cardigan and jeans outfit
  • T-shirt and jeans outfit
  • Sweater and slacks outfit
  • Put on some pants and a blouse.

White sneakers and smart casual work clothes are stylish and comfortable solutions for a variety of occasions. A tailored blazer with skinny jeans and white sneakers creates a chic and sophisticated look. While the skinny jeans and white sneakers give the outfit a relaxed and casual vibe, the blazer gives it a polished look.

Casual Outfits for Work with Jeans

Jeans are probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of workwear. They do, however, make an ideal business casual outfit when properly styled. At the very least, it’s ideal for a Friday. Here are some of the best casual work outfits with various jean types. No T-shirt’s, no trainers, just classy, elegant, and feminine jeans.

#1. Slim/Skinny Jeans Work Looks

These days, slim or skinny jeans are very popular. And high rises (or high waists) are so flattering! Styling these is similar to styling a high-waist skirt or tailored pants. Whether you choose a high, mid, or low rise, your best bet for an elegant and chic look is to pair it with a delicate fabric blouse, as shown by Lugako, a lovely structured blazer, or a tweed jacket, as seen on Jessy from Jessy’s Fashion Book. Whether you’re wearing heels or delicate ballerina shoes, these work great with jeans for a business casual look.

#2. Loose/Boyfriend Jeans Office Looks

Boyfriend jeans make for a perfect business casual office look, and you can easily swap the flats for heels for a chic night out after work. Wear it with a plain white shirt or jumper for a smart casual look, a structured tailored blazer for a chic fashionista look, or a feminine lace shirt for contrasting elegance. The best part is that you don’t even need to buy a pair; simply borrow your partner’s or a friend’s.

#3. Cropped/ 7/8 Jeans Work Outfits

Cropped jeans, when worn correctly, scream Parisienne chic! They look great with flats/ballerinas and kitten heels. So good news for your feet—you can finally ditch the (high) heels at work!

#4. Bootcut Jeans Office Outfits

Bootcuts are the most ostentatious of all hairstyles. You either look incredible in them or you don’t like them at all. However, here are my top picks. The nice thing about them is that if you choose a longer model, you can still wear them with your favorite block-heel boots, so you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort! Other styles do not allow for this because the shoe is always visible.

What Does Casual Work Wear Mean?

Business casual is a dress code that consists of wearing traditional business attire with some relaxed tweaks here and there.

How do You Dress Casually for an Office Job?

Casual essentially means there is no specific dress code—with some exceptions, of course. Tee shirts, jeans, open-toed shoes, and other items that are not typically worn in a professional setting are permitted for men.

How to DBusiness Casual in 2023?

What will business casual look like in 2023 and what should you wear to work?

  • Non-neutral lightweight fabrics (vibrant colors, pastels) 2. Blazers
  • Neutral colors with accessories that match your style
  • Dresses with jackets
  • Boots
  • T-shirts with jackets or blazers
  • Flowy, wide-leg pants

What are the Types of Casualwear?

Types of casualwear

  • Sundress
  • Skirt length (long or short).
  • Khakis or nice jeans.
  • Shorts (depending on occasion and climate)
  • A plain T-shirt with no slogans, a polo shirt, and a turtleneck.
  • Casual button-down blouse

What is a Nice Casual Dress Code?

A casual dress code refers to clothing that is casual and comfortable while still being clean and professional. It’s best to avoid wearing baggier clothing around the house and opt for nicer casual wear.

What are the 4 Basic Types of Workplace Attire?

When you ask someone what the dress code is at their workplace, they will usually give you one of four options: business professional, business casual, smart casual, or casual.

Are Jeans Work Casual?

Yes, business casual includes jeans. However, not all jeans are appropriate for business. To make sure your jeans are appropriate for work, follow a few guidelines.


Casual work attire can still command attention, whether in the conference room or on the way to work. Choose classic casual pieces, such as fitted T-shirts, joggers, bomber jackets, and shirt jackets, to achieve the look. Keep it professional by opting for high-quality fabrics, excellent craftsmanship, and tailored fits.


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