5 Reasons Why Independent Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Them 

5 Reasons Why Independent Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Them 
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Small businesses are hard to run because independent companies constantly face opposition from larger chains. But the threat to small businesses closing often lies closer to home. 

It’s the more minor details that small businesses overlook that can be to their detriment. Discover the five common reasons behind small businesses closing so that yours never has to be one of them.

#1. Rat Infestations

Infestation in small businesses may not result in immediate closure unless in severe circumstances. However, not taking infestation seriously, specifically rodent infestation, could result in a health code violation. The damage escalates from there, with the health department threatening to shut down the business and your reputation becoming tarnished. 

It’s best to be prepared from the outset and infest in methods that minimize damage to your property and reputation. If word spreads, your business’s success could be in danger. 

Rats, and the damage they cause, spread quickly, so you’ll need to pick up some rat poison. How does rat poison work? Research the solutions to make an informed decision.

#2. Lack of Marketing Strategy

Marketing is crucial to getting your name, ethos, and products out there. If you don’t, the math isn’t surprising: fewer customers come with a lack of awareness, and fewer customers equal fewer sales. While that may be an oversimplification, the basis of the argument still stands. 

Small businesses often pride themselves on their personable service, and one excellent way to market this is to use social media to your advantage. Small companies that know how to center the community feel can better connect and keep customers in the face of a more significant online presence. 

#3. No USP 

Your Unique Selling Point (USP) makes your business stand out in the crowd, not just to potential investors but to your customers. Why should they go to your handmade candle shop and not simply buy a candle from a (more likely) cheaper competitor? 

Spell out your unique selling point to your customers in your marketing so that they know time spent at your business won’t be wasted.

#4. Not Understanding the Customer

Not understanding your customer is hopefully something you’ll never do. However, it can happen when you don’t keep up with the latest trends and the social conscience of your desired target audience. 

For example, there is increased demand for more sustainable products, so recognizing if this applies to your customers could increase sales. 

#5. Not Meeting Sales Goals

A damaged reputation, lack of marketing, no USP, or not understanding the customer could all result in unmet targets.

So stay vigilant. If you aren’t meeting your goals, study points 1 to 4. Use what you have, like existing customers and your brilliant business idea, to your advantage. It’s important not to lose heart but stay on top of your goals to know if you’re heading in the right direction.

Final Thoughts 

These five reasons are ways in which small businesses can ultimately fail. If you aren’t reaching your goals, don’t bury your head in the sand but revisit points one to four. With some tweaks, you’ll soon notice a positive change. 

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