Best Email Template Builder. How to Choose?

Best Email Template Builder
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An email builder template is a tool for creating emails that you can use in email campaigns. Almost all mailing lists with colorful banners sent daily to their clients are created using templates. If you haven’t created emails in the builder yet, here are a few reasons to give it a try:

  • Time-saving. The email builder allows you to create templates faster and without extra effort.
  • Finished designs. You don’t have to go crazy and stress over email design because professional designers create ready-made templates. It is enough to change the design to suit your needs.
  • Easy collaboration. Many online email makers offer collaborative editing so the entire team can contribute to the design.
  • Easy access. Another advantage of the email template builder is that your designs are stored in the cloud—no need to wait for colleagues to send files because you can access them anytime from any device.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Email Template Builder

Email template builder is a very popular service. There is a wide range of programs with different functionality and for any budget. What features are most important when choosing an email template builder?

#1. Sufficient Library of Ready-Made Templates

There are simple free online email template builders that don’t contain many designs. On the other hand, there are services with thousands of templates. Finding a suitable design will probably be difficult if too few options exist. But paying for an expensive builder with many templates is also silly because you may use only a few. A good solution is to choose a service with a number of templates that is enough for you.

#2. Built-in Image Editor

Of course, you can do without this feature since there are many third-party image editors. But practice shows that the ability to edit images in the email constructor is convenient and saves time.

#3. Quick Preview

Before using the best email template builder in an email campaign, you have to ensure that it will be displayed correctly to viewers. To do this, the email constructor needs a preview function.

#4. Email Client Compatibility

Before choosing an email template builder, ensure its templates are compatible with all major email clients.

#5. Integration With Mailing Service

Integrating an email template builder salesforce with your mailing service is an important feature for ease of use and time-saving.

#6. Simple and Clear Interface

Choose an email template builder HTML service with clear controls to make the program easy to use. You should also ensure the visual editor works quickly and without errors.

#7. Co-Editing

This feature is becoming increasingly relevant, especially as many companies transition to remote work. Collaborative editing allows several employees to work on a template simultaneously and see changes in real-time.

5 Best HTML Email Template Builders in 2022

Before choosing one of the email template builders, consider the market leaders. They have earned their popularity because they were able to meet the needs of many companies.

#1. Stripo

This is one of the best email template builders. It resembles WordPress. Emails are created from standard modules. The management is simple and clear. Stripo directly integrates many email marketing services and a basic free plan. One of the features of this email template builder free service is the ability to gamify images.

#2. Mailchimp

For many years, Mailchimp has been one of the most famous online email builders: 23% of marketers worldwide use this service. Mailchimp has relatively few templates but simple management. In addition, it allows you to upload and edit third-party email templates that you can download from the Internet. The free email template builder is one of the features of Mailchimp because it is primarily a mailing service.

#3. Canva

If you’re looking for free email template builders, Canva may be exactly what you need. This multifunctional design creation service is for various purposes: banners, business cards, presentations, and more. There is also an email template builder. The advantages of Canva are a large selection of free templates and elements, great management, a built-in image editor, wide functionality (including animation), co-editing, and flexible rates.

#4. BEE Free

The creators of this service call it the best email HTML template builder, and they don’t exaggerate. The platform is free but includes the option to purchase a pro version. In addition, it contains more than 500 responsive email templates, an image editor, and the ability to control the display of design elements depending on the recipient’s screen size.

#5. Chamaileon

This HTML email template builder includes many options for every taste and is compatible with all possible email clients. The user can create their blocks or use pre-installed ones, control the display of elements depending on the screen size and preview the result. Other features include a built-in image editor, co-authoring, and Zapier integration.

When choosing an email template builder, don’t forget to test and ensure that the service meets your requirements. Most email builders offer a free trial period. And some allow you to create templates immediately, even without registration.

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